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Thursday, December 8th, 2016

As our next President, Donald Trump, continues to select members of his cabinet who have great business and management credentials, the American business community is responding more and more positively to his efforts.

The CEO of United States Steel Corp. told a CNBC interviewer that because of Trump’s policies, U.S. Steel could end up re-hiring the 10,000 people they were forced to lay off because of Obama. “I’m more than happy to bring back the employees that we were forced to lay off during that depressing period,” Longhi said in an interview on CNBC.

Ford Motor Co. is now saying they may not move jobs to Mexico and other companies are backing off from moving, but we still have big corporations like Caterpillar that are firing their US employees and replacing them in their newly built Mexican plants, with Mexican workers.

This is a two-way street. The Mexican workers are paid about a tenth of what American workers are paid because they have no unions. This is opening up the Mexican job market and improving their economy, tho, because most everything is cheaper in Mexico, provided you’re not a guest at one of their resorts. As their economy improves, and more jobs become available, more Mexicans will stay home and work there, and the flow of illegals could even start to reverse. All those Muslimes pouring into Mexico in order to cross over into the US might just stay in Mexico. Talk about blind justice, the Mexicans would hate it but we Americans would love it.

Anyway, while we are losing jobs and manufacturing to Mexico, we’re losing Mexicans back to Mexico too since a lot of those jobs were taken by Mexicans anyway. At the same time, the unions here are being weakened as they keep losing paying members, and Right To Work laws keep getting passed. Our unions have served their purpose and become corrupt years ago. Time for them to disband and go away. This will mean lower wages for a lot of people but it will also mean LOWER PRICES for goods, for ALL OF US, and when we pay less to buy something, we need less money to get by.

I’m all for seeing the Mexican economy boom, and the faster it does so, the sooner we end the invasion of illegal aliens. Once that Wall is built and well patrolled by our expanded Border Patrol, and the laws enforced against the hiring of illegal aliens, that too will return many jobs to actual Americans.

Once Mexico is finally forced to stop relying on us for their food and shelter, they’ll have to deal with their economy seriously. They never have. Another thing is going to happen with all this, which is that the flood of drugs from Mexico will cease. I can well imagine Trump getting the Death Penalty passed through a Republican Congress for anyone caught smuggling drugs into our country and I’d love to see it. I wish we still used public humiliation, such as public floggings, on our worst offenders, and public executions. They were more effective in keeping order than the way we hide all the punishment away, now. That won’t happen, but I’m sure there’s going to be some very effective changes in the way we’ve been doing things, no doubt.

It’s wonderful to have this feeling of optimism and real hope for real change, at last. I truly thought our nation was near the end. And it was.


Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Of all the things Barack Obama has done to harm our country, as well as failed to do to protect it, out of all his golfing vacations and huge personal expenditures of taxpayer money, beyond it all, there is one thing he may be remembered for when all else is forgotten.

On the day that Donald Trump will be sworn in as our next President, Barack Obama will be starting a Farewell Tour.

He plans to visit some of our largest cities. To say goodbye?

No previous President in the history of our nation has ever done this. When they leave office, they go back home. That’s it. They don’t tour the country to say goodbye, not ever. But this fatuous asshole is planning on doing exactly that. The worst president we ever had, the most hated, reviled president in our entire history, far, far worse than Jimmy Carter ever was, plans on treating himself to a tour of America at our expense.

One thing that all homosexuals seem to have in common is flamboyancy. They love to show off, to be seen. That’s why queer clubs always have lots of men in drag on a stage, and that’s why Barack Obama thinks it would be just grand if he and his tranny Michael did a Grand Exit. His legacy to America.


Thursday, December 1st, 2016

In 1964, Alaska was hit with a magnitude 9.2 earthquake, just a huge, massive shaking and moving of the earth, so violent that chasms opened up and people fell in and were never seen again.

In 2016 a political earthquake struck the entire United States of America and created a divide that’s widening steadily, as the shaking and aftershocks continue to move our political world.

The divide between the Right and the Left has never been so wide as it is now, and with every new Conservative cabinet appointment, every new Twitter post, every new statement and at every new Thank You rally, Donald Trump shakes the earth again and the chasm spreads ever wider.

The Left is steadily becoming more extreme and more exposed. The Kellogg Corporation, famous for nearly a hundred years for making breakfast foods mostly, had the stupidity to start a fight with Breitbart News, which was the ONLY prominent online news media to steadfastly support Donald Trump and speak the truth to all the lies and attacks against him. Now Kellogg is losing market share as at least 200,000 people have signed an online petition to never in their lifetimes buy another Kellogg product. Kellogg Co. has exposed itself as a supporter of the Extreme Left, both financially and verbally. Few were aware of this until now. Into the chasm with them.

The Democrats, in their confusion and state of loss, have re-elected Nancy Pelosi to lead them. She’s steadily lead them from one failure to the next, she’s a San Francisco Liberal, a Far, Far Lefty in a new world that’s rejected the Left message, and they’re so deep into the chasm they didn’t know who else to pick and so lost for new ideas they can only cling to the same old mindset. The Democrat party is losing it’s grip on the walls of the chasm and going deeper and deeper.

All the really Radical Lefties are popping up and swinging wildly, hoping to strike a blow against our revived nationalism, and they’re ending up, one by one, falling into the chasm for their effort.

Donald Trump may not need much help in draining the swamp. It looks like all that swamp water is finding it’s own way into the chasm, alligators and all.


Sunday, November 27th, 2016

This afternoon saw a really fierce winter storm pass over the area, after hitting here in the early AM hours. In it’s wake, everything is wet, the air is very cold and the mountains around our valley are covered in snow. Not a lot, it will all melt off with the first warmth of the sun, but it’s a sure sign that Winter has arrived.

That means it’s time to start wearing my cashmere sweaters. I have 3 of them in different colors, had them for years and of course the only time I can wear them is when it’s cold outside and I’m going outside. You don’t just casually stroll around the house doing cooking and cleaning in cashmere sweaters.

I bought several when I was in the Navy and we were in some port where they were really cheap, might have been somewhere in Brazil, but I don’t recall now. That was long ago, they eventually wore out and were discarded but I never forgot how great they feel and how warm they are. So about 6 or 7 years ago I bought some more, treat them tenderly and wear them sparingly. I need them to outlast me, after all.


Saturday, November 26th, 2016

This year won’t end for America and a new year start until Donald J. Trump is inaugurated as our new President on January 20th, 2017, and makes it final that he is our President. Only then will the effort to deny him his victory finally end.

What will then begin will be the efforts by the socialist Democrats/Globalists to remove him from office. He’ll be attacked from every angle. He’s going to be barraged with lies and lawsuits and attempts to impeach him at every turn. The Libtard MSM, like CNN and NBC along with various websites like Huffington Post, will say and do anything to attack him, with no regard at all for the truth or for what’s best for our nation.

These people want the USA to become part of a One World Government, and the only way they can get that government is by bringing down America. Donald Trump has stopped them right now by defeating the Clintons for our Presidency, but they’re still going hell-bent to enforce their agenda on the world, including us.

The next four years are going to be wild ones.


Thursday, November 24th, 2016

After checking out what had to say, I fired up the TV and looked in on Fox News, and guess what? They’re drooling all over Donald Trump. Can’t say enough good things about him, and they kept saying how it was the other media that attacked him, issued slurs and insults against him, were biased against him, as if those bootlicking bastards on Fox never did that, it was all the OTHER media that did that, but not Fox, oh no.

It was hilarious to listen to and the reason they did it is obvious. Their ratings have taken a major hit because of all their attacks on the person that most real conservatives voted for and desperately wanted to get elected as our President: The very same people who used to watch Fox News.

It’s all about ratings. The more people watch their show, the more they can charge for advertising and when we all stopped watching, two things happened. Advertisers quit using them, and they had to drop their prices. So the Murdock Brothers, who are now running Fox News instead of daddy Murdoch, had no choice. They had to stop pushing their personal socialist politics down people’s throats or else become a minor league cable news station.

So today I give thanks once again, as I have been since Trump won, that he did win. Donald Trump has given patriotic Americans our voice back. Thank you, Donald Trump.


Monday, November 21st, 2016

Today, President-elect Donald Trump invited some 30 to 40 MSM “top reporters and anchors from mainstream media outlets” to Trump Tower, where they all thought they were going to discuss media access to his administration.

Instead he ripped their asses off.

The meeting was “off the record”, but a few people spoke about it afterward, ““It was like a fucking firing squad,” said one source.

“Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said “I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed….”

“The meeting was a total disaster. The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.”

These fools need to wake up now. Obama isn’t going to be President anymore, Trump is, and just as Obama let them get away with lies, instigating violence and perverting justice, President Trump can stop them, utterly, in their tracks. President Trump, just like President Obama, controls the FCC, which LICENSES all those TV and radio stations, and cable stations and networks, and he can revoke their licenses for the things they’ve done.

It is a requirement of those licensed that they operate for the public good. Fomenting violence, telling lies, showing clear bias, those are valid reasons to shut them down and I do believe that President Donald J. Trump will do exactly that. What a fine day today is.


Sunday, November 20th, 2016

The MSM is still claiming that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but that’s flatly not true. There are at least 3 million illegal aliens in our country and all who voted undoubtedly voted for her, but worse than that, there’s over 4 million DEAD people still on the voter rolls, and the Democrats used as many of their votes as they could get away with, for Hillary Clinton as well.

According to, “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations. “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens. We are joining .@TrueTheVote to initiate legal action. #unrigged — Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote) November 13, 2016.

And according to, “Vote fraud using ballots cast in the name of dead people and illegal alien voters was a huge concern before the election. On the morning of the election there were 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls.”

Potentially, at least 7 million illegal votes may have been cast for Clinton. We all knew that The Fix was in, but not how much. It’s no wonder that Hillary was so obviously confident that she was going to win the election, as she must have been fully aware of just how huge the level of cheating actually was.

IN SPITE of that, Trump won, and he won because Americans turned out in such large numbers to vote for him, overwhelming even that much fraudulent voting. Because of the massive dishonesty we’ll never really know what his margin of victory actually was, but it had to be in the millions of votes.

We have taken back our nation from the grip of the Globalists. How long we can keep it this time depends on how soon we forget what almost was. People have short memories, every new generation gets farther away from the lessons of the past than the previous one, and the day will come when this fight erupts all over again. But for now, the tide, if not turned, is at least held back for this generation. For a while yet, we can thrive and prosper as a nation and help the rest of the world to do the same.


Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Maybe the money is running out to keep paying people to “protest”. Most of the people arrested in Portland, Oregon for rioting turned out to be non-residents of the state, were bused in, and over half never even voted at all. With such phony, staged protests being operated all over our nation, the costs involved have got to be enormous. Even the MSM is reporting that many of these people are found to be paid operatives. That’s not good publicity for the organizers of these Hate Trump campaigns, their credibility is decreasing fast, and that defeats their purpose.

So I expect that we’ll see the end of this stuff in a few more days. What the Globalists have planned next is anyone’s guess, but I bet people generally are getting pretty burnt out on all the protests. Donald Trump won, and regardless of the supposed vote count putting Hillary about 200,000 votes ahead of Trump, he won anyway. Since millions of Mexicans voted for Hillary and most of them are here illegally, and their votes are illegal, and most of them are in California, the real truth is that AMERICANS voted heavily for Donald Trump, millions more than voted for Hillary Clinton, and we, the majority, aren’t buying into all these fake demonstrations.

They aren’t making us dislike Donald Trump, they aren’t making us want someone else besides him to be President, they’re making us more and more disgusted and angry with Liberals and Democrats. We all know who’s doing this and that they represent the Democrat Party, the signs they carry and the slogans they shout are plain enough. All these paid, staged protests are working against the Democrats, not for them. These people are biting themselves in the ass, they’re being terrorists and it’s a good thing they’re not escalating their attacks any further or they’ll start dying at the hands of the police. Cops don’t like bottles full of gasoline, bricks and chunks of rock thrown at them, and they have guns.


Monday, November 14th, 2016

The real reason for all the little demonstrations up to the riots in Oregon over Trump’s election is to get a lot of attention in the MSM. The more attention these Globalists can get, the more they can spread their message of hate and violence.

The problem they’re having is that the MSM isn’t doing much reporting on their misdeeds and the reason for that is that if a dog bites a man once, it’s news, but if the same dog keeps biting the same man, it isn’t news anymore. They keep doing the same tricks and after you’ve watched the same show a few times, it gets boring. Nap time. The media goes to sleep when they get another report of another riot or another demonstration, and meanwhile the people doing this stuff keep getting sent to jail and no one pays their bail and their fines except themselves. That has a strong tendency to discourage them from repeating that behavior, especially as the word gets around among their friends, who would rather buy a bag of weed than have to pay a fine.

Nope, this isn’t working for them. They’re going to have to come up with something a lot more creative to get the attention they want, and if it involves violence, which most of their efforts seem to, eventually they themselves will end up before judges and be sent off to prison. Since they don’t want that either, they’re running out of options.

Soros and the other mega-rich “Progressive” scum are meeting as I type this in Washington D.C. along with a bunch of Democrat politicians to plan new attacks on Donald Trump and our society in general. They’re scared silly that Trump will be able to undo all the “progress and achievements” as they call them, of Barack Obama. The rest of us are praying that he will.

It’s times like these when we need our Private Militias to go out and kill off all these attackers of our nation. It’s War, and I think they have not only the right to do so, but the responsibility as well to rid us of the traitors and foreign agents among us.


Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Too many anti-Trump demonstrations and riots in too many places, too soon after the election, and not one single word against all of this by our piece of shit “president” Obama, not one move to quell this outbreak. Clearly this is an attempt to create anarchy, the plan now set in motion as Plan B in case all the cheating still didn’t win Clinton the election, to either declare Martial Law or somehow force Trump out of the Presidency.

Now it all depends on what state governors do to stop this. It’s up to them, and county and city law enforcement. Once again, it’s Wait and See Time, the bastards in Washington D.C. haven’t yet given up on trying to destroy America.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Most people are thinking that Donald Trump is not going to allow any of the Syrian refugees into the USA, and they’re wrong because they don’t understand the kind of person he really is.

Trump has a streak of kindness running through him for the underdog. I don’t understand why that is, because he’s never been an underdog in his life and how he came to have sympathy for unfortunate people is sure a mystery to me. But he does, and he’s shown it over and over and over again.

We are going to get thousands of Syrian refugees brought into our country, the thing is, they’re not going to be all young Muslim males like Obama kept importing. There may not be a Muslim among them, in fact. The refugees Trump will bring in are going to be all those Christian men, women, old people and children that Obama has kept out and ignored. You won’t see these people running around with turbans or burkas and turning sections of cities into No-Go zones. Instead they’ll become some of our best citizens, thrilled for this opportunity and supporting law and order. They’ll be a counter-force to the hate-mongering Muslims that Obama has so callously inflicted on us.

Watch and see. As for Saudi Arabia, I expect to see a sudden diminishing of their influence in our country and the world, as our oil production soars and keeps the price of oil low, and our economy growing. All those Dollars that have been flowing into Saudi banks for decades are going to flow into our own banks and become available for business and home loans right here, and to help rebuild our infrastructure.

I think Wall Street will end up going along with President Trump instead of fighting him. After all, what those sharks know best is how to take advantage of any situation, and Trump certainly is in favor of profit, he just wants that profit to stay here to build us up and make more profit. Which is really what the Moneyed Elite want too.

This is a lot like giving birth, there’s pain and danger and things can go wrong, but it comes with the promise of a fresh new future. A new start.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Donald Trump is our PRESIDENT-ELECT.

In spite of a massive Democrat/Globalist effort to cheat by switching votes from Trump to Clinton, voting by non-citizens, dead and non-existent people for Clinton, Donald Trump still not only won with a majority popular vote, he also won the majority Electoral College vote. Almost all those who voted for her did because they wanted a woman president, which is EXACTLY the same reason so many voted for Obama, they wanted a black president. Not a single thought in those moronic, insipid little poorly functioning brains regarding her gross criminality, her terrible health, or her total lack of good judgement. Not a care that she greatly endangered our national security, that she sent our ambassador and others to their deaths in Libya, that she turned the Middle East itself into a slaughterhouse that resulted in ISIS expanding into a global threat and turned millions of unskilled Muslims into migrants that have swarmed across Europe, raping and killing.

Our media, TV, cable, newspapers, radio, almost every one, railed against Donald Trump, lied about him, told slanted and twisted stories about him, and showed their extreme Socialist bias against him constantly. But the majority of us were not fooled. We have had enough.

The truth of this election is that so very many people voted for Donald Trump that those votes overwhelmed the cheating. Our need to stop the destruction of our nation proved to be greater than the efforts of all the entrenched Communists, Socialists, Globalists, Democrats and other Traitors combined.

America will now stay a free nation and we will become Great Again.


Sunday, November 6th, 2016

According to some supposed experts on all the obscure quatrains of Michele Nostradamus, Donald Trump becomes President. Also that he might be impeached at the end of his term. “The Trumpet Shakes with Great Discord. An Agreement broken; lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim in blood: the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground”

Yeah. Okay. Clear as mud. That means he wins, huh? Well, great news, glad to hear it but I’ll tell you what, I’ll wait until Tuesday’s voting is all done just to be sure.

In this massively corrupt mess we call our government now, anything can happen.


Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Donald Trump, our future President, spoke out against a black “singer”, JayZ, (whatever his real name is) who appeared at a Hillary rally, singing a hate song of his and repeatedly saying “nigga” and “fuck”. At the rally of someone who is trying to become our President!!!

There was a time when no one in music, the media or the movies ever said a single cuss word. In the classic movie, Gone With The Wind, Clark Gable said “damn” at the very end of the movie and it shocked people. Comedians never swore, no public figure of any kind ever used a single swear word in public, in the movies, on the radio or on television. It just didn’t happen.

We had DECORUM. We had self-respect and respect for others. We didn’t want to hear our entertainers and other public figures swear, it offended us. We as individuals mostly did swear. We used bad language on occasion, but that was us. We held public figures to a higher standard, not in their private lives, but in their public lives.

That’s all gone now, all that respect, all that genteelness of our society has gone, just like the movie. It’s all gone with the wind. Now we hear our neighbors scream filth at each other when we aren’t hearing it in what’s being called music now. Comedians and singers swear constantly, especially black ones, and you hear a BEEP sound about every third word on reality shows, in place of some cuss word that was uttered.

We’ve become too unrestrained, too free with our mouths. We’ve lost our social refinement and become coarse, crass and crude and I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else. I’ve been thinking about this lately, that I’ve gotten swallowed up by the moral decay of our world and maybe it’s the feeling of freedom from restraints that attracted me to this point, but really, I want back what we used to have.

For me to have that, it has to start with me. I don’t know, maybe that makes me a snob, but I always did prefer the high ground.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

There’s a comment on Breitbart that Hispanics are lining up in droves to vote for Trump, and that sounds believable. They’re also lining up in droves to swarm into the US before Trump is elected and shuts down the open border.

The ones lining up to vote for Trump are here legally and can get good-paying jobs, and the ones here illegally work for half-wages and take away those good paying jobs from legal people. Hell yes they’re voting for Trump, they don’t want the illegals here any more than the rest of us do.


Monday, October 31st, 2016

Here’s another of my little predictions. Donald Trump will soon be elected President. The FBI, no longer afraid of telling the truth, will recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin for Obstruction of Justice, Perjury and a variety of other Federal crimes pertaining to Hillary’s term as Secretary of State. There will also be indictments into the Clinton Foundation. I’m betting that the Foundation will be shut down and there will be huge fines levied against it and Bill and Hillary, Bill Clinton may be indicted as well, and at least some of the Pay For Play bargains they made with foreign nations will be nullified.

The title of this post is another prediction. Hillary is going to claim that she’s too sick to go to prison, that she’s dying of some dread disease. And you know what? She probably is. She was never physically fit to be President, an idiot could see that even if Democrats can’t, and she’s going to be screaming like hell and sobbing and just putting on a real command performance to avoid being sent to prison. But she’ll do some time anyway. She has to, she has to at least wear a prison suit for a few weeks or so, so her picture can be taken in it, so her mug shots, her booking pictures, can be a part of American History. This woman must be shamed indelibly and forever as an example to others.

I can see the fallout from these prosecutions going on for years before the effects finally fade. There must be thousands of people connected to Hillary, Huma and Bill who are guilty of criminal acts, there will be judges removed from the bench, a lot of them, I think. Many appointees are going to resign their positions as the danger of criminal prosecution gets closer to them.

Boy, are we ever going to see some changes.


Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton’s No. 1 aide, Huma Abedin, is being investigated by the FBI for Sexting a 15 year old girl and telling her “I would bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week,” and while they were examining his laptop computer because of this, they found a huge hoard of emails all about Huma, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

This caused the FBI to re-open the investigation they’d closed on Hillary, and open new investigations on Huma The Saudi Puppet and the Clinton Foundation.

The results are like waves spreading out from a rock thrown into a pond, except the waves keep getting bigger instead of smaller, as they expand. More and more people are turning away from voting for Hillary, proving that even stupid people have their limits.

The more it becomes obvious that Hillary is going to lose this election, the more people will vote for Trump simply because people hate being connected to losers. Even if they don’t understand anything about either candidate, the voters are shifting to Trump so they can say they picked a winner.

Whatever it takes. I don’t care the reason. Donald Trump must be elected President of the United States.


Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Where she belongs.

Right where she belongs.


Friday, October 28th, 2016

Hillary makes history.

The FBI re-opened the Hillary email investigation after finding more of her emails, this time during an investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting with a 15 year old girl.
Evidence has been piling up that top people in the FBI were rewarded for not going forward with prosecution against Hillary, and this may be the reason why they re-opened a “closed” investigation. They know Trump’s getting elected and they hope to avoid prosecution themselves by doing this. They’re trying to make themselves look honest, or at least get some sort of reprieve.