Pakistan is still making A-bombs. Just because you never hear about their nuclear program anymore doesn’t mean they stopped. They caught a lot of hell years ago for selling nuclear secrets and technology, and I bet they sold some bombs as well. They may still be selling bombs, and I have a good idea who’s buying them.

Pakistan has the second-largest Sunni population in the world next to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are scared to death of Iran, which hates them because Iran is all Shia, and Iran is close to having nukes. The Saudis most certainly have bought nukes from Pakistan, giving them a big leg up on Iran, and they’re probably still buying more nukes yet. The new, big arms deal with the USA turns out to not be so big, another clue that the Saudis are ready for Iran. In fact their biggest fear actually may be Israel, which everyone knows has a pile of nukes and the means of delivery.

I find this interesting because the arms sale was touted as a bigger deal than it turns out to be. The sale totals $25 billion, not $110 billion, meaning that the Saudis really don’t want or need all that much. The other $85 billion is in “futures”, agreements to maybe buy stuff later, maybe. But probably not.

Now ISIS is focusing on Iran and has launched their first major terror attack, and Iran is directly blaming Saudi Arabia for it. Things have been heating up between them and this adds fuel for a fire.
Trump put off moving our embassy to Jerusalem after making an arms deal with the Saudis, claiming that he wants to see a peace deal between Israel and the “Palestinians” that he and we all know will never happen. So that was bullshit, he did it either as part of the arms deal or something else is in the works.

The UN is jacking up the “Israeli occupation” rhetoric against Israel.
By pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, we can burn all the coal and oil we want. We’re producing steadily more of both, and this holds down the price of both, especially oil. This is bad for the Saudis, OPEC, Russia and other oil producing nations but good for us because we consume it.

No conclusions to all this stuff, just watching and thinking about it. The answers will come to me, hopefully before they start throwing nukes at each other rather than after.

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