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Saturday, November 28th, 2015

I’m not much given to conspiracy theories. If one is presented that’s backed up with sufficient verifiable facts to lend it credence, I may dig into it myself, just out of curiosity, to see if it holds water.

That there is a global conspiracy by Islamists to create a global Islamic state is well established fact now, with the conspirators themselves freely admitting to their goal. What’s nebulous and cloudy are all the mechanisms of this conspiracy, and I think I see at least the surface now of what clearly is a deeper and more vast conspiracy than I’d imagined.

Two things. Canada is about to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees right now with plans to take in a lot more next year, and the daily scenes on television of lines of Syrians, 20 abreast, stretching off into the distance as they walk by the tens of thousands into Eastern Europe, not only with no one stopping them and turning them back, but with them actually being encouraged to march into Europe.

These people are almost entirely all Muslims and they’re walking freely into Europe by the millions, even as the various European national rulers, the Presidents and Prime Ministers, have full awareness that Muslims do not assimilate but instead demand that everyone else become a Muslim, and knowing that this massive influx does terrible harm to their national economies, makes jobs for their citizens scarce, increases poverty and crime, and overwhelms their infrastructures and food production capabilities, and worsens the threat of terrorism. Why would they do this?

Not just that but Liberal Canada is compounding their own terrorist threat and ours. Now we not only have our Southern border to worry about but our Northern border as well, when before at least our border with Canada was always considered to be safe.

Well, there’s nothing like an endless war to produce millions of refugees, now is there? I can’t help but notice that NONE of these refugees are heading for Russia, many are coming in our direction instead. A lot of them are staying in the Middle East, fortunately, with many going to Turkey and Jordan. Even so, a number of South American nations are also taking in a lot of them. I find it hard to believe that even one of those leaders is driven to do this by a feeling of compassion.

Muslims do not belong in Western societies. They’re like importing poisonous snakes that slowly wipe out all the indigenous fauna, they’re like kudzu, an oriental vine that was accidentally introduced into our South and now clogs formerly navigable rivers and grows all over everything non-stop, and nothing gets rid of it. This wave of undesirable immigrants would never happen without the force of a war that could easily be stopped at any time.

Clearly, all the governments of the world, at least those that can contribute in some way to this global religious realignment, are complicit in it. India and China are much closer to Syria than Canada or the United States, yet there are no Muslim hordes marching to those nations. Just Europe and the West, with the open aid and assistance of Europe and the West.

I have no documentary proof so I can only suspect that huge sums of money and other influences are being used by Muslim Arabs to bribe Western leaders into allowing and abetting this massive migration. It is a fact that G.W. Bush and Barack Obama jointly created ISIS, it is a fact that the “Arab Spring” is a Bush – Obama-created disaster. All during that time, the leaders of the UK were complicit in this. To deny at this point that Western leaders, et al, are enabling the Islamization of Europe and the West is blind and foolish. They are.


Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

World War 1 was started by the assassination of an obscure Austrian duke, which resulted in the various European alliances eventually declaring war on each other. In other words, it was started by a fairly minor event that got out of hand because the different hostile nations misjudged each others intentions and will.

Right now, our President Obama is on TV telling Russia, Turkey and the world that Turkey has a right to defend their airspace. Well, they do, but the Russian aircraft came down in Syria. Obama is defending Islamist Turkey. We and Turkey are members of NATO, as are France, Germany and Great Britain. France, Germany and Great Britain are busy putting together an alliance with Russia against ISIS as I type this.

Germany had the living hell beat out of them in the 1940′s by the United States, England and Russia. France and England were devastated by Germany. Germany killed millions of Russians. So. We can take it as a given that alliances between these nations are going to have at least some fragility, considering their historical relationships. Russia is not a member of NATO and Putin sneers at NATO.

Quite a mess, huh? So what would happen if the Russians knock down some Turkish aircraft and the Turks demand that their NATO allies come to their aid against Russia? Would they?

I can see Obama using this as the perfect excuse to finally put troops on the ground in Syria, claiming that they’re there to fight ISIS but actually there to fight Russians. I don’t think France would send troops to join him, they want to destroy ISIS, not fight Russia. But Cameron in England is likely to give him some support and Turkey will then also, -probably- send in troops and aircraft against Russia and Assad.

If this happened, and if I were Putin, I would invade Turkey. Considering how close together Turkey and Russia are, it would be a snap. If this happened, the waves of Muslims fleeing the area would be in the millions and they’d pour into Europe in overwhelming numbers. This would provide Obama with an excuse to bring as many Muslims as possible into the United States even as the economic crisis this created in Europe steadily worsened. Meanwhile, the war in Turkey and the Middle East would continue to widen, and as nations weakened, Putin would seize opportunities to gain further advantage and expand Russian influence…

It is just possible that the downing of that Russian fighter jet by Turkey may be the mistake that brings us into another world war. Like I said in my previous post, the suspense is killing me.


Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

Both Christians and Muslims proselytize. The Christians do it by coming to your door and trying to convince you that whatever your religion or lack of it is, you’re wrong if you don’t believe what they do. The Muslims do it by subjugating you, taxing you, taking away your property rights, enslaving you and killing you. No other religions proselytize that I’ve ever heard of. The Jews never do it, and I’ve never had a Hindu or Sikh come to my door with some message of salvation. This is because other religions respect the opinions and privacy of others while Christians and Muslims do not.

Christians, at least, will tolerate the presence of people with other faiths, while Muslims can’t, won’t and don’t. Christianity, while looking down on all other religions as being inferior, at least isn’t hostile or violently inclined toward them. Islam is so inherently violent that even the sects attack and kill each other.

Bahai Faith is a branch of Islam, as is Sufism, but both are hated by the two largest sects, Sunni and Shia and are heavily persecuted. This would be like Catholics murdering Jehovah’s Witnesses, it seems ludicrous and barbaric because it is. Likewise, Sunnites and Shiites hate, persecute and murder each other even though the differences between them seem minor to outsiders. That difference is solely over who the next leader of Islam was to be after it’s founder Mohammad died.

The word islam is Arabic for submission, and in order to make everyone submit, the leaders must have dominance, which is why Islam is violent. Dominance is the primary theme.

The vast majority of Muslims want to live and enjoy life just like all other peoples, which is why we don’t see over a billion Muslims all rising up at once in response to the call for jihad against the West that’s been demanded of them for over a decade now. At the same time, there’s only a few who have spoken out against the call for jihad, because nearly all of them are in favor of jihad. They just don’t want to get into the fight if they don’t have to. As the jihad grows, though, more and more Muslims gain confidence and join it, and this will become a bigger and bigger global conflict until the majority of Muslim men and many Muslim women are actively fighting against the West and Western values.

Unless a truly major Western effort is made very soon to stamp out this jihad to achieve a new Caliphate, several billion people may die before the battles end. Since removing all Muslims from Europe and the USA is necessary to accomplish this, it won’t happen. A massive assault against all the bastions of Islam is needed to end this and Political Correctness will stand in the way until all the Chamberlains running our world are finally pushed aside through dire necessity. Of course, then it will be too late for an easier solution and just like before, in World War II, millions will have to die and the world trashed, when most of that could have been avoided.

If Islam should happen to win out, the battles will start anew between the Sunnites and Shiites and there will be heavy competition between them to convert the most of the conquered to their sect, while they continue to reduce modern civilization to rubble and the human condition to poverty and misery.


Thursday, November 19th, 2015

So far, ever since the Paris attacks, Obama’s various spokesmen have been making it a real point to get in front of some media camera and tell the American public that there are no credible threats from ISIS here in the USA.

The only people with guns (besides the American public, of course) that he does seem afraid of is the police of our nation. He’s made them look like the worst, most racist enemies a poor black looter or rioter ever had, but ISIS? Heeay, no problemo, dude.


Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Adolf Hitler was head of the German National Socialist Party. Francois Hollande is head of the French Socialist party.
Hitler imposed what we now call Martial Law, enabling him to have virtually unlimited power within Germany.
Hollande has declared Martial Law in France and seeks an extension of it for 3 months. In France it’s called State of Emergency.

Statements have come out of France that the terrorist attack was “just a matter of time”. I have to ask, if it was expected, why wasn’t it prevented? Immediately afterward, the police went out and arrested a large number of people connected to the attack and to other terrorists cells. They knew right where these people were. Isn’t that strange?

Here in the USA, our own president has increased poverty, increased racial tensions and disrespected the nation’s police. There’s been riots and those in charge, the mayors and governors, have stood by and done nothing to stop them, while our president validated the rioters by saying it was the fault of the police.

In Nazi Germany, riots were deliberately instigated in order to gain popular support for a police state. Was the slaughter in France allowed to happen, or even instigated? It worked for that other Socialist, Adolf Hitler.

Can’t help seeing the comparison, though, between Hollande’s behavior and Obama’s. Hollande is saying “WAR on Islamic terrorism” and Obama can’t even bring himself to say “Islamic terrorism” or speak of ISIS in terms of war at all. What he does do, over and over, is call ISIS “ISIL”. His appointees are also careful to say ISIL instead of ISIS, though the rest of the Democrat politicians say ISIS. The difference is simply that the L stands for The Levant, which is Israel, and Obama is obsessed with the idea of ISIS over-running and destroying Israel.

My point on mentioning the difference in the way Hollande and Obama are acting is that the more uproar going on in France, the easier it will be to declare and maintain Martial Law, or “State of Emergency”. The fact that Obama keeps shying away from this, tells me that he places his love of Islam above his desire to create massive social unrest, which would let him get away with declaring Martial Law. It’s possible that his tweaked homosexual personality will end up being his worst enemy in achieving his goals. I’ve seen his behavior before in other homosexual men. They have to have their way, they have to dominate, but in an effeminate way, so they lie and evade and pretend rather than act forcefully like Putin or Trump, then stamp their feet and threaten to do some non-violent retaliatory act if they’re challenged. That’s Obama.

Not being able to call Islamic terrorism what it is, Obama falls back on dissing the police and inflaming racial discord, but that won’t be enough to do the job because, very simply, white people just aren’t going to rush in and start fighting the blacks. The blacks do a great job of attacking each other without any help, and when the cops are ordered to stand down, all the blame falls on the politicians and the blacks and no one else. Ferguson proved to be a bust for Obama and his efforts to make America’s police look bad have backfired and made him look bad instead.

No doubt Obama will do his best to follow Hollande’s lead in declaring Martial Law, but first there has to be some sort of nationwide calamity. I guess he hopes that all the ISIS agents he’s allowed in will create a mini-holocaust before he has to leave office, since that seems like the only possibility left.

I have a suspicious mind when it comes to “leaders”. They always seem to lead us down the road to Hell.

THE SAGA UNFOLDS or something like that…

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

In breaking news I see that France has just launched bombing attacks on ISIS strongholds in two Syrian cities, and the Kurds have just announced that they’ve taken the Iraqi city of Jiddah back from ISIS.

The first thing that seems reasonable to wonder about is, what will Obama do to counter these successes and help empower ISIS?

I think that he’ll do either nothing, or next to nothing, and instead focus even more on destroying the USA. One of his spokesmen answered the question, an hour or so ago, of whether the Paris attack by “Syrian refugees” has changed his plan to bring in at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees”, all of whom will be Muslims, you can bet on it, and none will be the true refugees, Christians. God forbid that he help out any Christians, right? He’s doing everything he can before his term in office ends to load us up with as many Muslims as possible, knowing as many of us do that as the Muslim population grows here, so will their attacks on us and their efforts to take over the country.

The political pressure is on for him to take greater action against ISIS, which he alone now still calls ISIL, which means Islamic State in the Levant. The Levant is Israel, to give you some idea of his persistent hatred of the Jews. There can be no doubt that Obama is a Muslim.

Looking to the more distant future, say, the next couple of months, I can see a possibility of the Russians going full at it and wiping out ISIS for good. They can do it just as easily as we can, and we can do it easily. I previously posted on the chance of France allying with Russia against ISIS, and Putin’s no fool. If he ended ISIS, the Russians would be world heroes, everyone would praise them, and they’d make the United States look like a bunch of wimps. Russian prestige would elevate pretty dramatically in the world. So let’s see what happens.


Sunday, November 15th, 2015

In Christian society, it is believed that professing a belief in a god shows that you’re a good person. Our politicians all profess to believe in a deity, and the approved deity is the Christian God. So they all claim to believe in this god, so people will all think they are good persons. The opposite of this, of course, is to not believe in a god. That means you’re a bad person.

Then along comes Islam, whose devotees make it a point to slaughter innocent people and particularly Christians and Jews. They believe in a god, too, very much so, maybe a lot more than the Christians and Jews do, because they’re the only religious group that murders people in the name of their god and because of their religious beliefs. All the rest of us murder others for either wealth or power or both. Not Muslims. They murder simply to make everyone become Muslims. Now, THAT is belief.

Now that everyone is getting a real good look at the nature of Islam, and the devout belief Muslims have in their god, don’t they have to ask themselves, “Does belief in a god make someone a better person, or a worse person?”

Christians and Jews worship pretty much the same god, except that Christians also worship a Jew as the son of their god. That must make Jews feel pretty special. I know I would if I were Jewish, all those many millions of people worshiping a Jew. Feeling special is a big part of both religions, as the Jews call themselves God’s Chosen People, and the Christians consider themselves superior to all others of other religions, so both are very self-righteous in their attitudes toward people of other faiths. There’s a lot of inter-faith discord and snobbery as well, with all the different churches and little sects each considering themselves to be right and the others all going to Hell or some other imaginary bad place.

When you consider that, the idea that professing a religion makes you a better person just doesn’t hold water. Just because your faith doesn’t have you running around murdering innocents, that doesn’t mean it makes you a better person. More likely it makes you a much worse person.

The worst thing about most religions is that they get people to believe that they come back to life again after they die, and if you obeyed the crap you were taught you go to a good place, and if you didn’t you go to a bad place, and if you confess your wrongs to a priest or to your god, you are forgiven, and can go do more bad things, and get forgiven, and then go do more bad things and be forgiven….. While those who don’t believe in a god or a religion don’t have forgiveness to fall back on and have to do right as best they can if they want to feel right with themselves.

That’s the real difference between faith and non-faith. Non-believers can’t blame anything on a god so they have to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Believers don’t. They can get away with all sorts of bad behavior and be forgiven, and feel good about themselves because God or Jesus has freed them from their sins.

How do you keep a grip on reality if you constantly pretend that the bad things you keep doing are okay because your god has forgiven you? Especially if your god approves of the bad things you do, as the Islamic god does?

It’s time for the idea that believing in a deity makes us better people, to die and be buried. It doesn’t. It makes us worse.


Saturday, November 14th, 2015

This morning, a short while ago on Fox News, I heard Greg Palkot, an American war journalist, remark that America is leading the fight against ISIS. I’m sorry, that’s total bullshit, RUSSIA is leading the fight against ISIS. Another Fox commentator said that the Syrian regime is responsible for providing a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists, when in fact Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad has been fighting those same terrorists for years now while our leaders keep fighting against him. So more bullshit. One person, a former ambassador, did say that Saudi Arabia is not our friend but our enemy and is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism, and that was the only truth I heard out of all that.

French Pres. Hollande has declared War against ISIS. He’s the first national leader to actually call this attack an Act of War. Remember, now, that Russia’s been attacked by ISIS – the Russian airliner that was downed with a bomb – and while our leaders keep claiming that the Russians are fighting the people we support and not ISIS people, the very fact that ISIS attacked Russia makes a lie of that. They wouldn’t do it unless they were trying to stop Russia from attacking them, the same way they just attacked France for aiding in the attacks against them.

My reason for pointing this out is that France has a good chance of allying with Russia in the war against ISIS. Obama’s statements about the Paris attack is that the people involved need to be “brought to justice”, as if they were just common criminals and putting them in jail will solve the whole problem. Does anyone with a brain think that France is now going to rely on the United States to assist them in their newly declared war? Watch for them to drop us like a hot rock and ally with Russia. There’s a good chance of it. Remember too that France and Russia both have nuclear weapons, and atomic bombs come in all sizes including Small. They’re called Tactical nukes, and are made to affect small areas. They’d be very effective in wiping out ISIS, and before anyone gets the horrors over this idea, remember also that we can drop conventional explosives that do more damage in one blast than a small tactical nuke. Nuclear weapons were made to be used and we already know that the Russians have less scruples than the West.


Friday, November 13th, 2015

When the Muslims started moving into France, the French let them. When the Muslims started taking over entire neighborhoods and barricading the streets so French citizens couldn’t enter, the French let them. When the Muslims rioted and burned French citizens cars by the hundreds along with their shops, the French let them.

Tonight, after the Muslim attackers were killed, many French people were heard to say that they were expecting an attack like this. They were expecting it! I don’t want to sound all religious here, but Jesus Christ! Instead of waiting for it, why didn’t they take steps to make damn sure it didn’t happen in the first place?

They could have. They must know who all the rabid, hate-mongering imams are and they should have deported every one of them long ago. But laissez-faire is the French way of not doing things. Laissez-faire, let things take their own course, lay back, don’t bother, just let things happen. Well, they happened, and they’re going to happen again and probably worse, over there, because this attack was so successful and there’s so very many Muslims in France now, that now those crazy fuckers are going to be lining up for the chance to wear a suicide belt.

It’s a sure bet that the purpose of this widespread terror attack is to get the French to stop supporting the NATO efforts against ISIS in Syria, and there will be more such coordinated attacks as long as France continues to aid in the fight against ISIS. The British have already opted out of Syria, and you can bet your bippy that Cameron was told by some imam to either quit helping NATO in Syria or England would suffer what France suffered tonight. The British caved in to terrorist demands years ago, allowing Sharia Law courts, suspending bigamy laws for Muslim men with multiple wives, letting them take over entire cities with no British allowed in. You could call that stuff cowardice and it is, but more than that, it’s stupidity.

For all the noise and shouting tonight about this string of attacks, the thing that stands out to me the most is the French government response. Their president declared a state of emergency, and the instant I heard that, I thought “Uh-oh, here it comes.” Sure as hell, a “state of emergency” in France is the equivalent of a declaration of Martial Law in the USA. All citizens rights are suspended and the forces of the government can do anything they want, anything at all, enter any home, summarily execute people on the street without trial. Even though it’s been declared that all the terrorists have now been killed, that state of emergency hasn’t been lifted. But the night is young, we’ll see how it goes. This may just all be a test.

A test? Yes. This attack was expected but not prevented. Under Martial Law, or a “state of emergency”, the government becomes a total dictatorship for the duration. Ooo, the POWER. The French have been Socialists as far back as I can recall and before that, just like the British, and Socialists do love power and control. Haven’t I gone on enough about Obama maybe declaring Martial Law here because of civil unrest? He’s a Socialist. When you see an attack is imminent but just sit back and watch it happen, then declare a state of emergency afterward, what do you call that?


Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Quite awhile back I posted an article entitled “Why Mexicans Suck”. People keep finding it on Google and linked on other sites, and the comments keep coming in, over 450 now not counting all the ones I deleted for being troll attacks and racist. The racist remarks are deleted because the article is not about race, it’s about the attitude of Mexicans, and Mexico is a country, not a race. They come in all colors over there just like we do here.

The vast majority of racist comments that I’ve deleted were made by Mexicans, whining that the article was racist for saying that Mexicans suck. Mexicans are the only people on the planet Earth who call themselves a race instead of a nationality, and it’s all because of their shitty attitude. We have illegal aliens pouring in here from all sorts of Latin American nations besides Mexico. There’s Guatemalans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and others from Columbia and other South American nations, yet not one of those groups has ever marched or demonstrated or otherwise caused a civil disturbance in my county while displaying their national flag. Just Mexicans. In fact, I’ve never seen a single case of any of those other nation’s flags being flown here. Just Mexican flags.

Those non-Mexican migrants who pass through Mexico on their way to the United States do so at their peril. The ones hiding atop trains and in box-cars are often murdered, and the ones riding on buses are often pulled off the buses and murdered or enslaved, by Mexicans. Those who finally do reach here aren’t boasting about their nationalities and waving a flag from the place they left because that’s the place they wanted to leave behind for a new life. Not so the Mexicans, they want to bring Mexico here with them, with all it’s corruption, drugs, crime and violence. They aren’t looking for a new life, they just want to take all they can take. They’re nothing but fucking looters.

It used to be that America was a true land of promise, and immigrants flocked here seeking an end to their poverty and misery, and hoping for a new and happy life. Many of them found it, too. America was built by immigrants. My own family roots go back to Europe, all over Europe. My ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Poland, Germany. One of them even came over on the Mayflower, John Rogers, from whom descended my great grandfather. They worked hard, those who didn’t speak English learned the language and it became the common language, they assimilated. They may have been proud Irish or proud Germans but they were first of all, proud Americans.

Then we have the Mexicans. Boy oh boy. Those who came here legally, learned English, named their kids Susan and George and Mary and Frank, they became Americans, proud Americans. The rest of them are proud to remain human trash, to keep their useless, hostile attitude toward this country that they can’t seem to stay out of, they’d rather be proud of Mexico instead, corrupt, drug-infested, poverty-ridden Mexico, the place many of them died of thirst in the desert trying to leave. Is it me or are Mexicans just the stupidest people on Earth? Most of them are here because there’s no work and high crime in Mexico and if they stayed, they’d starve to death, be forced to work for a drug cartel or be murdered. Yet when they come here they don’t want to be part of what makes America great, they just want to suck away as much of that as they can while screaming their hatred for America.

You can’t fix stupid, all you can do is deport it and lock the goddam gates.


Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Russia has been painted as Bad Guys and our enemies ever since I was born. The country had been taken over by Communists long before, and Communism and Capitalism just aren’t on the same page. Likewise, Communism always turns out to be a form of dictatorship, which is also contrary to democracy, and Russia’s had some brutal dictators, the worst being Josep Stalin. Here in the West we’ve been saturated with tales of the Russian Secret Police dragging people out of their homes at 3 A.M. and sent to Siberian gulags, forced labor camps. That they did this is true, the Russians have always had a harsh, heavy-handed government.

But the Russian people are just people, pretty much like us except for a few things. Like, they don’t have a big black population, so they don’t have black riots, looting, murders and so forth. Also, they aren’t Politically Correct, so they don’t have homosexual parades that march much past a city block before they’re broken up by people with clubs. Otherwise they have about as much democracy as we do, actually.

Over there, they get to vote for their dictator, Yes, or No. The best ballot choice is Yes. Over here we also get to vote for our dictator, but being a Democracy, we get to choose between a variety of potential dictators. Of course, the votes don’t count and the one who gets elected is chosen by others in power, but at least we get to pretend that The People Chose. I mean, isn’t that way better than in Russia?

In Russia, people are taxed for everything. Of course, we are too, but we have democracy, we have taxation with representation. It says so in our Constitution so that makes it okay, even though we go to jail for not paying our taxes just like the Russian people do.

In Russia, the government tells everyone what to do because they live under a dictatorship. In America the government tells everyone what to do but we live in a Democracy so that makes it okay.

When Russia was ruled by the Communist Party, things got pretty bad because the Communists were so corrupt and inept. Food and fuel shortages got really bad, and finally the whole system collapsed. Now they call it a Democracy, which it must be because now they hold regular dictator elections just like we do. Their economy is having problems like ours is, just for different reasons, and their poverty rate, which had been much lower than ours at 4%, is rising some. In America, half of all people, 50%, live in poverty right now. Isn’t it wonderful that we have a democracy? It’s just so much better to suffer poverty in a Democracy even if way more of us are doing it. Right?

Russia’s poverty rate has gone up to 14% because Putin had the Bank of Russia stop propping up the Ruble with oil money, and it’s lost about 30% of it’s previous value as a result. This has hurt wages and diminished the people’s buying power, and increased poverty, but the ruble is stabilizing and things are starting to return to normal.

Over here in America we don’t have that problem. Our wonderful leaders are borrowing us into and beyond The Disaster Zone and soon we will literally be unable to pay the interest on our debt. There is no possibility now that we could ever actually pay off the debt itself, so when we stop paying the interest, our international credit rating will bottom out, the value of the Dollar will plunge downward faster than a misfired rocket and utterly obliterate itself and our economy, and our current poverty rate will suddenly go from 50% to 95% or higher. In fact, that’s the plan, Stan.

Yes, those poor Russians, it must be awful living in a country like that, huh?


Friday, November 6th, 2015

Well well. Barry Soetorobama is catching flak from Democrats and a lot of them, over the Pacific Rim Trade Agreement he’s trying to hammer through, even while some Republicans support it. Here’s why, the reasons that the media won’t discuss:

The Democrats are very upset over the likelihood that the United States will lose A LOT of jobs if this goes into effect, with more of our manufacturing jobs going overseas, this time to the Pacific Rim nations instead of China, as they did in the past. Why do Democrats care about our jobs all of a sudden, after promoting the massive invasion of Mexicans and other illegal aliens who have taken away millions of American’s jobs? Because the jobs that will be lost ARE UNION JOBS, and many of those illegal aliens join the unions anyway, which is why they’re welcomed by the Democrats. The unions are basically Socialist, as is the Democrat party, and they feed into each other, and every union job lost weakens the Democrat party.

Why do some Republicans support this loss of American jobs? Because those particular Republicans are the paid lackeys of major corporations, companies that want the cheapest possible labor for the biggest possible profit and care less how badly this hurts America and our economy.

Why does Bastard Obama want it? Obviously, because taking away more good paying American jobs hurts America.


Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Never call it Islamic terrorism, that’s way too politically incorrect. This was just a “disgruntled student”, I mean, hey, it could have been anyone, any average American instead of this very Arab type named FAISAL MOHAMMAD, right? Fox News doesn’t say if this Muslim asshole fanatic was shouting “Jihad, jihad” or “Allahu akbar” while he was running around sticking a large knife into innocent people, or not, but if a bet is going around, put my money down on him doing it.

Meanwhile, there will be absolute silence from our Muslim Faggot-in-Chief, who will as usual reserve any negative remarks he might be considering, to use on white cops.


Saturday, October 31st, 2015

This evening I’ve been going through the collection of songs on my computer, picking out the happy tunes and playing the most joyful ones. I finished up this evening with Joan Baez old rendition of “Island In The Sun”, a song I’ve loved since the first time I heard it. Thousands of songs are in that folder, 5,425 currently, and a new one gets added every so often. There’s songs for every human mood and emotion, happy and sad, anger, disgust and despair, whatever the feeling, someone sang a song about it that got recorded, and it’s in there.

Music has been the way I catalog my life, if that’s the right way to say it. My memories are tied to songs. The first songs I recall were when I was 3 years old, and all I have to do, to take a trip down memory lane for any particular time, is play the songs that were popular at that time. The most wonderful thing about humans is that they make music about everything and give life so much more meaning and joyousness then it would ever have without the music. It’s good to be a human, and alive.

Life is such a gift. We all take being alive for granted, even though we don’t get to stay that way and our time of living is destined to expire. I’ve always been a philosopher, but handicapped by anger much of the time. It’s so easy to be angry, there’s so many things to be angry about and nearly all of them are the actions of other humans. Too much of my precious living time has been spent being angry and expressing that anger, primarily because I’ve spent too much time basing my happiness in relationships with other humans. Even though I’ve known for years that people will always let you down, I still got angry when they did. I’m finally starting to look hard at that.

Anger is more than just a waste of time, it’s a waste of happiness. Many people feed on the anger of others, they go out of their way to antagonize people, to make them angry or miserable. We call them bullies and we all know who they are, and the only way to not be angry with them that I ever found was to not be afraid of them. It’s the fear that they want the most, and fear the most. Bullies fear those who don’t fear them.

Life itself is often hard, it’s easy to be angry with losses and hardships, easy to forget that we’re alive and we have music. Getting through life is far more luck than skill, some of us die of starvation shortly after birth, some of us become insanely wealthy and have everything we want all our long lives. Whatever sort of life we have for however long, it seems to me that if we can live without anger and take pleasure in music, we have the two most important things. I’m going to work on that anger thing.


Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Just saw an ad on TV recommending that people get themselves and their children vaccinated for Whooping Cough. This is a disease that we had entirely eliminated through a vaccination program by the 1950′s and now it’s become an epidemic again because of the fucking worthless, stinking, disease ridden MEXICANS who have NO vaccination programs, and come here coughing their guts out in public without covering their mouths, spreading whooping cough, tuberculosis and other diseases among us. Mexicans are lower than dog shit.


Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson was getting some close scrutiny from me for that Black Muslim style ring of hair around his mouth, but after what he said, that a Muslim should never be President, I like the guy.

I make a lot of comments about niggers, but the dear reader needs to understand, our black population is about 13% of us and they commit over 90% of all our violent crimes, including most of the murders, and that tends to give me a very negative view of black Americans. The great majority of blacks in the U.S. hate white people, and racist blacks are niggers in my vocabulary, just as racist whites are crackers in black vocabularies. That doesn’t make me a racist. I’m fine with anyone who has a balanced point of view and is willing to take others as they come.

After Obama I’ve been pretty leery of the idea of another black president, considering his abysmal behavior and the behavior of U.S. blacks in general, and Dr. Carson is undeniably black. However, what he has to say is more to the point about what is wrong and needs to be righted in our country than what Donald Trump is saying. Granted that it’s all just talk by any of them, but that’s really all we have to go on. What they’d actually do if they got the job, we never know until it’s a done deal.

Dr. Carson will never know nor care that he’s earned my trust in spite of my initial misgivings over his race, but he has, and I’m perfectly justified in having a racial bias when you consider all the looting, burning and general violence perpetrated every day by not just individual blacks, but blacks in gangs, gangs that spontaneously coalesce when the chance to loot and burn arise. They do it for no apparent reason other than the love of looting and burning.

I’m not a trusting person. Far from it. I like people but I don’t go out of my way to make friends with anyone because humans are shallow, venal, untrustworthy animals and the more friends you have, the more often your things will be stolen and the more often you will get in fights. So I take a long, long time to develop a friendship, if I do so at all. The few friends I do have, have demonstrated good character, and a few is all anyone really needs. Dr. Carson, so far, has demonstrated remarkably good character. If he and Trump were to run for President and V. Pres., I think that’d be a fine ticket, have a good chance of winning, and would be good for my country.


Sunday, October 18th, 2015

An article today on tells how 6 Republican presidential candidates appeared at a huge Texas church and spoke about their faith. Beforehand they were interviewed by the pastor, Jack Graham, about the importance of faith in their lives. No doubt wanting to make sure they were good sheep of the flock and all that.

Religion is belief in a spirit world. You have to have faith that it exists, because after thousands of years of effort by literally billions of people, there’s still not one shred of proof that any such spirit world exists, or ever did. So the way you instill faith in such a ludicrous, childish fantasy is by demanding of children that they believe it, because if they don’t they’ll go to Hell and burn forever in torment. Burns are the very first real pain that children suffer and after the first time they’re burned, getting burned scares the shit out of them. It does all children. So a fiery, burning Hell is a great way to inspire faith in the kiddies. Fear is a wonderful motivator. You have to teach religion to the kids because if you wait until they grow up, they’ll have outgrown all that Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy bullshit and it’s too late.

Fear is used to a far greater extent in the religion of Islam, where spiritual punishments don’t only come in some mythical life after dying, but are meted out pretty generously during life as well, with things like stoning to death and the whacking off of hands, feet and heads with a knife. Say the wrong thing in an Islamic country and it’s over for you.

Belief is not knowledge. It’s the anti-thesis of knowledge. Belief often inhibits or entirely prevents the gaining of knowledge, and those who are fully obsessed with their beliefs will murder people who speak any truth that refutes their beliefs. For instance, the fact that Islam’s Mohammad was a baby raper, a pedophile. (That’s not really necessary to this article, I just really enjoy pointing that out every once in a while.) Muslims are taught to think that it’s okay to copulate with little 9 year old girls who still play with dolls, because Mohammad did it. But then, they’re told it’s okay to fuck goats, too, so…..

What we believe is merely opinion, and as the famous old saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” We all know that other peoples opinions are never as valid as our own, and the only ones worth anything are the ones we pay professionals, like doctors and plumbers, for. Besides our own, of course.

2600 years ago the Buddha said to “Beware the thicket of opinion”, because all opinion is equally worthless in the light of truth and there is no truth in religion, but merely belief. Opinion and superstition. But if you want a social group to hang with and don’t care if they’re all fucking crazy, which they must be to accept impossible shit as being reality, then by all means go for a religion. Which kind doesn’t matter because they’re all crazy, some are just crazier than others. The alternative is to be an honest person. Pick one. If you believe in bullshit, you’re a dishonest person, that should be easily understandable by anyone with even just half a brain.


Sunday, October 4th, 2015

I just realized, during a reading of California SB 1172, the bill enacted into law that punishes mental health care workers for trying to dissuade young people from engaging in homosexual activity, that the word “gay” is now legally accepted by the state of California to mean male homosexuals only. Hat tip to Ernesto for bringing this bill back to my attention. It was enacted several years ago.

Paragraph 2 of the bill starts off “(a) Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual…”. Lesbian OR gay. So female homosexuals are still called Lesbians by the CA state politicians but queer men are the only ones that are “gay” instead of homosexual.

Well, excuse me here but doesn’t the term “Lesbian” still carry the same negative connotation that it always has, that the person so named is HOMOSEXUAL? The whole reason for calling men “gay” was to soften the negative impact of being called homosexual. This is Political Correctness? Where queer women are still called homosexuals but queer men are now called a word that means festive? If I were a fearless and festive fag female I’d rise up in righteous raging wrath and ream those ridiculous retards for their rotten record of reconciliation. This isn’t fair play at all. Lady queers should get a new name too. Something easy to say like gay is, a one-syllable lie. How about “Mom”? Now that we’ve destroyed the meaning of gay, let’s destroy the institution of Motherhood, which has been hanging precariously by a few threads anyway these days. Let’s call queer women “Moms”, such a nice, comforting word, I mean, who doesn’t love their mom? “Moms” it is.

Now that that injustice is dealt with, we need to start finding a new, nice, happy sounding name for other sexual perversions. Pedophiles need a new name, one that makes them attractive to children. How about “Heroes”? All kids like heroes, hell, everyone does. Trans-sexuals need a name that makes them sound like really well-balanced, sane and sexually attractive people. Maybe “Adonis”? Adonis was a Greek known for his beauty and of course, his sexual attractiveness.

Yessir, our language needs to be fair to everyone, and with only a little more effort we can make every sexual perversion not only legal and protected, but so attractive that everyone will want to become perverted. Only then will we have a truly fair and balanced society. Right?


Thursday, October 1st, 2015

The morning news says that Putin’s jet fighters are striking the “CIA-trained rebels” who are fighting against Assad in Syria, and are being joined by thousands of Iranian fighters in a major offensive to take back Syrian territory lost to the “rebels”.

Let’s see…. We’re supporting the “rebels”, who are at least partly made up of ISIS fanatics and who are killing every Christian they can murder, and who want to destroy America and take over the world. Now, while I’m not having a love affair with Christians, personally, I’ll take them over Muslims 24/7. Yet we’re supporting people who want to kill all the Christians and turn America into an Islamist state, Putin is fighting against this, and he’s the bad guy. Did I miss anything?

ISIS isn’t alone in wanting to kill all the Christians and take over the world, so do the Iranians and very likely the Syrians too, including the ones who actually are rebels against the Syrian government. They’re all Muslims. They all hate Christians, they all want to take over the world. And our government is training them and supplying them with weapons. What the hell?

When our most prominent Republican candidates along with various other spokes-people say that we have no business being involved in anything at all to do with Syria IN THE FIRST PLACE, I agree. What Putin is most likely doing is preventing a massacre of Syrian Christians in his effort to re-stabilize the region that our government is working so hard to destabilize and turn into a field of blood. We created ISIS, through our interventions, and that’s a plain hard fact.


Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

“The Simpsons”, the TV show everyone knows, is gasping for air. Soon the only people watching it will be Liberal Leftards and the “LGBT” crowd. Certainly the Christians and all those on the Right will stop, and I suspect that they’re the main contingent of watchers. Without them the show will wither and die when the dismal ratings cause sponsors to walk away. I guess they think this will boost their sagging ratings. Wrong.

Why do I say this? Because one of the toon characters, Waylon Smithers, is going to be “outed” as homosexual. Smithers is the personal valet and all-around lackey of Mr. Burns, the owner of the town’s nuclear power plant, and a prominent character in the cartoon show. The last thing I want to watch is another homosexual in that show, since it already has several others, virtually flaming faggots, who are supposedly acceptable in that mythical town’s society. One of them is depicted as a teacher of prepubescent children. Adding Smithers to the crowd sinks the boat for me, I was almost ready to abandon ship before, now I have.