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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

President Trump just posted a tweet that “This is the biggest witch hunt in history”, and he’s right. It isn’t just the Democrats spouting lies about him and making up false accusations, he has the RINOs in his own party doing the same thing.

In the forefront of this RINO onslaught are the usual suspects, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, but a few other Republicans, relative unknowns, are now claiming to be the first to have suggested impeachment. I’m afraid that the Democrat crazy black woman, Maxine Waters, beat them all to it. She’s been screaming for Trump’s impeachment since Inauguration Day, and hoping someone would find some thin excuse for it.

Now that Pres. Trump fired that worthless weasel Richard Comey from his job of running our FBI according to his personal dictates and in violation of law, Comey has claimed that he was asked by Pres. Trump to interfere with an investigation, without offering any proof of this. The claim is that he wrote this story down in some memo somewhere, but no one has produced this memo.

This is on top of the story concocted in some British tabloid months ago that Trump and Putin collaborated on the Russians interfering in our Presidential election to get Trump elected, with not a shred of proof of this ever being found after months of serious investigation.

The British actually have a saying for a mess of this sort, it’s “a tempest in a teapot”. A storm with no meaning or substance.

I am worried, though, that President Trump may be driven out of office on false charges. If there’s enough RINO Republican votes along with what will certainly be all the Democrats, it’s possible that he could be impeached while having done no wrong, and the Globalists will finish the destruction of America that they started.

I’m starting to fear for my country again. The Swamp is fighting back. I sure hope Pres. Trump and his team have prepared for this.