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Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Tell you ’bout a dream that I have every night
It ain’t in Kodachrome and it isn’t black and white

When I dream I don’t screw around. I have DREAMS, boy, and last night’s was a prize winner.

I was in an open field, there were some other people around, a few, nobody I knew. What was special was that the sky was all wrong, there was a wide, long streak of jumbled colors in the sky overhead that had no business ever being there, and I knew that the planet Earth was in big trouble.

Then a huge brown leather boot appeared dimly in the heavens and I thought it must be a mirage, it was too impossibly big, it was enormous. Yet it descended down through the clouds as if it were actually real and falling, and I wondered if it was going to hit me. But it landed a long ways off, still huge in appearance, and made the ground shake, so I knew it was real and no illusion. I gaped in wonder at this amazing anomaly.

As the sky began to look increasingly weirder, a ship, a round space ship shaped like a rocket and covered in all sorts of knobs and protrusions, very detailed looking, landed nearby and a woman came out wearing eyeglasses, with a bushy head of white hair. I was surprised because she looked completely human, and she was just as surprised at my appearance. We both thought the other must be our own race, yet when we spoke, our languages were alien to each other and we then realized each other was an alien.

I was right about Earth, it was doomed, but the alien woman took a liking to me and invited me aboard her ship. Last thing I saw in the dream was looking out a window at the vastness and blackness of space and the receding Earth.

All of this in brilliant living color. How’s that for one kick-ass dream. huh? I think I had it in self-defense, I’m so goddam sick and tired of the constant political bickering and attacks. Dreams like this are far more fun and entertaining than the constant dreary, hateful crap that keeps spewing forth from the MSM.