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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

An aborted fetus is not a dead baby. Okay? The first thing needed here is to get past the sensationalism and hype. Babies are born. Fetuses are not.

The next point we need to be clear on is that life is not sacred. “Sacred” is a religious idea, that “God” created life, so all life is sacred in some beliefs where only human life is “sacred” in other beliefs. Beliefs are merely opinions, and religions are all nothing more than beliefs. We need to stick to known facts if this is to be a rational discussion. Beliefs may seem rational but they have nothing to do with facts.

The argument is made that human life begins at conception. The same is true of all life, a creature begins to form once an egg and a sperm unite. In humans, this does not constitute an actual baby. Modern medical techniques can maintain the life of a fetus outside the womb if it’s developed enough, but that same fetus would die if born too soon and not supported artificially. The same as a premature dog or cat fetus would die. A fetus is a fetus until it’s born. Then it’s a baby. But let’s not get all tripped up over semantics. Words aren’t facts, they’re only concepts used to describe reality.

The Religious Right is aflame right now over the revelation that Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports abortions, has been harvesting body parts from the aborted fetuses and selling them. Supposedly, this is terrible. This is just awful, oh what horrible people to sell kidneys and livers for research. Really? Why is that bad? Isn’t that a whole lot better than just disposing of the fetuses? People sell kidneys and livers all the time. When a doctor does a heart transplant, do you think that heart was free? What do you think it costs to remove a kidney or heart from a dead person and preserve it, transport it, do all the paperwork, assign it to someone on a long list who needs one? Gee, do you think if someone made a $100,000 donation they might go to the top of that list? Huh?

No. Selling fetus tissue and body parts is perfectly proper, what’s improper is painting Planned Parenthood people to look like butchers. They’re not, they’re advancing Medicine and making a profit doing it, exactly the same as any medical lab or pharmaceutical company does, and the Religious Right is being Politically Correct instead of realistic and reasonable. Shame on them.


Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich has just announced his candidacy for President, becoming the Infinite Number candidate behind the entire cast of The Simpsons, everyone in the states of New York, South Dakota and Utah of eligible status, all those buried in all our National Cemeteries since the onset of the Civil War, all the victims and survivors of World War II, living or dead, everyone on Social Security, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wekuck, Nebraska Glee Club, the Bowery Boys, and all rock stars 35 years old or older. Since there won’t be enough room at the usual Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, the Ohio Governor John Kasich, not coincidentally, has ordered the entire state evacuated except for Republicans, to make room.

In point of fact, there are so many candidates now in the Republican field that it’s become as ridiculous as this silly article. Kasich is the 16th candidate to announce, and with 16 months to go yet before the election, there’s still plenty of time for a whole bunch more to announce. Too many more. Way more than there’s ever been before, and I can’t help thinking that surely most of these people know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. So why do it? Because after they’ve retired from politics, they can look at their biography and read with pride the part that says they ran for President of the United States. It’s an ego trip. The fact that this crap is going to make a mess of their National Convention is secondary to them.

One more reason why no one should ever serve more than one term of office in any elective job. Got elected Dog Catcher? Okay, that’s it. You can never run for office again. I mean what the hell? Donald Trump never ran for office before but I’d vote for him as President. He’s qualified. Nobody gets more than one shot. No more career politicians.


Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

There’s a big push among the rabble-rousers in Negro circles to get attention now, with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.

What about the lives of other people of other races? One thing about any new outcry coming from black instigators is the raw selfishness that’s always present. These so-called “leaders” never concern themselves with the rest of the human race, just Negroes.

In the first place, Negroes kill each other off with abandon. No racial group in America murders it’s own people more than Negroes and it’s obvious that black lives actually don’t matter to them at all. What they’re really crying about is when Negroes die at the hands of the police or of white people, and it needs to be said that percentage wise, more whites are killed by police than Negroes, by far, even though Negroes commit most of the violence and murders.

The real purpose of all this “Black lives matter” stuff is to gain attention to themselves, get on television, make money doing it, and make police afraid to shoot at them no matter what they’re doing. They want things to be like the old Wild West, with no Sheriff in town to stop them.


Monday, July 20th, 2015

First off, bribery of a public official is a crime, with prison as the punishment for it, but I guess it’s legal when our government seeks to bribe religious groups, or they wouldn’t do it, right? “Religious groups that refuse abortion counseling no longer can get grants to help human trafficking victims,” comes the latest anti-religion assault from our Department of Health and Human Services. They offer free money to religious groups seeking to counsel sex slaves, but only if those groups teach the victims to have abortions, in violation of the religious beliefs of these charitable groups.

Now, I think all religion is crap, and I’m for abortion, not against it. BUT. What the Hell is our government doing, offering bribes, offering pieces of silver in exchange for violating one’s faith?

If religious groups were excluded from these grants from the beginning, there would be no problem. But they weren’t, and now that they’re all set up to do the work, all organized, all doing a great service for humanity, in steps our government and says “Ok, now you have to talk them into having abortions.” This just makes me want to go and slap the living shit out these jackasses. 27 pieces of silver come to mind….

I see that John McCain is still feuding with Donald Trump. Every time McCain blurts something negative about Trump, Trump blurts something negative back about McCain, only the difference is, Trump strikes right to the heart, which of course really pisses off the person trying to attack him. McCain and the rest need to learn to shut up, they aren’t going to get the best of Donald and the more they try, the stupider they look.

I don’t like John McCain. I used to, before he exposed himself as a RINO. He sides way too much with the Democrat Libtard Socialists to be called a Conservative. As for Donald and Mcain both, along with Rubio, Jeb Bush and others, they’re all violating the Eleventh Commandment, given to us by Ronald Reagan, which is, “Thou shalt not speak badly of a fellow Republican”. Damn good advice. This infighting in the GOP has got to stop. It hurts the party and hurts our chances of getting rid of the Socialists running our country.


Friday, July 17th, 2015

Airhead Huffnpuff, the owner of the Liberal blog “Huffington Post” (Pretty sure I spelled her name right) has announced that her imitation of a news media source isn’t going to post news about Donald Trump as political news anymore, but instead will put stories about him in with other celebrity stories. I agree with Donald’s assessment of the Huffy Post’s asinine announcement as, basically, ten thousand give-a-shits. The Huffy Post is the blog equivalent of CNN, a “yellow rag” in journalistic terms, a mouthpiece of liars and cowards.

Our Presidential Election is 16 months away yet, a full year and four months, and the final candidate out of each party has yet to be chosen. The Republican field is crowded, and while Donald Trump has risen to the top, a little while ago Jeb Bush had that spot, and Dr. Ben Carson did before him. Who knows which hopeful candidate will be riding the crest next month? Yet a blog popular with the Radical Left is running with their tail tucked between their legs over the possibility of Donald Trump becoming our next President. Clearly they see him as the biggest threat yet to their hopes of inflicting yet another mad dog radical socialist on us as President, and I thank Airhead and the Huffy staff for making this so obvious. The conservative who frightens them the most is the one I want to see get the job.


Friday, July 10th, 2015

When Donald Trump made his remarks about the poor quality of Mexicans coming here illegally, he got a ton of flak for it and the potshots are still flying through the air at him from the Liberal sob sisters. Yet at the same time, people are finally speaking out about the high level of crime, and the severity of those crimes, that are committed by illegal aliens, particularly Hispanics. Of course, the vast majority of illegals are Hispanics.

The worthless scum who murdered that young woman a few days ago in San Francisco, for no reason whatever, has finally gotten the Libtard politicians in Sacramento to reconsider the laws allowing cities like San Francisco to make themselves “Sanctuary Cities” that invite illegals to stay there, safe from arrest. That murderer was a convicted felon and should have been deported instead of being released after having committed yet another crime. But he was released and then murdered that woman. We’re finally starting to see our media reporting these crimes, and making an issue of the terrible problems we’re having because of our unprotected border with Mexico.

Today I read where another convicted illegal alien has just been found to have murdered a woman 18 years ago. DNA tied him to a cold case right after he was released from Federal Prison for unlawfully re-entering this country after having been deported as a felon.

They just keep coming right back in, because we keep letting them go. It doesn’t matter that we deport them because our border is mostly unprotected and in many cases re-entering is as easy as just walking across the street.

I hope Donald Trump is serious about running for President, I hope he wins the Republican nomination, and then the Presidency. I think he’s our very best shot at getting our border with Mexico closed up and some severe penalties enacted and enforced for those who enter illegally. Hell, if you get caught entering Mexico illegally they put you in prison for 10 years, and you’re very likely to die in there long before your time is up. We need to make it just as scary for them.


Monday, July 6th, 2015

The only person who seems to actually qualify as a leader of the people is Netanyahu, the Jewish guy. All the rest are nutjobs and jackasses, imperious pricks only out for themselves or with bad agendas. Like Vlad Putin. Crazy people like the king of Saudi Arabia or the Supreme Ayatollah of Iran. How can the world find stability when there’s no agreement about the best way to make everything better for everybody, and none of them want to anyway?

Developers want more people to have more babies and buy more houses and rent more apartments that they build more of on steadily disappearing natural habitat, and help cause a modern Mass Extinction. All over the world.

Cutting down the forests and wiping out marine life is causing less carbon dioxide to be separated back into free oxygen and bound carbon, and the oxygen content of our air is decreasing steadily.

Global quality of life is getting worse for everything, not just our increasing population but for all creatures, entirely because of our increasing population.

Barren deserts have become cities, and water, our most plentiful substance, is getting harder to get. It’s become a battle between farmers and flush toilets.

We are constantly on the edge of war. All over the world, everyone is either fighting or worried about fighting or getting ready to fight. We have the most amazing global communication system now, we can talk to anyone anywhere on the planet almost instantly, and yet the world has no peace, there’s no accord between nations, hatred is increasing the more we talk to each other, instead of decreasing. Why? Because we’re all unreasonable and our amazing instant communication has only intensified the truth of that.

That and of course the fact that we all want to kill each other and get some space to breathe in again.

I like to find the good in things, and what I’m down to is ignoring the world around me if I want to feel happy once in a while. Paying too much attention to reality only depresses me. We are really in a huge mess and it’s steadily, maybe even exponentially, getting worse. There’s no chance at all that anything is going to get better. It’s not. Everything is getting steadily worse and is going to continue to, only it seems to do it so slowly. You have to live a long time and not be afraid to remember, how good it was, to see how bad it is. If you were born 20 years ago you don’t see much change, but if you were born 40 years ago, you do. Slow motion is a fooler but it’s speeding up now. Hold onto your socks.

As individuals, what we do is pursue happiness on a daily basis, blindly, selfishly. We have to, what else can we do? The future is uncertain. We don’t dare face reality because we can’t handle it. We say, oh, that’s over there, not here, not my problem, you worry too much, I’m busy with this right now. We don’t look, we don’t want to look. We can’t handle looking at it. Just people like me who aren’t afraid to look, sometimes I feel like I’m a separate breed of person. Hell, I know I am. Looking doesn’t scare me, it fascinates me, like watching the twin towers collapsing. In slow motion.


Saturday, July 4th, 2015

“Elmer Gantry” is a Sinclair Lewis book, very famous, that portrays a blatantly hypocritical American Midwest preacher who uses religion to gain money and power. Gantry doesn’t believe, nor practice, a word of the Gospel he preaches. For some time now I’ve been suspecting ISIS’ leaders to be doing exactly the same thing.

Most of the top Muslim leaders, the Grand Muftis and so forth, are saying that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam and is in fact anti-Islam. Yet that hasn’t slowed down the rush of young Muslims, mostly Arabs, from joining them, because everything ISIS does is straight out of Islamic teachings. ISIS leaders are gaining huge political power, which is clearly their primary goal. They can’t realistically hope to take over the entire world, and all the majority Islamic nations first, yet they state that this is their goal, regardless. ISIS leaders literally are on a quest to dominate the entire Earth, and this can only lead to a global war against them with even Islamic nations fighting against them, and let’s face it, this is crazy.

That Islam promotes insanity is plain to anyone who studies this bloody death cult. The extreme contradictions within the teachings combined with the hatred and love of suffering and death twist the minds of children from the very start who are born into the religion. Islam is anti-humanity. So it’s easy to see that even though the ISIS leaders do have a very clear view of their goals and their path to them, they’re headed to their own destruction because their goals are insane along with their methods. They intend to slaughter their way to world domination, just as Adolf Hitler and the Japanese did and they failed because their brutality and insanity made the rest of the world more desperate to defeat them than they were desperate to win.

ISIS is simply too small a segment of Islam to succeed. Even if every Muslim on the planet joined them, they’d still be vastly outnumbered.

Elmer Gantry failed in the end because his bounding ego couldn’t contain his blatant hypocrisy, and he was eventually disowned by the churches. Already, most Islamic leaders are disowning ISIS. If enough of them feel sufficiently threatened to really start speaking out, that will cut the flow of new recruits to ISIS and they’ll wither and die.

ISIS isn’t the problem, however. The problem is the bloody violence and hatred inherent in the teachings of Islam, and there will be more ISIS-type uprisings, more Talibans and Boko Harams, for centuries to come unless Islam itself undergoes a fundamental transformation. There’s a lot of peace and love stuff within Islamic scriptures too, that needs to be the focus of Islam if that religion is going to survive. The world isn’t going to put up with this crap forever.


Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Greece has reached the point of financial insolvency that the government will close all the banks tomorrow in an effort to prevent what’s called “a run” on them, where a panicked population rushes to their banks and withdraws all their money, and the banks have to shut down for lack of funds.

If this happens, their banking system collapses. Paychecks can’t be issued if there’s no money in the banks to cover them, all personal and business finance must either be done in cash or not at all. Chaos will ensue, along with looting and rioting when people have no money to buy food. A banking collapse makes this unavoidable.

Greece has been a poor nation now for a very long time, and a poorly managed one as well. The formation of the European Union attempted to take all of Europe under it’s single flag and single currency, but each nation held onto their own forms of welfare and socialist entitlements. Greece has perhaps more entitlements than any other European nation and can afford them the least. Not a good combination, and when some of these entitlements were taken away as part of the demands made by the EU, in exchange for bailout loans, the people rioted. Now, there will be no more bailout money, Greece is about to default on a $1.75 billion debt payment, which will end any further emergency loans and possibly force their removal from the Eurozone.

Originally, Greece was included in the EU because of the dreams of the EU’s founders, who wanted a trade bloc to rival the United States, Russia and China in size. But Greece proved to be a bad apple in the barrel, with it’s poverty and welfare entitlements, so then the EU tried to fix it by pouring money into Greece. It didn’t work and now, if Greece collapses monetarily, the Euro may end up doing the same thing as other, poorer EU nations also default on their payments or return to their own former currencies. This could actually lead to war in Europe as military intervention to prevent other nations from leaving the Union is a distinct possibility.

For a more detailed explanation of what’s going on in Greece, from the BBC, click here.


Monday, June 22nd, 2015

If you need a good laugh, you really should check this out. Every day I look for something funny in the news, and today, this is the winner.

A popular TV show, Storage Wars, features a group of business people who make their livings selling used merchandise that they buy at storage locker auctions. If you do a Google search right now for “Storage Wars brawl”, you’ll see the same video on a bunch of gossip websites that shows the aftermath of a physical confrontation between one Dave Hester and the auctioneers.

Dave Hester, in my personal opinion, is an egomaniacal asshole and a bully, and I’ve been wondering when someone would finally punch this shithead. As it turns out, he struck first by most accounts. The auctioneer missed a bid, some stories say it was from Mary Padian, others say Hester’s bid was missed. Whatever, Hester tried twice to bring this to the auctioneer, Dan Dotson’s, attention, without success and the second time he interrupted Dotson, Dotson cussed him out. Hester then punched Dotson in the face, whereupon Dotson’s wife Laura leaped on Hester’s back. Hester was able to toss her off, literally, and she fell down to the ground.

Now the video begins. None of the above was shown in the video, unfortunately.

At this point all parties were separated, by both security people and bystanders, from the looks of it. There’s a lot of cussing from Laura Dotson calling Hester a motherfucker repeatedly and yelling that he first put his hands on her and that he was no man and so forth. Hester was booted from the set, not the first time this has happened, either, and went to a hospital to get a tetanus shot for a scratch he got from Laura. Actually, he no doubt planned to use the hospital visit as grounds to sue the Dotsons and probably the producers, being the sniviling weasel that he is. Maybe this time they’ll get rid of him permanently, most of us are pretty sick of him anyway. Speaking of that, I’d be tickled to death if they’d get rid of that hideous, eye-bugging Ivy Calvin, too.

Ivy Calvin
Annoying Ivy Calvin, Cartoon Negro.

Ivy is a black guy who acts like some sort of cartoon Negro. He’s an embarassment to black people, the way he bugs his eyes open, makes assinine remarks constantly, and I do mean constantly, waves his arms around, pantomimes being a boxer, constantly contorts his face, always demanding everyone’s attention. One total Look-At-Me idiot but, true American Graffiti. If the producers of this show wanted to make Americans look like a pack of total jerkoffs, they sure did a fine job.

A footnote: My personal remarks here are my opinions, to which I’m entitled. Just in case one of the aforementioned asshole types considers suing me. I bet Hester would, the guy has no pride at all.


Sunday, June 21st, 2015

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is as follows: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

This was written into our national law in 1791, shortly after we’d won our independence from England, and was meant to ensure that government could not take away our weapons the way the English did. After all, it was a well-armed citizenry who fought the British and won.

Eventually it dawned on our politicians that the Amendment was too broadly written and not everyone should have a gun. So the case was put to our Supreme Court judges and they ruled that “The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence”. They basically over-reacted and ruled the 2nd Amendment null and void. Finally, in 2008, the Supreme Court decided that the 2nd Amendment did in fact protect an individual right to possess and carry firearms.

For me, the question is, “Why did we need nine judges to say what can be plainly read by anyone, before it’s considered valid?”

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That means that anyone at any age can own and carry any weapon, regardless of whether they’ve been convicted of violent crimes or have threatened to do so. See, it was this reality, when it sunk in, that caused such a gross overriding of a Constitutional Amendment. It was realized that the right to bear arms just isn’t the same as the First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, and that not everyone should be allowed to have a gun.

The problem is that there’s no uniformity in the restrictions that have been imposed, as they vary from state to state. Common sense dictates that known violent people should not have arsenals of fully automatic combat firearms, but in some states you can lose your gun rights for a simple trespassing conviction, which generally is considered a minor misdemeanor. In one state, someone convicted of a violent crime gets their gun rights back when they get out of prison. In most states, it doesn’t take much of a crime at all for the state to take away your right to own a firearm. Disarming the population is the goal, which has failed as miserably as the Drug War, as all it’s done is create another class of criminal, Those Illegally In Possession Of A Firearm. After all, when someone has been a hunter since he or she was a teenager, and then is told they can’t own a gun anymore because they got drunk and stupid one night and pissed on the mayor’s front lawn or something, they’re going to own guns anyway.

True criminals will own guns, it doesn’t matter if they’ve already been in prison for some gun-related crime. They don’t care. They want to commit crimes of violence and that’s that, and the solution to all this isn’t taking the guns away from everyone because that can’t be done anymore than taking away all the drugs. The solution is to stop making criminals out of so many people. If you want to be as safe as possible, go live in a monastery on a mountain, because life among humans is just as uncertain as life among the bears and wolves.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Some time back, I commented that Obama was very quiet when it came to saying anything about the 2016 Presidential election, and that one possible reason would be that he’s not expecting there to be one. Normally, the outgoing Presidents always have good things to say about their party’s hopeful candidates for the office. He hasn’t said a word about anyone, let alone said anything about the pending election, itself. That’s pretty odd.

“SAN ANTONIO, December 14, 2014 — Dr. Ben Carson, a black neurosurgeon and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has repeatedly stated that he believes there is a chance that the 2016 elections may not be held at all. Widespread anarchy gripping the country could be reason enough for the Obama administration to announce the implementation of martial law and the suspension of some, if not all, of Americans’ constitutionally protected rights — including the right to vote and hold national elections.”

Dr. Carson is seriously worried about this possibility, and the rest of us should be, and should be making preparations for the imposition of Martial Law. If it happens, many services will be curtailed or shut down entirely and many stores will be at least temporarily closed. Remember that the PURPOSE of declaring Martial Law is not to bring order. Not when the chaos that preceded it was deliberate. The purpose is to take over control of the nation, to impose a military/fascist dictatorship. Obama has removed almost all of the high ranking military officers who were there when he came to office, and replaced them with hand-picked, Left-Wing socialists. He’s done the same with every office, every bureau of our government and gone so far as to arm government employees in order to convert them into his private army.

My advice is to do as I do, put in a good stock of dried foods that keep for years, canned goods that will keep for at least a year, and have a freezer packed with meat, along with a decent smoker. That latter is in case your electrical power is cut off. You can smoke the meat and preserve it that way instead of seeing it rot in the freezer. I have chickens and ducks, and if we start into a period of serious social unrest next year, that will be my clue to pack that freezer, stock up on dried and canned foods and buy up a big pile of chicken feed. I’ll want those eggs to keep coming.

Right now I am well stocked with the food I just described, just in case. Better safe than sorry and it saves me money, as food prices keep going up.

Another thought is that all the banks may be shut down, making it impossible to buy food anyway. Keep an ample supply of cash on hand and if possible, only enough in the bank to pay your bills. Large withdrawals along with large deposits are all being reported to the government now, and I’m sure that has nothing to do with stopping organized crime, which is the reason given. It will be a simple case of the government confiscating your wealth.

Be prepared.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015

A white man entered a black church in South Carolina and shot dead 9 of the 11 people in there. He spared a woman and a 5 year old girl, and now the news is filled with tales of horror and revulsion toward this horrible white man who did this “unfathomable” deed.

I don’t doubt that this was a racist act motivated by hate, which makes it no different from the racist hate acts carried out by blacks against whites that our media never wants to admit to. When blacks kill whites, it’s never racist, oh no, it was just something that happened. But you watch this one, this guy will be portrayed as a racist, first and foremost, and in all honesty he probably is, just like most blacks. But we don’t mention that, it’s Politically Incorrect.

Personally, I’m betting that this is a reaction to rising black racism against white people, and that our media has already thought of that and will make all effort to portray this killer as an anomaly, just the most horrible thing imaginable that no one else (white) would ever do, to discourage other whites from doing similar acts of racial reprisal. I don’t know if I wish them good luck on that, or not. I’m pretty fed up too with the sugar-coating of black violence against white people by our media. Being white, I think that’s a reasonable and understandable point of view.

An Update… The flip side to this is the possibility of more black violence against whites. Already, I’m right on both counts, he’s being called a racist and an anomaly, totally deranged, one of a kind. I think this play is only in it’s First Act, and the Final Curtain is a long way off.


Monday, June 15th, 2015

Jeb Bush, the moronic, fatuous and fat-headed asshole brother of asshole George W. Bush, both sons of massively gaping asshole George H.W. Bush, has announced that he is “ready to lead the U.S.”. Well guess what? 10,000 give-a-shits, Jeb. We suffered enough under your father and brother, why in hell would we want more terrible recessions? Hell, the one your daddy gave us was an outright DEPRESSION, our economy took a massive shit because of him, and your drug-addict brother set us up for Obama after wiping out our treasury on a horribly botched attempt to wrest Iraq’s oil away from them. Creating, in the process, Al Qaeda and then ISIS, while slaughtering possibly a million or more Iraqis and permanently destabilizing Iraq, turning it from a secular, stable dictatorship into a group of squabbling Islamic dictatorships that all want to kill us. All the time that was going on, he let our economy destroy itself out of failure to govern. Good job. So now we need you, Jeb, to fuck us and some other poor nations into the dirt again? You need an enema, Jeb. Go take a good shit for yourself and leave the American public alone, things are bad enough as it is.


Friday, June 12th, 2015

Talk about self-flagellation, I guess because I haven’t smashed a thumb during my shed building project, I must have needed to impose some other sort of misery on myself. Otherwise I can’t think of a reason why I brought up the CNN bullshit they claim is actual news, on my monitor. Talk about spin. Their headline story is a week old, but since it’s about a black Republican, Dr. Ben Carson, whom they hate, revile and froth at the mouth over because he’s black and a Republican, they’re still ranting and spewing away. What about? His remark that homosexual “rights” are not the same as Civil Rights. A comparison was made between the two in an interview with him, you see, and he pointed out that at the time, there were no signs saying Blacks and Homosexuals Only on drinking fountains. The signs in the South, back then, referred to Whites Only and Blacks Only.

This has really pissed off the homos, because linking their agenda to the Civil Rights issue is a central theme. They don’t like having their bullshit exposed so easily and especially by a black person and neither does CNN, the rag that wants to give the world a blow job.

In all honesty, I looked at CNN on a whim, just wondering what the enemy was up to, but I shouldn’t have bothered because it’s the same as always. If they can’t get away with an outright lie, then they twist the truth out of shape and choose the most slanted words and pictures they can. One thing about Liberals, you can always depend on them to disregard truth, honesty, decency and love of country every chance they get.


Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Every time I read in the news where a small child or an infant has been horribly damaged or has died because of brutal mistreatment, I know without asking that it was at the hands of a black person. If that sounds racist, then why is it that every time one of these disgusting tragedies occurs, it is a black who did it?

Today is no exception, the headline said that a baby was put in a scalding hot bath and died, and sure enough, the person who did it was a black woman, to a black child. The last time I read of such a thing happening, it was by a black woman to a black child. And the time before that. The reason usually given by the killer is that the baby was crying too much and they got tired of hearing it. Of course, scalding isn’t the only way they kill off the babies, their little bodies are battered and broken even more often.

There is a certain type of brutal behavior that seems to be the province primarily of blacks, and when I see the headline of such news stories I get about 98 out of 100 right in guessing the color of the perpetrator. A gang attack on an old white person, or pretty much any sort of ganging up on anyone or anything. Burning and looting. Burning a person. Brutal attacks on women. Mindless, senseless acts of brutality.

Recently a young black male invaded a wealthy white couple’s home, took $40,000, murdered the entire family, kids and all, and then set fire to their home, in stupid, brainless acts of carnage. He was caught shortly afterward since he’d bungled the entire thing from the start. If the crime is senseless and stupid, it was most likely done by a black.

Blacks commit over 90% of all violent crimes in the USA, while comprising 12.5 to 13 percent of the total population. So when I see news headlines reporting certain types of crime, it’s not all that prescient of me to guess which race is involved.


Saturday, June 6th, 2015

I thought it was just Obama who insisted that all our admirals and generals, along with everyone else in his administration, use the acronym “ISIL” instead of “ISIS” or just “IS” for “Islamic State”. ISIL means “Islamic State In Levant”. Levant means Israel. Most of the media, at least, uses ISIS or just IS, but Obama wants us to say ISIL because that signifies that the Islamic State will take over Israel, and he plainly hates the Jews.

But I was mistaken. I looked in on Al Jazeera this morning and there at the top of the page was an ISIL link, to Islamic State news. Of course Al Jazeera would say ISIL too, just like our dear President, after all, they hate Jews and Israel too.

On their front page this morning there’s a long, sobbing whine about how “Palestinians”, so-called, are getting evicted from their home in Jerusalem in favor of Jewish immigrants. Oh, how SAD, yes? No? In the first place, if they live in Jerusalem, they’re Israelites like everyone else, but of the Muslim persuasion. The Muslim family in question didn’t own, they rented, it’s said that they allowed the building to deteriorate, which I can believe considering the squalor those people usually live in, and if they didn’t, so what? The real complaint that Al Jazeera has is that Israel is steadily moving the Muslims out and moving Jews in, with the goal of making Jerusalem all Jewish. It’s not “Palestinians” that are being moved out, it’s Muslims.

But again, so what? At least the Jews are doing it without bloodshed. Once all the Muslims are out of Jerusalem, they’ll have to stop trying to claim half the city as some future “Palestinian State” capitol. The Piece Of Shit Muslims evict Jews from their homelands by murdering them. The Muslims want no Jews among them, they want all-Muslim nations. THERE IS NOT ONE JEW IN SAUDI ARABIA. No Christians, either, they’re not allowed. But let anyone else do anything remotely like what they do, and the hypocrisy knows no bounds. Islam sucks, which is why it consistently produces people who suck.


Saturday, June 6th, 2015

A name I never heard until the guy died is “Beau Biden”. He was the son of Joe Biden, Champion Liberal Jackass of the Universe. It’s all over the news today, because it’s his funeral, and all the political bigwigs and anyone else they could get, are in attendance. Do you suppose Obama will do a “selfie” like he did at Nelson Mandela’s funeral? We eagerly await the answer, NOT.

There are plenty of really good, wonderful people, people who have contributed to the happiness of so very many, who have given unselfishly of themselves so that others could have better, happier, fuller, richer lives, but do we ever see these political hacks come out like this for them? Hell no. Instead, they put on a grand show for some totally unknown person who happened to be related to one of them.

Why do I think all politicians are total assholes? Wait, I have the answer, give me a moment……..

I don’t care how “Liberal” you are, THESE MARCHES ARE STUPID!

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

“Five policemen have been injured in scuffles during a homosexual-pride march in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, officials say.

A BBC reporter says unidentified people attacked the rally alongside the Dnipro river with smoke bombs and stones.
Ahead of the march, a number of Ukrainian politicians including the radical Right Sector movement, had pledged to disrupt the event.
The rally finished shortly after the scuffles.

The Ukrainian authorities say the rights of sexual minorities are guaranteed and protected in the country but critics say “homophobia” is widespread and generally accepted in the predominantly Orthodox Christian nation.”

A few points here. The Irish have been looked down on by many in Europe for centuries. The Irish have a lot of pride, too. But even so, they know better than to flaunt it in parades more than once a year on St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s never been a Heterosexual Pride Parade, ever.

These are not “gay pride” parades, they’re attempts to push aside the moral values of the majority in favor of their tiny minority values. So they carry rainbow banners, dress inappropriately, and display themselves as publicly as possible. They are in the wrong, they’re causing a deliberate affront to the great majority, and they know full well that they will be attacked for it, as they should be. Freedom of speech is not a universal right, not even here in the USA. Stand up in a crowded theater and yell “FIRE, FIRE” and see how long a term you get in prison for that. Different nations have different limitations on speech, and speech in the form of these parades is reasonably met with speech in the form of rocks and fists.

In Western Europe, homosexuals go about their business like everyone else, congregate amongst themselves and don’t make a big fuss about being homosexual, and Western Europe is mostly Christian. Ukraine is also mostly Christian, the difference seems to be that there, the homosexuals are activists and stirring up a lot of needless trouble.

The article says “critics say “homophobia” is widespread”. The word means Fear of homosexuals. Considering the homos were confronted face to face and attacked, where does the fear come in? Seems a lot more like anger and hatred to me. That word is really gotten abused, like “racist” in connection with white people, but getting honesty from Liberals is like squeezing blood from turnips. The mentality is about on the same level too.


Thursday, June 4th, 2015

There’s just Bruce Jenner. You can cut off his penis and scrotum, put his balls in a jar of formaldehyde, carve something resembling a vagina where his male organs used to be, shoot him full of hormones so he grows tits, do electrolysis on every part of him that grows hair except his head, and what to you have after all that?

You have a guy with tits and no dick or balls. He’s still a guy. He still has an Adam’s apple, he still has the wide shoulders of a male along with all the other bone structure of a male and the internal organs of a male. He’s still a guy. If he wants to call himself Caitlyn now, I don’t care, do you? But he isn’t Caitlyn. He’s Bruce.

I’ve been seeing articles attacking writers and newspeople who keep calling Bruce “he” and “him”. Well, he is a “he”. He was born a man, and so far, modern medicine is not capable of doing more than making a man appear to be a woman. They can’t actually make a man into a woman, with a real vagina, a real clitoris, a woman’s bone structure, and one who produces eggs that can be fertilized in a womb and grow into babies, and be born.

If they’d done that with Bruce, I’d call him “her” and Caitlyn. But they didn’t. What they did is create a simulacrum, like Pinocchio, something that looks like what it isn’t, and no amount of lipstick, rouge and eyeshadow, no wardrobe full of designer dresses, will ever make Bruce into a real woman. Bruce Jenner is a carved-up, painted-up grotesquerie of a genuine female human, and to have this artificial monster shoved at us by a magazine like Vanity Fair or anyone else as being a real woman is an insult not just to actual human females but to the intelligence of all of us.