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Sunday, May 1st, 2016

The dignity and decorum of the single most respected residence in our nation was brought to a new low last night by our President, who threw a party for the people of the press, a traditional affair known as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. For moderator of the speeches to be given he chose black (of course) comedian Larry Wilmore, who proceeded to conduct what’s know as a “roast” of the more famous attendees, and spewing highly insulting jokes about those who oppose Obama.

He did give out some praise, all directed at black journalists only, and mentioned that black CNN host Don Lemon was in the crowd. Don Lemon responded by laughing and giving him the finger. How very classy a thing to do in the White House, huh?

At the end of his litany of supposedly humorous verbal attacks, he said of President Obama, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”

I will be so happy when this racist Marxist, this incredibly horrible and evil man, is long gone from our Presidential House.


Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Got the cable Internet hooked up yesterday morning after 4 days without any connectivity. Then called the satellite internet company, Exede, told them to discontinue their service and got a long, bitter sounding harangue from the bitch there about how I just paid a month ahead automatically via my credit card and they weren’t going to pro-rate a farking dime back to me, and I have 30 days to return their crappy equipment or I’d be charged $300 and blah blah blah. I knew in my heart the greedy bastards weren’t going to refund me the money for the 26 days I overpaid, but their greed is a big part of why I dumped them. That and the really crappy service from day one. We didn’t have cable out here when I moved here and it was a choice of which of two high-priced satellite services we picked, and both were bad.

Within about 30 seconds of my hanging up on the nasty bitch, my email through them was disconnected. I expected that too, after listening to that whip-cracking voice, and of course there was no way I could find to save my email. So I said Screw it, worse things have happened, and deleted the whole thing. I did save the email files to a separate folder first and I’m still trying to figure out a way to open them or associate them with a new email address. But it will all come together. I did discover that the address of every email I ever sent is stored in some inner sanctum of the program, and if I start a New Message and type in one letter, all the emails that start with that letter appear in a drop-down box. So content may be lost but the basic contact info is all still there.

With Exede/ViaSat, I paid about $60 a month and got 10 gigs of in/out a month, with a download speed of around 1 meg a sec or so. I now pay cable $25 a month, get 300 gigs in/out a month and a download speed of up to 50 megs a sec. Exede has always given me problems. The service would go out on perfectly clear days and of course it always went out during really bad weather. Connectivity was variable at best, and would change from hour to hour. There’s a $95 service charge to have someone make it work again if they had to come to the house, or you could pay $5.99 a month insurance against breakdowns of their equipment that you were already being charged rent for.

So BUYER BEWARE, as far as I’m concerned, Exede/ViaSat totally SUCKS.


Friday, April 22nd, 2016

It’s against the law in the U.S. to deface coinage. People do it without thinking much about it, and most of us are unaware that it’s illegal to damage a coin, but it is. Unfortunately, there is no such law regarding paper currency. I say unfortunately because Obama wants to uglify our $20 bills by removing President Andrew Jackson’s face and replacing it with Harriet Tubman’s.

Harriet Tubman was a black woman, a slave back in the Civil War days, who escaped and went back to guide other slaves to freedom. Slavery was a very unfortunate chapter of the history of some of our states – just some, not all – and when those states tried to secede from our Union in order to continue to base their economies on slavery, the rest of the states, our national government, went to war, ended slavery and united the country. So while slavery was allowed in parts of our country during it’s early history, the fortunate side of our history is that most of us found this to be unacceptable and a huge number of Americans died to end it. Nearly all of them were White Americans.

Andrew Jackson was a great president who added Florida to the United States, among many other achievements, and while Ms. Tubman was a hero to black people, she didn’t remotely compare to President Jackson. She compares a lot more to World War heroes like Sgt. York and Audie Murphy. So why not put a war hero’s face on the $20? Have you seen a picture of Ms. Tubman? Talk about UGLY. I hope that if this actually comes to pass, that all $20′s ever handed to me after that are done so face down. This woman was hideous.

Did anyone one suggest to Brakk Obastard that maybe we should have one of the great Native Americans on that bill? Squanto? Sitting Bull? Red Cloud? Cochise? Geronimo? How about Pocahantas? There’s a lot of them who were all far more accomplished and certainly as courageous as Ms. Tubman.

This racist asshole President of ours wants to deface our money by taking off the faces of white people and replacing them with portraits of blacks. If we’re going to change the appearance so drastically of our paper money, then let’s be fair. Blacks have done more to harm this country than to help it, and it was only when they were slaves that they controlled themselves. Once they were freed, they became a constant source of crime.

It’s the Native Americans who are owed a debt by this country if any racial group is, so put a great Chief or other Native American on the $10 and put Tubman’s face on the $2 bill and leave the $20 as it is. That would be fair and equitable.


Monday, April 18th, 2016

Hearty congratulations to the people of Brazil in finally getting that Leftist mess, Dilma Rousseff, out of office. While the job isn’t done yet and it will take a few more months to see her out of office and into prison, it looks very solid that this will happen. NOW PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. That’s what Americans need to do, clean out the bad politicians, by force if necessary, and put in people who work for the people instead of their rich cronies.


Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Our Constitution says that we have the right to say anything we want, with exceptions. People don’t seem to understand this.

You can’t use speech to cause riots, panic, or other harm. For instance, you can’t leap up and scream “FIRE, FIRE” in a crowded theater. It could cause a panic run for the exits that would get people trampled to death. You can’t go creating public disturbances, it’s against the law everywhere to disturb the peace. You can’t verbally threaten the lives of people.

You can lie about others and slander their names without being jailed for it, but you can be sued for slander in civil court, so slandering speech is only free until someone sues you for doing it.

The issue of Free Speech has been coming up frequently lately in our politics, especially regarding social media sites which appear to be doing some censoring of postings on the candidates. Social media sites are private companies and they can censor anything they like, anytime, just as I do here on Newsbleat when someone posts some comment that I think is patent bullshit or otherwise not to my liking. People have bitched at me, saying that I’m violating Freedom of Speech. I am not, Newsbleat is MY freedom of speech, not anyone elses. It goes back to the old saying that if you want a free press you need to own one.

Protesters disrupting speakers, drowning them out with noise, is not protected Free Speech. It’s Disturbing the Peace. Although they’re usually allowed to get away with it, they are violating the law. If it happens on private property the protester can be removed for trespassing. This is why Trump was in his legal rights to call for the removal of various protesters at some of his rallies. It’s simple. If I pay to rent an auditorium, I get to say who comes in the doors and who has to leave.

The protesters at these events seem to think that they can say and do anything as long as they don’t commit assault, under the shield of Free Speech, and they’re wrong. The people they’re harassing have a Constitutional Right as well and it’s called Freedom of Assembly, which also has certain limitations, the most important being PEACEFUL assembly. Even in a public place, if the assembly is peaceful and protesters are noisy and disruptive, the police have the right and obligation to remove the protesters and charge them with Disturbing the Peace.

People need to remember that our Constitution’s laws are designed to maintain a peaceful society, not allow one that is disruptive under some misconception that everyone gets to freely annoy everyone else if they feel like it. That’s not how it is.


Saturday, April 9th, 2016

According to our national census, about 81% of all Americans live in cities. The other 19% live in rural areas and I’m one of them. The little tiny town where I live can hardly be called a city, or even much of a town. It has a post office and a little tiny grocery store and that’s it. It is butted up against a larger town, which is still of no great shakes. I think our total population between the two might be around 3500 people scattered out and around, with lots of bare land in between.

It’s the cities that catch all the hell, because that’s where the people are concentrated, and it’s the terror groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) that only focus their efforts there. BLM actually doesn’t seem to be correctly described as a group. They have leaders, who mostly seem to rely on the readiness of young blacks to riot and raise hell simply for the fun of it, to raise a mob of demonstrators when they want to stage a protest. Ferguson, Missouri is a perfect example. The BLM thugs went in there and started a protest over the death of a big, husky young black who stole a carton of cigarets at a store. The store owner reported the theft to police, a patrol officer spotted the thief and tried to arrest him. The thief attacked the officer and tried to take his gun from him, the officer shot the thief in self-defense. That’s when the BLM people came in and got a riot going that tore up the city of Ferguson for weeks before it ended, then the officer was found to have acted properly by a grand jury and the black riots started all over again.

Islamic terrorists target the most densely populated places they can find, for maximum effect, just like racist terrorists and homosexual (LGBT) terrorists. The only thing I can say for the queers is that at least they don’t kill people, they just make a huge pain in the ass out of themselves, and yes, the pun is intended. I haven’t heard of any Gay Pride parades in awhile now, probably because it’s been too cold in most places for them to parade naked. Sudden thought: What an appropriate place for Muslims wearing bomb vests to blow themselves up at. Homosexual behavior is an Islamic crime.

But it’s like living on one planet and reading about things going on, on another planet. None of that protest and terror stuff happens out here in the boondocks of America. Cities are exciting places to live but they’re also dangerous and always have been. Most crimes and the worst crimes happen in the cities. The air is dirtier, everything is dirtier, there’s more disease spread around, and faster, traffic is much worse, anger and frustration levels are way higher for city people than country people, the cost of living is much higher.

It’s true that there’s not much social life in the country, and jobs are scarcer, but people live longer in rural areas and are closer to Nature. Everything in life is a trade-off. The great thing about living in the country is that you can visit the city any time you want, and then go back to your rural home with your dogs and cats, horses and chickens. You can have both and not worry about a gang of black thugs flash-mobbing the local stores or some crazy Muslim exploding himself at your Memorial Day parade.


Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Living off the grid planet is becoming increasingly attractive. There are 5 Lagrange Points out there, between Earth and Sun, and even more if you include the other planets in our system, although it starts getting pretty inhospitable when you move closer in or farther out, for us organic critters. Lagrange Points are positions in an orbital configuration of two large bodies where a small object affected only by gravity can maintain a stable position relative to the two large bodies. In other words, if your orbital speed is right, you stay in the same place permanently.

Lagrange Points have been a tool in science fiction stories for decades, as they’re great places to put self-sustaining satellite cities. We peeps have some satellites at Lagrange Points now. Anyway, given that the Earth looks to be winding down, so to speak, in it’s ability to sustain our burgeoning masses, let alone find room for us all, moving out into space is looking more and more like the thing to do for the mega-rich among us. Just think, no illegal alien problems, no China threatening to invade everyone, no North Korean 300 pound ball of pig fat ordering everyone to eat plant roots. By the time it’s possible to build places like this, billionaires will be doing it, creating their own private islands in space. Of course, one Lagrange Point can accommodate more than one space island, and no doubt one or two of the five will become the most fashionable and there will be squabbles over who has the right to build there, and who isn’t welcome in the neighborhood.

I can see it now, Carlos Slim’s descendants trying to move in next door to some Chinese billionaire and the Mexicans and Chinese both fighting over the Interstellar drug trade or the most coveted position, or installing nuclear missiles, or declaring the entire area to be the property of China or Mexico. Yeah, even in space they’d fight with each other. Can you imagine how the Saudi oil sheiks would act out there? They’d claim all the sun energy as their own, setting up huge solar grids that blocked out the other space islands, and then offering to sell them solar energy.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think that cave living right here on Earth may be the best bet.


Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Fox News has been running commentary after commentary attacking Donald Trump and blaming the organized protest against him in Chicago last night on him instead of the assholes who attacked him, while CNN has been steadily saying things in support of him and attacking those who violated his right to Freedom of Speech.

What the hell? CNN is supportive of Trump? Can this simply be CNN seizing the advantage here, to make Fox look bad? If so, it’s sure working. CNN is looking more “Fair and Balanced” these days than Fox has in quite a while. I never imagined I’d ever say that. They still give Hitlery and Bernie the Red plenty of air time, but their message is steadily moderating toward the middle and away from the Left. Does this mean there’s still hope that pigs will some day fly?


Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

There’s a lot of talk in the media lately about the death of the Republican Party, or possible death, caused by the election of Donald Trump and the resultant ousting of the Old Elite Guard.

I really don’t care what kills the Republican Party, I just know, as most of us do, that it deserves to die and rot in the ground. It’s been run for decades by the mega-rich, whose only goal has been to gain more and more power and wealth at the expense of all the rest of us. This is exactly why George Bush father and son both promised to build a wall to protect our border with Mexico and have not, lying to us instead while spending billions of dollars APPEARING to do it, and making a fortune in kickbacks from the builders who were paid far more than they should have been, just like the famous $800 hammers for NASA, the bail-outs of Wall Street and the banks and on and on ad nauseum.

Both parties have done their best to destroy our Constitution and take away our rights and if they don’t crash and die, then I’m for anarchy. We need a revolution in this country. In fact we need a revolution on the whole planet, we need to wipe all government off the face of the Earth. But right now I’ll settle for one here, that would at least be a start.

And it needs to be said that if the Republican Party dies it won’t be Trump that killed it, it’s already dying member by member through suicide. When scumsucking, corporate pirate, job-destroying assholes like Mitt Romney creep back out from under their slimy rocks, paid, aided and abetted by the Elitists to smear their own leading candidate, they take knives to their own throats and deserve to be buried in political oblivion.


Monday, March 7th, 2016

A friend from Washington state called the other day and as usual, the conversation drifted over a wide variety of subjects. One of them was hippies and what being a hippie was all about. My friend is convinced that hippies were unwashed, long-haired, drug-using bums and nothing I could say did anything to dissuade her from that view.

The truth is that hippies were all about love, ending war, getting along with each other. That’s what love-ins were about. Love, simple as that. So what happened is that the hippies were attacked by the media and the lie spread that all hippies were dirty mooching bums. Most hippies, and I was one of them, were clean people who held down jobs like anyone else. We were just tired of our leaders sending us off to die in strange lands so they could get richer and have more power. We were tired of being treated as cannon fodder in our daily lives, and we wanted it to stop. We wanted to stop all the hate.

Nothing lasts, and now there’s more hatred in the world than there’s ever been before in my lifetime, or since the Second World War ended, anyway. I read in this morning’s news that the Islamic State fanatics chopped off the head of a 16 year old boy for failing to show up for Friday prayers. There’s a photo of it on Breitbart News, right before his head was lopped off, and in the background is a big crowd of men all gawking for a look, some standing on objects to give them a higher, better view. What kind of mentality would want to see a boy being brutally murdered? That’s an amazing amount of hatred and a massive lack of love.

Love seems to be going out of the world. What we see now that’s supposed to be demonstrations of love, is sex. But sex isn’t love. It can be an expression of love, one of many different ways to express love, but we call having sex “making love”, when it very seldom really is.

Love is expressed by giving and sharing, helping each other, being kind to each other and respecting each other. There’s none of that in Islam, certainly none in Islamic State, where acts expressing love are seen as weakness and possibly even heresy that deserves death.

I’m reminded so much of the Nazis, the utter lack of leniency, sympathy, kindness. You follow the rules exactly or you die, mistakes are not allowed. And I wonder, is humanity going to allow this cancer to continue to spread? It wouldn’t be a first, Nazism was allowed to spread until it threatened to engulf the world, only then did people unite against it and by then, the cost in human life to defeat it was in the millions of people. Now here we go again.


Friday, March 4th, 2016

Just a few remarks about Trump et al. The general public doesn’t give a crap about the CPAC or even knows what it is. Certainly they don’t attend it or pay attention to all the speeches made there. They hear about some of it on the news and quickly forget every word.

For candidates for office and those who aspire to some office, attending the annual Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) affair is important, to see and be seen by their peers. For the rest of us, it means nothing. We don’t care.

At this latest one, presidential hopeful John Kasich was harshly attacked in a speech by Michelle Malkin, Carly Fiorina attacked the attackers and Cruz and Rubio attacked Trump. Sounds like a fun event, all that negativity, huh?

Trump said to hell with CPAC and went off to campaign in Kansas instead, no doubt the smarter move. For one thing, his absence took all the air out of all those who planned to attack him, leaving Fox News and others with nothing to report about who said what to Trump and what Trump responded with, or how Trump may have phrased something, or stumbled over a word, or whatever. He gave them nothing to report while telling the people of Kansas that he thinks they’re a lot more important than any CPAC meeting.

I have my own concerns about the sort of president Donald Trump will make, but out of the entire field, he’s really the only choice.


Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Homo sapiens is the general name given to all of the human race alive today, with that broken up into the various individual types, or races, of Man. Our nearest relative, now considered to be long extinct, is Neanderthal Man, who was apparently fairly intelligent and actually had a larger brain than modern man, who interbred with Neanderthal Man. Today our DNA runs about 2% to over 3% Neanderthal, with over 150,000 Neanderthal DNA traits so far identified. That’s a lot. In fact, there’s a lot of people born today who have more Neanderthal traits than Sapiens traits.

The Australian Aborigines are a good example. We know that Neanderthals were still around and interbreeding with Homo Sapiens up to about 30,000 years ago or so. The Aborigines arrived on the Australian continent about 50,000 years ago, and the ones today who are still “pure-bred” with no white DNA are very primitive and simple people with prominent brows, big bellies and very close to zero technology of any sort. When Europeans first arrived, the natives were entirely unclothed.

At that time there were about 250 separate languages among the indigenous people, similar to the wide variety of languages among the Indian tribes of North America. Because their culture was entirely oral, it was common for one to speak 3 or more languages in order to communicate with their neighbors, but this wasn’t much of a feat as each language had few words, perhaps 500. For comparison, there’s over a million words in English.

When peoples are isolated for tens of thousands of years, they don’t evolve much. I used the Australian Aborigines as my primary example, for comparison to the people of the Middle East who live in a similar environment to Australia, a land of mostly desert. While the Middle Easterners are certainly much more evolved mentally, they’re still very primitive in many ways. They’re still nearly as brutish as the Aborigines in their behavior and thinking.

People in more advanced human societies tend to think that all humans are basically the same and that it’s only necessary to raise primitive children in an advanced society for them to act civilized just like everyone else. We’ve been finding out, however, that this just simply isn’t true. Much of our behavior and innate attitudes are hereditary. We are born with our likes and dislikes and our ability to get along with others already built in. This is the problem the world is facing now with the mass migrations going on. The Human Race is undergoing a blending of all races into one, with the inevitable result that civilization will be degraded because of it. The hope is that the less evolved will rise to the level of the more evolved, but this isn’t happening and the danger is that this experiment will tear down the best parts of our civilization instead.

The final intermixing of all of us into one homogeneous type of human may be our destiny but it’s not happening without tremendous resistance, and that resistance could swell until war destroys us. Humanity has entered into a new era, good luck to it.


Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

That Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Primary with more than double the votes of any other candidates is gratifying, but also expected. It’s the others I’m going to focus on here.
Edward Cruz, who cheated to win Iowa last week, only came in at a lousy 11%, the same as Jeb Bush, and there’s a reason for that. Not only did he cheat last week, it was proven that he did. Then he bragged about it, saying to Trump, “Let’s not forget who whipped who in Iowa”. First he cheats, then shows poor sportsmanship as if he’d actually won properly and in fair play. People in this country are game fans, and poor sportsmanship is unacceptable. Look at all the people who cheered when Ronda Rousey lost her MMA title to Holm, because she was arrogant. I was highly pleased to see her get the crap beat out of her, and I’m highly pleased to see Cruz eat the big one in New Hampshire tonight.

John Kasich. Not such a surprise to see Kasich come up and take second place. I thought Cruz would still take that spot, but that Kasich would come close. Kasich did really well in the final debate before tonight’s vote and was bound to improve his lot tonight. I think what brought him into second place was as much Cruz’s acting like a creepy snake as it was Kasich’s oratory in the debate.

Jeb Bush taking 11% of tonight’s vote only proves that there’s a bunch of RINO’s in New Hampshire. The only chance that establishment weenie has of becoming President is if something takes the other candidates out of the race – in both parties. The whole reason the Republican Party RINO elite is pushing him to be the nominee is because they know he’ll lose.

Marco Rubio – collapsed in the vote, with only 9%. This is a good thing for him as he’s obviously becoming mentally unraveled from the strain of keeping up his string of totally outrageous lies and deceits. He’s starting to blither when he speaks. If he has any sense he’ll drop out of the race now, but I predict he won’t. He’s obsessed with becoming President, with being the most powerful man in the world. Basically, he’s nuts and his glue is coming loose. When his candidacy ends it won’t be pretty.

Christ Christie did less well than Rubio with only 7% of the vote and I bet at least 90% of those voting for him are obese. Christie needs to lose about 100 pounds, is the plain truth of it. People are turned off by obesity. Fat men make good comedians and Sumo wrestlers, and that’s about it.

Last, we have Carly Fiorina and Dr. Carson, with 4% and 2% respectively. I expect Fiorina to give it up and go on a speaking tour for awhile to earn a living, and Dr. Carson to quit the race after maybe a month or so. I think he’s aiming for the Vice Presidential spot at this point and will want to stick around the political arena because of that. I believe he’ll jump on the Trump bandwagon and keep his name and image alive on TV talk shows while promoting Donald Trump. He has no chance to be the GOP nominee at this point but a great chance to be Trump’s running mate. He’s really very popular, people just don’t think he’s ready for the Presidency yet. But… he’ll get the black vote and a lot of the Hispanic vote. Basically, most of the dark-skinned racists in America will vote for Trump if Carson is his running mate. It’s a natural combo.

One more thing, Rubio isn’t the only one getting facial tics with the stress. Carson’s been displaying some very odd micro-expressions lately that are totally inconsistent with the words coming out of his mouth, and my read is that underneath that calm, quiet exterior is a deep inferiority complex and a lot of submerged rage. He’s a good man who has a lot of crap hidden in mental closets. I’d be real nervous if he actually became President.

As for the Democrats, Bernie Sanders, the Marxist who calls himself a Socialist, got 58% of the Dem. vote, Hitlery got 38%. She lost big time and I bet Sanders ends up as the Dem. presidential nominee instead of her. That would be hilarious in several ways, not the least is that he looks and acts so much like the mad white-haired scientist in Back To The Future.


Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Jew hatred has been going on for thousands of years now. I guess people just need someone to hate and the Jews got stuck with the job. They’re so used to it that most of the time they just ignore it, but CBS has gotten their attention lately. There was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem yesterday, Wednesday, by 3 “Palestinians” using guns and knives, who killed a police officer and wounded a woman before they were killed, and CBS reported that “Israeli police killed 3 Palestinians”. Making it look like it was the cops who were the attackers.

Well, anyone with sense knows that CBS is like CNN, they’re Left-Wing Liars and yellow-rag journalists, but enough is enough. The Israelis are preparing to cancel “press passes from journalists and editors who are negligent in their work and present headlines that flip the reality.”

This isn’t a major issue in the world right now, I’m writing about it because that’s exactly what we need to do here. This spin-doctoring bullshit to make things look the opposite of what they really are is flatly harmful to our country. I’d love to be dictator of America for just a month or two, so many people would get shoved up against walls and shot dead…..


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

The Donald came in second, so he must feel that his efforts there were a big waste of time, since he said that not winning there would be exactly that. But it isn’t, what it is, is a lesson. He was wrong when he said that he could shoot someone and still stay on top, because he shot Dr. Ben Carson, verbally, attacking his honesty and ability as a doctor. His attacks were successful, Carson’s poll numbers dropped way down in Iowa after that, but it was Cruz’s that went up when people left Carson for Cruz, not Trump.

Trump’s other attacks, the ones on Cruz, were also a bad plan. Political attacks are what professional politicians do to each other and have done forever, and we’re damned sick and tired of that crap. We liked Cruz and Trump because they refrained from it. Trump lost some respect when he resorted to demeaning his opponents when they weren’t doing it to him.

I saw this attack crap starting up and I cringed. My first thought was STOP, all of you. Don’t do it. I’m sure a great many others had the same reaction.

Well, I hope Trump figures this out now, after his loss in Iowa, and starts being a nicer guy. This stupid bickering is the last thing we want in a candidate.


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Obama’s last State Of The Union speech was full of hype and blather, but no truth or substance. Claims that our economy is better than ever, that ISIS isn’t a threat, that the increasing racial divide in our country is some sort of unfortunate mystery that was probably caused by Republicans… it went on and on in that vein, but the best part was when he said that Joe Biden is now in charge of an all-out effort to cure cancer by his administration. “Ludicrous” comes to mind, silly beyond words. Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer. Oh-My-God!

Well, if he gave a damn about curing cancer, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to start that program 7 years ago when he was first elected? It sounds good though, huh? He wanted to give a speech that would sound good even if it was total bullshit, and at least he did that, as he got a 53 percent approval of it from the mostly Democrat crowd that was polled afterward.

Tuning in to NBC, CNN and Fox News afterward to get the various political reactions was more enlightening than anything Obama said. CNN had a panel of four people commenting on his speech, two Liberals, one Conservative and one in the middle, more or less. One of the Libs was the CNN moderator, and the other one was none other than VAN JONES, the same black guy who Obama had initially hired as his “Green Jobs Czar”, in charge of promoting alternative-energy. Van Jones is an outspoken COMMUNIST. He resigned shortly after being appointed by Obama because of outrage in Congress over things he’d said and people he associated with. Obama has managed to keep Valerie Jarrett on over the years in spite of her also being a Communist. These are the advisers Obama has drawn to him and the people now giving their opinions on CNN.

On CNN, there was much gushing approval of Obama’s speech, and yapping about what a great job he’s done, while the Conservative voices tried hard to contradict those lies with the truth. It was kind of comical to watch, actually.

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina gave the Republican response speech to Obama’s, and did a good job of pointing out the errors while promoting the Republican cause, but in truth, I thought both speeches were less than exciting. Listening to those speeches was a lot like watching paint dry.

Overall, the different TV stations used Obama’s speech to promote their side and attack the other side, about what you’d expect.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Hillary continues to slide among Democrats and Independents, as polls show that Bernie Sanders star is rising. Polls are deceiving though, since they don’t indicate who will vote for whom. They’re just indicators of which candidate is more preferred within that political party. People often defect from their declared party affiliation, they did in droves when Obama was first elected, as a lot of people thought it was time for a black president, and here we had a black guy running for president. He’s black, vote for him. Big mistake, but live and learn, huh?

This time around there appears to be a lot of Democrats defecting to the Republican candidate, assuming that candidate is either Trump or Cruz. It’s looking like neither Democrat candidate is all that attractive to a lot of registered Democrats, but we have a long wait ahead of us before anything is settled, and in politics, anything can happen. It’s entertaining to watch, and maybe that’s the real purpose of it anyway.


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

First, it looks like the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory may have detected gravity waves. If true, this is the single greatest, most momentous discovery in the history of humanity. To give you an idea of why this matters, when we first detected radio waves, we then discovered what produced them. On learning that, we were able to re-create them and in doing that we began to realize their vast potential and all the different things we could do with them.

By detecting gravity waves, we can then follow the same path of discovery and technological advancement as we have with radio. Microwave ovens, radar, X-rays, Television, cell phones and much more, all of it came from the discovery of electromagnetic waves – radio waves, about 130 years ago. Albert Einstein said that gravity waves exist and the search has been on for them ever since.

The UFO’s that we’ve been seeing for thousands of years have no visible means of propulsion. They can hover indefinitely and then zip off at incredible rates of speed almost instantly, where if we did that, the G forces of such inertia would kill us. It is only possible to do this by generating gravity waves. Gravity waves also allow for pressor and attractor beams, that can repel or draw in objects. With gravity wave generation, our ships can travel in our solar system at speeds approaching that of light and use that speed to propel us to other star systems as well as rapidly explore our own. Colonies on Mars would spring up all over the planet, and we could mine the asteroids as well as the other planets and their moons. Our burning of fossil fuels would nearly end if our vehicles moved using gravity wave generation, and the energy requirements are low because gravity is the weakest of all the known forms of energy.

The other post is… and this is really an anti-climax compared to the above… It looks like I’m going to be right in my prediction that Bernie Sanders will take the nomination away from Hitlery Clitnose. He’s rising fast in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls while Hitlery is sinking. Personally I welcome this because I don’t think Sanders has a chance against Donald Trump. Sanders is a Communist. He calls himself a Socialist but a rose is still a rose. Worse, he looks like an aged fanatic when he starts speaking, and when he and Trump start comparing ideologies, Trump is going to show up as a creator of jobs and income while Sanders will be the creator of more welfare outflow. No doubt all the people on welfare will vote for him, but all those who have jobs or who are looking for one will vote for Trump, and I’m pretty sure they outnumber the leeches and parasites.

Right now, as I type, Sanders polls a 5% lead over Hitlery in Iowa and a 10% lead in New Hampshire, and the winner of both of those two early caucuses historically gets their party nomination. Winning one is pretty much a requirement to have a chance at being nominated. So if Sanders should win both, the media attention he’ll receive will be huge and will propel him much closer to the nomination, while Hitlery will drop back and have to fight really hard to regain standing. I don’t want to see either one of these insane freakshow exhibits become our next president so I hope Sanders wins the nomination as I think he’s most likely to lose the election.


Sunday, January 10th, 2016

It’s like a new dance craze, more and more people are getting with it and doing The Trump. Latest news is that at least 20% of Democrat voters will vote for Donald Trump, if you believe the polls. The way his popularity is rising, he may end up with a literal mandate by election day.

I see a timing strategy here in the way his campaign is being run. You don’t want to be too popular too fast, because people get tired of new fads quickly. In a drawn-out election like this, you want to be the most popular in your party but not yet at your peak of popularity. This has a lot to do with the collapse of Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign, that and being black. Obama won simply because he’s black, but he made such a mess of it that even Carson said that “It will be 100 years before America elects another black president”. Obama took black from being an asset to a liability, and Carson became popular in spite of being black rather than because of it. Carson peaked too soon for someone who’s black.

Trump wants to have enough popularity to win the Republican nomination, and there’s very plainly an Old Guard that is furious at him. They had planned to make Jeb Bush our next president and Trump has wrecked that plan. They won’t give up until the Primaries are over and the nomination is a done deal and Trump knows it.

Here’s the basic situation: There’s a very powerful group within the Republican party that pretty much runs the party and decides who will be their candidate for president, regardless of who is most qualified. Their goals are the same as the Democrats, to maintain power and advance their wealth, which is why we get people like Obama and the Bushes, incompetent as leaders, who strip us of our Constitutional rights, plunge us into wars and debts, and impoverish us. So if the candidacy of Donald Trump is real and not a clever smoke screen, then of course the cabal running the Republican party would be out to stop him.

The state primaries run from February through June and then the Republican convention will be July 18 through 21. In simplest terms, the primaries are to generally choose each state’s favorite candidate, so if one candidate gets a large majority of total votes, that person will most likely be the nominee at the convention. However, both parties are always changing their convention rules for political reasons, to advance one candidate over another or to shut another one out entirely, so Trump becoming the Republican nominee is not a given. The path is littered with snakes.

Donald Trump’s campaign is the most brilliant political campaign I’ve ever seen. His is the first I know of where his media-value return is more than twice his campaign expenditures, which total about $5 million right now. His personal expenses so far are about $2 million. Jeb Bush’s expenses as of last month were over $50 million, money that was provided him by the special interests who would control him if he became president. Likewise, all the other candidates are spending far more heavily than Donald Trump, and the reason why is because our media hangs on Trumps every word. Even the Liberal media is doing The Trump. All he has to do is say something and it gets reported by everyone. Why spend money on ads?

So it remains to be seen how it goes at the convention, but considering Donald’s great wealth I’ve no doubt that the writer of The Art Of The Deal is right now making deals with the Republican power brokers to favor him at convention time. What compromises will he make?


Friday, January 1st, 2016

Today, all the news media will be filled with looks back at the past year, going over all the highlights, bad and good and mostly bad. Not me, thanks, living through it once was enough. It’s what’s coming that interests me.

What I know for sure is that there will be more terrorist attacks here and in Europe, along with Israel, mostly anyway, with scattered ones in other countries. The fighting in Syria and Iraq will drag on and on, with Obama bitching about the Russians at the same time the Russians are doing the most good against ISIS.

There will be talk of impeaching Obama but nothing will happen. Hillary Clinton, whom I fondly call Hitlery, may lose the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders at the last moment. He’s so Socialist he might as well declare himself a Communist, and the Hard Left loves the guy. Most Democrats are aware that Hitlery only wants the job for the power, that otherwise she’s incompetent. So that will be interesting to watch, along with Jim Webb, Democrat, who’s openly speaking running as an Independent. Hitlery may actually not have as much of a chance as the various polls indicate. She’s not black and the blacks aren’t going to turn out en mass and vote 3 times each for her like they did for Obama. More likely they’ll stay home and get drunk and high on weed and meth as usual. Likewise most Hispanics aren’t going to make a big rush to the polls for her. There will be a whole lot of people voting for Donald Trump tho, so I’ll be watching for a lot of illegal behavior from the Democrats to throw the election. Once again I expect to see the Electoral College screw everything up.

Putin/Russia is likely to make some sort of major move this year, as his popularity and power continue to increase with the Russian people. Putin wants to expand Russian influence. Not another USSR, but this time gathering in the smaller nations around Russia as allies. To do this Russia must become more of a democracy, even as our politicians are trying to make us less of one. A strange twist for sure.

I think something bad is going to go down with, or by, Turkey. The Turks are becoming increasingly supportive of ISIS, and while our politicians keep saying Turkey is our ally, anyone with sense knows they aren’t. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Russians side with and arm the Kurds in their ongoing disputes with the Turkish government, and maybe even start bombing the Turks. That would put us in an interesting position, of whether or not to defend our “allies” against Russia. Most likely Obama would do nothing, though.

This may be the year that Iran makes their big move. What I’d expect of them is an attack on one of our warships that patrol the Persian Gulf shipping lanes, or else on one of the Saudi oil tankers, just for the pure sake of raising hell. It has to be remembered that the Iranian leadership is insane religious fanatics, they can be expected to behave outrageously. Any such attack would strain their alliance with Russia, so that will bear watching if it happens. As for ISIS, they aren’t going to give up easily to the increased effort to destroy them, and I would expect to see them pull off, or attempt, a really massive act of destruction against Western society. Something that would attract a lot of new fighters to them.

What would be great would be if I could predict all sorts of good things that might happen, a cure for all cancer, a reversal of overpopulation, an end to the current mass species extinction, an end to the illegal alien invasion and all the Mexicans going home again, things like that, instead of all the doom and gloom that we’ve all come to expect.

We had a happy world for awhile. The 60′s and 70′s were the Golden Age of this country, even with the horror of the Vietnam War. Those were mostly good years when we all prospered, employment was high, American goods were being exported to the world and Made in USA was the mark of excellence everywhere. Very few of us lived in poverty, our population was at a reasonable level and we all got along with each other.

Well, our politicians put an end to all that happiness, can’t have the people feeling good about themselves, after all, nope, they need to suffer. So here we are at this point, where all we look forward to now is the next bad news. I don’t know if Donald Trump will actually make things better or not, but I fail to see how he can make them any worse. The Democrats are out to turn us into a one-party system, and the other name for that is dictatorship.


Thursday, December 31st, 2015