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Sunday, December 21st, 2014


Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

The expression, “waiting for the other shoe to drop” comes from the old boarding house and tenement days when the buildings were all made of wood and the walls and ceilings echoed every bump and thump made by the neighbors. You’re laying there in bed and the tenant over your room gets ready for bed, and drops his first shoe on the floor. You can’t get to sleep until the other shoe bangs down.

This is the present state of the entire population of our nation. Our last hope is that Conservatives win back the Senate from the Liberals in the elections Nov. 3rd. If we, since I number among the Conservatives, gain a majority in the Senate, we can do very little in the next two years before another Presidential election to pass bills reversing all the horrors signed into law by our Socialist Muslim president, but we CAN stop any more from being passed. We can bring our Congress to a dead halt, and while this means that our nation will literally be in stasis for two years, that’s far and away better than continuing the plunge into the abyss of socialism.

Should we not take back control of the Senate, then you can count on seeing the United States of America become a second-rate nation under a socialist dictatorship. That’s how big that second shoe actually is. Even if we do, Barack Hussein Obama still has two years to use his “phone and pen” as he keep reminding us, to issue a massive flurry of Executive Orders designed to destroy as much democracy and install as much socialism as he possibly can, and we can only hope that enough of our elected “representatives”, a term that’s come to have far less meaning than ever before, will have the courage, and it will take courage, to fight back against an expected inrushing tide of legal and not so legal directives.

No nation lasts forever and the United States has lasted for 238 years since our founding in 1776. That’s a lot longer than some, but others have done better and I would like to see ours hang on as well. I don’t see how it will, though. Just leaving our Southern border open and unprotected for so very long has done terrible damage to what we were, and I see no way of recovering from just that, let alone the havoc wreaked by the evil crew of Socialists who’ve taken over our Congress. The poverty, joblessness, neighborhood destruction and wave of continuing and worsening crime brought in by Mexicans and Central Americans, with all their gangs, filth and diseases, their draining of our tax base into the public dole, how do we reverse that?

The thud from that second shoe will either announce a second, though thin, chance for the USA to at least stave off for awhile the advance of the disease of Socialism, or the acceleration of that disease’s progress in killing our nation. It all hangs on the vote. You Liberals who want to keep enjoying what you have now, consider that a vote for Socialism is a vote for your own poverty and loss of freedoms right along with everyone to the Right of you. You won’t be left out of the changes to come. Can you see now that the money supporting the poor comes from you, too, and if you and millions more join those jobless poor, how much less money is there then to spread around? How much less will you and your children get to eat? How much more dangerous will your neighborhood become? If the rich are taxed until they can give no more, what do you think the chances are of you or your kids ever becoming wealthy? About zero, right?

The majority of Americans better wake up, and wake up fast. This isn’t some problem for the other guy anymore. This is the most important election in your life.


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

ISIS means The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and is intending to become a global Islamic caliphate. A global caliphate is a one-world government in which everyone submits to radical Islam or is killed.

ISIS is also strictly Sunni-sect Islam, so it’s enemies are all the Shiite-sect Muslims along with all Christians, Jews and all others who are not Sunni Muslims.

ISIS springs from Saudi Arabia’s Sunni Wahabbist sect, which is a very strict, radical form of Islam, and is even more radical and strict than the Wahabbists.

President Obama’s father was a Sunni Muslim, and he’s repeatedly demonstrated a strong partiality toward the Sunnis and against Shiite, Christian and Jewish interests, for example by supporting the election of Mohamed Morsi as President of Egypt, a Sunni, who then tried to force Egypt to knuckle under to the Muslim Brotherhood and become an Islamic state. Egypt is secular, and if you recall, this resulted in massive demonstrations and the ousting of Morsi, an act which was not just condemned by Obama but one in which he did his best to punish Egypt for, thus making them an enemy of the U.S. when they had been our friend and ally.

The airstrikes he authorized against ISIS to prevent them from taking over Erbil, the capital of the KRG in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq, were only to protect our diplomats who are stationed there. He couldn’t afford to allow another Benghazi. As it is, we had to evacuate our Tripoli embassy last July because of impending attacks. Nor is he likely to do anything more against his Sunni brethren unless they pose another political threat to the Democrats in the coming elections.

Obama’s refused to send any other help to the Kurds. The Muslims all hate the Kurds regardless of sect because they aren’t Muslims and many of them are Christians, so Obama will not come to their aid. Neither is the Iraq government.

Who is coming to their aid, of all people, are the Iranians, who are now sending in arms. “We asked for weapons and Iran was the first country to provide us with weapons and ammunition,” KRG President Massoud Barzani said. This makes perfect sense, since the Kurds have been fighting back against ISIS instead of retreating like the Iraq military, and the Kurds control large oil reserve areas. Iran, keep in mind, is Shiite. The last thing they want is a Sunni caliphate to take over the world.

We need to take a realistic look at what being our ally means today. A friend of the American people is not necessarily our ally, because our government is the entity that chooses friends and foes, and not us, the people. The Obama/Democrat/Socialist government in power today sees Israel and all Shiite nations as our enemies and all Sunni Muslim nations as our allies.

As Democrat members of Congress begin to finally see clearly that Obama’s agenda is the same as ISIS, they’re backing away from him. No one has yet come forward and said this plainly, but it’s coming, no doubt first from some Republican. But that is the plan and that’s why ISIS has been allowed to expand unhindered by our government until it’s now the massive threat that it is.

Iran and Syria are the only forces presently fighting against ISIS. The majority of Iraqis are Shiite, as is the government, which oppresses the Sunnis. Obama wants to see the Sunnis take over, but I think he, meaning Saudi King Abdullah, actually, would prefer that Iraq elect Iraqi Sunnis to the leadership. Currently, incompetent Shiite sectarian hacks are still in charge even though Al Maliki has finally stepped down.

So ISIS’ progress in Iraq is mostly going to hang on the Kurdish/Iranian resistance along with the political makeup of the Iraq government. If those stupid looking Arabs (ever see a picture of Al Maliki? DUH!) can figure out that letting the Sunnis take over will guarantee their own survival, they might have a chance.

ISIS has taken over oil refineries and oil fields along with massive weapons caches, and is now the best funded and equipped terrorist organization on the planet. The world better start reacting and soon.


Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

That missing Malaysian jetliner now looks to be in Western Pakistan, in Al Qaeda-held territory. That’s because of several reasons. Our Navy has called off it’s search for the plane, indicating that they have reason to believe that it never went into the ocean. The jetliner carried more fuel than normal and was known to be still flying 7 hours after the disappearance because a ping from it was detected, and the Malaysian government, which is Islamic, is being uncooperative in the search for it.

At the same time that our Navy quit searching for the plane, Israel boosted it’s air security and says that they see Iran’s fingerprints all over this episode. They fear that Iran now has an atomic bomb and are preparing to use it on Israel, or that one of the a-bombs from Pakistan’s inventory will be used.

Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney, in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, stated his belief that the jetliner is in Western Pakistan, and indicated that he had intelligence from “other sources” that bear this out. Right or wrong, it’s becoming clear that the plane didn’t crash anywhere but landed safely, and for it to do that without being noticed would be nearly impossible. That means that if it did land anywhere in Pakistan, the Pakistani government knows it and knows where it is, so they are complicit with Malaysia in this.

Wherever that plane is, it’s an easy conclusion that it’s going to be used as a terrorist weapon against some other nation, and the most likely nation is Israel. According to General McInerney, we will know a lot more within the next 24 to 48 hours about the whereabouts of this aircraft.


Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The latest word on the execution of Kim Jong Un’s uncle Jang is that he and five close associates were stripped naked and shoved into a cage with 120 dogs that had not eaten for three days, and the dogs ate them.

Considering that Uncle Jang had been second in command in North Korea and was responsible for the brutal murders, politely called executions, of other members of the government, it sounds like Karma returning, to me. Because of his position, he undoubtedly was party to many decisions that resulted in the imprisonment of thousands of innocent citizens who were deemed unnecessary. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have starved to death in the prison labor camps there.

Payback’s a bitch. Now the rest of these crazed, murderous chums of Dennis Rodman need to kill each other off, too, and they can take Dennis with them.


Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

merry christmas

merry christmas

Right now, it’s 10 AM on Christmas Eve. A stuffed turkey is baking in the oven and the mince pie is already baked and cooling off on the counter. This afternoon I’ll have Christmas dinner early and tomorrow afternoon will see me with new friends having dinner at their house and giving some gifts of toys to their little granddaughter. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the joy of giving.

The very best thing to ever come out of any of the hocus-pocus religions is Christmas. Supposedly it represents the birth of a Jewish preacher named Jesus, which is fine. For me and many of us it represents the Winter Solstice and a wonderful mix of old pagan traditions like the Yule log and the Christmas tree. Then came the medieval German who became our modern Santa Claus and added gift giving to this holiday, and the growth of that into the North Pole, elves and Santa’s sleigh. Plus the modern traditions like Christmas stockings, A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, that wonderful poem, The Night Before Christmas, and it just keeps going and growing as each year passes.

That’s because, for all our striving and bickering with each other all year long, we know that we deserve at least one day to stop, to, if not love each other, to at least be at some peace with each other. We need one day where we show others that we care about them even if we neglect to do so for the rest of the year.

One day to remind ourselves that life can be beautiful and love is the best thing of all. Merry Christmas to the world, and the finest ever of New Years to every living thing.

“Deck the Halls”


Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

All this time, all these years that Iran’s been pursuing the A Bomb, they have steadfastly, rigidly refused to negotiate anything whatever regardless of all the sanctions piled up on them, regardless of all the hardships the sanctions have wreaked on the population. So why negotiate and actually make a deal now?

Just supposin’… That this sweetheart deal that Obama set Iran up with is part of a plan, what would that plan be? Right now the Saudis are crapping bricks over it, because they’re more against Iran having nukes than the Israelis are, something I just posted on, actually. Yet Obama is a Sunni same as the Saudis, is on their side, and wants them to win out over the Iranians. I could be wrong on that score but I’m sure I’m right. The only thing that makes any sense to me at all is that his gatherers of intelligence have assured him that the Iranians will NOT attack Saudi Arabia, just Israel.

Could it be that a secret part of this deal is that Iran has pledged to ONLY nuke Israel and not the Saudis? Yes it could, because that would be the assurance that Obama would need, and that pledge would have to be backed up somehow. The only way Iran could back it up, that I know of anyway, would be allow oversight of their nuclear program, in that way giving proof that they’re preparing to nuke Israel only.

BUT… the Iranians are just as crafty and sneaky and two-faced liars as the North Koreans. No, actually, they’re much more so, they’re far more adroit. I know damned well that Iran wants to nuke Riyadh, so they’ll have already convinced their overseers that they need at least two bombs to attack Israel with, maybe even three, because of Israels superior air defense, when two of them may really be intended for the Saudis.

Right now, as I’ve mentioned before, both Iran and Saudi Arabia are having major unrest problems with their populations. Iran needs to get this job done before their regime collapses and it’s too late (update) but as I’ve just learned, there will be a major easing of sanctions, the good news is already spreading, and this will calm Iran’s population considerably. They’re close to the finish line now and the pressure is increasing to reach it.

I love the smell of nuclear fallout in the morning.


Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Political Correctness has softened our once hard resolve so much that other nations now just take it for granted that they can keep fucking with us until they get everything they want, but in the end, it all comes bouncing back to land in their own laps.

Karzai, the primadonna asshole president of Afghanistan that WE got elected as OUR BOY, has again wrecked another much ballyhooed cooperation pact between us and the Afghans. After the deal was all finally done, and it took some serious doing and expense, Karzai announced that he wants some “new conditions”. Is that a bad echo or just Karzai doing what he always does? Tell you what, I hope the fucker never signs it or any other deal, because our troops will have to leave that shithole if he doesn’t, and that would just make me pleased as Punch. We’ve been there way too long now, and all the generals that keep saying we need to be there, so they can keep playing War, can go screw.

Over in Italy, Amanda Knox is being tried for murder for a third time after being found Not Guilty at her appeals trial. I guess they can keep trying people over and over until they either finally get a conviction or the poor bastard kills him or herself over the constant prosecutions. Amanda fortunately got the hell out of the country when she was freed after being found Innocent, and as long as she stays here, she’s safe. Anyone with bad eyesight and Alzheimers who looks at the evidence can see that it was the black bartender who did the deed, anyway, but I guess prosecutors are shitheads the world over and only care about getting convictions regardless of guilt or innocence. That’s how it works on this side of the pond. Personally, I think this is all about Getting America and Knox is just a handy target.

Alec Baldwin has lost his late night show gig with NBC after calling some paparazzi “a cocksucking fag”. That was too much for Liberal NBC, lover of all things homosexual.
His outburst comes five months after he had to apologize for threatening a British reporter on Twitter, saying “I’d put my foot up your fucking ass, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much,” “I’m gonna find you George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I’m gonna fuck you up,” he added.
So now we no longer have to put up with one more liberal asshole on television. I think it’s great that Baldwin hates queers, though, as every time he runs his mouth about them, he makes all liberals look bad. Keep up the good work, Alec.

The Number One politically correct issue of the day, of the year actually, is of course Socialized Medicine, aka Obamacare, also aka The Affordable Care Act, (ACA). Which is steadily proving to be not so affordable. Now the U.S. Supreme Court says it will hear the case brought by religiously oriented businesses that refuse to provide the employee health insurance mandated by the ACA, because it requires that businesses provide free contraceptives as part of the insurance. Some of these businesses are Catholic and violently against the use of contraceptives. So now that part of Obamacare will be in limbo until the court decides the issue.

The obvious multitude of blatant lies told by Obama about this massive ACA bill are catching up with him, and his fellow Democrats who are up for election in 2014 are all diving for cover from the political fallout. All those Liberals, to the last one, voted for this bill even though not a single one of them read it first. Now that it’s proving to be a disaster for so many Americans, and since they can’t distance themselves from their voting records, all that’s left is to distance themselves from Obama. This they are doing, not that it’ll do them much good next year, because the Republicans will be gleefully reminding us all that not one Republican voted for this mess, while all the Democrats did. Blindly.

Political correctness brought us to this point. That’s what got Obama and all those radical leftist Democrats elected. Now it’s the pressure of political correctness that has them running, dodging and hiding, and who knows? Maybe even voted back out of their jobs in 2014 by my two favorite bitches, Karma and Payback.


Monday, November 25th, 2013


The Saudi armed forces consists of the Saudi Arabian Army, the Royal Saudi Air Force, the Royal Saudi Navy, the Royal Saudi Air Defense, the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG), and paramilitary forces, totaling over 200,000 active-duty personnel. In 2005 the armed forces had the following personnel: the army, 75,000; Royal Saudi Air Force, 18,000; air defense, 16,000; Royal Saudi Navy, 15,500 (including 3,000 marines); and the SANG had 75,000 active soldiers and 25,000 tribal levies.[7] In addition, there is a military intelligence service, the General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).

The Iranian armed forces consist of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy,[18] Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force. The regular armed forces have an estimated 425,000 personnel: the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, 350,000 personnel; the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, 18,000 personnel, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, 52,000 airmen.[4] Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force is a branch split off from the IRIAF.[19]

The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or Revolutionary Guards, has an estimated 120,000 personnel in five branches: Its own Navy,[18] Aerospace Force, and Ground Forces; and the Quds Force (Special Forces).[4]

The Basij is a paramilitary volunteer force controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Its membership is a matter of controversy. Iranian sources claim a membership of 12.6 million, including women, of which perhaps 3 million are combat capable. There are a claimed 2,500 battalions of which some are full-time personnel.[20] quotes a 2005 study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimating 90,000 active-duty full-time uniformed members, 300,000 reservists, and a total of 11 million men that can be mobilized if need be.

So, let’s count ‘em up here. Saudi Arabia, 200,000 fighting forces. Iran has somewhere between 11,000,000 and 15,000,000 fighting forces.

Without going into long detail on who has what, basically Saudi Arabia is set up for defense and Iran is geared up for attack. The Saudis have jet fighters to repel foreign incoming aircraft and a huge number of surface to air missiles, along with a hell of a lot of tanks, mortars and so forth. What they don’t have is a lot of people in uniform.

The Iranians have a fighting force about 50 times that of the Saudis, and while the Saudis are scared to death of Iran, you never hear about it. You see, this is what I’m going after here. The Iranians are never heard threatening the Saudis, only the Israelis, whom they keep threatening to wipe off the map. Is that misdirection? The Israelis aren’t the true enemy of Iran, Saudi Arabia is. These are both Islamic countries, remember, and each is of the opposite sect of the other, and each wants to wipe out the other sect. It’s true that both sides want Judaism wiped out, but there really aren’t all that many Jews and they really don’t take up much land, and besides, the Jews are happy to leave them both alone. The Jews aren’t interested in religious war or any other kind of war. They’re not pushing an agenda on their neighbors.

Oh, but the Saudis and Iranians very definitely are. So while the Iranian ayatollahs keep threatening death to all Israelis, who are they really wanting to see wiped out first? All they need is a couple of decent atomic bombs to lob. They already have the missiles to deliver them, long range missiles that can reach any city in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, for instance, where the Royal Palace is.

There’s a lot of unrest in Saudi Arabia. There’s currently about 30,000 political prisoners, people who’ve been speaking out against the government’s oppression, which continues to increase in severity. We keep 5000 American troops over there, by the way, which is why bin Laden attacked us with those plane hijackings. Because the Koran says that no infidels are to have a permanent presence in Saudi Arabia, and he wanted us out of there. There’s a lot of unrest in Iran, too, for much the same reason, government oppression.

The unrest puts pressure on the governments. They have to suppress the people while pushing their agendas forward, and at some point must either take the leap or give it up, and time has become the issue. The Iranians aren’t likely to ever see a weak Israel, but right now they do see a weakened Saudi Arabia. If they can take out the ruling Royal Family along with the top Wahhabists, Saudi Arabia will engulf itself in a civil war between the dissidents and those seeking to take power. In such a case, would the United States take a side? If we did, we’d also be fighting 12 milliion Iranians in a country where both sides hate us intensely. I think the Iranians are guessing that we would opt out. After all, we would still be able to buy the oil after the fighting ended, regardless of who won.

My bet is that the Iranians are working harder and faster than ever to finish putting some A-bombs together and will use this supposed “deal” with Obama to their advantage. The plain fact is that their Supreme Leader will never give an inch to the Great Satan and if the Saudis find out that Iran has nukes, they’ll get Obama to set them up with some, too. So Iran basically has at least part of this 6-month “deal” delay to finish building their bombs, and they’ll have them within that time. That’s a given because otherwise they’d never have agreed to the deal. They’ll have nukes, the Saudis won’t. Who will they use them against? A nuclear armed Israel? Or their vulnerable, weakened enemy, Saudi Arabia?

A point or two to ponder: The Israelis have been saying for years now that they won’t allow Iran to have the A-Bomb, yet they never attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities. They did, in Iraq, several times, without any warning, yet they keep loudly warning Iran? That seems inconsistent. They did plant a virus that messed up Iran’s progress pretty badly, and are probably the ones behind Iranian scientist’s assassinations. But no bombings on the facilities. Instead, they pushed Obama into more sanctions with their threats and cyber attacks. Could it be that they actually want Iran to get nukes, because they think Iran will attack the Saudis first and are secure in their belief that they can stop any Iranian attack on them? How many Mossad spies are in the Iranian military who would give them advance warning?

Iran’s leadership hates the U.S. and we’re thick with the Saudis. Obama almost fell down, bowing low to the Saudi king. Who does Iran really hate the most?

UPDATE: Was watching Fox News on TV tonight and Charles Krauthammer, one of their more prominent political analysts, sees this situation exactly as I do.


Thursday, November 21st, 2013

First there was a science-fiction movie about tornadoes striking all over the planet, titled, of course, “Tornado”. Next came one about sharks falling out of the sky and eating people, titled “Sharknado”. Now one is out about rocks falling out of the sky and killing people, called “Stonado”.

Being thus inspired by such innovative creativity by obviously brilliant, fertile Hollywood minds, I’ve come up with some equally brilliant and possibly even more fertile, if that’s the right word, thrilling movie themes: Ratnado, Frognado, Rutabaganado, CircusFatLadyNado, RubberChickenNado, and even more marvelous and riveting concepts that are still springing up in my, yes, fertile mind.

Rather than have you going to the bother of mailing checks to me for the use of these superb inspirations, just use PayPal.


Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The debacle ensuing from the rollout of Obamacare, ie, the Affordable Care Act, is getting plain enough for all to see, now.

The ACA health insurance requirements are broad, so broad that buying it isn’t affordable for an awful lot of people. For instance, even men are required to have coverage for female conditions and disorders. Everyone has to pay for major health disaster coverage, so young people must pay for extended care for conditions like Alzheimer’s and other old age problems.

Every citizen is required to have this major health care insurance regardless of age or need, so healthy young people who don’t want or need health insurance are being made to pay for it anyway. In this way, the poorest among us who can’t afford insurance at all will have it anyway, paid for by those who are forced to buy it.

Those who work part time, 30 hours or less a week, are exempted, and employers are required to pay for a share of the insurance cost of their workers. So employers are making part time workers out of their full time workers and only keeping on full time the most critical workers. This exempts millions more workers from having to pay for the insurance. Instead, they join those who get it for free, paid for by our government, which ultimately means those who pay taxes.

Taxes from income are dropping dramatically because of all those workers who have gone from full time to part time and are making a lot less money.

The insurance companies have dramatically increased their rates because of the increased coverage they’re now required to provide. No longer able to insure men only for male disorders, and insure young people according to their level of health, or charge people more for having pre-existing health problems, they now have to provide a high level of insurance that is generic to everyone.

Because of this change, millions of previous policies have been cancelled because they don’t meet the new government high level requirements. If those who’ve been cancelled don’t buy new, more expensive insurance, and pay the fine instead, many insurance companies will go out of business. As it is, many are having to lay off employees, adding to the unemployment problem.

The number of people receiving free insurance, paid for by the taxpayers, is obviously going to steadily increase. Right now it’s at least 16% of our national budget, and will be 26% in 2014. That’s expected to rise by at least 1% by the following year, and to pay for it, Defense spending will decrease by 1% or more. Defense spending has already been cut by Obama, is now at 22% from 24% and is predicted to be no more than 18% by the end of his term, as health insurance costs continue to rise.

Simply put, our government’s spending has already risen beyond it’s income, which is why the constant borrowing and the huge increase in our national debt. Most of that debt is not foreign debt. Most of the money was borrowed from the American public.

We will reach a point where we can neither borrow, because we can’t pay the interest, and where we can’t pay for all the free insurance, plus the Food Stamp program and all other forms of welfare. By this time our defense budget will have been dangerously reduced, foreign aid will have been cut and the only thing left will be cutting welfare programs. By this time, the insurance coverage itself will have degraded hugely because of the inability to pay for it all.

That’s when, Just like Greece, the riots will finally start.

There’s a lot more to this picture but what I’ve written here covers the major points. Welcome to Uninsurance, America.

NOTE: You illegal aliens, aka “undocumented immigrants” (total bullshit) should pay attention to this, Obama is already cutting welfare to pay for his darling Obamacare. That means YOU will get less free handouts, and SOON, and as soon as our ability to pay for Obamacare starts dropping, YOUR free medical care will get whacked too. The poverty in your stateside barrios will be worse than in Mexico, and the drug wars and crime rate and murder rate will soar. Enjoy, illegal fuckers.


Monday, November 4th, 2013

While described as “friendly”, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for his visit to Saudi Arabia as differences between the two countries intensified over the Obama administration’s policy toward war-torn Syria, its movement toward a possible dialogue with Iran, a regional rival of the Saudis, and its stance on Egypt’s military coup.”

Oh yeah. Kissy kissy Saudi. Mmm hmm, on the lips. Like this:
George W. Bush kissing Saudi king Fahd full on the mouth.

Goddam right we’re getting along with the Saudis. We love the Saudis. They are our FRIENDS!

Really? When their king calls our leaders his “blue eyed slaves” and when they’re making all effort to shove Islam down our throats? When it was Saudis who took down the Twin Towers? I don’t think so. What we love is their oil. Unless, of course, you’re a member of the Bush family or Barack Obama and then, yes, you love the Saudis.

We’ve been told for so many years, since FDR’s presidency, in fact, that Saudi Arabia is our ally that people believe that bullshit without thinking twice. Ah, but they aren’t and never have been. What goes on between us is a treaty, or pact, where they will always sell us oil and we will always protect them from their Shiite neighbors and other greedy or adventurous attackers. The purpose of this is so we will have vital oil supplies in time of war, but we aren’t friends. We’re adversaries who each needs something the other has.

Iran’s religious (Shiite) dictators hate us because we side with the Sunnis, their enemies. Who can blame them? We propped up the Shah of Iran and heavily interfered in a nation of Muslims who resented our infidel presence as well as our alliance with their Saudi enemies. I wouldn’t doubt that our presence in Iran had a lot to do with the population’s support of the Shah’s overthrow. That decrepit old ayatollah didn’t do all that by himself, you know.

Thing is, the Saudis are scared shitless of the Iranians, especially because they’ll soon have nuclear weapons, because we really don’t want to attack Iran and turn all the Shiites of the world against us, and the Israelis will only do so if they’re sure Iran intends to attack them, which they may not. It could well be that the Iranians real goal is to nuke Saudi Arabia, and if it is, the Jews will be most pleased to sit back and enjoy watching the carnage. They don’t like the Saudis anymore than they do the other Arab Muslims.

The Shiites, and most importantly the religious dictators of Iran, believe in the return of Mahdi, the “12th Imam”, much like the Christians believe in the return of Jesus, to found a new reign of Islam that will rule the whole world. Now, in order for this “12th Imam” to return from the dead, certain conditions must be met, primarily the sudden death of a great number of people. It doesn’t matter what people, just one fuck of a lot of them. Nukes are needed to bring back the 12th Imam. Now you see why the Iranians want them? Not to win a war, but just to kill a huge number of people really fast.

With the 12th Imam on hand to guide the Islamic Revolution, they believe a global Islamic ummah (community) will be achieved. The Saudis also are pushing for the same goal, only they want it to be a Sunni Ummah, with all the Shiites converted to the Sunni sect. Or dead.

So what we in the Western world are looking at is a rivalry between the two most powerful forces in Islam, Saudi Sunnis and Iranian Shiites, and one that must play out before any ummah for either side can be achieved.

Our oil production is actually increasing even as other forms of energy production are also, even though Sunni Obama has done everything within his scope to prevent this, mostly by shutting down coal production and Gulf of Mexico oil leases. Saudi Arabia is starting to run out of oil, if reports are true.

Now a little recap and some questions for you. First, Iran will have nukes and already has airplanes to deliver them, and the Saudis have a defense pact with us.

Question: When the Iranians are all nuked up and ready to go, who will they bomb? What makes the most sense, bomb a country that would prefer peace, Israel, or bomb a country that is their most basic and deepest enemy, Saudi Arabia? Love Iran.

Don’t you wonder why the Israelis haven’t long ago wiped out the Iranian nuclear processing facilities? They could have. They could have attacked long ago, well before the Russians sold Iran advanced surface to air missiles and early warning systems. Now it’s said that Iran will have their first nuke within weeks. Or days. Or now. The Israelis threaten but do nothing, and the Saudis are whining and scared “as differences between the two countries intensified over the Obama administration’s policy toward war-torn Syria, its movement toward a possible dialogue with Iran, a regional rival of the Saudis.” Love Iran.

Yeah. They want Obama to launch us into war in Syria against the Shiites and stop trying to be friendly with Iran. They want us to do more against the Shiite Egyptians who booted that Sunni tyrant Morsi, too. They’re worried. The Shiites are gaining strength and they’re doubting our (Obama’s) commitment to the Sunni cause. But Obama has to face the political reality that mid-term Congressional elections are due in 2014 and he wants the Dems to take control of the House and not lose the Senate. Interfering too deeply in those countries could ruin things for the Dems. Love Iran.

Ever notice that the Sunnis are the terrorist always attacking us, while the Shiite terrorists just attack Sunnis? Both sides attack Israel, of course, but that’s not us. Love Iran.

I think the Iranians plan on nuking the Saudis. Oh god I hope they do. The enemy of my enemy is MY FRIEND, BABY.



Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

America is toast. The United States is already a crispy critter, but few people want to acknowledge the fact as yet. But even the worst diehards will accept the fact once they’re forced to submit to Allah or suffer a sword to the neck.

Over 80 percent of the mosques in this country have been funded by the Saudi Wahhabists, who are hard at work recruiting new terrorists while steadfastly denying the slightest involvement in “radicalizing” their little zombies OR that the madmen they produce had much, if anything, ever to do with that particular mosque.

For instance, “Officials at the mosque stated that Tamerlan was an “infrequent visitor,” but reports suggest that the 26-year-old had been attending Friday prayer services for at least the past 18 months.”

Our president is in full knowledge of what the Saudis are doing to our country and he’s helping them along. The more and faster the attacks come, the sooner he can declare martial law and take over the country.

It’s over for this country. Our government is now fascistic, our rights and our Constitution mean less with each day that passes, and radical liberals dominate our government exactly, read that again and think about it, exactly as the Nazi Party dominated Germany before taking over completely. It was when Hitler declared himself Fuhrer after he abolished the office of president.

Doing that was in conflict with the German constitution, since it violated provisions of their constitution concerning presidential succession. But Hitler was so popular that no one really cared. Now compare that to Obama’s signing over the right to declare martial law to give himself absolute power. Doing so will essentially abolish the presidency along with our Constitution and all our rights, and this new law is in violation of our Constitution. Yet no own seems to care. Obama rules by decree exactly as Adolf Hitler did, and ignores the Constitution, and just keeps right on getting away with it.

The problem with comparing Obama to Hitler is that when you do, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is the monstrous things that Hitler did. No one looks at him in terms of his rise to power, but only after he became Fuhrer and terrorized the world, so people consider comparing the two to be pretty rediculous.

It’s not. Hitler was a great orator, who easily swayed the people in spite of frequently lying to them. So is Obama, who easily sways the people in spite of frequently lying.

When Hitler first came to power, Germany was enduring a harsh recession.
When Obama etcetera.

Hitler was head of the Liberal party. Obama is etcetera.

On and on. Go read the history of Hitler’s rise to power. Save me a lot of typing.

Boy, it’s sure going to be a long next four years.


Monday, April 8th, 2013

The idea of North Korea going to war against South Korea or anyone else is ludicrous, but only if the idea is for them to win. As a diversion from China’s other activities, and as a bargaining chip to use in achieving some goal of theirs, it makes perfect sense.

The Chinese have no concern whatever for the lives and welfare of the North Korean people. Neither do those running the Kim regime. Millions of N. Koreans have been tortured and starved to death without the slightest concern.

Now the Kaesong industrial complex in N. Korea, built with S. Korean money and intended as a first step in unifying the two nations, has been shut down by N. Korea and their 51,000 workers are about to be recalled. North Korea gets precious little outside money and the Kaesong complex has been vital to the support of the Kim regime, so China must be making up the difference. Otherwise Kim would never shut it down. If the shutdown lasts long enough, many of those 51,000 will probably starve to death.

Kim’s regime is doing everything short of actual attack on South Korea, to cause as many problems and concern as he possibly can. He’s now warned all embassies that they should consider leaving the country by Wednesday, April 10th, so apparently another scene is planned to further upset the West, or so China hopes, anyway. Outside of shooting off a few missiles in a show of aggression, there’s a possibility of another military attack on a small scale, like the torpedoing of a South Korean warship once again or the shelling of an island.

In the past, these isolated attacks have been met with little more than a protest from South Korea, because they don’t want a retaliation to bloom into another full scale war of North against the South. The destruction on both sides would be massive and the Chinese and N. Korean regimes don’t really care how badly N. Korea is crushed or how many civilians die, as long as they all die in N. Korea instead of flooding into China as refugees.

I’m expecting some sort of North Korean attack and a limited engagement from there, that lasts long enough for China to get away with whatever they’re planning elsewhere – most likely somewhere in the China Sea.


Friday, December 28th, 2012

They can’t keep this “concussion” dodge up forever. It’s over two weeks now since she supposedly banged her head. Sooner or later, Hillary Clinton has to stick her head out.  Since when has an adverse medical condition of a prominent politician not made the front page news? Yet her “concussion”, variously caused by fainting and falling because of dehydration or the stomach flu, pick one and it doesn’t matter which excuse you like best, her supposed concussion never was mentioned until days after it supposedly happened, and then only when the Benghazi hearings loomed which she is supposed to testify at.

There are no news releases regarding her condition. Nothing on any improvement or worsening, no report on “she sat up and had breakfast this morning” or ANY of the usual boring crap that would otherwise be bombarding our screens every 20 minutes.  Whether she’s even still alive is a great mystery.

The real mystery is not whether she’s faking it or not – which I believe she is, but what questions she seeks to avoid.  Hillary can duck and weave, smile and lie with the best of them and I can’t think of any reason but one why she’s resorting to this “concussion” story to avoid testifying.

That would be that one or more of the people asking the questions at the Benghazi hearings has proof of what Hillary and Obama really knew and is waiting to confront her with the evidence.  Because without such proof, those who are answering the questions can say pretty much anything, and too bad if the questioners don’t like it. “If you think I’m lying, prove it!”  None will stick their neck out and call anyone, especially Hillary, a liar without proof, and Hillary really is a pretty gutsy woman. If she’s innocent of any wrongdoing, then why is she hiding?

What is she hiding?

I posted a few weeks ago on the reasons why that embassy was deliberately kept unprotected and why our nearest military response teams were told to stand down when the pleas for help came in. I’ll repeat myself here, it was because the Islamic Brotherhood, meaning the Saudis, wanted our embassy out of Libya and this was Obama’s payback for bin Laden, whose family is very close with the House of Saud. The attack has been blamed on al Qaeda, but there’s no proof it was them and I don’t think it was, I think it was organized and carried out by the Islamic Brotherhood with White House assistance. The attackers knew things only known by the White House, such as the location of the “secret” safe house, which they also attacked.

Hillary knows all about this. Is there proof of it waiting to come out once she comes under questioning? What other reason could be so compelling as to fake a concussion and surround the deceit with a news blackout?


Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Some years ago, on my second sportfishing trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a pickup truck full of police with rifles and I played dodgem because the local piermaster mistakenly thought I’d made a rude gesture toward him.  I did make a rude gesture but it was to a friend who was with me, was NOT the “bird”, and was only meant to describe my mood. I escaped my would-be captors and made it back to the resort, but that and the crappy treatment we Americans were all subjected to, at the airport, did it for me. I will never spend another dime in Mexico.

For making a gesture, I was going to be imprisoned. Think on that.

The local people, taxi drivers, shop keepers and resort workers, were all suffering pretty badly from the recession and guess who they blamed for their decreasing incomes? Yup, us here in the USA. It’s our fault that more of us aren’t going to Mexico and spending more money to support them. The fact that they drive us out and treat us like shit has nothing to do with anything, in their dull minds.

Right now, a young Marine named Jon Hammar is chained to his bed in CEDES Prison in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Nuevo Laredo lies just a few miles south of the US-Mexico border, across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, and it’s practically a suburb, yet it’s controlled not by the Mexican government but by drug lords. Just across our border.

Mr. Hammar is innocent of any crime and everyone knows it, but the thugs running the prison are holding him for ransom and trying to extort money for his release.

The president of Mexico is a gutless bastard who won’t make a move to get him out, because like most Mexicans he could care less about what goes on in his own country.

When drug cartels take over large areas directly adjacent to the border with the United States, control the towns and even run the prisons, it’s time to accept the clear fact that Mexico is an enemy of the United States and Mexicans are hostiles. Allowing them to freely cross over into our country is insanity, and failure to secure our border with them is criminal.

Not all Mexicans are the scum of the Earth, just most of them. Mexicans as a people are lawless and egocentric, violent and corrupt, and Mexico, which has always been a dangerous place to go, has become a vacation destination for idiots only. Outlaws, highwaymen, have always prowled the roads through Mexico to other Central American countries. Before it was mostly the police who robbed, raped and murdered tourists but now it’s anyone with a gun and a cartel affiliation.

Mexicans are like cockroaches. They breed until they’re crawling over each other, they keep shitting where they live until they have no choice but to move to a cleaner place or die, then they do it again. They come here looking for a better life without having the knowledge, ambition or morals to attain one, only the corrupt values of all Mexicans, to take everything they can get. It’s bad enough that so many of them are here, but to actually go where they come from and expect to be happy and safe is a dream that’s guaranteed to become a nightmare.


Thursday, December 13th, 2012

This is just my personal view of Christmases past. I’ve seen a lot of them now, Christmas during the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. There were always unrest, bad feelings and skirmishes going on somewhere else during those wars, but I don’t recall seeing anything like the way things are now.

There was no threat from Islam to destroy Western civilization. No terrorist nations were developing nuclear weapons and North Korea hadn’t put their first satellite into orbit with a 3-stage rocket that could carry a nuke to California.

The Middle East wasn’t in an expanding war with itself, the global economy wasn’t in a state of grindingly slow collapse and the United States hadn’t elected a Marxist president who’s making every effort to remake America into a Socialist state.

We have been at war now with “terrorists” for over eleven years with no end in sight. We’ve been at war with Mexican drug cartels for a lot longer than that, and they’re worse terrorists than the ones in the Mid East.

Drugs are an increasing global problem, with methamphetamine addiction at the top of  the list and heroin right behind it. Meth addiction is now a common sight in every community and meth addicts are the ones doing most of the crimes of theft and violence. “Designer drugs” use to have everyone worried. Now they’re the least of the drug concerns.

People themselves are becoming more creative in their plots to commit gruesome crimes, and less concerned about the consequences of their acts.

I see less peace on this earth now than I’ve ever seen before, and more anxiety. People are getting closer to their limits of tolerance as things keep worsening. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I read too much news as a blogger. But. We all seem so much more suspicious of each other than we used to be, too. Store clerks are often hostile and distant with customers, or self-conscious, or totally indifferent. It all  happened gradually and most people never noticed, but I did. We have changed and the world has changed, and we aren’t a bit happier a people for it.


Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Back in 1967 I was riding with some L.A. Chapter Hells Angels, – in a car, not on bikes – to a Love-in up around San Diego. I’m not quite sure why they went to love-ins unless it was to meet up with some drug dealers, but in any case I was invited along by a friend in the Angels and being the adventurous type, I couldn’t pass it up.

Along the way, a young gal in the car, an Angels wanna-be, started running her mouth about how “if you ain’t one of us…” and the guy driving snarled at her that she wasn’t one of us and to shut the fuck up. Ahh, peace and love. I should tell you about the time they shot the player piano to death, but that’s really a different story.

Anyway, that little confrontation stuck in my memory, because it’s pretty much how everyone is. We form our groups and cliques with their attitudes and boundaries, and if you aren’t for ours, then you must be against ours.

This morning I see that another Christian/Atheist confrontation has made the news, with the atheists suing over a Jesus statue that’s supposed to be a war memorial in Colorado. There’s a lot of people who’ve converted to No Religion/No God, or else simply rejected the religious teachings that were stuffed into their little, vulnerable, developing minds, and most of these atheists are around college age. They’re primarily the ones leading the anti-religion crusade.

Christians are claiming that it’s communists who are trying to destroy Christianity and bring down America, and maybe some are, but it’s reality and common sense along with all the clashing preachers and the insanity of Islam that’s waking people up, if you ask me.

We’re in a transitional period now. Religion is on it’s way out even as Islam is trying to convert the world, and if you want a tougher person to convert to Islam than a Christian, it’s an atheist. Atheists have already rejected all gods and faith, and they did so through rational thinking and not because anyone forced them into it or boggled their minds as children with a bunch of ceremonial horseshit.

Religion couldn’t last forever. This is a tech world now where superstition is silly and things that go bump in the night all have factual explanations. Our Western world is steadily dividing between those who believe and those who don’t and won’t, and the division is growing.

I see this as a good thing for the Christian types, as their final battle isn’t against atheists, it’s against Muslims, and they couldn’t ask for a stronger ally in their cause than millions of atheists. In this battle, the difference between the numbers of atheists and Christians doesn’t matter at all. It’s the total of the two as a combined force that matters, and I really think the atheists have a much stronger hand.  They don’t accept ANY god. How do you convert that?

The Christians have a choice. They can bow down to the god of Islam and not be killed, so many of them would cave in. Not so the atheists, they have no choice. It’s kill or be killed with them. So for me, a person who hates Islam, the more atheists the merrier.

The animosity between the Atheists and Christians will all be forgotten when they have to face the Muslims. Hard to say how it will all end, but if the Muslims lose, who knows, maybe the Atheists and Christians will find a new tolerance for each other.

I’m not either one, you see. I know there’s a God because I met it, and I can tell you that the real God has no use at all for religion.


Sunday, November 18th, 2012

This is a direct cut and paste from Fox News main page: “The US and Britain say Israel has a right to protect itself from rocket attacks from Hamas, but warn about the dangers of the conflict escalating into a ground war, as Obama says it would put Israeli soldiers at risk of death or injury.”

Did he really just now figure out that people can get hurt or killed during wars? That was such a silly thing to say, I’m wondering if Biden Disease is catching. I used to think that he got it from Nancy Pelosi, but it’s possible that George Bush Sr. gave it to both of them, since he was constantly coming out with really alarming non-sequiters right in the middle of sentences and speeches, like once when he inserted “Don’t cry for me, Argentina” and baffled his audience. Most of his blurts were unintelligible, though.

This is one more really excellent reason to ignore everything that politicians say. I know it ticks off people who believe in some religion, but really, is there any difference between politicans and preachers? Preachers tell everyone they’re going to hell if they sin, then steal from the church, molest children, have mistresses…. and both preach promises that never come true. “Elmer Gantry” is good reading for those who think preachers are godly, and any newspaper is adequate for seeing what politicians are really like. Birds of a feather.

I do digress. It’s the natural born ranter in me. Back to Our Noble Leader, who, speaking of religion, claims to be a Christian “like my mother” who was actually an outspoken atheist, and then acts like a Muslim, ( I had to say that. Refer to “ranter”) this guy is always demonstrating that all that college money must have gone up his nose, because he calls the Marine Corps the “corpse” instead of the “core”, which is the correct pronunciation, and on and on. The gaffes fall from his lips like all the rose petals from the balconies of his admirers. Figuratively.

He’s in great company though. With Pelosi and Biden by his side, the three of them should be able to keep America totally baffled for the next 4 years.


Friday, November 16th, 2012

Ever wonder why men would hang out at union halls waiting for a short-term job? I did. I wondered why they didn’t seek a regular, full-time job instead of waiting for days for one that might last only a single day. It turns out that employers who need a short term union worker have to pay 2, 3, 4 times the normal wage for these part-time workers.

My neighbor back in Washington is one of these. I asked him once why he didn’t get a full time job in his trade as a welder and he told me how much more he got paid hourly by taking those short term jobs.

As it is, unionised shops have to pay much higher wages than non-union businesses, plus there’s benefits packages and retirement funds that eat another huge chunk of what would otherwise have been profits for the business owners.

Unions came into being as a means of protecting workers from harsh and unsafe working conditions and unfairly low wages, and were a good thing that helped make America a much better country. The Unions brought the monopolist industries into line and had a lot to do with the creation of the middle class in our country.

Nothing ever stays the same, though, and Communists and organized crime saw big opportunities in controlling unions, and the unions were taken over. The Communists wanted the “Workers, Unite” political power of being able to influence millions of American workers, while organized crime wanted their hands on the membership and retirement funds, as well as the power that the unions gave them over the unionized shops. They could and did call strikes to paralyze businesses and force the owners to cave in to what were often very unreasonable demands, or shut down entirely.

The practice of striking makes the employees suffer as much or more than the companies. The constant demands for higher wages that companies simply aren’t making enough profit to pay, has caused the demise of a lot of businesses, and now another big one has bit the dust.

Hostess,  the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, is shutting down after 82 years of continuous business, because of The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union’s strikes and unreasonable demands that Hostess is simply unable to meet. They have no choice but to go out of business, it’s 18,500 UNION employees are losing their jobs, and their UNION bosses say that it’s not their fault but the fault of Hostess.

OF COURSE it’s the fault of the union bosses, you cavilling sons of bitches! You thought you could get more golden eggs from that goose if you just squeezed harder, but you killed the poor bird instead and now all that gold you were getting, you’ll never see again. You stupid, greedy pigs! Thanks a lot for making prices higher and our recession deeper. Do you think all those 18,500 people are still going to be paying union dues to you when they have no money to eat and pay rent with?

There may still be a few unions that have honest leadership and really are out to protect their members, but most of them long ago started using the members as badly as the monopolists did. By continally pushing for higher wages, they only benefitted themselves in charging higher union dues. For all the rest of us, including the workers, higher wages means higher prices, so nothing is really gained.

Unions have served their purpose. That was then. Now they’re nothing but parasites on America, holding us down and keeping people out of work instead of opening up the job market, and they need to be tossed into the dustbin of history.

It may be an urban myth that Hostess Twinkies have a forever shelf life because of all the preservatives in them, but buy one and put it on a shelf and see if it outlasts unions.

Wouldn’t that be fitting if it did?