One of the latest flaps over gender dysphoria is going on in England right now, where one of the top private schools is changing over to “gender neutral” school uniforms that allows boys to wear skirts.

Gender confusion is becoming steadily much more commonplace and will continue to do so, and is going to occur more and more in children approaching puberty, and younger, and there’s a good and natural reason for it.

Back in the early 1960’s, an American ethnologist and behavioral scientist, John B. Calhoun, wrote about his studies of rats. Basically, he found that as population density increased, so did social unrest and homosexuality. The same is true with humans and some other species and has been proven to be so. As Earth’s population continues to grow, homosexuality continues to increase. There are now 7.5 billion of us on Earth and our numbers continue to grow. Social unrest, such as riots as we’ve seen and mass migrations of people escaping starvation and wars, which cause even more population pressure where they migrate to, is going to increase. The murder rates are rising everywhere.

This is the species protecting itself and trying to reduce it’s numbers. We have a built-in instinct to stop reproducing at a certain point of population pressure, and homosexuality is one obvious way of accomplishing that. Killing each other is another.

There’s plenty of other indications of this trend of sexual confusion. Women fighters have become very popular in mixed martial arts bouts. Not boxing matches but bloody beat-downs that were socially unacceptable for women not very long ago. More and more women are doing jobs traditionally reserved for men, and more men are doing jobs that only women used to do.
In the more overpopulated nations, Japan, Germany, in fact most of Europe, the birth rate has severely declined. In Japan the young people are losing all interest in sex.

As an observer of humanity, I’ve had a lifelong dislike of homosexual behavior, and while it still isn’t for me, my attitude has changed. The more I see the destruction to our planet from our excessive numbers, the more I applaud anything that might stop it or even reverse it. So if the children decide to change their sex, thereby preventing themselves from reproducing, good. If lots of men and women become homosexual, good. If the more violent among us kill each other and themselves off, good. Whatever it takes short of killing off everything else in the process, is good. I’m all for Mother Nature.

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