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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Barack Obama has at last stated unequivocally where he stands regarding United States sovereignty in the world today, coming out plainly and fully in favor of Globalization.

“The integration of national economies into a global economy, that’s here. That’s done,” he said after meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Neito at the North America Leaders’ Summit in Canada.
He accused the United Kingdom of trying to escape global responsibility by voting to leave the European Union.
“Their argument was not against trade generally. They just didn’t want any obligations to go with the access to the free market,” he said.

The only problem with that speech is that he’s wrong on all counts. There’s always been trade between nations, that’s not a “Global Economy”. A Global Economy is when there’s only one form of currency and one set of rules for everyone. This is what the EU tried for and failed at, because they wanted more than that, the elite among them wanted to dominate all the other nations and still do. Which is why it fails. People don’t like being dominated.

The British never opted for “Global Responsibility”, they joined the EU on a limited basis, turning down usage of the common Euro currency in favor of keeping their own, the Pound Sterling, and the EU is a long ways from being a “Global” economy. If Obama doubts that he should discuss this with the Russians and Chinese.

The “Free Market” has never been free, in the sense of no taxes, levies or duties, between nations. A pound of grapes might sell for 1 Euro in Italy but by the time it gets transported to England, those costs are added and probably a Value Added Tax as well, so it ends up at 2 Euros. A grape farmer in England might be faced with a massive import of Italian grapes, pushing the market price of his own grapes down to less than it cost to grow them and putting him out of business. Free markets are not free, and import duties serve a very valuable purpose in protecting local producers. When you eliminate duties, you don’t “Free” the market, you destroy it.

More than that, you destroy prosperity, you enable a wealthy few to manipulate prices, control who produces and who fails to survive, and the “Free Market” becomes a slave to the manipulators.

There must be national sovereignty if everyone is to prosper, if there’s to be balance and equality in the marketplace. We’re far from being evolved enough as a species to all live under one form of government. We’re more like a wolf pack where the weak get eaten. This effort to Globalize us must either die out or lead to global war, because everyone will want to be the Emperor.


Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Both EU President Juncker and Germany’s chancellor Merkel are calling for a rapid exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, along with the other 5 founding members of the EU. The others, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, all joined in a signed statement urging the UK to deal with the separation quickly, but only the Germans are being vocal about it. In fact, the Germans sound pretty pissed off about the UK vote to leave the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is keeping the German border wide open and at least a million Muslims, almost all young men, are expected to flood into Germany in this year alone. Merkel claims that they’re “a boon to Germany, will transform Germany, improve the economy” when she knows full well that what will actually happen is that all these young and totally unvetted Muslim, many of whom will prove to be ISIS terrorists, are going to spread out all over Europe, and further damage the economy of all Europe. The idea is to bring Europe to its economic knees with Germany ruling them all.

There aren’t enough jobs now for the people already there, and the overload of young workers has driven wages way down and pushed the general poverty level of Europe way up. The health care systems are already greatly overburdened and people are dying while waiting to see doctors. The welfare systems are failing, the tax money collected from workers isn’t enough to pay for food and housing for all those new, unskilled laborers who can’t speak the language of the country they’re in anyway, in order to hold down a job. Besides, they’re all Muslims and don’t fit in anywhere in European society, so they all form into enclaves and push out the regular citizens….. when they’re not busy raping them.

So back to Germany. What’s the rush? Scotland voted to stay in, so did Ireland, and now both are talking about having referendums of their own to leave the UK. That would be the end of any United Kingdom, as it would only leave England and Wales. I think the plan is to force England out of the European marketplace. If England’s currency can be devalued by wrecking their credit, Germany might be able to force England to borrow their way into a position similar to Greece, only with no EU bank to fall back on. I don’t think the Germans have forgotten the terrible beating they took in World War 2 and I think they still hope to crush England.


Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, says there is no reason to wait until David Cameron is replaced in October to begin negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union. He wants to start negotiating the UK’s reformed relationship with Europe “immediately”.

“Britons decided (on Thursday) that they want to leave the European Union, so it doesn’t make any sense to wait until October to try to negotiate the terms of their departure,” he said. “I would like to get started immediately.” Mr Juncker said the separation was “not an amicable divorce”, adding that “it was not exactly a tight love affair anyway”.

Juncker, let’s see. Nice German name, Juncker, the same name as many of Germany’s Nazi aircraft in World War II, in fact. Another fact is that Germany has been the prime source of all the rules and laws that all the other European nations have been forced to abide by, and Germany is the worst offender at bringing in the most un-vetted immigrants.

To put it simply, Germany may have lost the war in 1945 but they’re sure as hell winning it now. The European Union is nothing less than a German takeover of Europe, and their biggest prize was England, just as it’s always been. So no wonder the German elite are angry. Foiled once again, even though this time they had America fighting on their side in the form of Bastard Obama. (He is a bastard, his real father is Frank Marshall Davis.)

What I expect to see is exactly what we’re all seeing now, recriminations from the losers and vengeful behavior. This will all calm down as the elitist’s anger fades and financial reality takes over once again. In or Out, they need Britain more than Britain needs them. There will be trade agreements, and for sure new mutual defense pacts since the EU was formed originally for the purpose of uniting them all against war by one or more of them against the others. Like by Germany, for instance.

This is not going to end well. Other nations are going to leave the EU, and Germany is going to be left with nothing but the poorest, neediest nations, like Greece, as member states and having to support them and the flood of African and Asian Muslims they themselves brought in. War may be the only way to get rid of millions of unwanted people and let’s face it, that worked really well for Germany before. Until their country was virtually flattened, that is. But obviously, some people never learn. It was Germany that instigated both our world wars, and I see nothing stopping them from doing it again.


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Islam is very much like Communism in the way that Communism dictates every aspect of peoples lives. Communism is slavery, just as Islam is. When you must never say anything against Islam, when you must do what the “religious” leaders tell you to do, no matter what it is, when you must get on your knees and recite a prayer 5 times a day or be put to death if you don’t, that’s slavery.

So it makes sense, when Communists are working to take over a country, to bring in a certain number of Muslims. The Muslims perform a service for the Communists by terrorizing and cowing the population. They get people used to being careful what they say, they teach people to act less independently and more subserviently. In the EU you see laws passed against insulting others, and “incitement to racial and religious hatred”, for example. Muslims create so much noise and distraction that no one notices what’s happening to their freedom.

People wonder why Socialists would encourage an influx of Muslims, when they know the Muslims have their own agenda of domination, and they should wonder. The Muslims are only allowed in, in numbers the Socialists feel they can control when the time comes. There is a plan to make as many nations as possible into Socialist nations and there is a tipping point. Beyond that point, democracies all around the world will be unable to defend themselves against the creeping Socialist assault. The intent is to conquer without waging war.

China, India, Russia are all Socialistic to Communistic. “Now most of Europe is socialist. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are socialist. Japan is socialist. Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, China, Mongolia and North Korea are socialist. 40% of the Nepalese government is held by Maoists. Most of the Arab World and Iran are more or less socialist. Most of the CIS (The post-Soviet bloc states, the Commonwealth of Independent States) is socialist.

Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Paraguay, Bolivia and some Caribbean countries are at the very least run by socialists. Quite a bit of Africa is run by socialist parties.”

Germany’s Merkel is either a Socialist or full-blown Communist, Germany heads up the EU, and she’s letting millions of Muslims swarm into Europe. That they rape, assault and intimidate is seen as good by the Socialists, it’s expected of them, that’s part of why they’re there. To get the people used to being dominated. Obama’s let in hundreds of thousands of them and wants to bring in 550,000 more, at least, before he has to leave office, for the same reason. Pope Francis, a Communist for all appearances, wants Europe to let anyone in that wants to come in.

The Muslims will be put down when the time comes, I’m sure of it. The Globalists want the Muslims to be their slaves like everyone else and they aren’t about to allow Islam to rule the planet. This should explain to the reader why so little is being done by anyone to combat ISIS. The French have all the firepower needed to destroy ISIS in a week or two, by themselves, yet you hear nothing of the French, even though they’ve endured major terrorist attacks. No one is destroying ISIS because they’re such a wonderful distraction from the Globalist agenda.

It’s upsetting the French globalists greatly that 19 of the 20 mayoral elections that just occurred were won by Populists instead of Socialists. The people of France, Italy and England are finally rebelling but it may be too late.

At this point in the progress toward a state of global Communism, I don’t believe we’re quite past the tipping point yet. I do know, because it’s childishly obvious, that the Globalists desperately want the United States to be fully under their control, so from that I make a safe assumption that that’s where the tipping point is. All those fighting against Donald Trump right now are Globalists. They’re all in on it, they’re all working toward global Communism, and if he’s able to gain the Presidency and start reversing the Globalist gains, havoc in one form or another will ensue.

Lastly, I don’t wish to tax the credulity of the reader. When I say “they’re all in on it”, that must be taken by degrees, much like the driver of the getaway car who only knows his part and isn’t in on the full details of the planned robbery, and doesn’t need to be. All he knows is that if the heist is successful, he will be rewarded. The world is full of useful idiots.


Sunday, June 19th, 2016

Long ago and far away, as the tale goes, on a different planet and in a different time… Well, it was certainly a different time anyway, and it sure seems like it was on a different planet, the way our world has been changed by us. But back to the story, when I was a little boy of 6 and 7 years old, my parents… I should say our parents, since my brother, 2 years older than I was always there too, our parents would drive out sometimes in the summer to spend a weekend at the cabin my mothers parents had in Whitewater Canyon, not far from Palm Springs.

Whitewater Canyon has a creek running right through the middle of it, and way on up the canyon there’s a trout hatchery that I suppose is still there and operating even after all these years. We’re talking just over 70 years ago here.

The canyon has cottonwood trees and alders, fed by the creek, and a raised flat area on one side for a ways that the cabins were, and they’re still there the last time I looked, built on. Higher up in this little valley is a little dammed off pond about 8 feet deep that traps creek water, and has a pipe that goes down, buried underground, to all the cabins. My brother and I would slip off up the dirt road to that pond, take all our clothes except our underpants off, and go swimming. Of course, no matter how careful we tried to be, we’d always kick up some silt, and the people down below would see this cloudy water coming out of their taps and know that we were swimming in their water supply. We only did this maybe 3 times because the last time we did it, the warning was severe enough to scare us out of doing it anymore.

Those were glorious days. Playing in the creek was great fun, and the smell of the aspen trees in the evening was just wonderful. Nothing compared to that fragrance that signaled the cooling off of another hot day.

There was an old Indian guy who lived down in the end cabin, along the dirt road nearest to the paved one we drove out on from the city. We called him Hay Soos, which I realized was spelled Jesus when I got older. Jesus like to set up little Indian-type things around the area, he carved a very authentic looking totem pole out of a tree, there was a “No Fishing” sign at one place by the creek with a little fishing pole and line set up right by it, things like that. He had an Indian war bow he’d found out there somewhere that he showed my dad and my uncle, who usually came out on the trips as well. One third of the bow was broken off and lost, but the bow was still over 6 feet in length, the part that was left of it, and really strong. It must have sent an arrow a long ways.

My uncle mined mica sheets in the valley, and one day he and my father took us two boys along to the mine. We walked there, it wasn’t that far, and it turned out to be a hole way up in the side of this really tall hill. The side of the hell was almost a vertical cliff, and Uncle Maurice had built a ladder to get up to the mine that was nothing more than a bunch of long 2″ X 4″‘s nailed together end to end with cross boards nailed on for rungs. It went waaaay up and looked really scary to me. My dad offered to carry me piggy-back up the ladder but I declined the offer, it just looked way too unsafe to me as a 7 year old. To this day I don’t know how it supported the weight of my father and my uncle. So I waited on the ground while he went exploring the mine and was happy to do so. Mica sheets, by the way, were called Isinglass, thin sheets don’t burn and were used as windows to see inside oil-burning stoves. Good commercial mica came in pretty large sheets for a form of rock, often over a foot across. I have 2 antique Coleman camp lanterns that use mica sheets instead of tempered glass to let the light out and they work just fine for that.

There was an old Edison Phonograph from around 1920 in the cabin, with only one record, so every once in awhile we’d wind it up and play that record, and I can still hear it. The record was a quarter inch thick, only recorded on one side and the song was “My Mother’s Waltz”. In the one bedroom of this little cabin, hanging on the wall, was a calendar from the 1920s that no one had ever bothered to take down or replace, and I guess it just became part of the decorations.

We sure did love going out to that cabin, though we didn’t go very often, and my mother’s father, my grandpa Joe, died when I was 8 and not long after, Grandma sold the cabin.

Sometimes Father’s Day isn’t about our fathers, or us as fathers. Sometimes it’s about us fathers when we were kids, learning to be fathers.


Friday, June 17th, 2016

When Abe Lincoln was a boy, a hand-knitted pair of wool mittens cost a penny.
When I was a boy, postage to mail a post card was a penny and a bottle of Coke cost 5 cents.
When I was a boy, there were very few millionaires, because a million dollars was a huge sum. If you had just $100,000, you were rich and if you had a $million, you were very rich.

Today we have billionaires, not just a few of them but a lot of them. It also costs 35 cents to mail a post card and compared to inflation generally, that’s cheap. Because a house that cost $5000 when I was a boy now costs at least $250,000, a devaluation of the dollar by a factor of 50 to 1. So a $million when I was a boy would be at least $50 million now, if all things were equal. They aren’t. The prices of some things have risen drastically higher than others, and the ways of making fortunes have changed with the advent of the Internet.

One thousand billion is a trillion. As the value of the dollar keeps dropping, the number of billionaires keeps increasing, and the day is coming when we see the very first trillionaire. Spellcheck underlines that word in red, even Spellcheck can’t keep up with inflation.

My point is that a huge number of people are retired on fixed incomes and some of them are living entirely off savings and a pittance from Social Security, which I prefer to call Social Insecurity. What’s going to happen as many of these people outlive the value of their money? Exactly what’s been happening that no one talks about anymore, which is that a lot of old people resorted to eating canned dog and cat food. They don’t much anymore, because the price of canned critter food has gone up so much, too, that they can’t afford to buy it.

So now we have food giveaway programs, Food Banks, Food Stamps, to keep our elderly from starving to death. Well, that’s good but food isn’t the real problem, inflation is. It’s inflation that’s wiping out retirement funds, pension plans, savings, turning Social Security into a joke, destroying the buying power of fixed incomes.

Every country that’s experienced runaway inflation, every one, ends up with the people starving to death, the government collapsing, and anarchy ensuing. This is happening right now in Venezuela, a nation rich in oil reserves but saddled with a socialist dictatorship that’s destroyed the value of their currency through incompetent management. 75% of Venezuelans live in poverty. They’re eating their dogs. The incompetence of our own government is worsening and is already dangerously close to the Venezuelan model.

I fully expect to see American trillionaires and Americans eating their dogs within a few more years unless we have truly drastic changes in the way our government does things.


Thursday, June 16th, 2016

This is a follow-up to the previous story. In the wake of the slaughter at the homo bar in Orlando, Florida, Homosexuals across the nation are flooding the gun shops and buying guns, pistols and rifles, like crazy. Most stores report that their sales doubled today, and since most male and female homosexuals are pretty obvious about their sexual orientation in the way they dress and act, the gun store owners say that this dramatic increase in gun sales is in fact by homosexuals.

This has impact. Obama had the homosexuals siding with him against gun ownership and for gun control, and calling anti-Islamists “Racists”. No more. This is all reversing and going the opposite way and it’s all happening overnight, literally. There’s a national LGBT gun club called the Pink Pistols that I’d never heard of until today, that was very small with only 1500 members nationwide. Today their membership jumped by 2000, to 3500 members. That’s just by noon today, no telling what it’s up to this evening or will be up to in another week. The LGBT community is arming itself, big time and joining their own Pink NRA. Whatever works.

These people have been Libtard robots forever, and now they’re abandoning the Liberal agenda. I have a feeling here…. We may be seeing, finally, the tempering of the LGBT assault on our society. After all, it’s always been their claim of Conservative homophobia that’s been behind their worst behavior, but how can they keep that up when it’s the Liberals who embrace their worst enemies, the Muslims, and at the same time try to keep them from arming themselves in self-defense? When they find themselves on the same side as us Conservatives, the reason for fighting us fades away and is gone.

They at first wanted more acceptance just for who or what they are, and they’ve gotten that, but their success was too heady for some and they pushed harder and harder, damaging our society in their glee at hitting back at it. Now, suddenly, the society they were attacking is the only one that will defend them. Ooops.

Yep, I have a feeling we’re seeing the end of the LGBT revolution and the beginning of a new era, where some very unlikely-seeming groups are about to join together in opposition to Liberalism and Political Correctness. I first started writing about, and against, Political Correctness in articles published in a local Mendocino newspaper called the Memo, over 21 years ago, under the pseudonym “Captain Havoc”. I was appalled by this new thing, Political Correctness, saw the great harm it could do and started speaking out against it. We may now be witnessing the beginning of the end of it and I fervently hope so.


Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Old B O really got off on a rant yesterday about saying “Radical Islam”, spewing his rage out all over Donald Trump for making an issue out of naming our enemy that which our enemy is. But that’s only how it seems, that’s not what he’s really having a fit about. What he’s really upset about, and I mean he’s freaking out over this, is the killing of homosexuals by a Muslim who said he was doing it for ISIS and then ISIS themselves, on their own website, take credit for the massacre of homosexuals. THAT is what he’s freaking out about.

Why? because up until now, he’s been very successful at beating up conservatives with the LGBT crowd while he’s got them all chanting peace and love to the Muslims, and now the LGBT’s are waking up. ISIS is murdering every homosexual they can find, mostly by throwing them from the tops of very tall buildings while making movies of this that they post on the Internet, as crowds of Muslims on the street below watch the condemned man hurtle down to splatter on the concrete. Two or three movies like that start to get a lot of LGBT attention.

The Orlando slaughter has woken up the homosexuals to the fact that Islam IS THEIR ENEMY. FINALLY! That’s what Obama is panicking over, because he’s seeing everything he’s done to destroy America, all his plans and those of all the other Socialist bastards out to turn our nation into a tyranny, falling apart because of the acts of those he supports, the Islamists, and the steady hammering at the facts by Donald Trump. Worse, Trump has promised to undo everything Obama’s done when he’s elected President. 8 years of hard effort by a lot of people is all about to go down the drain, and panic is seriously setting in. This slaughter is causing the LGBT people to move to the Republican side, and will likely be the difference that elects Donald Trump. Obama knows it so he rages at Trump.

Prominent homosexuals are starting to speak out on the side of Donald Trump and endorsing him as President. If the LGBT crowd starts putting their energy into electing Trump, and we all know how very loud they can be, it’s Game Over for Obama and the Socialists.

Those 49 murdered victims in Orlando may end up being remembered as the greatest martyrs in America’s history.


Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos is a homosexual who works as a reporter for news and is now, as he has been in the past, speaking out against Islam. Not against “radical Islam” but all Islam, because all Islam rejects homosexuality as being a crime, and a crime often punishable by death, and often pretty horrible death.

He’s railing against the Liberals for protecting Islam and denouncing the LGBT movement people for backing them up. Here’s what he called “Unspeakably fucking stupid”, and he has an excellent point.

Milo is becoming a force against the insanity of the Left and this latest Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida on a night club full of homosexuals not only gives his voice greater power than ever, it moves Trump’s call to ban more Muslims from entering our country from laughable to serious consideration.

I’m no fan of homosexuals, as anyone knows who read my writ here. The sight of men swapping spit in public revolts me, the sight of men prancing naked or dressed as women in Homosexual Pride parades makes me want to kill them myself. Normal people do not cavort lewdly in public to show everyone their sexual preference. Homosexuals and the so-called LGBT crowd have done terrible damage to our society’s moral values, values that we need to keep us all within tolerable bounds. We humans do poorly at maintaining a cohesive and happy society if we aren’t restrained in our behavior, and that should be common sense.

Even if Milo’s voice is heard by the other queers, it’s too late to expect us on the Right to take his side, and too late for the Left to stop what’s coming. The harm his kind have done to America is too great, and few if any normal, heterosexual people care that a bunch of queers got killed. I’m sure that a lot of normal Americans are cheering and hope the Muslims kill a lot more of them, and I don’t care how callous that sounds. It’s reality. Preaching homosexuality to our kids in the schools, invading our bathrooms, they’ve crossed a bridge too far and they’d better give each other lots of sympathy for what’s coming, because there will be precious little from us.

MORNING UPDATE: More well-known homosexuals are speaking up for the Republican Party in the news media this morning, following suit behind Milo Yiannopoulos. I’m betting that a lot of LGBT votes are going to switch from Clinton to Trump over this, and even more if there’s yet another Islamist attack on homosexuals. This could have a side effect of getting the queers to back off of their aggressive outrageousness and start acting a little more normally and respectful. It would be nice.


Sunday, June 12th, 2016

“The shooter was identified as Omar Mateen, according to several major news outlets citing law enforcement sources. Mateen, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen from Fort Pierce, Fla., allegedly has parents of Afghani origin. Fox News confirmed that the suspected gunman was Muslim.” He was also a registered Democrat.

I’ll leave it to the news media to report the details, I’m predicting what comes next. Obama is going to have a lot to say about this and not one single word of what he says will be “terrorism”, “Islam” or “Muslim”. Instead, the words will be “gun control, gun control and gun control”. This will be played as proof that all guns need to be so restricted that it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to even purchase a single round of ammunition, not as an act of Islamic terrorism that directly resulted from the Liberal policy of bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted Muslims.

There will be no mention of the need to control and oversee the activities of Muslims, or to deport those involved in illegal behavior or connected in any way to terrorist groups. The focus will be entirely on a supposed need to control the ownership of guns, more and more and more, until our Second Constitutional Amendment is totally gutted. That will be Obama’s and the Democrats response to the murder of perhaps 50 homosexuals by a Muslim, according to the current body count.

If a few of those people in that bar had been carrying concealed weapons, the dead and injured would very likely have numbered far less. This is why there should be no permit required at all. Such permits are an infringement when “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

MORNING UPDATE: Sure as hell, President Black Obastard and Hitlery are both clamoring for more gun control as the solution to Islamic Jihadism.


Saturday, June 11th, 2016

I’ve been reading up on Donald Trump’s business methods, and so far, I’m glad I never did any contracting work for him. There’s plenty of evidence in the form of court records that he has a habit of not paying people who work for him, and suing them when they sue him to collect what he owes them. This isn’t just rumors, it’s fact.

He makes promises to give money to charities and then holds the money back. He isn’t open and fair in his dealings and he sees this as the normal way of doing business in the Big Money world. Well, maybe it is, I know that the moguls in our history, the Vanderbilts, J P Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, J.D. Rockefeller, the captains of industry, were all ruthless men whose primary drive was to become richer than anyone else. Trumps family paints him as being warmhearted but I think not. I think he’s stingy and ruthless. Whether that will be a good thing for our country or not remains to be seen.

I do believe now that he did run a con game with his Trump University, and that a lot of people spent a lot of money for very little in return. If he would cheat small businesses out of their payment, he’d cheat individuals too, and in fact he was even sued by a janitor for failing to pay him his wages. At the same time, he took a large sum of money, got into the real estate game and made an enormous sum of money. He even had a successful TV show, he ran a beauty contest, he’s built casinos, golf courses, resorts, skyscrapers. He’s incredibly accomplished.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has built nothing. What she has accomplished politically was only possible because her husband got elected President. Trump has no trail of dead bodies following his rise to power, the Clintons do, and while Trump may be a bad man in some respects, he doesn’t seem evil. The Clintons are evil. I and many others believe they’ve had people killed who got in their way to amassing their fortunes. Hillary’s performance in political office as the Secretary of State appointee of Obama, is horrible. Under her watch everything fell apart, people died, terrorism made great advances while our military became steadily weaker and our economy worsened. We can expect more of the same if she’s President.

The choice, actually, couldn’t be clearer.


Saturday, June 11th, 2016

I’m god damn sick and tired of seeing that word RACIST in print and hearing it on news media. The plain truth is every single person on the planet is racist because we all DISCRIMINATE.

I spent 6 months in Africa and I can tell you that native Africans pretty much all over there, SMELL. They SMELL, they have a strong body odor. I don’t think it’s from being any more unwashed than most of us, I think it’s from the foods and spices they eat, but I don’t like their odor, personally. If that’s racist, and I’m sure it is, I don’t give a fuck. Some of them were nice people, some were not, again pretty much like the rest of us, but I don’t like being around Africans because I don’t like the way they smell.

I detest American blacks. If you want to see racists, come look at them. They hate everyone, they like women of any color as long as they can have sex with them, but if not, they hate them too. They lie, steal, rob and riot, maim and murder. American blacks are human trash.

I don’t like Japs. Other orientals are fine but Japs are savages, primitive, brutal people who wear a false cloak of courtesy and refinement along with the white gloves they wear to jam people onto train cars. The Japs think they’re superior to all other peoples. Fuck Japs.

Everybody else I like except illegal aliens, most of whom come from Mexico and Central America and who have horrible attitudes and high crime, and are bringing in diseases and drugs. They come in a range of skin tones from black to white, but the word RACIST still gets thrown at me on blogs for speaking my peace about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Last time I looked, ILLEGAL ALIEN was not a race, but you can’t tell those dumb ass Libtards anything, ever.

OTHERWISE, today is a wonderful day, sunny and bright, and regardless of the tone of this post I’m really feeling very cheerful. I just felt it was time to speak up and do my part to confront this bogus PC onslaught calling everyone racist who’s against the destruction of our nations. Happy day to you.


Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

Now that Hillary Clinton has sealed the Democratic Party nomination, the real campaigning by both her and Donald Trump begins, and here’s what we can expect:

The Main Stream Media is going to support Clinton and attack Trump, all of the Main Stream Media, including and certainly not limited to Fox News. It’s already started, with Paul Ryan, Bill Kristol, Carl Rove, Reince Priebus and other supposed “Loyal Republicans” immediately launching verbal cannon fire at Donald Trump, calling him a racist and a bigot, and attacking his various political positions.

The goal of these people and their attacks is simple and clear, they want to defeat his bid for the Presidency and give it to Hillary Clinton, and their reason for doing so is also simple and clear. Clinton is totally corruptible, for the right amount of money she’ll see legislation passed that further enriches these so-called Neocons at the expense of all the rest of us.

In other words, if they can keep Trump out of the White House, it will be business as usual, just as it was under George Bush and just as it would have been under Jeb Bush, the person they thought they were going to easily make our next President. Their next best choice is Hillary Clinton, since they know they can do business with her even though she won’t be quite as compliant as Jeb Bush would have been. Their problem with Donald Trump is that he won’t be compliant at all, which is why so many billionaires are against him.

The forces arrayed against him are massive and they have a good chance of winning. If I were him, I’d start promising secret deals now, and acting like I’m malleable and susceptible to manipulation and compromise, to get them working for me instead of against me. Once President, he can pull an Obama and do the exact opposite of all that he promised, and then it will be too late.

I don’t think he’ll do that, and even if he did, I doubt the story would sell real well to all his enemies. But this is what we can expect to see without letup right up until Election Day.

On a side note, I did something yesterday that’s a first for me, I made a cash donation to a political candidate. Paul Nehlen of Wisconsin, who’s running against Paul Ryan for Ryan’s Congressional seat in the House. Ryan has got to go, he really has to, he reminds me so much of Adolf Hitler I can’t stand it, and though I can’t vote in a Wisconsin state election, I can at least say that I helped in the effort to defeat him and I invite everyone to do the same. Contribute here:


Monday, June 6th, 2016

This is a general behaviorism of politicians, but right now I’m focusing specifically on the attacks on Donald Trump. Politicians and others who curry favor with the RINO and PC crowds keep flinging mud at Trump for things that he says that are absolutely true and valid. Then when they get hit with the backlash from millions of outraged supporters of Mr. Trump, they all back-pedal and retract their statements, usually with some mealy-mouthed crap like “Well, what I REALLY MEANT was…”.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, said right out that he was against Trumps policies and would not vote for him. Ryan is a known RINO, and the backlash against him for running his mouth like that was so severe that he, inch by inch, day by day, slowly retracted his stupid remarks and finally grudgingly admitted that Donald Trump is sort of, kind of acceptable to him. Then he turned right around again and attacked Trump viciously over Trump’s reference to a biased judge being Mexican, calling Trump “racist”. Ryan knows that “Mexican” is a nationality, he’s just being stupid and showing his RINO stripe.

Newt Gingrich is the latest fool to play The Idiot Game of slamming Trump, pandering to the PC’s and RINOs by denouncing Trump for calling the biased Federal Judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit a Mexican and biased. The judge happens to be a Mexican-American, he’s a proven Leftist, and he’s closely associated with the Clintons and Liberal Democrat causes. He’s also a member of La Raza. Of course he’s biased against Trump, and Gingrich was an idiot for attacking Trump for pointing that out.

Now Gingrich has been hammered by the outrage of the millions of Trump supporters who aren’t buying into his bullshit, and he’s totally, 100%, reversed himself and said on Fox News that “What he really meant was” Donald Trump has good reason to complain that the judge is biased, and that pointing out his Mexican ancestry and connections is valid.

One Republican politician after another keeps hopping up on a soap box and denouncing Trump for some totally non-Politically Correct thing he says, that happens to be true, and then having to backtrack and say that they were wrong after they get hit with an avalanche of outrage from Trump supporters, and I can’t help wondering when they’re going to TAKE THE GOD DAMN HINT AND SHUT UP? I hope that with this latest total reversal by Gingrich, that must have been humiliating for him, that it will be a sufficient example for the rest of these pandering, two-faced hypocrites, that they finally see reality and opt to stop trying to please the RINOs. Doing so can be career-ending.

The new political reality is that Donald Trump speaks the plain truth and he says what he thinks whenever he feels like it. He doesn’t lie or pander to any special interests or special groups. His bias is toward honesty and truth, if that can be called a bias. He has the support of so many millions of us because we all want the truth, we all know it when we hear it, and he’s the first real leader in anyone’s memory to speak the plain truth. Anyone who attacks him, attacks all of us, it’s that simple.

From now on, no person who lies to us will get our vote. The truth has been exposed, the corruption has been exposed, and it’s over. The days of Political Correctness are numbered and the Republican Party will either be cleaned of it’s corruption or cease to be a player.

The days of the RINOs are coming to an end. We true conservatives are heartily sick of them, and if they don’t fall in line with the rest of us and drop the PC crap, they’ll soon be on the outside again looking for a job.


Friday, June 3rd, 2016

“I’m With Stupid”. That’s the slogan you sometimes see on tee-shirts, usually with an arrow pointing to the left. The direction is appropriate considering what the Left is doing now. Everyone from Barack and Michael Obama, Hillary Clinton and on down is blaming Donald Trump for the physical attacks by the hired thugs who keep assaulting people who come to his rallies.

If those same thugs did this at a Clinton or Sanders rally, do you think anyone would be blaming Clinton or Sanders? Not a chance, once again they’d be claiming that Donald Trump was behind it, not that people were angry with what either Clinton or Sanders was saying. But when it happens at Trump rallies, the story in the media and from the Political Left is that the violence against innocent supporters of Trump is justified because of things that Trump has said. So in other words, Freedom of Speech is only allowed to those on the Left, and violence is only allowed against those on the Right. Furthermore, violence to anyone on the Right, especially if they’re Pro-Trump, is justified.

The American people simply are not that stupid. The average Democrat knows that this is wrong and only the zealots among Democrats celebrate the physical assaults on innocent people. This is turning into a huge effort by the Left to divide the American public along not just political lines but in terms of willingness to engage in violence against each other, and it has to fail and backfire. There’s probably just as many Christians of various denominations among the Democrats as there are among Republicans, who believe in the same 10 Commandments, for one, and for those of us in the minority who aren’t religious, we still know right from wrong.

When I see some woman get suddenly attacked by hired Leftist thugs, my first instinct is to protect the woman. My politics have nothing to do with that, I am immediately against whoever the attacker is. So when the attacker turns out to be someone who is against someone I’m also against, how do I feel about that? Most of us will start taking a second look at the person we’re against. His followers aren’t doing this, maybe I need to take another look at the person I was for, and the one I was against as well. I have to ask, if someone physically attacks you like that because you chose one candidate over another, is that going to make you vote for the other person instead? Or will it actually harden your resolve to vote for the person of your choice?

These attacks and the support for them by our Democrat politicians and Leftist media, the justifying of what we know to be wrong, will only work with the truly stupid among us. Most of those on the Left must be feeling embarrassed by all this. If Trump were supportive of such attacks on Clinton’s supporters I would dump him like a hot rock. The thought of someone like that as our President is scary to anyone with any sense.


Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Yesterday, Thursday, Donald Trump held a rally in San Diego, California, and as usual a bunch of hired protesters showed up to harass those attending the rally. Among them were the usual Mexicans waving Mexican flags and screaming their threats and hate against the Trump supporters, only this time some of them attacked a woman supporter, “pinning her up against a building and pelting her with eggs and other objects.” “The men celebrated after physically assaulting the woman, waving Mexican flags.” They didn’t stop with that, they also beat up two young men, hitting them with bottles and fists.

I won’t go to Mexico anymore, after the way I was treated by those worthless people, though I used to go as a tourist and for the sport fishing. It was during the last trip there that our economy had taken a huge hit and most Americans were suddenly having to be very careful of what they spent, so of course our travel as tourists abroad dropped off dramatically. It had to, we no longer had the extra money to spend on expensive vacations.

This meant that tourism to Mexico dropped dramatically too, and since the Mexicans were heavily dependent on getting their income from us, they were really starting to hurt. They felt that their loss of income was all our fault, they blamed their sudden lack of prosperity on us, they hated us for it and they took it out on us. They were really angry with us for not continuing to spend money in Mexico and they attacked us for not doing so. That’s how stupid the average Mexican is.

So now they go to rallies here in America for a man who wants to seriously enforce our border security and then they behave like total assholes, which only reinforces our dislike of Mexicans, our desire for border control to keep them out and our willingness to vote for the person who promises to do that. These people are empowering Donald Trump and they’re just too stupid to understand that.


Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Another somewhat noted person is whining away this morning about the team name “Washington Redskins” being racist and “not okay”. Redskin is of course a term for American Indians. The reason they’re called Indians is because Christopher Columbus thought he’d landed his ship in India when he first saw them, and the name has stuck. But anyway… Native Americans called the European settlers “White Eyes” and other references to color, and the natives were called a lot worse things than “redskins” by the white people.

It’s normal for people to give generic names to other peoples as well as other groups of animals, trees or whatever. We all do it. When American Negroes began referring to whites as Rednecks, that was an obvious observation of the fact that the necks of white people who stay out in the sun, turn red. It only becomes a racist remark when it’s applied to white people generally.

We all discriminate between people of different skin colors or other group or racial characteristics. A typical caricature of an Irish person is one with a wide space between their nose and upper lip. Italians are seen as womanizers. Britishers wear derby hats. Polish people are depicted as stupid, Swedes as big and square-headed, and so on. That’s not racism. That’s how we categorize.

Humans insist on giving names to everything, in this way we define the world and control it. Unnamed things scare us, we have to put everyone and everything into some sort of category in order to feel safe and in control, and this isn’t racism no matter how much the P. C. Liberal crowd tries to make us think it is. Racism isn’t in the naming, it’s in the hatred and we need to be clear on that distinction. Making words politically incorrect because someone might be offended is a dangerous path to take. Anyone can then claim to be offended by anything.

We have the right to offend others, and others have the right to say what they think of our behavior. We also have the right to ignore the idiots and the haters among us. What we need to stop doing isn’t saying stupid, offensive things, because we never will anyway. We need to stop trying to control what words people can use because if we don’t we’re going to end up afraid to ever say anything at all for fear of offending someone.

After all, most of us need to be offended sometimes, it wakes us up either to our own mistakes or to the true intentions of others.


Friday, May 27th, 2016

It occurred to me that this may be the most likely scenario when election day comes around… Remember that there’s a lot of very powerful RINOs in the Republican Party whose only goal is the continuation of their agendas, and those agendas have nothing to do with making America better. I’m still hearing Mitt Romney bleating about a Third Party candidate and that’s what set my brain cells to quietly working away while I watched the UFC fights. The fights ended and the hunch then got my attention.

I do think Hillary is toast, and it won’t be long before she gets the boot. Her problems are bad enough, but all the ugliness of Bill’s sexual assaults and the trail of dead bodies in the Clinton’s past are becoming too public now. The Democrats don’t want Bernie Sanders, he has too many ideas of his own and he’d be too uncontrollable. That only leaves Joe Biden, a man who is eminently controllable. He’d do anything he’s told to do and since he has no opinions of his own, he won’t need to keep them to himself. The only thing they’ll have to watch is his tendency to blurt out the truth sometimes.

So I see Joe Biden as the Democrat’s nominee and that traitorous asshole Mitt Romney running as a third-party candidate to split the Republican vote and give the Presidency to Joe Biden.


Monday, May 23rd, 2016

A judge found Officer Edward Nero not guilty of misconduct in office and reckless endangerment in the arrest of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died a week after he was critically injured in police custody, it was announced this Monday morning. Gray sustained his injuries while riding in the back of a police paddy wagon, apparently from bouncing off the steel interior. Since it’s unlikely that The Hulk picked up the police van and shook it violently, or that the van was in a tornado, Gray probably sustained his injuries from bashing himself around in the interior. He was out of control to begin with, which was why he was arrested and put in the van in the first place.

His death gave a bunch of black racists all the excuse they needed to start rioting and looting the businesses of Baltimore, and the black racist female mayor of that city told the police to stand back and let them loot. She supported the looters instead of the law-abiding citizens, aiding and abetting the attacks against mostly white-owned businesses. It was from the Baltimore riots that Black Lives Matter arose, the black racists who are doing their best to add to the terrorism problem in our country.

Now that the police officer accused of wrongdoing has been cleared of all charges, pretty much everyone is expecting a repeat of the riots and looting. According to Wikipedia statistics, “Civil unrest continued with at least twenty police officers injured, at least 250 people arrested, 285 to 350 businesses damaged, 150 vehicle fires, 60 structure fires, 27 drugstores looted, thousands of police and Maryland Army National Guard troops deployed, and with a state of emergency declared in the city limits of Baltimore.”

Note that 27 drugstores were looted along with the ‘up to” 350 businesses, and 150 cars set on fire along with 60 buildings. This was about looting, the whole melee was about getting free stuff and doing harm. Think they don’t want another round of free stuff and getting away with crimes? You bet they do.


Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Hideous old guy in drag.

President Barack Obama has named a transgender, “Barbara” Satin, to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

This freak looks totally like a guy in drag to me, and I don’t care how much he thinks he’s a woman, he’s not. He’s a man with a mental illness and very likely a serious hormone imbalance, and this is just more proof of how unbalanced Barack Obama is himself. Living with a tranny guy and getting away with it isn’t enough for him, he’s determined to shove as many of these freaks of nature down the American throat before he leaves office as he can.

Obama is intent on digging up these sexual oddities and using them as trophies of his homosexual Presidency. At least this one is old, it will either die or retire before much longer and disappear from the public eye once again. God what a hideous sight.