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Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Greece has reached the point of financial insolvency that the government will close all the banks tomorrow in an effort to prevent what’s called “a run” on them, where a panicked population rushes to their banks and withdraws all their money, and the banks have to shut down for lack of funds.

If this happens, their banking system collapses. Paychecks can’t be issued if there’s no money in the banks to cover them, all personal and business finance must either be done in cash or not at all. Chaos will ensue, along with looting and rioting when people have no money to buy food. A banking collapse makes this unavoidable.

Greece has been a poor nation now for a very long time, and a poorly managed one as well. The formation of the European Union attempted to take all of Europe under it’s single flag and single currency, but each nation held onto their own forms of welfare and socialist entitlements. Greece has perhaps more entitlements than any other European nation and can afford them the least. Not a good combination, and when some of these entitlements were taken away as part of the demands made by the EU, in exchange for bailout loans, the people rioted. Now, there will be no more bailout money, Greece is about to default on a $1.75 billion debt payment, which will end any further emergency loans and possibly force their removal from the Eurozone.

Originally, Greece was included in the EU because of the dreams of the EU’s founders, who wanted a trade bloc to rival the United States, Russia and China in size. But Greece proved to be a bad apple in the barrel, with it’s poverty and welfare entitlements, so then the EU tried to fix it by pouring money into Greece. It didn’t work and now, if Greece collapses monetarily, the Euro may end up doing the same thing as other, poorer EU nations also default on their payments or return to their own former currencies. This could actually lead to war in Europe as military intervention to prevent other nations from leaving the Union is a distinct possibility.

For a more detailed explanation of what’s going on in Greece, from the BBC, click here.


Monday, June 22nd, 2015

If you need a good laugh, you really should check this out. Every day I look for something funny in the news, and today, this is the winner.

A popular TV show, Storage Wars, features a group of business people who make their livings selling used merchandise that they buy at storage locker auctions. If you do a Google search right now for “Storage Wars brawl”, you’ll see the same video on a bunch of gossip websites that shows the aftermath of a physical confrontation between one Dave Hester and the auctioneers.

Dave Hester, in my personal opinion, is an egomaniacal asshole and a bully, and I’ve been wondering when someone would finally punch this shithead. As it turns out, he struck first by most accounts. The auctioneer missed a bid, some stories say it was from Mary Padian, others say Hester’s bid was missed. Whatever, Hester tried twice to bring this to the auctioneer, Dan Dotson’s, attention, without success and the second time he interrupted Dotson, Dotson cussed him out. Hester then punched Dotson in the face, whereupon Dotson’s wife Laura leaped on Hester’s back. Hester was able to toss her off, literally, and she fell down to the ground.

Now the video begins. None of the above was shown in the video, unfortunately.

At this point all parties were separated, by both security people and bystanders, from the looks of it. There’s a lot of cussing from Laura Dotson calling Hester a motherfucker repeatedly and yelling that he first put his hands on her and that he was no man and so forth. Hester was booted from the set, not the first time this has happened, either, and went to a hospital to get a tetanus shot for a scratch he got from Laura. Actually, he no doubt planned to use the hospital visit as grounds to sue the Dotsons and probably the producers, being the sniviling weasel that he is. Maybe this time they’ll get rid of him permanently, most of us are pretty sick of him anyway. Speaking of that, I’d be tickled to death if they’d get rid of that hideous, eye-bugging Ivy Calvin, too.

Ivy Calvin
Annoying Ivy Calvin, Cartoon Negro.

Ivy is a black guy who acts like some sort of cartoon Negro. He’s an embarassment to black people, the way he bugs his eyes open, makes assinine remarks constantly, and I do mean constantly, waves his arms around, pantomimes being a boxer, constantly contorts his face, always demanding everyone’s attention. One total Look-At-Me idiot but, true American Graffiti. If the producers of this show wanted to make Americans look like a pack of total jerkoffs, they sure did a fine job.

A footnote: My personal remarks here are my opinions, to which I’m entitled. Just in case one of the aforementioned asshole types considers suing me. I bet Hester would, the guy has no pride at all.


Sunday, June 21st, 2015

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is as follows: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This was written into our national law in 1791, shortly after we’d won our independence from England, and was meant to ensure that government could not take away our weapons the way the English did. After all, it was a well-armed citizenry who fought the British and won.

Eventually it dawned on our politicians that the Amendment was too broadly written and not everyone should have a gun. So the case was put to our Supreme Court judges and they ruled that “The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence”. They basically over-reacted and ruled the 2nd Amendment null and void. Finally, in 2008, the Supreme Court decided that the 2nd Amendment did in fact protect an individual right to possess and carry firearms.

For me, the question is, “Why did we need nine judges to say what can be plainly read by anyone, before it’s considered valid?”

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That means that anyone at any age can own and carry any weapon, regardless of whether they’ve been convicted of violent crimes or have threatened to do so. See, it was this reality, when it sunk in, that caused such a gross overriding of a Constitutional Amendment. It was realized that the right to bear arms just isn’t the same as the First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, and that not everyone should be allowed to have a gun.

The problem is that there’s no uniformity in the restrictions that have been imposed, as they vary from state to state. Common sense dictates that known violent people should not have arsenals of fully automatic combat firearms, but in some states you can lose your gun rights for a simple trespassing conviction, which generally is considered a minor misdemeanor. In one state, someone convicted of a violent crime gets their gun rights back when they get out of prison. In most states, it doesn’t take much of a crime at all for the state to take away your right to own a firearm. Disarming the population is the goal, which has failed as miserably as the Drug War, as all it’s done is create another class of criminal, Those Illegally In Possession Of A Firearm. After all, when someone has been a hunter since he or she was a teenager, and then is told they can’t own a gun anymore because they got drunk and stupid one night and pissed on the mayor’s front lawn or something, they’re going to own guns anyway.

True criminals will own guns, it doesn’t matter if they’ve already been in prison for some gun-related crime. They don’t care. They want to commit crimes of violence and that’s that, and the solution to all this isn’t taking the guns away from everyone because that can’t be done anymore than taking away all the drugs. The solution is to stop making criminals out of so many people. If you want to be as safe as possible, go live in a monastery on a mountain, because life among humans is just as uncertain as life among the bears and wolves.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Some time back, I commented that Obama was very quiet when it came to saying anything about the 2016 Presidential election, and that one possible reason would be that he’s not expecting there to be one. Normally, the outgoing Presidents always have good things to say about their party’s hopeful candidates for the office. He hasn’t said a word about anyone, let alone said anything about the pending election, itself. That’s pretty odd.

“SAN ANTONIO, December 14, 2014 — Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has repeatedly stated that he believes there is a chance that the 2016 elections may not be held at all. Widespread anarchy gripping the country could be reason enough for the Obama administration to announce the implementation of martial law and the suspension of some, if not all, of Americans’ constitutionally protected rights — including the right to vote and hold national elections.”

Dr. Carson is seriously worried about this possibility, and the rest of us should be, and should be making preparations for the imposition of Martial Law. If it happens, many services will be curtailed or shut down entirely and many stores will be at least temporarily closed. Remember that the PURPOSE of declaring Martial Law is not to bring order. Not when the chaos that preceded it was deliberate. The purpose is to take over control of the nation, to impose a military/fascist dictatorship. Obama has removed almost all of the high ranking military officers who were there when he came to office, and replaced them with hand-picked, Left-Wing socialists. He’s done the same with every office, every bureau of our government and gone so far as to arm government employees in order to convert them into his private army.

My advice is to do as I do, put in a good stock of dried foods that keep for years, canned goods that will keep for at least a year, and have a freezer packed with meat, along with a decent smoker. That latter is in case your electrical power is cut off. You can smoke the meat and preserve it that way instead of seeing it rot in the freezer. I have chickens and ducks, and if we start into a period of serious social unrest next year, that will be my clue to pack that freezer, stock up on dried and canned foods and buy up a big pile of chicken feed. I’ll want those eggs to keep coming.

Right now I am well stocked with the food I just described, just in case. Better safe than sorry and it saves me money, as food prices keep going up.

Another thought is that all the banks may be shut down, making it impossible to buy food anyway. Keep an ample supply of cash on hand and if possible, only enough in the bank to pay your bills. Large withdrawals along with large deposits are all being reported to the government now, and I’m sure that has nothing to do with stopping organized crime, which is the reason given. It will be a simple case of the government confiscating your wealth.

Be prepared.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015

A white man entered a black church in South Carolina and shot dead 9 of the 11 people in there. He spared a woman and a 5 year old girl, and now the news is filled with tales of horror and revulsion toward this horrible white man who did this “unfathomable” deed.

I don’t doubt that this was a racist act motivated by hate, which makes it no different from the racist hate acts carried out by blacks against whites that our media never wants to admit to. When blacks kill whites, it’s never racist, oh no, it was just something that happened. But you watch this one, this guy will be portrayed as a racist, first and foremost, and in all honesty he probably is, just like most blacks. But we don’t mention that, it’s Politically Incorrect.

Personally, I’m betting that this is a reaction to rising black racism against white people, and that our media has already thought of that and will make all effort to portray this killer as an anomaly, just the most horrible thing imaginable that no one else (white) would ever do, to discourage other whites from doing similar acts of racial reprisal. I don’t know if I wish them good luck on that, or not. I’m pretty fed up too with the sugar-coating of black violence against white people by our media. Being white, I think that’s a reasonable and understandable point of view.

An Update… The flip side to this is the possibility of more black violence against whites. Already, I’m right on both counts, he’s being called a racist and an anomaly, totally deranged, one of a kind. I think this play is only in it’s First Act, and the Final Curtain is a long way off.


Monday, June 15th, 2015

Jeb Bush, the moronic, fatuous and fat-headed asshole brother of asshole George W. Bush, both sons of massively gaping asshole George H.W. Bush, has announced that he is “ready to lead the U.S.”. Well guess what? 10,000 give-a-shits, Jeb. We suffered enough under your father and brother, why in hell would we want more terrible recessions? Hell, the one your daddy gave us was an outright DEPRESSION, our economy took a massive shit because of him, and your drug-addict brother set us up for Obama after wiping out our treasury on a horribly botched attempt to wrest Iraq’s oil away from them. Creating, in the process, Al Qaeda and then ISIS, while slaughtering possibly a million or more Iraqis and permanently destabilizing Iraq, turning it from a secular, stable dictatorship into a group of squabbling Islamic dictatorships that all want to kill us. All the time that was going on, he let our economy destroy itself out of failure to govern. Good job. So now we need you, Jeb, to fuck us and some other poor nations into the dirt again? You need an enema, Jeb. Go take a good shit for yourself and leave the American public alone, things are bad enough as it is.


Friday, June 12th, 2015

Talk about self-flagellation, I guess because I haven’t smashed a thumb during my shed building project, I must have needed to impose some other sort of misery on myself. Otherwise I can’t think of a reason why I brought up the CNN bullshit they claim is actual news, on my monitor. Talk about spin. Their headline story is a week old, but since it’s about a black Republican, Dr. Ben Carson, whom they hate, revile and froth at the mouth over because he’s black and a Republican, they’re still ranting and spewing away. What about? His remark that homosexual “rights” are not the same as Civil Rights. A comparison was made between the two in an interview with him, you see, and he pointed out that at the time, there were no signs saying Blacks and Homosexuals Only on drinking fountains. The signs in the South, back then, referred to Whites Only and Blacks Only.

This has really pissed off the homos, because linking their agenda to the Civil Rights issue is a central theme. They don’t like having their bullshit exposed so easily and especially by a black person and neither does CNN, the rag that wants to give the world a blow job.

In all honesty, I looked at CNN on a whim, just wondering what the enemy was up to, but I shouldn’t have bothered because it’s the same as always. If they can’t get away with an outright lie, then they twist the truth out of shape and choose the most slanted words and pictures they can. One thing about Liberals, you can always depend on them to disregard truth, honesty, decency and love of country every chance they get.


Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Every time I read in the news where a small child or an infant has been horribly damaged or has died because of brutal mistreatment, I know without asking that it was at the hands of a black person. If that sounds racist, then why is it that every time one of these disgusting tragedies occurs, it is a black who did it?

Today is no exception, the headline said that a baby was put in a scalding hot bath and died, and sure enough, the person who did it was a black woman, to a black child. The last time I read of such a thing happening, it was by a black woman to a black child. And the time before that. The reason usually given by the killer is that the baby was crying too much and they got tired of hearing it. Of course, scalding isn’t the only way they kill off the babies, their little bodies are battered and broken even more often.

There is a certain type of brutal behavior that seems to be the province primarily of blacks, and when I see the headline of such news stories I get about 98 out of 100 right in guessing the color of the perpetrator. A gang attack on an old white person, or pretty much any sort of ganging up on anyone or anything. Burning and looting. Burning a person. Brutal attacks on women. Mindless, senseless acts of brutality.

Recently a young black male invaded a wealthy white couple’s home, took $40,000, murdered the entire family, kids and all, and then set fire to their home, in stupid, brainless acts of carnage. He was caught shortly afterward since he’d bungled the entire thing from the start. If the crime is senseless and stupid, it was most likely done by a black.

Blacks commit over 90% of all violent crimes in the USA, while comprising 12.5 to 13 percent of the total population. So when I see news headlines reporting certain types of crime, it’s not all that prescient of me to guess which race is involved.


Saturday, June 6th, 2015

I thought it was just Obama who insisted that all our admirals and generals, along with everyone else in his administration, use the acronym “ISIL” instead of “ISIS” or just “IS” for “Islamic State”. ISIL means “Islamic State In Levant”. Levant means Israel. Most of the media, at least, uses ISIS or just IS, but Obama wants us to say ISIL because that signifies that the Islamic State will take over Israel, and he plainly hates the Jews.

But I was mistaken. I looked in on Al Jazeera this morning and there at the top of the page was an ISIL link, to Islamic State news. Of course Al Jazeera would say ISIL too, just like our dear President, after all, they hate Jews and Israel too.

On their front page this morning there’s a long, sobbing whine about how “Palestinians”, so-called, are getting evicted from their home in Jerusalem in favor of Jewish immigrants. Oh, how SAD, yes? No? In the first place, if they live in Jerusalem, they’re Israelites like everyone else, but of the Muslim persuasion. The Muslim family in question didn’t own, they rented, it’s said that they allowed the building to deteriorate, which I can believe considering the squalor those people usually live in, and if they didn’t, so what? The real complaint that Al Jazeera has is that Israel is steadily moving the Muslims out and moving Jews in, with the goal of making Jerusalem all Jewish. It’s not “Palestinians” that are being moved out, it’s Muslims.

But again, so what? At least the Jews are doing it without bloodshed. Once all the Muslims are out of Jerusalem, they’ll have to stop trying to claim half the city as some future “Palestinian State” capitol. The Piece Of Shit Muslims evict Jews from their homelands by murdering them. The Muslims want no Jews among them, they want all-Muslim nations. THERE IS NOT ONE JEW IN SAUDI ARABIA. No Christians, either, they’re not allowed. But let anyone else do anything remotely like what they do, and the hypocrisy knows no bounds. Islam sucks, which is why it consistently produces people who suck.


Saturday, June 6th, 2015

A name I never heard until the guy died is “Beau Biden”. He was the son of Joe Biden, Champion Liberal Jackass of the Universe. It’s all over the news today, because it’s his funeral, and all the political bigwigs and anyone else they could get, are in attendance. Do you suppose Obama will do a “selfie” like he did at Nelson Mandela’s funeral? We eagerly await the answer, NOT.

There are plenty of really good, wonderful people, people who have contributed to the happiness of so very many, who have given unselfishly of themselves so that others could have better, happier, fuller, richer lives, but do we ever see these political hacks come out like this for them? Hell no. Instead, they put on a grand show for some totally unknown person who happened to be related to one of them.

Why do I think all politicians are total assholes? Wait, I have the answer, give me a moment……..

I don’t care how “Liberal” you are, THESE MARCHES ARE STUPID!

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

“Five policemen have been injured in scuffles during a homosexual-pride march in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, officials say.

A BBC reporter says unidentified people attacked the rally alongside the Dnipro river with smoke bombs and stones.
Ahead of the march, a number of Ukrainian politicians including the radical Right Sector movement, had pledged to disrupt the event.
The rally finished shortly after the scuffles.

The Ukrainian authorities say the rights of sexual minorities are guaranteed and protected in the country but critics say “homophobia” is widespread and generally accepted in the predominantly Orthodox Christian nation.”

A few points here. The Irish have been looked down on by many in Europe for centuries. The Irish have a lot of pride, too. But even so, they know better than to flaunt it in parades more than once a year on St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s never been a Heterosexual Pride Parade, ever.

These are not “gay pride” parades, they’re attempts to push aside the moral values of the majority in favor of their tiny minority values. So they carry rainbow banners, dress inappropriately, and display themselves as publicly as possible. They are in the wrong, they’re causing a deliberate affront to the great majority, and they know full well that they will be attacked for it, as they should be. Freedom of speech is not a universal right, not even here in the USA. Stand up in a crowded theater and yell “FIRE, FIRE” and see how long a term you get in prison for that. Different nations have different limitations on speech, and speech in the form of these parades is reasonably met with speech in the form of rocks and fists.

In Western Europe, homosexuals go about their business like everyone else, congregate amongst themselves and don’t make a big fuss about being homosexual, and Western Europe is mostly Christian. Ukraine is also mostly Christian, the difference seems to be that there, the homosexuals are activists and stirring up a lot of needless trouble.

The article says “critics say “homophobia” is widespread”. The word means Fear of homosexuals. Considering the homos were confronted face to face and attacked, where does the fear come in? Seems a lot more like anger and hatred to me. That word is really gotten abused, like “racist” in connection with white people, but getting honesty from Liberals is like squeezing blood from turnips. The mentality is about on the same level too.


Thursday, June 4th, 2015

There’s just Bruce Jenner. You can cut off his penis and scrotum, put his balls in a jar of formaldehyde, carve something resembling a vagina where his male organs used to be, shoot him full of hormones so he grows tits, do electrolysis on every part of him that grows hair except his head, and what to you have after all that?

You have a guy with tits and no dick or balls. He’s still a guy. He still has an Adam’s apple, he still has the wide shoulders of a male along with all the other bone structure of a male and the internal organs of a male. He’s still a guy. If he wants to call himself Caitlyn now, I don’t care, do you? But he isn’t Caitlyn. He’s Bruce.

I’ve been seeing articles attacking writers and newspeople who keep calling Bruce “he” and “him”. Well, he is a “he”. He was born a man, and so far, modern medicine is not capable of doing more than making a man appear to be a woman. They can’t actually make a man into a woman, with a real vagina, a real clitoris, a woman’s bone structure, and one who produces eggs that can be fertilized in a womb and grow into babies, and be born.

If they’d done that with Bruce, I’d call him “her” and Caitlyn. But they didn’t. What they did is create a simulacrum, like Pinocchio, something that looks like what it isn’t, and no amount of lipstick, rouge and eyeshadow, no wardrobe full of designer dresses, will ever make Bruce into a real woman. Bruce Jenner is a carved-up, painted-up grotesquerie of a genuine female human, and to have this artificial monster shoved at us by a magazine like Vanity Fair or anyone else as being a real woman is an insult not just to actual human females but to the intelligence of all of us.


Saturday, May 30th, 2015

It’s not about hatred or discrimination, thought the activists want everyone to think so. It’s about decorum, not using a public occasion to further one’s personal agenda.

But the homosexual activists in this country stoop at nothing to push homosexuality down our throats. In this particular case, a young man of 18 was voted valedictorian of his high school graduating class, and planned to “come out” as homosexual with his speech. His parents were unaware that he was homosexual, so they might not have been especially thrilled, sitting there in the auditorium, as their son told the world at large that he’s homosexual before saying anything about it to them, to prepare them for the inevitable stares and snickers.

Fortunately, the school administrators require that all such speeches be given to them for review and approval, and they then blocked this young man from giving his speech. I agree with their decision, as the venue was inappropriate for declaring one’s sexual preference, and his decision to do so anyway was a selfish act that was rightly stopped.

I am against homosexuality being considered normal. It isn’t normal. I’m against the agenda of homosexuals in this country, which is to make us accept it as normal regardless. I don’t care who is homosexual or what they do in private. It’s none of my business, but it’s 100% my business when they demand that I think they way they insist that I think. We all have the right to feel whatever way we want to, toward anything, and the Politically Correct, Thought Police bullshit that is constantly being fed to us by the homosexual advocates and our perverse media, does sometimes infuriate me. I deserve respect too, not just them, and they won’t get any from me until they recognize my right to think what I want, and society’s right to resist changes that degrade respect for marriage and family.

A person’s sexual preferences are none of my business. So why do the homosexuals here insist on making it not only my business but everyone’s business? I have a friend in England, who comments here, who tells me that over there, the homosexuals don’t bother anyone. No naked parades or outrageous demonstrations and demands, they’re instead very quiet and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. I’ll trade theirs for ours any day of the week.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

This is a golden opportunity that Israel never asked for and might not even want, but nothing’s going to change that now.

ISIS is moving in on the Gaza strip and attacking Hamas, with rocket attacks and blowing up buildings. Hamas’ only possible ally anywhere around is Israel, and they won’t turn to Israel for help when they’re Israel’s worst terrorists. How can they ask Israel for help when they won’t even recognize them? They can’t.

We know from experience that the ISIS movement is popular and steadily becoming more so with younger Muslims, who see it as a chance to be part of a whole new and united Arab nation. More and more of the oppressed Gazans will join ISIS and a war to the finish there is certain. Hamas won’t give up at all easily, we saw the massive wreckage that resulted from the last time the Israelis retaliated for the incessant rocket attacks, and it took a lot of wreckage before Hamas finally backed down. That time, they weren’t really in danger of being eliminated for good, but this time they are. If ISIS wins, there will be no more HAMAS. I can see a real possibility of most of the Gaza Strip being reduced to ruins.

Why this is a golden opportunity for Israel is because ISIS is going to attack Israel, and when they do, there will be almost no “Palestinians” left in the Gaza Strip. Those who weren’t killed will all have fled into Egypt and Jordan, and that means that the Israelis can move in and wipe out everyone in sight, and no UN whiners will condemn them for it. There will be no rockets fired from schools filled with children, so that Israel can’t shoot back, there will be no human shields with Hamas terrorists hiding behind them. If anything, the ISIS terrorists will have murdered all the children themselves anyway.

Once ISIS gets done with Hamas, Israel can clean house in the Gaza Strip, reclaim it as Israeli territory, rebuild it and populate it with Jews, and become a stronger nation than ever. The Israelis have undoubtedly already figured all this out for themselves and I’m sure are laying plans to meet and beat the ISIS assault. Not that I think it will end there, by any means. I think an ISIS takeover of Gaza will be the trigger for bigger things to come.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Famous western movie actor John Wayne is celebrating his 108th birthday today, making him the oldest non-living dead actor still alive. The fact that he died years ago of cancer isn’t stopping The Duke, no sir, so party hearty, you one-eyed Shootist, but keep the noise down, okay, pilgrim?


Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

My piece of shit neighbor, who puts Xoggoths “Mr. Pikey Scum” neighbor totally in the shade, was at it again today, getting his feeling of empowerment this time by screaming at his wife, poor stupid woman, instead of shrieking drunken death threats at me until the police hauled him off.

He’s growing marijuana in his back yard. It’s perfectly legal here in California now if you get a doctor’s permit, which anyone can for pretty much any reason as long as you pay the standard fee. What you do is go to one of many places where a room has a 2-way Internet video setup, and talk to this Hispanic doctor whom you can barely understand, tell him all your medical problems, real or imagined, and then he approves you. Next, please.

Well, anyway, he’s an ass, he’s got these 5 foot tall plants in 5 gallon gro-bags, so the plants obviously were dug up, stuffed into those bags and given to him. No way in hell they grew there from scratch. They’re all wilted from all the root damage and disturbance from being dug up, and by next Friday, 6 more days, the temp is supposed to hit 95 and I’m telling you, those plants are going to fry.

So if he’s all pissed off and enraged now, boy, just wait until Friday night or Saturday morning, when he comes out and sees all those dry, curled up leaves. Woohoo. I’ve done my share of growing the stuff, too, and I know what I’m talking about from experience. Once pot plants go into bud, and these have, you flat out can NOT transplant them. They die. Why? Because pot plants have a very definite growing stage that ends when they go into the budding stage. Anytime during the growing stage they can be transplanted if you do very little harm to the root system, because new roots will grow to replace the damaged ones. But not after the growing period ends. Then you’re screwed.

He’s screwed. Those plants are going to fry and he’s going to be trying to sell immature pot. It is to larf. Har har, this is great. I don’t have to do one thing to get my revenge on this asshole for the crap he’s put me through, he’s doing it all for me. God is good, whether real or not. :-)


Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

FOX NEWS: “The GOP-led upper chamber passed bipartisan legislation Friday night to strengthen President Obama’s hand in global trade talks. However, the legislation must now pass the Republican-led House, with help from Democrats because some conservative members oppose the legislation.

Speaker John Boehner supports the measure and says Republicans will do their part to pass it.”

REPUBLICAN Senate leader John Boehner likes us to pronounce it “bay – ner”, but that’s not how it’s spelled and that’s not what he is, A BIG, SWOLLEN DICK. This worthless, whiskey-soaked drunk piece of shit has once again taken the side of Obama and the Democrats in helping to advance mega-corporate interests instead of the American people, by supporting this so-called “trade deal” that takes our manufacturing away from China’s rising costs and gives it to poor Pacific nations INSTEAD OF BRINGING THOSE JOBS BACK HOME!!!!!

Well, the other Republicans elected him Senate Speaker, so we know where their interests lie as well, and it sure as hell isn’t with the people.

There are a few benefits for us, depending on how you look at it. Our money flow into China will be dramatically cut, which will really hurt the Chinese in their aggressive military buildup, and we’ll still keep getting cheap goods at Walmart, they’ll just be made somewhere else. We already trade with those countries anyway and half of them aren’t at all poor. Australia, Canada and Japan are relatively rich. It’s the nations like Peru, Chile and Malaysia that stand to profit most, economically.

However… most Democrats oppose this deal in spite of Obama, and there’s no guarantee that it will pass. They oppose it because of the huge job losses that resulted from Bill Clinton’s NAFTA bill that they passed, (the North American Free Trade Agreement between us, Canada and Mexico). The huge A.F.L.-C.I.O. labor union contends about 700,000 United States jobs have been lost or displaced because of NAFTA, and our small trade surplus with Mexico changed to a $50 billion deficit.

This is all about the rising manufacturing costs in China that the corporations are trying to escape from by dealing with poorer nations and cheaper labor. It makes no effort to create more jobs in the USA and instead will take away more jobs just as NAFTA did. What good are cheap products if no one can afford to buy them? The American public won’t be better off if this passes, we’ll be worse off because a whole lot more jobs will go overseas and be lost.

Not all Democrats want to see Obama wreck the country and not all Republicans are RINO assholes, so this bill, 10 years in the making, may yet be killed when voting time comes around. If it does, more and more of our industry will return home to America where it belongs and put millions of Americans back to work at full-time, good paying jobs. Wouldn’t that just frost Obama’s black ass?

Why Mexico SUCKS

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

ECUANDUREO, Mexico – At least 43 people died Friday in what authorities described as a fierce, three-hour gunbattle between federal forces and suspected drug gang gunmen on a ranch in western Mexico, the deadliest such confrontation in recent memory.

All the dead were suspected criminals except for one federal police officer, killed while attempting to aid another officer who’d been wounded. This latest scene of carnage involved the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel that dominates the area where the battle took place.

Exact statistics have been unavailable since 2012 for deaths in Mexico’s ongoing drug war, but the rough count is now around 160,000 or more dead, with the number still rising, of course, since the war is ongoing with no end in sight.

Try to imagine a drug war in the United States, where more than 20 people were killed before a stop was put to it. Can you? Can you imagine the employees of rival cartels, armed with fully automatic weapons, battling it out for control of the state of New Mexico or California, slaughtering each other by the tens of thousands, and our police unable to stop it? How about in Canada, or maybe Peru, or Ireland? But in Somalia, yes, that’s because Somalia has no functioning government at all. The Somalians are the African pirates that keep grabbing merchant ships for ransom, and that’s Mexico. Somalia with a Latin accent, right next door. Lawless, out of control, and corrupt from top to bottom. Over 160,000 dead, and counting.

There’s been a Federal Travel Advisory out against visiting Mexico now for at least 10 years, because Americans are at great risk there. Tourists are routinely arrested for no reason and all their money taken, held for ransom by the police, raped by the police and sometimes killed by the police. American tourists are actually in even more danger from the Mexican cops than they are from the drug cartels, when they aren’t being robbed and assaulted by the employees of stores, bars, fishing boats and resorts, as well as just Mexicans on the streets. Mexico is a lawless nation, it always has been. The local police chief rules his area like a king and decides how much corruption will be allowed and who is allowed to do what. Mexicans will cheat the tourists any way they can find, if they can’t just rob them outright. Even the banks will rip you off when you exchange money, shortchanging people on the exchange rate. They compete with the resorts over which gives patrons the worst deal.

Greed and corruption are the mainstays of Mexican life and ingrained in their way of doing things. You might as well vacation in Somalia, they have beaches too. Mexico sucks.


Friday, May 22nd, 2015

I can’t find this information anywhere on the Internet, I had to arm-wrestle the unhelpful, uninformative “support staff” for two days before finally figuring it out.

If you had an old Mythic account for Dark Age of Camelot and you want to return to the game, here’s how you do it.

First, you don’t use the old game CD’s or software that you might still own or even have on your computer. You will have to download the entire game from here, first. It’s right about 4 gigabytes, and when done there should be a shortcut icon for DAOC on your desktop.

You are going to be asked during this process to create an account with EAMythic, and create a password. You will find that you are also directed to a Bioware page and asked to create a Bioware account and password. What you are actually doing is creating a Master Account on Bioware, because they now own EAMythic, so your account name and password need to be the same for both EAMythic and Bioware, and your account name for both IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. FOR BOTH. This was a major point of confusion for me, as nowhere did I read that it had to be this way.

Now, the next thing you need to do is link your old DAOC account/s to EAMythic/Bioware, and to do this you will need to know THE NAME of your old DAOC account/s. If you have that and your old password, all you need to do is hit the link button that will be shown on the EAMythic page that pops up, and you’re all set.

Okay, now, here’s some stickers. It may take a full 24 hour period sometimes before any password you change takes effect. They don’t tell you this, and you can go nuts trying to log on, and every 3 times you do and fail, you get locked out for 30 minutes. There is a way around that 30 minute wait, try two times and walk away for 10 minutes before trying two times again, rinse and repeat.

If you can’t remember your account name, you will have to email Dark Age of Camelot Support, email DAOC Support here, tell them you can’t remember the name of your old account, and give them all the info regarding the account that you can recall. They’ll send you a template, hit Reply and type in your answers after the questions. They’ll want to know the last 4 numbers of the credit card you used, the email address you used, your main characters, what server/s they were on, your secret word (favorite pet’s name or whatever it was), and other details. Answer as much as you can.

When they give you your account name, they’ll also give you a string of instructions on what to do next. Just follow them and you’ll be fine, but remember: YOU HAVE TWO ACCOUNTS NOW, one is your EAMythic MASTER account and the other is your DAOC GAME account. Your MASTER account uses your email address as your User Name, plus a password. Your GAME account uses the name you gave it, plus a password, and it’s a good idea to make that password different from the Master Account password.

Lastly, if your passwords just don’t work and you know you’re typing them in right, don’t go changing passwords to try and fix this. Grit your teeth and wait a day, or at least give it 3 or 4 hours, and try again. I think these people manually refresh the servers and only do it as the mood hits them. Be patient, you’re going to need patience to get this game up and running again, the support staff seems to know very little about what to do and just sends out standard form answers.

I found all of my old stuff still there, and a few pluses. Vaults are now free instead of costing a plat each, marketplace return tokens are free now, as are some other things. There are 10 servers, all called Ywain, one through 10, and if you didn’t transfer your toons to one of them before you quit, you’ll have to dig through the Archived Servers list, find them and do a /freexfer ywain to bring them back into play again. About that, I had two accounts, found one of my toons, did that /freexfer ywain thing, the toon disappeared and I never saw it again, no follow-up message to tell me which Ywain server it went to, or if it went to one at all. I cancelled my subscription to that account and just opened the one with all my major toons on it back up, so I can’t answer that mystery for you.

A lot of things have changed since I quit years ago, so it’s almost like joining a new game, only you don’t have to grind your way up again unless you want to.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of people still playing this game. See you there?


Thursday, May 14th, 2015

To understand this, you have to accept the reality that Obama’s agenda is the impoverishment of America. If that’s too much for you to grasp, at least the rest of this should be within your ability to comprehend.

The Republicans are Pro-corporations, and corporations are pro-profit, wherever that profit comes from. With this Pacific Trade deal, AKA “Trans-Pacific Partnership, we’re talking multi-national corporations, huge companies that have no patriotic or nationalist attachment to any country. They’re all about profit and growth and that’s it.

The Democrats are Pro-unions, they want all Americans to belong to one of their preferred unions, because the unions are Socialist and control the workers as well as much of the economy.

Put another way, the big corporations are in the Republican camp and the big unions are in the Democrat camp.

What this trade deal does is create free trade with Pacific nations, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam, with the Philippines expected to join later on. This is the same trade deal we have with China that’s done so much to destroy our manufacturing and wreck our economy, and it was promoted by the Big Corporations so they could move their manufacturing out of the US to China and make bigger profits from much cheaper labor.

The Democrats voted against it because, just like the China deal, a lot of American jobs will be lost. So now a deal’s been made that will put tariffs in place, “a separate bill that passed the Senate earlier in the day on a vote of 78-20. It would require the imposition of tariffs on products from countries found to have artificially set the level of their currency, a practice that makes it harder for U.S. firms to compete and results in the loss of jobs in this country.”

Well, golly gee, what country do we know of for sure, that’s very blatantly done this? Why, CHINA, as a matter of fact. In other words, we are going to slap tariffs on Chinese imports now. That makes our manufacturers more competitive again, creating more jobs here which strengthens the unions, while slapping back at the Chinese for their overly adventurous push against Pacific nation’s sovereignty. This move is acceptable by the corporations because the cost of Chinese goods has been rising with wage increases and the corporations are happy to move their manufacturing to poorer Pacific nations where wages are lower. Acceptable to corporations means acceptable to Republicans, and it’s acceptable to the Democrats because it’s a trade-off. While millions of jobs will now be lost to those poor Pacific nations, many new jobs will open back up in the US as some of our manufacturing picks up.

However, it is likely that less new jobs will be created here than are lost, and those jobs will likely be lower-paying jobs. It needs to be noted that literally all of the new jobs announced by the Obama administration are actually all Part-Time jobs at low pay, and all the jobs being lost are Full-Time jobs at much higher pay. The impoverishment of America will continue without pause with the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership bill.