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Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

That Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Primary with more than double the votes of any other candidates is gratifying, but also expected. It’s the others I’m going to focus on here.
Edward Cruz, who cheated to win Iowa last week, only came in at a lousy 11%, the same as Jeb Bush, and there’s a reason for that. Not only did he cheat last week, it was proven that he did. Then he bragged about it, saying to Trump, “Let’s not forget who whipped who in Iowa”. First he cheats, then shows poor sportsmanship as if he’d actually won properly and in fair play. People in this country are game fans, and poor sportsmanship is unacceptable. Look at all the people who cheered when Ronda Rousey lost her MMA title to Holm, because she was arrogant. I was highly pleased to see her get the crap beat out of her, and I’m highly pleased to see Cruz eat the big one in New Hampshire tonight.

John Kasich. Not such a surprise to see Kasich come up and take second place. I thought Cruz would still take that spot, but that Kasich would come close. Kasich did really well in the final debate before tonight’s vote and was bound to improve his lot tonight. I think what brought him into second place was as much Cruz’s acting like a creepy snake as it was Kasich’s oratory in the debate.

Jeb Bush taking 11% of tonight’s vote only proves that there’s a bunch of RINO’s in New Hampshire. The only chance that establishment weenie has of becoming President is if something takes the other candidates out of the race – in both parties. The whole reason the Republican Party RINO elite is pushing him to be the nominee is because they know he’ll lose.

Marco Rubio – collapsed in the vote, with only 9%. This is a good thing for him as he’s obviously becoming mentally unraveled from the strain of keeping up his string of totally outrageous lies and deceits. He’s starting to blither when he speaks. If he has any sense he’ll drop out of the race now, but I predict he won’t. He’s obsessed with becoming President, with being the most powerful man in the world. Basically, he’s nuts and his glue is coming loose. When his candidacy ends it won’t be pretty.

Christ Christie did less well than Rubio with only 7% of the vote and I bet at least 90% of those voting for him are obese. Christie needs to lose about 100 pounds, is the plain truth of it. People are turned off by obesity. Fat men make good comedians and Sumo wrestlers, and that’s about it.

Last, we have Carly Fiorina and Dr. Carson, with 4% and 2% respectively. I expect Fiorina to give it up and go on a speaking tour for awhile to earn a living, and Dr. Carson to quit the race after maybe a month or so. I think he’s aiming for the Vice Presidential spot at this point and will want to stick around the political arena because of that. I believe he’ll jump on the Trump bandwagon and keep his name and image alive on TV talk shows while promoting Donald Trump. He has no chance to be the GOP nominee at this point but a great chance to be Trump’s running mate. He’s really very popular, people just don’t think he’s ready for the Presidency yet. But… he’ll get the black vote and a lot of the Hispanic vote. Basically, most of the dark-skinned racists in America will vote for Trump if Carson is his running mate. It’s a natural combo.

One more thing, Rubio isn’t the only one getting facial tics with the stress. Carson’s been displaying some very odd micro-expressions lately that are totally inconsistent with the words coming out of his mouth, and my read is that underneath that calm, quiet exterior is a deep inferiority complex and a lot of submerged rage. He’s a good man who has a lot of crap hidden in mental closets. I’d be real nervous if he actually became President.

As for the Democrats, Bernie Sanders, the Marxist who calls himself a Socialist, got 58% of the Dem. vote, Hitlery got 38%. She lost big time and I bet Sanders ends up as the Dem. presidential nominee instead of her. That would be hilarious in several ways, not the least is that he looks and acts so much like the mad white-haired scientist in Back To The Future.


Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Jew hatred has been going on for thousands of years now. I guess people just need someone to hate and the Jews got stuck with the job. They’re so used to it that most of the time they just ignore it, but CBS has gotten their attention lately. There was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem yesterday, Wednesday, by 3 “Palestinians” using guns and knives, who killed a police officer and wounded a woman before they were killed, and CBS reported that “Israeli police killed 3 Palestinians”. Making it look like it was the cops who were the attackers.

Well, anyone with sense knows that CBS is like CNN, they’re Left-Wing Liars and yellow-rag journalists, but enough is enough. The Israelis are preparing to cancel “press passes from journalists and editors who are negligent in their work and present headlines that flip the reality.”

This isn’t a major issue in the world right now, I’m writing about it because that’s exactly what we need to do here. This spin-doctoring bullshit to make things look the opposite of what they really are is flatly harmful to our country. I’d love to be dictator of America for just a month or two, so many people would get shoved up against walls and shot dead…..


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

The Donald came in second, so he must feel that his efforts there were a big waste of time, since he said that not winning there would be exactly that. But it isn’t, what it is, is a lesson. He was wrong when he said that he could shoot someone and still stay on top, because he shot Dr. Ben Carson, verbally, attacking his honesty and ability as a doctor. His attacks were successful, Carson’s poll numbers dropped way down in Iowa after that, but it was Cruz’s that went up when people left Carson for Cruz, not Trump.

Trump’s other attacks, the ones on Cruz, were also a bad plan. Political attacks are what professional politicians do to each other and have done forever, and we’re damned sick and tired of that crap. We liked Cruz and Trump because they refrained from it. Trump lost some respect when he resorted to demeaning his opponents when they weren’t doing it to him.

I saw this attack crap starting up and I cringed. My first thought was STOP, all of you. Don’t do it. I’m sure a great many others had the same reaction.

Well, I hope Trump figures this out now, after his loss in Iowa, and starts being a nicer guy. This stupid bickering is the last thing we want in a candidate.


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Obama’s last State Of The Union speech was full of hype and blather, but no truth or substance. Claims that our economy is better than ever, that ISIS isn’t a threat, that the increasing racial divide in our country is some sort of unfortunate mystery that was probably caused by Republicans… it went on and on in that vein, but the best part was when he said that Joe Biden is now in charge of an all-out effort to cure cancer by his administration. “Ludicrous” comes to mind, silly beyond words. Joe Biden in charge of curing cancer. Oh-My-God!

Well, if he gave a damn about curing cancer, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to start that program 7 years ago when he was first elected? It sounds good though, huh? He wanted to give a speech that would sound good even if it was total bullshit, and at least he did that, as he got a 53 percent approval of it from the mostly Democrat crowd that was polled afterward.

Tuning in to NBC, CNN and Fox News afterward to get the various political reactions was more enlightening than anything Obama said. CNN had a panel of four people commenting on his speech, two Liberals, one Conservative and one in the middle, more or less. One of the Libs was the CNN moderator, and the other one was none other than VAN JONES, the same black guy who Obama had initially hired as his “Green Jobs Czar”, in charge of promoting alternative-energy. Van Jones is an outspoken COMMUNIST. He resigned shortly after being appointed by Obama because of outrage in Congress over things he’d said and people he associated with. Obama has managed to keep Valerie Jarrett on over the years in spite of her also being a Communist. These are the advisers Obama has drawn to him and the people now giving their opinions on CNN.

On CNN, there was much gushing approval of Obama’s speech, and yapping about what a great job he’s done, while the Conservative voices tried hard to contradict those lies with the truth. It was kind of comical to watch, actually.

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina gave the Republican response speech to Obama’s, and did a good job of pointing out the errors while promoting the Republican cause, but in truth, I thought both speeches were less than exciting. Listening to those speeches was a lot like watching paint dry.

Overall, the different TV stations used Obama’s speech to promote their side and attack the other side, about what you’d expect.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Hillary continues to slide among Democrats and Independents, as polls show that Bernie Sanders star is rising. Polls are deceiving though, since they don’t indicate who will vote for whom. They’re just indicators of which candidate is more preferred within that political party. People often defect from their declared party affiliation, they did in droves when Obama was first elected, as a lot of people thought it was time for a black president, and here we had a black guy running for president. He’s black, vote for him. Big mistake, but live and learn, huh?

This time around there appears to be a lot of Democrats defecting to the Republican candidate, assuming that candidate is either Trump or Cruz. It’s looking like neither Democrat candidate is all that attractive to a lot of registered Democrats, but we have a long wait ahead of us before anything is settled, and in politics, anything can happen. It’s entertaining to watch, and maybe that’s the real purpose of it anyway.


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

First, it looks like the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory may have detected gravity waves. If true, this is the single greatest, most momentous discovery in the history of humanity. To give you an idea of why this matters, when we first detected radio waves, we then discovered what produced them. On learning that, we were able to re-create them and in doing that we began to realize their vast potential and all the different things we could do with them.

By detecting gravity waves, we can then follow the same path of discovery and technological advancement as we have with radio. Microwave ovens, radar, X-rays, Television, cell phones and much more, all of it came from the discovery of electromagnetic waves – radio waves, about 130 years ago. Albert Einstein said that gravity waves exist and the search has been on for them ever since.

The UFO’s that we’ve been seeing for thousands of years have no visible means of propulsion. They can hover indefinitely and then zip off at incredible rates of speed almost instantly, where if we did that, the G forces of such inertia would kill us. It is only possible to do this by generating gravity waves. Gravity waves also allow for pressor and attractor beams, that can repel or draw in objects. With gravity wave generation, our ships can travel in our solar system at speeds approaching that of light and use that speed to propel us to other star systems as well as rapidly explore our own. Colonies on Mars would spring up all over the planet, and we could mine the asteroids as well as the other planets and their moons. Our burning of fossil fuels would nearly end if our vehicles moved using gravity wave generation, and the energy requirements are low because gravity is the weakest of all the known forms of energy.

The other post is… and this is really an anti-climax compared to the above… It looks like I’m going to be right in my prediction that Bernie Sanders will take the nomination away from Hitlery Clitnose. He’s rising fast in the Iowa and New Hampshire polls while Hitlery is sinking. Personally I welcome this because I don’t think Sanders has a chance against Donald Trump. Sanders is a Communist. He calls himself a Socialist but a rose is still a rose. Worse, he looks like an aged fanatic when he starts speaking, and when he and Trump start comparing ideologies, Trump is going to show up as a creator of jobs and income while Sanders will be the creator of more welfare outflow. No doubt all the people on welfare will vote for him, but all those who have jobs or who are looking for one will vote for Trump, and I’m pretty sure they outnumber the leeches and parasites.

Right now, as I type, Sanders polls a 5% lead over Hitlery in Iowa and a 10% lead in New Hampshire, and the winner of both of those two early caucuses historically gets their party nomination. Winning one is pretty much a requirement to have a chance at being nominated. So if Sanders should win both, the media attention he’ll receive will be huge and will propel him much closer to the nomination, while Hitlery will drop back and have to fight really hard to regain standing. I don’t want to see either one of these insane freakshow exhibits become our next president so I hope Sanders wins the nomination as I think he’s most likely to lose the election.


Sunday, January 10th, 2016

It’s like a new dance craze, more and more people are getting with it and doing The Trump. Latest news is that at least 20% of Democrat voters will vote for Donald Trump, if you believe the polls. The way his popularity is rising, he may end up with a literal mandate by election day.

I see a timing strategy here in the way his campaign is being run. You don’t want to be too popular too fast, because people get tired of new fads quickly. In a drawn-out election like this, you want to be the most popular in your party but not yet at your peak of popularity. This has a lot to do with the collapse of Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign, that and being black. Obama won simply because he’s black, but he made such a mess of it that even Carson said that “It will be 100 years before America elects another black president”. Obama took black from being an asset to a liability, and Carson became popular in spite of being black rather than because of it. Carson peaked too soon for someone who’s black.

Trump wants to have enough popularity to win the Republican nomination, and there’s very plainly an Old Guard that is furious at him. They had planned to make Jeb Bush our next president and Trump has wrecked that plan. They won’t give up until the Primaries are over and the nomination is a done deal and Trump knows it.

Here’s the basic situation: There’s a very powerful group within the Republican party that pretty much runs the party and decides who will be their candidate for president, regardless of who is most qualified. Their goals are the same as the Democrats, to maintain power and advance their wealth, which is why we get people like Obama and the Bushes, incompetent as leaders, who strip us of our Constitutional rights, plunge us into wars and debts, and impoverish us. So if the candidacy of Donald Trump is real and not a clever smoke screen, then of course the cabal running the Republican party would be out to stop him.

The state primaries run from February through June and then the Republican convention will be July 18 through 21. In simplest terms, the primaries are to generally choose each state’s favorite candidate, so if one candidate gets a large majority of total votes, that person will most likely be the nominee at the convention. However, both parties are always changing their convention rules for political reasons, to advance one candidate over another or to shut another one out entirely, so Trump becoming the Republican nominee is not a given. The path is littered with snakes.

Donald Trump’s campaign is the most brilliant political campaign I’ve ever seen. His is the first I know of where his media-value return is more than twice his campaign expenditures, which total about $5 million right now. His personal expenses so far are about $2 million. Jeb Bush’s expenses as of last month were over $50 million, money that was provided him by the special interests who would control him if he became president. Likewise, all the other candidates are spending far more heavily than Donald Trump, and the reason why is because our media hangs on Trumps every word. Even the Liberal media is doing The Trump. All he has to do is say something and it gets reported by everyone. Why spend money on ads?

So it remains to be seen how it goes at the convention, but considering Donald’s great wealth I’ve no doubt that the writer of The Art Of The Deal is right now making deals with the Republican power brokers to favor him at convention time. What compromises will he make?


Friday, January 1st, 2016

Today, all the news media will be filled with looks back at the past year, going over all the highlights, bad and good and mostly bad. Not me, thanks, living through it once was enough. It’s what’s coming that interests me.

What I know for sure is that there will be more terrorist attacks here and in Europe, along with Israel, mostly anyway, with scattered ones in other countries. The fighting in Syria and Iraq will drag on and on, with Obama bitching about the Russians at the same time the Russians are doing the most good against ISIS.

There will be talk of impeaching Obama but nothing will happen. Hillary Clinton, whom I fondly call Hitlery, may lose the Democratic nomination to Bernie Sanders at the last moment. He’s so Socialist he might as well declare himself a Communist, and the Hard Left loves the guy. Most Democrats are aware that Hitlery only wants the job for the power, that otherwise she’s incompetent. So that will be interesting to watch, along with Jim Webb, Democrat, who’s openly speaking running as an Independent. Hitlery may actually not have as much of a chance as the various polls indicate. She’s not black and the blacks aren’t going to turn out en mass and vote 3 times each for her like they did for Obama. More likely they’ll stay home and get drunk and high on weed and meth as usual. Likewise most Hispanics aren’t going to make a big rush to the polls for her. There will be a whole lot of people voting for Donald Trump tho, so I’ll be watching for a lot of illegal behavior from the Democrats to throw the election. Once again I expect to see the Electoral College screw everything up.

Putin/Russia is likely to make some sort of major move this year, as his popularity and power continue to increase with the Russian people. Putin wants to expand Russian influence. Not another USSR, but this time gathering in the smaller nations around Russia as allies. To do this Russia must become more of a democracy, even as our politicians are trying to make us less of one. A strange twist for sure.

I think something bad is going to go down with, or by, Turkey. The Turks are becoming increasingly supportive of ISIS, and while our politicians keep saying Turkey is our ally, anyone with sense knows they aren’t. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Russians side with and arm the Kurds in their ongoing disputes with the Turkish government, and maybe even start bombing the Turks. That would put us in an interesting position, of whether or not to defend our “allies” against Russia. Most likely Obama would do nothing, though.

This may be the year that Iran makes their big move. What I’d expect of them is an attack on one of our warships that patrol the Persian Gulf shipping lanes, or else on one of the Saudi oil tankers, just for the pure sake of raising hell. It has to be remembered that the Iranian leadership is insane religious fanatics, they can be expected to behave outrageously. Any such attack would strain their alliance with Russia, so that will bear watching if it happens. As for ISIS, they aren’t going to give up easily to the increased effort to destroy them, and I would expect to see them pull off, or attempt, a really massive act of destruction against Western society. Something that would attract a lot of new fighters to them.

What would be great would be if I could predict all sorts of good things that might happen, a cure for all cancer, a reversal of overpopulation, an end to the current mass species extinction, an end to the illegal alien invasion and all the Mexicans going home again, things like that, instead of all the doom and gloom that we’ve all come to expect.

We had a happy world for awhile. The 60′s and 70′s were the Golden Age of this country, even with the horror of the Vietnam War. Those were mostly good years when we all prospered, employment was high, American goods were being exported to the world and Made in USA was the mark of excellence everywhere. Very few of us lived in poverty, our population was at a reasonable level and we all got along with each other.

Well, our politicians put an end to all that happiness, can’t have the people feeling good about themselves, after all, nope, they need to suffer. So here we are at this point, where all we look forward to now is the next bad news. I don’t know if Donald Trump will actually make things better or not, but I fail to see how he can make them any worse. The Democrats are out to turn us into a one-party system, and the other name for that is dictatorship.


Thursday, December 31st, 2015


Sunday, December 27th, 2015

We had a sort of white Christmas around here, with a sprinkling of lots of tiny, soft white snowballs in a very thin layer. Not really snow, but not hail either, just cold and white. Since then it’s been frost everywhere and no water coming out of the frozen pipes.

As usual, the news is filled with weather reports, there’s tornadoes ripping up Texas towns and floods in England forcing evacuations. It’s a good thing we have weather or our news media would run out of things to “report” their opinions about.

Meanwhile, not much gets done around here with it being so cold. The pipes will warm up sometime today, enough to fill some pans with water so I can make coffee in the morning and so forth. Good enough, and meanwhile the propane tank was just filled up and there’s a big pile of pellet stove pellet bags on the front deck. As long as the electricity stays on I’ll be warm at night with my nice electric blanket.

Christmas is a day of giving but someone needs to tell all the charities out there that Christmas is over. There’s the Poor Neglected Dogs charity with all those sick looking mutts with big wet drippy eyes and “please just commit to sending us $19 a month for life” while sad, sad music plays, the Aid For Injured Soldiers charity with cowboy singer Trace Atkins pleading in his baritone voice for everyone to “please just commit to sending us $19 a month for life”, the Aid For Children With Cancer charity, “please just commit to sending etc.”, several other children’s hospitals pleading for money, while bald headed, sick-looking little girls tell their sad stories. Talk about snow jobs.

Our government can spend a half-billion $$ training 3 Syrians how to hold a rifle, but can’t support medical assistance to our children, veterans and pets? I don’t believe that for a second. All those charities are run by people on generous salaries who do very little to earn their pay outside of designing TV ads to get more donations from suckers so they can get pay raises. Christmas may be over but the snow keeps falling.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

The FN, the National Front Party of France, long an underdog in French politics, has scored a major upset in the latest French elections, which were held Sunday, Dec. 7th, just weeks after the terrorist attack in Paris.

The FN is considered to be “Extreme Right-Wing”, mostly I think by the Socialists but the insult is promoted by the Republican Party as well. Politicians are always happy to say bad things about each other, but the truth is that the FN is against EU membership and immigration, and for economic protectionism, all of which are laudable policies from my point of view.

The FN received more votes than either of the other two major parties, the Socialists and the Republican, and stands a good chance of taking over the government. A run-off election is coming up, since the voting was pretty close between the three parties, but I think maybe the French people have had just about enough of the Muslims. There’s a lot of them there now and in the rest of Europe as well, so a lot of damage has already been done. The tide may be turning against the One-Worlders who are behind the EU and the Multi-Culturalism disaster, however.

On a connecting note, there’s much feigned outrage at Donald Trump now over his statement that we need to stop letting Muslims into the country. He’s absolutely correct, however, and most Americans know it. It was Islam that caused the 9/11 attack, Islam we’ve been guarding against and fighting against ever since, Islam that murdered all those people in France and Islam that just murdered 14 people in San Bernardino, California. We not only have every legal right as a nation to exclude anyone we want for any reason, we have a duty to exclude possible attackers. In World War II we excluded emigration here from Germany and Japan because those people could be spies and saboteurs. Just like now.

So my congratulations to the National Front Party, I wish you great success and my hope that Great Britain and the rest of Western Europe quickly follows suit.


Saturday, December 5th, 2015

Turned on the TV this evening and on the station it was on, was another goddamned Extinction Event/Global Warming “documentary”, this time about a specific Indonesian village where they all make their livings doing one thing: killing manta rays and harvesting various parts of the fish to sell. It looks like they kill one hell of a lot of rays.

I watched for a few minutes, during which they showed all the dried manta ray parts that were to be sent to China and processed into Glucosamine Sulfate pills. That was followed by a meeting with the local village elders to see if they could get the people to stop killing the rays, and were told that the rays are the sole source of village income.

Manta ray populations are diminishing fast because the Chinese have decided that manta gills are good for making into phony cure-all medicine. The Global-Warming freaks are trying to blame the disappearing mantas on warming, but it’s the people killing them who are causing it.

I have a solution. The way to stop the slaughter of manta rays is to wipe out that village. Then, if another village picks up the trade, wipe them out. Just keep killing off the people who cause the problem. After all, which would you rather have? An Indonesian village full of ugly, dirty, stinky little humans or a healthy ocean population of manta rays? Once you’ve seen those giant bat-like rays leaping 20 to 30 feet out of the water, slapping their wings on the surface when they fall down and making a BOOM that can be heard for miles, trust me, you’ll choose the manta rays over the village just like I do.

The only way to stop wiping out species and habitat is to wipe out the humans who are doing it. But we won’t and anyway, our scientists and astronomers assure us that some day another asteroid will smash into the Earth and wipe out most of us and everything else again, as has repeatedly happened in the past. Personally I don’t want to see life on Earth destroyed, but I do wish we were good stewards of our planet instead of the sloppy, careless, ravenous creatures that we are. We eat everything in sight and shit where we live, and expect to be able to do it forever.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Bill O’Reilly is Fox News’s Number 1 Guy. He gets all the best interviews with the most famous people, has his own show and has for years now, and is one conceited, pompous ass sumbitch if ever there was one.

He butts in and talks over every sentence of every person he interviews, often during the beginning of what the interviewees are saying and always toward the end of each and every sentence. It’s gone beyond habit and has become pathological. He’s probably not even aware he does it anymore.

O’Reilly used to do honest interviews with the obvious goal of arriving at some newsworthy truth. It is a Fox NEWS channel, after all. But for a long time now, his focus has consistently been on degrading and humiliating those he interviews. He takes something out of context that one of them said, makes it sound like something very negative, and then pounds away at his victims trying to get them to admit that they meant something bad or that they spoke out of turn.

Tonight was a good example. He was interviewing Donald Trump and when hammering away at him over Trumps statement that “thousands of Muslims” were rejoicing over the 9/11 attack didn’t work, because Donald had brought along proof that he was right, O’Reilly started lecturing Trump about not getting excited and saying things that weren’t really true, that were exaggerated, and to the very end, he just wouldn’t let up.

Bill O’Reilly is often totally wrong, often villainizing those he politically opposes in his interviews with them and always behaving with extreme rudeness. All he is anymore is a mouthpiece for his own ego. As they used to say on Wayne’s World, he sucks major donkey.


Sunday, November 29th, 2015

It’s been a few years now since I was in Australia, but one of the outstanding memories I have of that isolated land is the aboriginal people. I’ve traveled a fair amount of our planet and met a pretty good variety of native peoples, and they were all pretty much the same in terms of intelligence. Different cultures and ways of doing things, different skin colors and facial shapes and so forth, but people all over seem to be generally about the same mentally. Except for Australian aborigines.

Aborigine is a relative term. Africans are aboriginal because they evolved there. The first Australian peoples arrived there from somewhere else, about 40,000 or 50,000 years ago, near as anyone can figure. My best guess on how they got there is that there was a huge tsunami that swept up their little coastal settlement and carried a few of them, along with a mass of coconut trees and other debris, way out to sea on the wave’s rebound. Most likely they came from New Guinea, which is very close to Australia and there’s a strong physical resemblance to the natives there.

That their ocean passage was purely accidental is obvious by the fact that the first ones were the only ones to make it across, and I bet DNA testing would tell us that there was only one couple. That’s because you never saw any single population of people anywhere who all looked exactly alike. There’s almost no genetic diversity between them even after 50,000 years. The first couples children were having sex with each other and probably the parents were having sex with their children. Generation after generation, incest must have become the norm out of necessity, and the result today is the stupidest single human type on the entire planet.

Today, the only intelligent “aborigines” are actually the half-breed offspring that have resulted from matings with white settlers. While there I attended a number of shows and displays of abo culture, in which they proudly demonstrated their brutish nature and minimal skills. They can throw a spear quite well but never learned to knap stones into spearheads and other tools, and they never invented the bow and arrow. They learned how to make music by blowing into a hollow stick, like you would a bugle. They say the sticks were hollowed out by ants, because they can’t tell the difference between ants and termites. They learned that a flat, curved stick will come back to you if thrown right. That’s it. They never learned how to make fire or clothing.

They told me how superior their form of law was to the white man’s, When someone broke a taboo they would tie the person to a tree and then smash both his or her collar bones with the edge of a big flat sword-like board. If the person was able to use their useless arms to free themselves before the dingoes ate them alive, they could return to the village and start over. Of course, they’d never be able to throw a spear or do anything else useful again and would die anyway. That’s “superior” abo justice.

Pureblood Australian aboriginals are lazy, brutish and stupid and the bottom rung of humanity. So why am I going on about this? Well, here it is, another Sunday, and I’m still waiting for the Russians to kill something Turkish and meanwhile, what’s the point of knowing how to type if I don’t type something? Huh?


Sunday, November 15th, 2015

Before the 4th of July, our Independence Day, arrived, our various law enforcement agencies discovered and stopped terrorist attacks that were planned to take place all over the United States. At that time, no specific Islamist group was quoted as being behind them. Time and events marched on and I’d forgotten about that affair until the Paris attacks. Now I’m starting to put it all together, and it doesn’t make sense.

Clearly ISIS was behind the planned mass killings in the USA. We were to be the first, then Russia was assaulted with the downing of an Airbus and the deaths of everyone aboard, and now the attacks on France. I’ve no doubt that more attacks are planned, most likely in Canada and Australia, since those are the only other non-Islamic nations involved in the fighting in Syria.

These terror attacks and attempted attacks on major military powers by ISIS don’t make sense because what they succeed in doing most is bringing massive retaliation onto ISIS. Attacking the USA is fairly safe as long as Obama is president, because while Western media keeps calling him the leader of the fight against ISIS, he really isn’t doing much of anything. We fly an average of 8 missions a day in Syria, while in Iraq we flew over 2000 missions a day, just for comparison. We aren’t a bump on a gnats ass over there in Syria.

France was following our lead, or lack of it actually, until now. Now they’re very likely planning some major ISIS ass-kicking, and you can be real sure that the Russians are as well.

So why did the ISIS leaders stir up this hornet’s nest against them? Right in the middle of their efforts to take over the Middle East, they launch attacks against the most powerful nations in the world? Don’t they have enough battles going on now? What the hell are they thinking?

The leaders of ISIS are very capable people who know how to plan for the future, and they’ve proved repeatedly that they’re excellent tacticians. So what am I missing here? Only one possibility comes to mind, that they hope their murderous terror raids will bring millions more Muslims to their side, to fight for them, and I don’t think that’s likely to happen, nor is their real reason.

I do think that they have much bigger plans involving a lot more dead bodies. They keep switching brands. Before, it was kidnapping people and finding novel ways of killing them, like that soldier they had in the cage. Then it was cutting their heads off with knives, videotaping the gory mess and putting their little movies online. Then they switched to a Taliban tactic of destroying ancient artifacts and ruins. Lately they’ve been murdering groups of people and not bothering with videos or beheading ceremonies and now they’re conducting simultaneous terror attacks designed to kill as many people in as many different kinds of places at once as they can.

So what’s next? An even bigger assault than the one in Paris, maybe in Australia this time? Do they have a dirty bomb they could kill a whole city with, or an actual nuke? They keep escalating, as if they’re demanding that the world join together and stamp them out, which it eventually must do, and that just makes no sense at all to me if they really want to achieve a caliphate.


Monday, November 2nd, 2015

I dunno, maybe the KKK should be encouraged to rise again. The Ku Klux Klan used to terrorize American Negroes in the South, burning crosses on their lawns, beating them and sometimes killing them. They were a rough, racist bunch of bullies who numbered in the tens of thousands at one time. At least one of our Presidents was a member of the KKK.

What brought this thought on was a news article I was just reading about a black female journalism professor who was stopped by police for taking a “power walk” down the middle of the street instead of adhering to the side of the road facing traffic. She loudly complained that she was racially profiled for “walking while black” by racist white cops who turned on the patrol car siren and flashing lights, and seriously harassed her.

However, in that patrol car was a video camera that captured the whole thing, voices and all, and this black woman was lying her ass off, as the video proved that the police were very professional and respectful, there was no siren, no flashing lights and no harassment whatever.

What there was, was an ugly display of racism by a professional person, a professor, of all things, who of all people should be one to set a good example instead of the racial hatred she spewed.

Ever since Obama became our President and took the side, always wrongly, of every black person who cried “White Racist”, racial hatred of blacks toward whites has been on the rise in America, and the violent attacks of blacks on white people is reminiscent of what the KKK used to do to blacks. It would not surprise me to see the KKK rise again as a result. I don’t want to see it, I want to see us return to at least the level of mutual acceptance we had before Obama, but the way he keeps pushing the Hate Button, it’s plain that his goal is exactly the divisiveness he’s caused.

“Black Lives Matter” is just the Negro version of the Ku Klux Klan. One is as bad as the other. Obama, why do you hate America so much?


Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

My childhood days were a different time and age. On a personal level, I had parents that weren’t up to the task of child raising, and when The Pill came along too late to do them any good, I’m sure they lamented the fact. Even so, it was the times that mattered, not the inept parenting of one couple, and amazingly, those were good times. I say amazingly because I was born at a time when the Nazi’s were already invading their neighbors and Japan had gone to war with China 2 years earlier. They were good times because they were simple times.

People didn’t cuss. Saying Damn wasn’t done in public, seldom in adult gatherings and never on the radio. Almost everyone went to church and the sermons were always about obeying the Ten Commandments. Laws were simple and life was simple, and inflation was almost non-existent. Our coins were made of real silver. A dime had ten cents worth of silver in it and a quarter had twenty-five cents worth. Our coinage was worth it’s face value in actual metal content.

Racial segregation existed, but there were no black riots with them looting and burning down entire neighborhoods and shooting the firemen. Today there’s no segregation, so now they loot, burn and murder. Segregation, in truth, was better both for them and the rest of us.

Homosexuals were tolerated, is the best way to put it. So long as they shut up about their preferences and kept it to themselves, all was well. It was when they became too publicly overt that they caught hell for it. Ah but now. Now they parade naked and painted red in the streets, riding unicycles, and I’m not making that up. They try to teach children in our schools to be homosexual, they successfully sue religious people who refuse to provide services for them that celebrate homosexuality when it’s against their religion to do so. In fact we have a war going on in this nation now against Christianity, even while our president is opening our immigration doors to every Muslim he can.

It was such a different time. The music was upbeat, with songs like “Accentuate The Positive” and “Swing On A Star”. Modern television was invented the year I was born, but no one owned one until after The War was over, we all got our news and most of our entertainment during the war years from the radio and local theaters, that always had the latest newsreels about the progress of the war. Everyone was patriotic, we were a united nation, all working together to defeat our enemies, and we all believed that God was on our side.

That was long ago, and I grew up to have a different view about the validity of religions, as well as patriotism, and these days I have little use for either. But I’ll tell you what, I would take another devastating war and a nation wrapped in patriotic and religious fervor, that was united in it’s purpose, all of us on the same side and working toward the same goals once again, over what we have today. Food and gas rationing and all, hardship and loss, no tires for cars or butter for the table because it all went to the war effort, it was wonderful. We had love and hope, music and faith, we were involved in life. Today we have something called “rap music” where some black drug dealer says “fuck” a lot.


Friday, October 16th, 2015

There’s a new and growing tradition by blacks in New York City in the same genre as the shooting of white police officers. It’s throwing babies out the window. Black babies. So far it’s been one black baby being given a flying lesson each month for the past 3 months, and this has all the makings of becoming a competition. Who will get to be first to throw their baby out of a tall building window to it’s death, each month? The following is the current list of contestants…..

“A baby girl was thrown from a sixth-floor window of an apartment building to her death on Thursday, The 6-month-old girl’s mother, 27-year-old Tenisha Fearon, was in a Bronx apartment with her and three other children at the time, police said.” Tenisha is a nigger name, which can be anything as long as it doesn’t “sound white”. Anyway, the question arises, just exactly how much do Black Lives Matter when they don’t even matter to the black mothers of their children. I mean, not only don’t matter but are considered to be trash to be thrown away?

Blacks kill each other off faster than any other single race of people. Black lives will matter when blacks start valuing the lives of everyone, and considering how little they value their own, it’s going to be a long time coming.


Friday, September 25th, 2015

Knowing that everything is the result of cause and effect is why I can’t swallow religion. Miracles defy logic, common sense and reality. With miracles, there is no cause and effect, there’s no possible explanation, other than to say it was the act of a deity, which is why miracles are fantasies and hallucinations.

What I saw the other night wasn’t a miracle and since I’m not a believer type, nor a drug user, or have a history of seeing things that aren’t really there, I feel certain that what I saw was really there.

No hoaxer of any mental acuity capable of creating something that vast in size that can fly rapidly and silently, would deliberately cover it with randomly blinking lights that immediately suggest an amateurish hoax, nor perpetrate such a hoax where it stood little chance of being seen.

I have a vast range of experience and an excellent memory. I’ve seen a number of things that have no apparent reason, yet they all involve Nature or forces of Nature and so must be the result of cause and effect. In other words, while strange, they’re acceptable. They weren’t miracles or beyond the realm of possibility.

What I saw the other night was a first. Nothing in my entire life prepared me for it in any way. I was astounded, awed, the old term “flabbergasted” is appropriate. This thing was no miracle, it was the creation of intelligent effort. The lights formed a group and the group moved in unison as a single unit. Obviously, the lights were ON an object and the object moved at a good speed. It’s hard to judge speed because judging distance of such a thing at night is nearly impossible, but I can at least assume a MINIMUM speed simply because of the rate it diminished in size over time, and it had to be going at least a few hundred miles an hour.

I’ve seen things at night that sure were not “weather balloons” or “swamp gas”, and I am convinced that “people” from other planets have come here and still are. There’s plenty of ancient references regarding such visitations, not the least being Ezekial’s “wheel within a wheel”, a perfect description of sightings still happening today. In all honesty, I’ve tried hard to come up with some way this could have been something us humans pulled off, most likely some sort of military experiment, because I’ve found that I’m actually reluctant to ascribe it to alien beings, for some reason. I guess I just never expected to have an experience like this in my own life. It’s something others always have, and I’ve always doubted their stories at least a little bit.

But I can’t. I don’t know that this UFO was some sort of alien craft, but I do feel certain without knowing for sure that it’s nothing we humans made. Everything about it was just WRONG, unearthly. I wish the damn thing had come by an hour earlier while there was still some light in the sky, some visibility. But the bottom line is this: The only explanation for what I saw is that it was an alien craft. That doesn’t mean it actually was an alien craft, it’s just the only explanation for it. We have no “current technology” that can produce anything close to this, so it wasn’t made by us. There is no known force of Nature that can produce such an effect, I know because I’ve read about them all, twice over, and experienced most of them.

So if, or until, something is revealed or some discovery made that can explain how a half-mile wide object covered with lots of randomly flashing strobe lights can fly silently at high speed through mountainous terrain without incident, I’m going to assume that I saw an alien space ship.


Friday, September 18th, 2015

Obama wants to appoint an openly homosexual man, a flaming faggot named Eric Fanning, to be the civilian head of our army, he’s invited all the top radical Left homosexuals to attend the coming visit of the Pope, most of whom are openly hostile to the Pope and are expected to confront the Pope, and whose presence will be an insult to the Pope. He’d done everything possible to promote homosexuality in our country, including putting lesbians on our Supreme Court who have usurped states rights and our Constitution in declaring homosexual marriage to be a right.

These are just some highlights. He’s hosted a variety of homosexual soirees in the White House including a big party for the Rainbow crowd, he’s replaced most of our admirals and generals with homosexual officers, hell, when he first was elected he appointed a homosexual child molester to be Safe Schools “Czar”. A pedophile for Safe Schools.

Can anyone still doubt that Barack is queer? So does it make sense that “Michelle” is female, that he has sex with a woman? When “Michelle’s” birth certificate says Michael and Barack refers to him as Michael? When there’s no birth records or baby pictures for his two supposed “daughters”?

We have a homosexual radical Leftist and a student of Saul Alinsky for our President, and Saul Alinsky taught the destruction of America in EXACTLY the way Obama is going about it.


Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

The first one was held by Fox News, and featured Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly, who launched a constant series of attack questions at Donald Trump, but not at any of the other candidates. As a result of Fox’s extremely biased handling of that supposed debate, I seldom watch Fox News and never when Megyn Kelly is on. Like many others, I mostly get my news from Newsmax now because of that gross charade.

After the Fox debate debacle, I fully expected CNN’s hosting of the second debate to be nothing but attack questions, since Fox is thought of as a Conservative station while CNN has consistently been Liberal. To my genuine surprise, CNN conducted a very fair, very intelligent program, no attack questions at all, and everyone was given a chance to give their views on various subjects. They put Fox News so far into the shade with their decent behavior it was pitiful.

As for the candidates, this is the first time I’ve really gotten to hear what Marco Rubio has to say, and he was the most well spoken of them all. He spoke rapidly and very clearly, not a trace of stuttering, hesitation or repetition, something none of the other candidates could claim. It’s too soon at this writing for new public polls to be out on these candidates, but I fully expect to see Rubio’s star shining a lot brighter now.

As usual, Mike Huckabee raved on about the evils of abortion, an entirely religious issue not shared by most women and certainly not by me, since I’m very anti population growth and pro women’s rights. Rand Paul made some good points but he just looks like too much of a wuss, and looks matter. Likewise Scott Walker, with his ridiculous bald-spot comb-over that leaves a shiny round circle showing on top, and that mama’s boy face. Christi says good stuff but he’s a porker like Huckabee. We just don’t elect fatties as our presidents.

Jeb Bush is a weenie, George Pataki just looks too tired, and Carly Fiorina’s face goes spastic when she speaks while her eyes blink with each word. That gets hard to look at in a hurry. It’s just plain unattractive.

Ben Carson did well and I think outshone Donald Trump, though Trump was given the most talk time and I noticed the cameras followed him around pretty exclusively after the debate, when everyone was milling around.

So I think the new polls will say that Carson and Trump are either neck and neck now, or that Carson now has a point or two edge, that Rubio is up, Cruz is about the same, Fiorina is back down a point and so is Bush. By tomorrow evening we can see how my prediction matches up with the polls.

That’s if for today. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.