The “Man-Made Global Warming” proponents want us to believe that the whole planet is warming up due to us humans pouring carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere. These are Greenhouse Gases, of course, that help the Earth hold in the heat it gets from the sun. The more of these gases in the atmosphere, the more heat the Earth retains, and that, of course, increases the average temperature of the planet.

As proof of this global warming story, the facts are cited about the melting Arctic ice. It’s getting thinner and melting away, and the Arctic is warming. This is true. About half of Earth’s glaciers are also melting. This is true too.

There’s just one little problem with the story. The other half of Earth’s glaciers are growing, and the Antarctic is getting colder. Antarctic ice is rapidly becoming thicker and expanding outward, even as the Arctic ice is retreating, and the average temperature of our planet is actually pretty stable.

Something else is happening, though. Weight, one hell of a lot of weight, is shifting from the North Pole to the South Pole. Guess what happens to a spinning ball in space when you start moving weight on that ball from one place to another. Can you guess? I can. You cause the spinning ball to wobble because you destabilize that ball’s axis, and that’s because the weight displacement is not perfectly opposite the other pole. It doesn’t happen that smoothly either, it’s like taking a little off the top and pasting it on the bottom off-center of where it was on the top, and doing it in spurts. The result is wobble.

Earth’s magnetic poles have switched places abruptly in the past, we know this from the alignment of iron molecules in rocks. They don’t always end up in the same place, either. For instance, the South pole could move to the middle of Australia and the North to Nebraska. This is because the Earth’s skin, its mantle, floats on the liquid ball of Earth’s interior, and when weight at the poles is unevenly distributed and causes enough wobble, that excess weight causes the skin to move, to seek a new point of balance and equilibrium.

This is what caused the mammoths to be found frozen solid with daisies still in their mouths, in the Arctic permafrost where daisies haven’t grown for at least 10,000 years. But they did, because that whole area used to be in a warmer latitude until it suddenly got moved to the South pole.

I hope it doesn’t take too long for the next skin slip, I want to get wobbled over to Hawaii.

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