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Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Happy happy. Happy happy happy.


Friday, July 3rd, 2015

The Kurds are kicking ISIS’ ass in Iraq and plan to carve out their own Kurdish nation from part of Iraq. They’re doing this with almost no help from us, as while our leaders lie their asses off, claiming that we’re sending the Kurds some heavy weapons, the truth is that all the heavy stuff is being directed to Baghdad and it stops there. Our solders sent in to help the Kurds have to stop in Baghdad and leave behind any heavy weapons.

With this announcement by them of their intent to create a new Kurdish nation, I’m betting that Kurds from all over, Jordan, Syria, as well as the large number of them in Turkey, will start swarming into Iraq to join them in battling ISIS and forming their new nation. More power to them, the Kurds aren’t Arabs and they aren’t Muslims, and they’re Pro-West. They’ll win in spite of that shitheel Obama withholding arms. You watch.


Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Greece has defaulted on their debt payment to the IMF and their economy is plunging into an abyss. Very likely they will leave the Eurozone and revert to their national currency. This will result in other poor EU nations following suit, causing the IMF to go into crisis as the value of the Euro drops radically, crashing the economies of the other EU nations. The European Union will fall apart. Once that financial-bloc and military-bloc power is lost, and the riots over money and food become severe, one nation will attack it’s weaker neighbor and war in Europe will expand to encompass the world.

This can happen.


Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Latest news is that some young Tunisian Muslim picked up a Kalashnikov and killed 38 tourist beach-goers with it, as well as wounding a slew of others. The death toll may go higher.

Why did he do this? Because he’s a Muslim, he’d joined up with ISIS and answered the call to commit violent acts for their own sake. Yay, Islam, all get down on their hands and knees, point their assholes toward the West, and praise Allah, the Death God of Islam. This guy is only 23 years old and now he’s thrown his life away in an act of complete insanity. Praise Allah.

That Muslims do this kind of shit isn’t news, we all know they do it, and they do it a lot. Islam is about murdering people and especially people who aren’t the same kind of Muslims they are. The question here is why do Europeans choose to take their vacations in Islamist countries like Tunisia where their very presence is considered an affront? Where their lives are greatly at risk simply by being there, when there’s so many beautiful beaches they could stay at in Europe? Why cross the water to Africa and the chance of being attacked by Muslims?

Very likely the answer is that it’s cheaper to stay in countries like Tunisia, or so it must seem. However, the risk of contracting some hideous disease is far greater anywhere in Africa than it is in Europe, not the least being malaria. That’s outside of the chance of becoming ill from bad food and water, or getting knifed or shot. Then too, you aren’t in Europe anymore, Dorothy, and if some coup or civil rioting breaks out, as does happen, and the airports get closed, you’re stuck right there. But chin up, no doubt you’ll survive it all. Maybe.

Stupidity isn’t confined to Europeans, we have tons of stupid Americans too, only here they vacation in Mexico, which is arguably more violent and unsafe than Tunisia. Why? Because it’s cheaper, same reason. At least something is learned here, we now know the value these happy adventurers place on their own lives.


Saturday, June 27th, 2015

In the aftermath of the killing of 9 black church members by a white man, apparently a white supremacist nutcase, the hue and cry is all about us again to ban the Confederate flag.

NAACP types and Libtards have been trying to ban it for decades as being a racist symbol, and for many people, that’s just what it is. It represents the South, the Confederacy, and their slave economy that was ended by civil war, and is the banner of white supremacists.

Well, while we’re banning flags in violation of our Constitutional Freedom of Speech, let’s ban another one that also represents hate. Hatred not of race but of moral values, the flag of hate against heterosexuality, sexual norms and the rights of the religious. Let’s ban that one, too.

confederate flag

rainbow flag


Thursday, June 25th, 2015

At a gay pride month reception at the White House Wednesday,
“The president singled out discrimination facing transgender Americans as an area where more progress needs to be made.”

Well, YEAH. With a tranny for a “wife”, what else should we expect?


Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

When I was a very young boy in Willard Elementary School in Long Beach, CA, the principal, one Mrs. Anderson, was found out to be a Communist and removed from her position of authority. Ah but that was a long time ago. Now we have Communists everywhere in our schools, from Kindergarten through college.

Today the Radical Socialist (same as Communist) principal of Calabasas High School, in Los Angeles County, backed down from his radical demands because of the many complaints he received from parents and education groups. Our Socialist President has been pushing something called Common Core, which is literally the nationalizing of student lessons, making them all the same and giving the government control over their content. Our school systems are all governed state by state, not by our Federal government, so when Common Core was instituted in California, the law covering it was required to have an “Opt out” option for both students and their parents.

But this wanna-be Communist dictator of a principal demanded that all students be tested under Common Core, and when most of them opted out, he took away their parking lot permits and their rights to participate in school activities. And got slammed good for it and was forced to back down and give the students back their rights.

Now that he’s exposed himself for the sort of person he is, hopefully the Parent-Teacher Association will force the Education Board to fire his nasty ass. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Right on the heels of Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s running for President of the USA, Pope Paul came out and announced that he’s also bidding for the office. His candidacy brings the total number of hopefuls up to 13, a number that isn’t expected to hold for long, as Bill O’Reilly of Fox News has been hinting that he’ll be throwing his hat in the ring soon, along with Beyonce and Clint Eastwood. Paris Hilton has expressed an interest in being “Someone’s Vice President, or maybe the Royal Fashion Secretary”. Someone needs to sit her down and talk to her about that.

Al Jazeera hopes to enter their own candidate as well, regardless of the “Natural Born” requirement. As Rafid Mohammad put it, “All that’s really needed is a good Photoshopped birth certificate. In fact, I may run for US President as well.” If he does, we can expect a lot of votes coming in from Qatar, his native country. He may face some stiff competition, however, from Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, a homosexual man, whose term of office will end soon and who’s expressed a strong interest in becoming the next US President as well.

With the field of Presidential hopefuls heading toward a count of twenty, it could get dangerous. It will be impossible to hold Presidential debates on TV with so many candidates, so at least half of them will have to be eliminated early. What means that will entail, I don’t even want to think about.


Sunday, April 13th, 2014


The confrontation in Nevada between cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management ended yesterday with the release by the BLM agents of all 400 of the cattle they had captured, and returned them to Bundy. They did so because after they surrounded the Bundy ranch with armed Federal agents, hundreds of armed free militiamen from all over the United States swarmed onto the Bundy ranch, with the backup of Nevada sheriffs and police officers, to confront the Federal agents.

Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval had earlier criticized the agency for creating “an atmosphere of intimidation” and trying to confine protesters to a fenced-in “First Amendment area” well away from the sprawling roundup area. That “First Amendment area” didn’t sit very well with anyone, considering that the First Amendment guarantees us the right to free speech anywhere, not just in some little fenced-off area in the middle of Nevada range land.

What this is about, is that Mr. Bundy’s family has been grazing cattle on what is now land claimed by the Federal Government, since the 1870′s and he insists that the land belongs to the state, and that this is exclusively about his ancestral rights and state rights. He had been paying grazing fees to the Feds up until 1993, when the Feds terminated his grazing permit because they said the cattle were endangering the desert tortoise, which is a protected species. At that point Bundy stopped paying fees but continued to graze his cattle there. The storyline linked above has it that first he stopped paying the fees and then his grazing rights were revoked, but that makes no sense and I think they have it backwards. If they had concern for the tortoises, that would have been why his grazing rights would have been revoked. Then, of course, there would no longer be a levy on him for grazing fees.

So I think the BLM claim that he owes over a $million is specious, and that this is about his refusal to remove his cattle. He has been twice ordered to do so by federal courts and this is all about the BLM asserting authority. Now the BLM says they’ll go back to pressing their case in the courts, which is what they should have always been doing instead of sending a small army of armed government thugs out to harass, intimidate and intentionally impoverish this man. Their goal was to round up all of the Bundy cattle and take them away, leaving Bundy with no means of an income.

This is why we must continue to protect our Second Amendment rights to carry arms and form militias. We will always need to protect ourselves against our own government and this is one more case where armed patriots have pushed back and won. If they’d only been there at Waco and Ruby Ridge, the senseless murders carried out by Federal agents against American citizens might have been averted, but at least this time, they backed down. There was too much media attention, too many armed citizens, and too much Nevada state resistance to let them feel comfortable in attacking the way they’ve done in the past.

It should be noted that “Las Vegas Police Lt. Dan Zehnder said the showdown was resolved with no injuries and no violence. Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie was able to negotiate a resolution after talking with Bundy, he said”. “On Saturday, Clark County Sheriff Douglas C. Gillespie announced that the Bureau of Land Management would cease their persecution of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. He also stated that Bundy’s cattle would be allowed to graze on the disputed land. The sheriffs were quick to back Bundy and the militiamen up after the BLM agents said they would start shooting protesters if they tried to release any of the cattle!

In an emotional response, Bundy doubled down and issued the Sheriff an ultimatum, giving him one hour to disarm the federal agency, to bring the arms to the protest site to be destroyed, and to remove their barricades and checkpoints.

When Bundy’s expectations were not met, (by the BLM agents) protesters drove down to the site where his cattle were being held to demand their release: The cattle were then released. The Feds weren’t about to go up against them and the sheriffs deputies too. They were out-gunned.

Bundy Ranch confrontation with BLM thugs
—Click on this photo to see a whole lot more at

So the Feds have finally been sent packing and good damn riddance. This has set a new precedent, we can make our government back off from their thuggish intimidation if we stand together.


Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Today is my Unbirthday, all day long, that I may extend into tomorrow and who knows? The future is wide open and waiting to be lived. Today I celebrate me and the gift of living, and it’s so good to be alive.

Each morning about 4:30 my cat gently climbs up onto my bed and snuggles up against my back. Where she got that habit from, I don’t know, as I took her in as a refugee from the animal shelter. They said she was a feral cat but I could see she never was, she just didn’t have a good home or a good life. Now she does and she shows her appreciation for being appreciated.

By 5:30 to 6:30 I’m up and about, the time depending on when I get up, simple as that. Life is good. By 6:30 it’s just barely beginning to get light, and that’s by Pacific Standard Time. I never did set my clocks back to Daylight Stupid Time, why bother? They’ll all agree with everyone else’s clocks again before too long. One of these days the sun will be higher overhead again and I’ll be back to getting up at 5 to 5:30 again and getting the most of the morning, because by noon it will start to be too hot to be out in the sun.

Each day I hike the hill behind my home. It’s steep and rugged and covered in all manner of trees and brush, and yesterday morning I found a reason to not do that hike. It rained that morning and by the time I returned home, the soles of my shoes needed to be relieved of a few pounds of sticky mud about three times during my hike. Rainy days are days off now.

Life can be rough even if we don’t try to make it so.  I have a lot of spinal degeneration in my back and neck from the ruptured discs, which mostly were caused by my hang-glider accident, although a few other falls didn’t help much either. Years ago my doctor sent me out for x-rays, and the verdict was that an operation had a 50%  chance of leaving me paralyzed for life. He advised against it, but he didn’t need to. I opted to live with the pain, and it was a good choice. Since then I’ve built four houses, lots of outbuildings, rebuilt three houses, travelled all over the United States and the world, done so very many things that I could never have done from a wheelchair.

The thing about pain is, you get used to it, it fades into the background, you can ignore it entirely and live pain-free even though it’s there. Because it doesn’t matter. What matters is making the decision to focus on the joy of living instead of the sorrow of pain, and I choose joy.

I have other physical defects caused by the act of living. My left lung is partially collapsed and has been that way for nearly fifty years. Both lungs are terribly scarred as well from bouts of pneumonia, industrial pollution, smoking and asbestosis.  Old age hasn’t brought any improvements to the situation, either, and I could dwell on that stuff and complain about my aches and pains, and no doubt some people will be sooo sympathetic and commiserate with me about it all, and share tales of their own splints, casts and groans of agony. That’s because some people never learned to be grateful for the wonderful gift of life.

Today I celebrate my life. Who do I thank for it? I have no religion, no set of Holy Rules set down by Sacred Priests who dictate How I Should Live while they don’t. I never did suck up superstition, which is another wonderful gift that living has given me, because I came to experience the reality of Something that ignorant people only believe in and worship and make up songs and sermons about and pretty stained glass windows, and make wars over, and kill each other over, and cut off hands and heads and feet over. And a lot worse. I never would have found out, if I was a superstitious, believer type like my parents.

What a lucky person I am! To still have strong life within me while so many I knew have spent their energies and are gone. When my turn comes, it will be with gratitude for having ever been here at all, gratitude to Life for it’s gift. I’ve stood at the end of a rainbow and been surrounded by brilliant color, something only a few of us on the planet have ever experienced because according to all the rules, it’s impossible. I became a student of Zen Buddhism and experienced deep satori, and saw the Oneness of all things.

I’ve been to the depths of despair and pain and risen to the heights of exhiliaration and triumph, and found the center in between.

My life is a celebration of life. Yours should be too. Complaining about the hardships and miseries that we all share does not elevate you. It doesn’t bring you any joy, any happiness, any peace of mind. What it brings you is other people full of sadness, hate and despair. It brings you whiners who might make you feel worse than you did unless some of them are so much worse than you that you feel something positive in the comparison.

One of the things I learned from that Zen enlightenment is that we live in two worlds simultaneously and both are real even though neither is. The truth of Unity is seen only by a few, while the deception of Duality is practiced as reality by all of us. I practice it, after all, how would I communicate with others if I didn’t agree that this is good and that is bad, that the one is up while the other is down, and there are different degrees of better and worse?

When the truth is that none of that is true. There is no good or bad, up or down, black or white, better or worse. Those are all creations of thought. Without thought, everything is the same. The Universe doesn’t think. Trees don’t think, rocks don’t think, a glass of water doesn’t think and what people call God doesn’t think. We think, and our thoughts shape our reality to suit us, which is why everyone’s reality is different from everyone else’s.

Living in both worlds at the same time was a challenge that’s taken me a lifetime and it’s sure had it’s ups and downs. Or should I say it’s Bads and Goods. See what I mean?

Celebrate your life. Every day is your Unbirthday, give yourself a gift today, be glad to no one that you live, just be glad, that’s all. Do it every day, and you’ll gift yourself with humility, happiness and get closer to your center each time. Every day is your Unbirthday, celebrate it.

The Power Of The Purse

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Back when Obama, Reid and Pelosi were shoving Obamacare through, the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP, of which I was a member, announced that they and their membership supported Obamacare.

I immediately sent them a strongly worded letter of protest and cancelled my membership. Thousands of other retired Americans likewise cancelled their memberships.

Last night at the debate, Obama twice “mentioned the AARP while defending his health care plan and attacking Mitt Romney’s plans for Medicare.”

Today, AARP has this to say: “”While we respect the rights of each campaign to make its case to voters, AARP has never consented to the use of its name by any candidate or political campaign. AARP is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse political candidates nor coordinate with any candidate or political party.”

Yeah? Well they sure did back when they thought to siphon off a little extra power and positive publicity by endorsing something that turned out to be a hell of a lot less popular than they thought. AARP is run by a bunch of hypocrites whose primary purpose is to sell insurance, not help old people, and now they’ve learned a lesson, just push their insurance and stay out of politics, us old timers aren’t stupid, just opinionated.

See? Muslims Suck.

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I logged on to the blog, here, and saw a page full of stupid Islamic crap and Arabic writing, with the English part being all LOVE MOHAMMED, PEACEFUL ISLAM and so forth, and I want to thank the idiot who hacked my blog for demonstrating what pointless assholes Muslims really are. Please, hack it again. I like it when you prove me right.

My host frequently backs up my websites and all I have to do to get them immediately restored is to make a phone call. That’s it. No further effort required.

Only assholes hack websites. This is just a plain fact of life. We all know it and accept it as a given, and Muslims are the worst assholes on the planet. If not, then why not create your own legitimate blog instead of putting up some childishly done bunch of crap on someone else’s?

But go ahead. Hack away. No one cares and there’s no loss. I can see you jumping up and down and making monkey noises now, full of glee at doing something disrespectful to someone else’s property. Do you understand now why you Muslims suck? You go around acting like your religion is totally superior, when the truth is, you have no morals at all.

Morning Roundup

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Boy we sure got some odd looking stray sheep rounded up this morning. Talk about rangey-lookin’ critters…

India’s Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India’s biggest and oldest Hindu nationalist group, is getting ready to market cow piss as a soft drink. Called “gau jal”, or “cow water”  in Sanskrit, it sure sounds yummy. Holy Cow Piss, Batman!

In Jolly Auld England, it’s getting jollier. The Home Office, whatever that is, has referred to Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders as a Far Right Extremist because of his short anti-Islam movie, “Fitna”, and banned him from entry into the country. The film features verses from the Koran with images of terrorist attacks in New York, London and Madrid and calls on Muslims to remove “hate-preaching” verses from the text. Lord Pearson, who is hosting the show in the House of Lords, said that the screening would go ahead with or without Mr Wilders.

Ah, but… Mr. Wilders is on his way to London’s Heathrow Airport anyway, and says they’ll have to physically restrain him in handcuffs to prevent his attendance. In the meantime, the Dutch are getting very unhappy with the English over this treatment of a fellow parliamentarian, and as one Brit put it: “Remarkable, we allow terrorists into the country and ban anti-terrorists.” When you keep in mind that Britain was the mother of Parliament and free speech, this critter starts looking like a 3 headed, 5 legged birth defect.

Another loose and rather mangy looking stray in England is: Prime Minister Gordon Brown “remained in favour of President Obama’s decision to inject cash into the economy. “We are supportive of the approach in the US in terms of their fiscal policy.” ” Really! The very same G. Brown who was fully supportive of George Bush’s policies that Brown mirrored, that now have Britain ready to collapse economically. “Mr Brown does not want to join criticism of President Obama’s stimulus proposals, which he sees as vindicating his own.”

Does he even have his own? This guy behaves like a follower sheep. Baaa.

Woopsie! It’s a Gunfight At The Heathrow Corral. Freedom update on Geert Wilders:

Mr Wilders said: “I am in a detention centre at Heathrow … I am detained. They took my passport. I will not be allowed to enter the country. They will send me back within a few hours.”

On his flight to London, he told The Times that the British Government was “the biggest bunch of cowards in Europe”.

”It is easy to invite people you agree with, it is more difficult to invite people you disagree with and this is the proof of the pudding,” he said.

“I am going to Great Britain because I was invited by another politician (Lord Pearson of Rannoch). I am a democrat, I am serving freedom of speech. They are not only being nasty to me they are being nasty to freedom of speech.

He added: “They (the British government) are more Chamberlain than Churchill.” He said Gordon Brown was the “biggest coward in Europe”. I agree.

At 2.20pm, Mr Wilders was escorted through UK immigration by two plain-clothed officers and into the offices of the UK border agency.

Labour peer Lord Ahmed, who raised Hell in Parliament over Wilders visit, told the BBC: “This man doesn’t have any respect for law. He’s doing this for publicity and he’s seeking that and getting that.”

He added: “If this man was allowed into this country it would certainly cause problems within communities around Britain.”

Interpreted, that means, We Muslims will riot and there will be terrorist attacks on you. Ahmed had threatened Parliament with an uprising of 10,000 Muslims if Wilders were allowed in.

The Muslim Council of Britain said Mr Wilders was “an open and relentless preacher of hate”.

Oh, really? Even though the Muslims have regular demonstrations in the streets carrying placards preaching hatred and death to Jews and the downfall of Britain?

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: “Freedom of speech is our most precious freedom of all, because all the other freedoms depend on it. But there is a line to be drawn even with freedom of speech, and that is where it is likely to incite violence or hatred against someone or some group.”

Right. Stifle the voice of anyone who wants to speak the truth about Islam. What a coward.

Baaaaa. See that guy with the long stick with the crook on the end, herding the British sheep? He’s a muslim.

Time is like a wall

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

We only know the world we’re born into. Most of us were bored to tears in our history classes in school. At least I was. All that stuff that happened before my life began was like so many fairy tales. How could it apply to me? My concern, like all of us, is the here and now, the immediate present, this is what’s real, that which is happening NOW.

I was born about 3 years before the US got attacked by Japan, so to me, World War II is real and relevant to my life. To everyone born after the war was over, that is the world they were born into, one where there was no World War II. Likewise for those born after JFK was assassinated or after the Viet Nam war. Events that happened prior to our lives might as well never have happened because they never impacted us. Or so we think.

The truth is that everything that ever happened in the past, literally everything, has created this moment. You would probably not have been born if the Romans hadn’t invaded England. Everything would be different. All existence today was created by all the yesterdays.

My point is that we don’t see much beyond ourselves, not in terms of the world around us and not in terms of our very real and solid connection with the flow of events. If we want to know where we’re going, we have to be able to see where we’ve been before we came into being.

This is by way of following up on my immediately previous post. AOW left a comment that it was all doomsday scare talk. Not really. I was just following the flow of time. When I was born there was less than a third of the people on Earth that there are now, and then the War whittled that number down considerably. We humans have certainly made up for lost time though.

I’ve watched our own population become nearly overwhelming and all the destruction to our society that it’s brought, and seeing where that’s going is simplicity itself. The prediction by our government that Mexico will soon become a failed state is a likely one, and the cause of Mexico’s problems is overpopulation. That’s why over 30 million Mexicans have already flooded into the US. Their own country can’t support that many.

But that’s not just happening here, it’s happening everywhere. In fact, Americans are bailing out of the US, moving to Canada and anywhere else they can find more room. If we weren’t suffering from overpopulation we wouldn’t have had another 500,000 people line up this month alone for unemployment benefits. It won’t be long before our Employment Insurance systems collapses.

Just because something didn’t happen within your own personal span of years doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. It does. Everything that ever happened does, and the events of a 1000 years ago and more will continue to affect you and your children and their children for 1000s of years yet to come, and you’d be wise to take a good long look at the path that time has laid out for us all.

I learned as a boy that knowledge is survival. At one time you could go through your life from one end to the other, blithely unaware of what we like to call History, and probably do about as well as the next guy. That’s all coming to an end. How it’s going to end, I really don’t know, but I can see the flow of time, and the way our world is now is not the way it’s going to be, and soon. Look at it. Do yourself a favor.


Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

In the today comes the most two sided story I ever read in my life.

American teenagers are increasingly facing prosecution as sex offenders as a result of the rapidly spreading practice of sending explicit photos of themselves by mobile phone — a trend known as “sexting”. In the latest case, three teenage girls in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, who sent nude self portraits, and the three male classmates who received the images, have all been served with child pornography charges. The girls have been charged with manufacturing and disseminating child pornography while the boys are accused of possessing it. In Rochester, New York, a boy aged 16 faces seven years in jail for circulating an image of a girlfriend to friends.

First, this sort of open and explicit sexual behavior among children never used to happen and was never a problem. Kids kept their bodies to themselves and certainly never paraded their nakedness in front of the opposite sex. So the fact that they are now, and increasingly so, speaks directly to the pressures on them to seek gratification, to assert their sexuality, to reach for independence, to emulate their Hollywood idols, to rebel against their elders… the list goes on.

When sexuality is pumped at all of us continually in our media, especially television, through blatant ads for Viagra to have sex longer and more often, ads for pills that make penises larger and make a point about how happy the users are for getting greater sexual pleasure, with Levis ads showing a young couple yanking off their clothes to have sex…

How do we then expect our kids to react? Puberty brings on a heavy hormone rush as bodies fill out and urges mount in intensity. So are we adults helping them learn to cope with this until their brains catch up with their bodies? Hell no, we’re exploiting their sexuality to sell them stuff, we’re encouraging exactly the kind of behavior, for profit, that we should be doing our best to discourage with wise counsel.

Then, secondly, after they do what we have pushed them into doing, we call them Sex Offenders and put them in prison and destroy their lives forever.

Taking away their cell phone cameras isn’t the answer but it would be a good start. They don’t need cameras in their cell phones and expecting them to always behave responsibly is silly.


The burden really is on our legal system to back off and take a deep breath. We just can’t go and put kids in prisons for years for sharing nude pictures of each other and then make them register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives for showing off their private parts to each other. We have taught our children to be openly sexual, like it or not. Now we can’t stand back all self-righteous and aghast and condemn them for doing what comes naturally. Either we change our laws to reflect reality, and I mean Right Now, or we might as well just put a razor wire fence clear around the U.S. and all of us wear orange jump suits with Federal Prisoner stenciled in black on the back, because we’re all going to end up in prison anyway if we don’t get a grip on ourselves.

We shoved Sexual Freedom down our kids throats. They took it and ran with it. What else did we expect?

Now. I know how to solve this. Reverse history. The reason this was never a problem before is because there were never so many people as there are now. The more of us there are crammed together the more aberrant, hostile and anti-social we become. Back in the 60′s someone did a study on rats, allowing their population to increase unchecked, in a limited amount of living space. The more they got jammed together, the more they acted like humans. Homosexuality and violence became commonplace.

The fix for the problem is to eliminate the excess population over 35,000 in every large city in the world, and reduce the population of every average city to no more than 5000. No community allowed of over 5000 people other than cities like Los Angeles, New Delhi and so forth. This is an achievable goal, and this is why:

Once every century, at the turn of each century, stories of apocalypse and prophets of Armageddon would be all the rage, and quickly pass as the century mark passed. 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, all had their religious nuts who would prophecy the collapse of humanity. But once the fateful date passed and nothing happened, it was forgotten for another century. Now it’s different.

Now, and since before the year 2000, the prophecies of doom, Armageddon, global disaster, have gone on and on. We see them nearly nightly on our TV, hear them on the radio, people are writing books left and right about the way they think we’re all going to die, by a comet strike, a cosmic ray or neutron pulse from a distant star, an ice age, nuclear war………

This is because we’re overpopulated and instinctually, we know that being so will doom us. Our population is growing unchecked. The planet is maxxing out on how many humans it can feed, the oceans are dying – they have been for years now, as Jacques Cousteau kept telling us back in the 1960s. If our ocean actually died, and all the organisms in it began decaying, the oxygen the process would consume would asphyxiate the planet. Everything would die. Everything. If we heat the planet up too much and melt all the ice, the actual dry land mass of the planet would be reduced by over a third, and that’s the part that most of us live on and grow our food on.

We have a death wish as a species. We know, down inside, that we can’t control our own numbers and that to live we have to die, by the billions, and pretty soon, too. The only way the human race can survive is for most of us to die. It’s also the only way for everything else on the planet to have a chance of survival, because if we don’t endure a massive extermiination of ourselves pretty soon, we’ll take the whole thing down with us.

This is why we’re going to do it. We just keep hoping an asteroid will do it for us first. We’d much rather have a big chunk of rock hit somewhere and plunge us into darkness for a year or two and kill most of us off that way, than have to do the job ourselves, which is why the asteroid doomsday scenario is so popular. We don’t want a nuclear war, we just want most of us to die, and this way we could blame it on God instead of us having to carry the shame for millennia of having poisoned the Earth with fallout. But nuke we will, when our population reaches critical mass, and it soon will.

The hottest prediction going is for Nov. 23, 2012, you’ve probably heard all about that one, how the Aztec calendar ends on that day because the world does, and there are other corroborating prophecies from such as Nostradamus and Mother Shipman, and Bible and other prophecies. Seems like as good a date as any to me, that’s nearly 5 years away from now and really, it’s a toss-up whether we make it that long or not.

A Little Respect?

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The homosexual crowd is still pushing as hard as ever for “equal rights”, and what they actually mean by that is equal acceptance on a social level. It’s not as if they were held down by reason of their race, something that’s common to humanity virtually everywhere.

Homosexuals have been an abused minority not because of their skin color but because of their behavior, and that’s a whole different game. It is reasonable for normal people to be repelled by aberrant behavior.

People who wear clothing unusual to the norm, or go around naked or nearly so in a well-covered society, people who babble strange things or habitually laugh at inappropriate times, and so on, are repelled by their societies for their strangeness. Humans have a need to have a comfortable norm, to establish acceptable levels of behavior simply because we need to know what to reasonably expect from the people around us, and when some of us go off on a tangent, we push them away from the majority of us.

All societies have certain sexual mores as the most basic part of their foundations, and very few societies are accepting of homosexuality unless those societies are composed primarily of homosexuals, such as the Catholic Church or the city of San Francisco.

This is reasonable human behavior. Now we have homosexuals pressing to be included within the acceptable norm of our society, which is based on monagomous heterosexual relationships, and demanding that our institution of marriage and it’s attendant rights, duties and privileges be extended to them.

Long before religions tried to dominate and enforce the legalities and rituals of marriage, long before there were religions beyond the level of witch doctors, marriages between men and women were recognized and a ritual was performed to give recognition to the bond. The purpose then was the same as now, to tell the world that these two people were now paired and their children would be raised and protected by them.

Marriage was for the recognition of new families and for the protection of children. It still is. All societies today want to know the parentage of children, who is responsible for the birthing and fathering of the children, who is responsible for the caring of the children. Marriage establishes the parentage of children. Marriage is all about knowing who a child is and the protection of that child.

Homosexuals do not have children by their uniions, so through the legality of marriage according to our democratic laws, they would have the right to adopt children, which could then be raised, and certainly would be raised, to have the same aberrant sexual views as their adoptive parents. They want to raise children totally outside of a normal environment regardless of the harm that it would bring to children, to their mental stability as well as exposure to diseases such as AIDS.

Any normal person who has ever gone to a homosexual bar has seen enough to know that homosexual behavior isn’t something they want to engage in and certainly not something they want their children engaging in. Homosexuals see things differently and think differently. They have entirely different emotional reactions than normal people which seem both inappropriate and excessive. They over-react emotionally, often deliberately so, simply to outdo their homosexual friends. To most homosexuals, emotions are far more valid than logic and common sense and they act on their emotions accordingly.

Since they’re repressed from doing this in normal society, they end up living two lives, so to speak, which is extremely stressful for them. This is why the movement to come out of the closet arose and why they form their own communities, so they can act in ways that to them are normal but that repel and disgust the rest of us.

In spite of the revulsion of society toward them, we have responded democratically by enacting laws to protect them from assault and discrimination due to their “sexual orientation”, ie, their homosexuality. They asked for and were granted mutual respect within our communities and workplaces.

But that’s not enough. In their gushing emotional insanity they think that paired emotional and sexual bonds between them should be accepted by us just the same as if it were normal couples who were getting married and having children. They want their intrusion and takeover of heterosexual society to be complete, they want to take everything from us and give us back nothing. It doesn’t matter to them at all that our religions can’t and won’t recognize marriages between two men or two women because they can’t produce offspring. It doesn’t matter to them at all that they’re trying to crush the traditions of our society into the dirt. All that matters to them is their dithering emotional excesses. Oh I must have it, oh I must, oh I must.

This is about respect and if the homosexuals don’t have the good sense God gave most of us, to respect the traditions of others and not go where we don’t belong, then we have to respect our values and traditions ourselves and say NO to these men in lipstick and leotards and women in Levi’s and steel toed boots. A line has to be drawn and not crossed over and that line is the sanctity of marriage, for the sake of our children, our religions and our society.

‘Twas Brillig, And The Slithy Toves…

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

That’s the start of a poem called Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll, a rather long thing of non-words strung together with real ones, that evokes mental pictures in spite of actually making no sense at all. Reading it, you find yourself struggling to make a sensible story out of the nonsense.

That’s exactly what I find myself trying to do with the chaotic world of human affairs today. If ever it deserved to be called jabberwocky, now is the time.

When I was in my 20′s, a millionaire was an immensely rich person. Today we have multi-billionairs by the thousands. Homes that cost $5000 then, sell for $500,000 and more, now. Our money is Monopoly money, play money, and getting rapidly more so.

Today there was a “Call in homosexual” day, a work stoppage by homosexuals, to protest a California law banning marriage between homosexuals. It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of homosexuals getting married was absolutely ludicrous and shunned by all of us. Come on now, can you really imagine having the married couple next door to your own family over for dinner, Him and Him, or Her and Her? In front of your kids?

Islam has risen its ugly head once more in a renewed effort to conquer the world, the U.S. has suffered a massive blow at the hands of Muslims, and so we have elected a man of Islamic background as our next president, who tells us today that he’s going to be inaugurated using his middle name, Hussein, in order to set a new tone with “the Muslim world in particular.”

Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois left his home through a back alley on Wednesday after being indicted for trying to sell Obamas Senate seat, among a vast array of other corrupt deeds, and instead of his fellow politicians lining up against this behavior, they’ve all been running in the opposite direction and claiming innocence. Which I sincerely doubt.

After bailing out the major banks, Congress is now working on bailing out the car industry. lining up behind them for billions in Monopoly money are the governors of various states, seeking funds to rebuild bridges and roads and so forth. Next we’ll have the hospitals, mining companies and importers, and soon a dollar will buy an entire walnut. Another dollar for a bag to put it in.

The nations of Europe are reeling under the massive population movements, out of former Soviet countries like Poland, the Balkans and out of the poverty-stricken African states, these latter being mostly Muslim. The resultant overpopulation, which is worsening within with unchecked childbirth and from without due to continuing immigration, is collapsing the economies of all the once-great nations of Europe. Greece right now is at a standstill from riots that supposedly were caused by the police shooting death of a teenage boy, but it’s really due to overpopulation and the poverty that comes from it.

I never saw such a mess. India and Pakistan are almost at war, while we launch covert missions into Pakistan to kill Islamist leaders. The economy of Russia is falling apart with the extremely precipitous drop in oil prices, because that’s almost their only export, and while China should be in hog heaven with the cheap energy once again, to produce cheap goods, their factories and stores are shutting down because the world is running out of money to buy their shoddily made crap, even though there’s more money in circulation now than there’s ever been in history of the world.

Automakers who went to Washington to plead for bailout money, arrived in private jets with retinues of servants. Islamic leaders make impossible demands even while their followers are being decimated. National leaders continue to push policies that obviously failed miserably, sometimes even horribly, years ago. Arable land that’s desparately needed to grow food on is paved over for housing construction. People in power continue to hang on to power regardless of the devastation that is caused around them by their actions.

It’s jabberwocky.

What I Did On My Mexico Vacation

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

This was my second trip to the tip of Baja, Calif., Mexico for fishing after a hiatus of almost 6 years, and things have changed.

The fishing wasn’t all that great the last time but my fishing buddy and I each brought back about 30 pounds of filets for our 3 days of effort. This time around we got less than half of that, and there were a lot less of us fishermen out on the water. The boat captains agree, the fishing is progressively getting worse.

Well, what can you expect? The area of ocean being fished is perhaps 20 miles long and 10 miles wide, and it’s been fished heavily for many years. So while this isn’t helping the Baja economy much, it’s not the real problem.

The general economic downturn is hitting the tourism industry of Mexico hard. The last time we went, our very large resort hotel was filled with fishermen. This time around we were the only fishermen staying there for 2 of our 3 days of fishing. That’s pretty dramatic. Worse yet, I never saw more than a dozen or so guests at any given time. The place was almost deserted and it was the same story at all the other resort hotels in San Juan Del Cabo. This tale is repeated all over Baja and in Mexico proper as the tourist industry has virtually collapsed.

Tourism is the major source of income for Baja California and for most of Mexico, and most of those tourists have always been Americans. The tremendous increase in crime in Mexico is directly related to the decrease in their income, coupled with the increasing return of illegals to their own country as jobs for them here dry up.

Now, the funny part of this is that the Mexican people blame us for their sudden return to poverty, because we’re no longer providing them with an easy income. In Baja, the service industry, waiters, cooks, etcetera, are, of all things, the elite income earners, the Upper Middle Class, entirely because of the generosity of Americans in leaving tips. They’re very resentful of our failure to continue to support them for doing almost nothing, and they show it. The second morning of my stay there I woke up dreaming that I was surrounded by humanoid vultures, all with their hands out. You can’t turn around without someone rushing up to help you with the slightest thing and looking at you resentfully if you decline the offer.

Another funny thing is the disparity between the way we accomodate them and the way they don’t accomodate us. All over the West coast states of America, you go in any store and the signs are all in English and Spanish. All over Mexico the signs are all in Spanish, including all the tourist sites that we frequent. Mexicans have a bad attitude toward the hands that feed them.

When we started making everyone entering the US, including Mexicans, fill out a customs form, their president got all pissy and said bluntly that if we were going to do that to them, they were going to do it to us, and they have, in spades. Entering Mexico, you fill out a virtual clone of our form, only with added and repeated sections that seem to have no purpose, and you’d better hang on to the bottom half because if you don’t have it on leaving, you have to fill out another one and pay a $50 fine. They treat us as if we were like them, filling their country with criminals and drugs and millions of illegal invaders and potential terrorists. Then they wonder why we don’t want to go there anymore after they take revenge on us for merely trying to protect our country from another major disaster.

On our departure from Mexico the Mexican customs put our luggage through an xray machine that was turned off and only the conveyor belt on it was running. At least our carry-ons were inspected by our airlines security people before we boarded. All in all, the Mexicans made both our entry and departure as much a pain in the ass as they could get away with, in stark contrast to our previous trip there. How stupid can you get when their whole economy depends on making us feel wanted and welcome?

The hotel, to save money in the face of decreasing guests, decided to shut off the air conditioning in the lobby/main dining room/bar. The temperature stayed around 95 degrees with the humidity at about the same percent. It was unbearable. The only cool place in this entire monster hotel was our room, in which we kept the air conditioning turned on. This place is a Best Western, yet they demanded an additional $4 a day to turn on the very tiny, cheap little refrigerator in the closet, which is insulting as Hell when you’re already paying $250 a day. This isn’t done in the US in any Best Western hotel. Ever.

Mexicans don’t seem to be able to see beyond themselves. Not one whom we talked to about their economy had the slightest understanding of the reasons for its collapse other than it was “Americas fault”, which it is not. They have only themselves to blame.

Mexico has lost me forever. My fishing partner as well. These people are simple, uneducated, greedy and without a trace of foresight. And worst of all from my point of view, they’re running out of fish.

It’s Heeeeeere….

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Excerpts from an article by Jon Nadler:

July 17, 2008 “Chaos and fear never sleep. This morning the first news story I read was a piece from the Los Angeles Daily News about police threatening to beat down and arrest any “disorderlies” trying to get their money out of a failed IndyMac bank branch in Pasadena, CA. Apparently, after being turned away Monday, customers began lining up at 1:30 a.m. the next morning to take out any cash they had in excess of the $100,000 maximum insured by the FDIC. The scene was reportedly emotional and tense. At another IndyMac branch in Encino, the police were called in after line jumpers threatened to turn an ordinary bank run into a full-on riot.

Yes, it’s here. Welcome to the Depression. No, don’t drop whatever it is you’re doing. Don’t get up. It’s not going anywhere. It will wait. It’s just going to sit over here in the corner and read a magazine while you do whatever it is you need to do.

Despite the seeming enormity of it in retrospect, the stock market crash of 1929 barely even registered for most Americans. The day before the crash, Time Magazine’s Oct. 28, 1929 issue was business as usual; national stories, Washington stories, a review of the newest plays opening in Manhattan, a piece on a cat washing contest in Kingston, NC.

A week later, in the wake of the stock plunge, the cover story was as far from a piece on crashing share prices as you could get – a profile of a man named Samuel Insull, the “financial father of the Chicago opera.”

It took a little more than two full years, Dec. 11, 1931, before the New York Bank of the United States would collapse, and the cover of Time was reserved for Dr. James Henry Breasted, “foremost Egyptologist of the U. S.”

On January 22, 1932 things turned desperate. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was formed to dole out government aid to banks, railroads, farm mortgage associations and all manner of failed business enterprises. Time’s cover story for this day was on playwright Philip Barry’s 11th play, “The Animal Kingdom.”

By the end of the following year, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had squeezed the Emergency Banking Act through Congress, signed the Economy Act, the Credit Act, the Reforestation Relief Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the Farm Act, the Federal Securities Act, the National Cooperative Employment Service Act, the Home Owner’s Loan Act, the Glass-Steagall Act, the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Emergency Railroad Transportation Act, created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Civil Works Administration.”

This time around, there’s no sudden stock market collapse and instead of wild inflation such as we’ve been seeing, the value of a dollar actually increased, simply because no one had any. Now, it’s about oil, overpopulation and inflation, outsourcing and moving our jobs and factories overseas. Unemployment, just as in the Great Depression, is causing massive mortgage failures nationally, which is forcing the closure of our two largest banking and lending institutions.

 Now we have an oil-based global economy instead of a dollar-based national one, and the rising demand for oil can only drive down the comparative value of the dollar. So far, our answer to that has been to print more dollars, making each one worth less than before.

Everything cycles, and prosperity will eventually come again. Right now, however, our economy is about to take an even bigger hit than it has already, as prices continue to soar at the same time that wages remain static and joblessness increases.

A depression isn’t a possibility, or pending, or will happen soon if we don’t act. It’s here.

Bits and Pieces

Friday, May 9th, 2008

“They’re rioting in Africa, they’re starving in Spain, there’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain.” A snippet out of a Kingston Trio song, true then, true now. A typhoon has killed off at least 100,000 of us according to the latest estimates. It wasn’t all that long ago that one that hit Bangladesh took the lives of over 200,000. The world paid little attention to the losses among that mass of teeming, terribly impoverished humanity then and is paying almost the same attention to this one. The numbers are too big and it’s too far away. We don’t want to think about it.

What we do notice, however, is a breakout in fighting in Lebanon and what that may mean to the price of oil. Of course, we also notice the price of oil. We notice it a lot, actually, and many of us are pretty scared about it because our wages aren’t keeping pace and the cost of oil is driving up the cost of literally everything else except our rent. And that’s coming, we know it is.

We pay closer attention to an Arab of African and American parents who is trying to take up the power seat of the worlds most powerful nation, than we pay to the deaths of 100,000 humans in one awful storm. We don’t pay any attention at all to this mans racist minister, this mans racist wife, this mans underworld and terrorist friends. We pay no attention at all to this mans stream of lies. That he’s an inveterate liar and storyteller matters much less than that he can orate well. Because he can, many people say they admire his “wisdom”.

What I admire is the incredible stupidity of my fellow man. I admire the shallowness of us. I deeply admire our false caring, our utter and total incapacity to admit being wrong or in error. I wallow in the luxurious ecstasy of pain suffered by those who are forced to actually apologize. I shudder with violent paroxysms of glee as we rise with one voice in our denial of any possibility outside of our own narrow, cretinously opinionated view.

But most of all, I adore, yes, adore, how really marvellously stupid we are. We who are so very clever at making gadgets, we are the master toolmakers. After millions of years of evolving, we have finally outdone the web spider in creativity while we still have the same mindset as the spider. We don’t care what we kill as long as we eat for another day.

Henry David Thoreau once remarked that if you read a newspaper once, you never needed to read another because the news never changed. The very few of you who stop in and read my rants will have noticed that my rants are coming fewer and farther between. I think it’s because I’ve said all I can say on the subjects I chose as the blog’s mainstay. If another war starts, all it is, is just another war.

Right now, you know, I’m just worn out on stupidity. I don’t say things here that stupid humanity is at all interested in reading. You can have your blog popularity contests and that’s fine, I just wanted to reach people, which is proof of my own stupidity.