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Monday, September 26th, 2016


I recently made a small purchase of some kitchen items that seemed like a bargain price, they were shown in boxes of 10 and sold by the “Pack” in the drop-drop down list. So imagine my surprise when instead of boxes of ten items per, I got one loose item, of unknown brand, no box full at all. The auction was grossly misleading, that drop-down list should state Per Item, not Per Pack, and when I told the seller I wanted him to send me a return label so I could send it back to him, he refused. I then notified ebay directly that I wished to return the item.

2 days later an email from ebay came, saying that I had cancelled my return request and the case was closed. NO, I did not cancel my request, the seller asked ebay to and they did. So after fighting with their robot for a few minutes I finally got it to transfer me to someone to appeal this. The person I talked to was an absolute dickhead who talked over me and wouldn’t answer my question, why did ebay cancel my request? He refused to appeal my case but did transfer me to a generic Paypal number where, after dealing with another robot and 2 actual humans, I was able to get Paypal to appeal my case.

It’s a small amount of money. What matters is that I first was cheated by a seller, then ebay sided with this seller without considering anything I might have to say, then refused to hear me out, and I had to deal with robots programmed to deliberately misdirect until I finally talked to a truly rude asshole who would do nothing.

The seller is messing with a bulldog, I won’t let go of this now until I get some measure of satisfaction, at the very least by leaving the most damaging feedback I can conjure up for the cheap bastard. When I sell on ebay, I make sure everything is honest, clear and no room for error, and I insist that people I buy from do the same thing for me.

If I could stuff it up ebay’s ass I’d happily do that as well, but I’ll have to be satisfied with posting my gripes here, unfortunately.


Saturday, September 24th, 2016

The United States has never had a single problem with rioting oriental people. There are oriental gangs and gang violence but no riots.
We have a lot of Hispanics but no Hispanic riots. Plenty of Hispanic gang violence and Hispanic crime, but they don’t engage in rioting and looting.
Native Americans don’t do it either, or people from India, and white people haven’t started a riot since the Great Depression that I know of.

Just blacks. It doesn’t take anything for blacks to riot and loot. They don’t need a reason, merely an excuse, usually when some armed black thug gets himself killed by the police, but mostly it’s when anything happens between blacks and police. Black Americans just love to riot and loot, that’s really what it’s about, and they don’t give a crap about some black getting killed, not really, in fact they’re happy for it because now they have an excuse to start another riot and loot some more stores, and maybe find a few innocent white people to beat hell out of.

Black people in the USA have the highest homicide rate of any group. Black women also have the most abortions of any group, by race or religion or anything else. Black people have no respect for life at all, not for their own lives and not for their children. When one of their children dies the women scream and rage but they never cry real tears, while the fathers talk about what a loss the death is to them and what a wonderful child they lost. But no tears, not ever, because it’s all just noise, they don’t really care.

After watching their jungle-savage behavior in the riots this summer, and the one still going on in South Carolina, I’m glad that they kill each other off a lot. I’m glad that they have lots of abortions. I wish they’d kill each other off faster, and that all of them have abortions. I wish there wasn’t a single black American, not one. The vast majority of them are bad people and bad for America. They contribute far more misery and unhappiness to our society than the small amount of positivity and improvement some of them bring. Far too few are Dr. Ben Carson types or anything remotely close to that man. They aren’t worthy of being Americans, and they aren’t worthy of the gift of life. If I could push a button and rid our country of every single one of them, I would.


Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

I’ve figured out why the polls keep going up and down. First Trump is up 4 points, then Hillary is up 3 points, then she’s up 2 points, then Trump is up 2 points. What’s happening?

Polls don’t count the “undecided” and that group stays the same right up until they actually vote, if they ever do. So they can be effectively counted out when poll taking. Just those who have their choice picked out are the ones who get counted.

There’s about 220 million Americans eligible to vote but only about 125 million actually do vote. When polls are conducted on the phone, people are asked which one they’re going to vote for. Different people may be asked each time, but for the poll numbers to change, people have to change their minds about the person they’re voting for.

1 point of change means that 2.2 million Americans changed to the “other” candidate, so a 5 point increase for Trump means that almost eleven million people decided to NOT vote for Hillary and to vote for him instead. That was his “Post Convention bump” where he hit 44 to her 39. But then He goes down to 41 and Hillary rises 4 points over him to 45? That would mean that 13.2 million decided to switch votes again and vote for Hillary. Two days ago Trump led by 6 points, to 47, so that means that 15.4 million Americans switched votes AGAIN.

Today the polls say that Hillary is back ahead of Trump from 2 points to as many as 6 points, so if we call it 4 points, that means that milions of Americans AGAIN switched votes.

The polls are trying to tell us that we Americans are switching our votes back and forth between Hillary and Donald, in the tens of millions!!! Every single day. How can this be? The only people I’ve heard of who have switched their vote, have switched TO Donald Trump.
Not one person has stated publicly that they switched from Trump to Clinton. If they had, our media would have made a huge deal out of it and tried to make it look like everyone was doing it.

No one is switching their vote back and forth. Those for Trump stay for Trump, not one of them changes over to Clinton. Those for Clinton mostly stay for Clinton, but some are publicly switching to Trump. Therefore his poll numbers should be steadily increasing, not going up and down. Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers should also be slowly and steadily declining as voters move to Trump, not suddenly leaping ahead of Trump overnight by ten or fifteen million voters.

Every time that one poll shows that Trump is in the lead, the other polls quickly take NEW polls that show him losing.
Polls cost money to conduct, and there’s a lot of polls, all with differing results. I know if I ran a poll, I’d want some way to make a profit from it, and the best way I can think of is to get paid to report the results that someone with lots of money wanted reported.

Like the Clinton Foundation, or maybe the Hillary Clinton Campaign Fund, or perhaps the Democrat National Committee. They all have lots of money. Any one of those would do just fine.

Yesterday the polls said Hildabeast was up by 4 points but today Trump is up by 5 points. so HEY FOLKS, THAT MEANS OVER 20 MILLION OF YOU SWITCHED SIDES OVERNIGHT. Sure you did……..


Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

If you want to live in a country that’s safe from Islamic terrorism, move to one that’s poor and Hispanic. You never hear a word of any nation in the entire continent of South America having the slightest problem with Muslims because they’re all poor and Catholics, and they’re all generally rather violent people when pissed off. If some Muslims went anywhere in South or Central America and started pushing their agenda, those hot-tempered Catholics would make them disappear, never to be seen again, and they know it. The same is true for Mexico.

This is something to seriously consider, if you happen to be young, wealthy and living in the United States or Southern Europe especially.


Monday, September 19th, 2016

O’Reilly’s written a series of books titled “Killing Jesus” “Killing Abe Lincoln” and so forth and now he’s written his own. He’s killed himself forever as a believable newscaster. Bloviating Bill O’Reilly has made himself into a total whore who will say anything his master tells him to say, in return for his paycheck.

I guess it’s not enough for him that he has royalties from all those books he wrote, or that he could have retired 2 years ago on full Social Security benefits which, considering his income, would be the maximum payout. I can’t imagine how much wealth he’s accumulated by now but it’s certain that he doesn’t need money. He’s 67 years old, he had a brilliant career and yet here he is still working on Fox News, and making a complete ass of himself. I don’t get it.

I watched him tonight since he was conducting an interview of Donald Trump and I knew that O’Reilly was going to try to harm Trump. I wanted to see how Trump dealt with it. I was right, and Trump dealt with O’Reilly’s attacks very graciously and directly. Bill failed to score a single point on him. Then after that, Bill interviewed a few other people, and every time they tried to say something positive about Trump, Bill would get a hard look on his face, his eyes would narrow and he’d interrupt them, cut them off.

Bill O’Reilly showed a video of Hillary Clinton attacking Trump, saying what were outright, vicious and unfounded lies about him, and then demanded that the people he was interviewing respond to her lies as if they were valid. O’Reilly gave the most pathetic performance I’ve seen yet of being “fair and balanced” and I noticed he didn’t even try to suggest this time that his show was at all fair.

Rupert Murdoch’s sons are now running Fox News, they’re Australians like their father, and Australia is Socialist. As they are. Bill O’Reilly has become a puppet and they pull his strings. He’s a whore for money, he has no moral values, no love of his country, no concern for it’s people. He just wants more money, more fame, and he certainly will be remembered when he’s gone as a man who sold out his country and his own values.

Bloviating Bill O’Reilly has written “Killing Bill O’Reilly” and is publishing his last book with every show.


Monday, September 19th, 2016

Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Ash Carter repealed the ban on transgenders serving in the military back in June, and now Obama’s issued a directive that all sailors will be required to undergo transgender behavioral education by July 2017.

Starting Nov. 1, the training will educate sailors about the Navy’s new transgender policy. This latest insane attack on our Navy plans to let people use any bathroom of their choice, and our sailors are expected to look the other way and say nothing.

There’s roughly three “transgenders” out of every 1000 people in this country according to the latest figures, or 1 in every 333. I find this a grossly inflated number, Politically Corrected to give this group more political clout. Ten years ago the homosexuals were claiming that 1 of every 8 men was homosexual, for the same reason, and we know that’s completely false. Best estimates today taken from census surveys is that 1 out of every 50 men is a homosexual. 2.2% of the population, in other words.

Sexual deviancy is extremely disrupting in a military setting and everyone knows it including Barack Obama and that dog’s asshole licker Ash Carter. I do fervently hate these vile corrupters of our wonderful country, I hope to see them die kicking and screaming in agony before my own time is up.


Sunday, September 18th, 2016

She might, or she might not...

All the signs of syphilis are there, including the tongue lesions. It was only a few weeks ago that a photographer caught an image of her with her mouth open and a coal black spot about the size of a dime on her tongue. Then of course, there’s the coughing fits that have been going on for many months, her collapses, her inability to walk up 5 porch steps unassisted, the times when she couldn’t stop nodding her head vigorously, that one time caught on camera when she stopped nodding and looked skyward with an idiotic, gape-mouthed expression. It all fits her having syphilis except for one thing.

“A single intramuscular injection
of long acting Benzathine penicillin G (2.4 million units administered intramuscularly) will cure a person who has primary, secondary or early latent syphilis.”

Syphilis at this stage can be cured in about 2 weeks. Hillary has had symptoms FOR MONTHS. If she has syphilis, then why is she still having these problems? She should have been cured of the disease a long time ago.

But this is interesting. HIV has many of the same symptoms as syphilis, and HIV infections are much more likely to be transmitted to someone who comes in contact with a syphilis sore. Syphilis sores can appear anywhere on the body.

Now, if Hillary has HIV, that would explain every single problem she’s been having as well as why her symptoms persist. There is no cure for HIV. With treatment, her worst symptoms should subside, but the problem with HIV is that the immune system collapses and all sorts of diseases invade the body, and it’s not just the HIV virus that you’re treating, it’s all those diseases that just keep coming on. It’s a constant battle to keep the immune system strong.

Hillary probably has HIV with the possible complication of a temporary syphilis infection. If she also caught syphilis, her weakened immune system might make it much harder, and take much longer, to cure her of it.

The American public has a right to see her medical reports.


Saturday, September 17th, 2016

The Fraternal Order of Police, our nations largest law enforcement organization with more than 330,000 members, has endorsed Donald Trump for President. This is a seriously big deal, and made even more impressive because Trump never asked for their endorsement.

Just a few days ago 88 retired generals and admirals endorsed him, also with his asking for any endorsement, and that number has now swelled to 150. No police organizations or generals or admirals have endorsed Hillary Clinton at all and I can’t help wondering how much of this is sinking in to the general public. Donald Trump has the vote of the nation’s police and top military people, NOT Hilary Clinton. Active duty military are not allowed to engage in any sort of political promotion, endorsement or activity, or else many of them would publicly endorse him as well, but I’m sure they’ll be voting for him.

Our national Border Patrol service has never before endorsed any candidate, but all 16,500 of them have now endorsed Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, a group of retired military personnel who have received the Medal of Honor, our nations highest award, also recently endorsed Donald Trump. He’s been endorsed by the families of those killed under Clinton’s watch in Benghazi, Libya and by the families of police officers killed by black BLM thugs. I never hear of anyone endorsing Hillary Clinton except a few corrupt, Socialist labor unions. The MSM is biased heavily in her favor, so very biased that trust in our Media has dropped down to record lows and is still dropping.

The days until the election are counting down and by all accounts, Donald Trump should win the Presidency with a landslide vote.


Friday, September 16th, 2016

The BIG NEWS HEADLINE on CNN this morning is that “Donald Trump admits that Obama was born in USA” and they have a whole news panel convened to yap about that. Yes, he made a statement today that Obama was born in the United States, Hawaii being a state. Not that it matters, all that’s required to be a “natural born citizen” and be able to run for President is that one parent is born in the USA, and his mother was. But that’s all CNN wants to talk about, they don’t want to mention that Trump now leads Hillary in the polls. The funniest part of this is that it was Hillary who started the rumor that Obama wasn’t born in America, when the two were competing for the Democrat nomination. Not Donald Trump, who’s now reminded everyone that it was Hillary and not him.

Meanwhile on Fox News and many others, the BIG NEWS HEADLINE is that Donald Trump is now ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls. That’s BIG NEWS mostly because the polls were revised to favor Clinton as Trump kept surging further ahead, and now they show him ahead even with all the heavily biased revisions. THAT is the real news. CNN can try all the ridiculous diversions and go off on pointless sidetracks all they want, everyone is still going to know that Trump is now ahead even by the most biased polls.

Hillary just responded to this by claiming that she “always knew this was going to be a tight race”. Really, after telling everyone that Donald Trump was a “flash in the pan”, “unfit to be President”, a “loser”, and so on? Hillary can’t speak without lying. In fact, the easiest way to tell if she’s lying is to see if her lips are moving. She’s in panic mode. It’s not enough that her body is failing her and her hidden illnesses keep popping up in full view of the cameras, now she’s behind in the biased polls too. The stress on her must be enormous, and in fact she looked poor on TV this morning. She looks worn out and drawn out.

With any luck she’ll collapse again and have to be hospitalized the next time. That will be the end of her campaign, assuming she would then resign from it, not a safe assumption at all considering who we’re dealing with. I think she’d rather die than give up trying to be President. But with the new polls admitting that Trump is in the lead, it’s going to be fun watching the Democrats make more and more mistakes.


Monday, September 12th, 2016

This is a picture of someone exhibiting a neurological disorder.
This is a picture of someone exhibiting a neurological disorder, most likely Parkinsons Disease. Just prior to this gape-mouthed idiot stare, she was bobbing her head uncontrollably.

Anyone who would vote for this person to be our next President has lost all their sensibilities. A mentally incompetent President could lead us into a World War.


Sunday, September 11th, 2016

A video has been released and is all over the Internet that shows Hillary Clinton completely collapsing before she’s able to enter a black Secret Service van. She was leaving the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony early, in New York, after having arrived late. In the video, she staggers and stumbles, moves jerkily, drops down, is grabbed by SS agents as she drops down completely out of sight, while the agents surround her to block off public view of her collapse.

The van takes her to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, and when she leaves the apartment a little later, she’s “walks unassisted” as she goes over to that same van and gets in. “Walks unassisted”? The fact that some reporter found it necessary to say that, speaks volumes about her poor and deteriorating physical condition. Obviously she received some sort of booster to get her back on her feet quickly and I doubt it was a vitamin shot. Much more likely it was an injection of benzedrine or amphetamine, or a similar drug. She wears sunglasses now that prevent a view of her eyes, which could reveal if her eyes were unnaturally dilated or not from drugs.

Her episodes keep getting worse and happen more and more frequently. I’m personally hoping that she doesn’t make it to Election Day.

Hillary Clinton is the most mentally, morally and physically unfit person who’s ever been nominated for President.


Friday, September 9th, 2016

For those not into Greek history, or perhaps mythology, Diogenes was a Cynic whose ghost wanders the Earth in search of an honest man and hasn’t found one yet. One place he would flee in revulsion from for sure is our world of politics. Donald Trump may not be the most honest guy around but one thing he’s done that no other has done in my relatively long lifetime is expose the incredible level of corruption in our government, all through it, all through all the layers of it, from the dealings between politicians and the rich, the investors and manufacturers, bankers, corporations and stock traders, to the petty rip-offs like having taxpayers pay for re-roofing their homes.

Diogenes was a real person, the story of his ghost wandering yet is the myth, but his contention that no one is truly honest had merit a few thousand years ago and still does.

The old saying that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is undeniably true. People are petty, you give some low-witted employee just a slight level of authority over someone else and that person will act like they’re the King of one and lord it over their new “subject”. I’ve seen it over and over. People want to dominate, and the dumber they are, the worse they are at doing it.

So finding people who can be trusted to hold the reins of power and use them for the good of the rest of us is a nearly impossible task. If a person is uncorrupted, just give them enough power and watch them change. Hillary Clinton has held those reins of power and performed poorly. She ignored her duties and ignored the laws that are supposed to govern us all equally, because she knew she could do it and get away with it, and a lot of people have suffered and others have died as a result while she used her power to enrich herself.

Donald Trump has also held the reins of power, and for most of his life. He comes from wealth and power and has risen greatly in wealth by using that power. He may not yet be as corrupt as he could be when he’s President, but it’s certain that he’s not the man Diogenes is searching for either. What he has going for him is that he clearly is capable of doing the job and doing it well, and Hillary is clearly capable of being careless and unconcerned with the fate of our nation.

As for levels of corruption, it’s hard to say which one is more so. What matters here is the sort of corruption. Both of these people sought wealth and that seeking is where the corruption comes from, but Trump has his, he no longer seeks it. Clinton still does. Both want the power of the office, of course, Clinton wants it not just for the wealth but for the sense of domination, of having won in spite of being the horrible person she is in reality. Trump wants it, or at least appears to, to top his life’s list of accomplishments. You could say that being President tops his Bucket List, but getting elected is only the start of that, he has to become our greatest President. This is Trump’s real goal, to become greater than Abraham Lincoln.

He’ll make deals and use his skills to manipulate the corruption of others. He’s a master at that, and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t feel contempt for those whose corruption makes them manipulable. His personal level of self-respect is massive and he knows all the tricks.

Now that he’s stopped making outrageous statements and has settled into hammering away with his basic platform, his chances are steadily rising. How he plans to deal with the voting fraud that we all know is going to be instigated by the Democrats machine, I don’t know, but I won’t be surprised to be surprised, if you know what I mean. I’m expecting some things, who knows what, to happen.


Friday, September 9th, 2016

Black American gold medal winners at past Olympics raise a fist on the podium to signify black power, and it makes headlines. Some people are outraged while others cheer them on.

An athlete who’s heavy on religion stops and prays in public before each game begins and it makes headlines. Some people are outraged while others cheer him on.

Now an athlete is going down on one knee when the National Anthem is played instead of putting his hand over his heart the way we were all taught to do as children and it makes headlines. Some people are outraged while others cheer him on.

Let me tell everyone the best way to deal with this stuff: Ignore it. Look the other way, don’t say anything, go on about your business. What harmless act some person does to get attention has nothing to do with you unless that person is doing it to you, and none of these people are. They’re just out for attention. They want to be a part of some movement or some philosophy that’s important to them and they want it to be important to everyone, so they make irritants out of themselves, and fools.

Anyone who gets into the act, gets all outraged or cheers them on, is just leaping onto the attention bandwagon and looks just as much a fool, and there’s no shortage of people who do. Are we really that bored that we need to get all worked up about people who do things that don’t matter?


Monday, September 5th, 2016

I’ve been seeing a few comments here and there on blogs and in online news articles that say that if one of the candidates dies before Election Day, that the election could be canceled. Even US News and World Report published such an article, “A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election”.

This is flatly untrue. The only reason I can think of for publishing total crap like this by a major media source is that they hope that Trump gets killed by someone and Obama could then remain President. But he can’t, whether Trump is assassinated, Hillary is, or one of the other candidates. Remember, we have FOUR political parties on the ballot now, and if one candidate dies before the election we still have 3 others to choose from, not one.

In addition, the leaders of these parties all have the right to choose a replacement for the dead candidate and offer that person as a write-in candidate.

I believe this idea that the election could be canceled is aimed squarely at Donald Trump. If he were to die before the election, there’s a good chance that one of the other party candidates would win the election and not Hillary. Hillary is really that unpopular. But if Hillary or either of the others died, Trump would win, since he’s going to win anyway. Clearly, the hope here by US News is that Trump is going to be whacked, then they could push for Obama staying in office.

Kinda makes you wonder if that’s an actual plan, doesn’t it? I mean, US News?


Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Update. Trump went to Mexico, talked with their president, and came back alive. I was worried. He demonstrated a lot of courage doing that, our Presidents don’t go to Mexico, the security there is terrible. It’s just not safe. But he did really well, got along well with their president, and definitely scored major points here at home. I have to give him credit, he’s really showing real statesmanship.

That was the warning to President Kennedy by his secretary, she had a bad feeling about it. Well, I just heard on TV that Donald Trump has accepted the Mexican president’s invitation to go to Mexico, and I have a bad feeling about it.

Mexico is a lawless nation and a lot of people there hate Trump and would not only like to kill him, they can kill him. Drug cartel operatives can bribe the Mexican president to let them kill Trump and the bribe would be accepted. Once Trump was dead there’d be nothing we could do about it, and it’s a given that Barack Obama and the Clintons would eagerly join in on a plot to kill Trump while he’s out of the USA and beyond our help or ability to investigate.

I don’t like this a bit. Don’t go to Mexico.


Monday, August 29th, 2016

The population of the Japanese islands is a little over 126 million people, with a population density of 900 people per square mile. For comparison, the United States has a population density of 84 people per square mile and we’re already inhabiting even very marginal land. We’re crowded.

The Japs are dealing with their population congestion by losing interest in sex. Last year only 1 million babies were born, while 1.3 million people died. The result is that the population is declining and simultaneously aging, as the average person keeps getting older. This is one of Nature’s ways of dealing with overpopulation, but there are others.

On the Indonesian island of Flores a very small sized and small brained species of extinct human was found, along with pygmy elephant fossils. My guess is that as the ocean slowly rose the size of the island shrank along with it’s available food supply, and being smaller became a survival trait.

Commonly among animals, when one species increases it’s numbers it becomes a more plentiful food for other, predatory species. So the predators increase as the food species decreases and then some of the predators starve and die to balance the food chain once again. Among humans, we war on each other to take each others territory. Whether we will or not in the future is unknown but if we do, we’ll probably kill off a large portion of our numbers because disease and famine always follow in the wake of our wars and kill as many or more than combat does.

Or, we could go the Flores way. If we just keep multiplying, we may start becoming smaller. Another remedy would be to stop living long lives and go back to an average lifespan of 40 years like primitive man. Lastly, we could do like the Japanese are doing, and a lot of people in Europe as well, and just stop having children.

That looks to be the most likely scenario, as it’s the most developed nations that are experiencing the greatest reverse in population growth. At the rate the world is developing, it may only be another hundred years or so before the whole planet has reached pretty much a par on technological development, and the current population displacement through migration out of the unlivable, permanently arid or frozen regions is completed.

With political/social stability and an end to migration, the Japanese option for population control is probably the way we’ll go.


Monday, August 29th, 2016

Everything she touches lately turns to crap. It’s not bad enough that she shot a Hershey squirt in the butt of her dress, square over the exit aperture, Hell, that’s just garnish, a little parsley on the side. Her closest friend and constant companion is a Muslime bitch named Huma Abedin, who is married to a sex addict Jew named Anthony Wiener and Anthony is constantly getting caught sexting pictures of his wiener to strange women who post the pictures on Facebook, “Look, Anthony Wiener’s wiener”, causing him to resign as an elected Representative and causing huge and continuing scandals. He just got caught doing it again while laying in bed with his infant son. Guess how that makes Hillary look, hanging out with gutter level people like that.

How long do you think a Republican candidate for the Presidency would continue to associate with someone whose husband did that? they might stay friends privately but any public association would be over and done. Not Hillary, she’s used to rolling in the gutter along with her husband Bill.

And this may mean nothing, but I think it’s really odd that Huma and Anthony have separate last names just like a Hollywood marriage.

She’s been trying to tell black Americans that Donald Trump is a racist who’s out to do them harm and make their lives worse, and the blacks are responding by asking how they can get any worse, and turning to Trump. Trump says “Vote for me, what can you lose?” and the blacks answer “Poverty. We can lose poverty”, and that’s exactly right. Poverty is what they have now and Trump says he’ll take that away from them.

Every time this disgusting, bloated and wrinkled bag of diseases attacks Donald Trump it comes back in her face, because he tells the plain truth that no one else would touch before. You can’t fight the truth. He says really rude things about people, but he means those things, and they’re true, and every time Hillary goes into denial all she does is lose more voters.

Hillary Clinton has buried herself in a manure pile of payola, play for pay, bribery, corruption and collusion with our enemies. Beyond that, she’s shown her utter disregard for our nation and it’s Constitution. She’s acted in every way as if she’s above the law and Obama has protected her all the way.

The rotting feces that is her true legacy is all coming to light and she did it all to herself. She deserves all her diseases and more of them, and I can hardly wait until Julian Assange releases the next batch of incriminating evidence against her. Hillary Clinton is dying a death of 1000 cuts, and it’s well deserved.


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Hillary Clinton is literally walking lately as if she had a dry corncob stuffed up her asshole. I’m not saying that to be mean or spiteful, I’m saying that to be as descriptive as possible of really odd, deliberate way she’s walking now. Another thing is the way her body shape has changed. It may be that she’s wearing clothes that cover every inch of her to hide an emerging deformity, which is a growing stomach bulge that’s off-center to the right.

A bulge like that is caused by an expanding spleen. Enlargement of the spleen is caused by a whole variety of different problems and ailments, all bad and all serious.

Her spleen is enlarging, she exhibits early Parkinson’s Disease, she’s emotionally unstable, she’s gaining weight, showing physical weakness and sometimes inability to stand, needs help climbing a few stairs, is taking dangerous drugs long term. Doctors who’ve observed her on TV can’t say for certain what’s wrong with her but they have identified some drugs being hand-carried by the agents protecting her, and they generally conclude that she has a fatal condition and maybe more than one condition. She’s sometimes confused and often uses bad judgement, and is disconnected from the results of her actions. So she has mental problems as well as physical ones.

Any medical report on her health that is released by anyone in our government is bound to be a pack of lies. No doctor tells the truth about a Presidential candidate or President unless that person has died. Then they say “The President is dead” but never tell the true reason why.

Hillary is what they call in New York a “sick ticket”, people who vote for her might as well vote for a rotting corpse. The result will be the same.


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Carl Rove, increasingly obese former advisor to and Deputy Chief of Staff of G. W. Bush, past President and permanent asshole, is on Fox News telling the world that Donald Trump should never never never have called Hitlary Clinton a bigot because it just isn’t done and now everyone is going to be focused on that instead of the crimes of her and Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation and so forth.

Then some other fat nobody came on and said pretty much the same thing, that Trump made a huge mistake and needs to get his act together because now everyone is talking about him calling her a bigot instead of talking about the corrupt Clinton foundation.

So then we look at all the various media websites and guess what? No one is even mentioning him calling her a bigot. And you know why? Because they don’t want to, because she is one and they all know it. They don’t want to talk about that, they don’t want anyone even looking at that, but Fox News saw an opportunity to get Fat Slob Rove to attack Trump.

Pretty stupid of Fox, when anyone who’s been paying attention knows by now and has known for a long time, that Rove is a RINO Establishment Porker. Listening to him is like listening to Mitt Romney, it’s all crap and lies.

Trump’s thinly veiled remark suggesting that she should be assassinated was really dumb, but he seems to have figured that out and even though he’s still saying things that outrage some people, he’s not suggesting that anyone violate any laws anymore.

As far as calling Hitlary a bigot, he happens to be right, and personally I think it was a brilliant move. The MSM won’t touch it so far, except for “fair and balanced” (my ass) Fox News, who showed him saying that during a rally before trying to make him look bad for doing so. They show his speeches to prove that they’re still Conservative, but it falls flat.

I keep thinking of that Chinese Curse, “May you live in interesting times.”


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

It’s the only answer, Hillary Clinton must be a cyborg, part human, part machine. That’s why she wears only clothing that covers her from high up on her neck all the way down to the tops of her shoes, because all the rest is metal and plastic. It also explains the weird faces she keeps making, the laughing fits, the head nodding and nodding and nodding. Her programming is causing conflicts. But no wonder, it’s such new technology they don’t have all the bugs out yet, and the life support systems to just keep her head and hands working without rotting must be constantly needing repair.

I just hope she doesn’t start leaking oil and other fluids during a speech, people could slip in it and fall and injure themselves. I mean, you can’t explain away someone all covered in Hillary goo by saying her diaper broke.