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Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Most of those migrants pouring into Germany, and no doubt everywhere else in Europe, have never seen a flush toilet or toilet paper. Muslims eat only with their right hands because they wipe their asses with their left hands, and in their backward, retarded ignorance they’ve been going into public bathrooms and shitting on the floors. We know what they wipe with afterward. I wonder if they have the sense to wash that hand off in the sink when they’re done but probably not, they probably don’t know what sinks and faucets are for either.

The Germans are now making special toilets and bathroom signs to teach these idiots how to take a shit. Un-god damned-believable. NO, we don’t want them coming here. NO.


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Jeb Bush has announced that though he didn’t hear a word of the speech Obama gave at a terrorist-associated mosque today, he approves of it, it’s a good thing, and appropriate. Will someone explain to me why this idiot would say that about a speech spoken by a supposed adversary, when he didn’t have a clue to what the speech even was? The fact is, Obama took the time during his speech to insult Republicans. Jeb Bush says he’s a Republican. I don’t think so, I think he’s a Jackass.

Edward Cruz says he’s not going to trade insults with Donald Trump. I wouldn’t call it a trade either, he’s way ahead of Trump when it comes to insulting him, and he’s making a blatant hypocrite out of himself. He did in fact spread the false story that Dr. Ben Carson was quitting the race, a truly rotten thing to do, then he lied and denied it. Unfortunately for him, the evidence that he did so is absolute.

Then to top it off, he stated that if Donald Trump were our president, that he’d nuke Denmark. Whaaaat? That’s CRAZY, outlandish, insane talk. For me and many others, that was Cruz’s Howard Dean scream, the crazy yawp that abruptly ended Dean’s campaign. Talk like that is scary and totally overboard. To claim that your opponent would nuke Denmark… Unbelievable. Any positive feelings I had toward Edward Cruz as a possible president are gone now and the only viable candidates left are Donald Trump and Dr. Carson.

We have a long ways to go yet before the Convention, where our final candidate will be chosen, and the contenders are dropping like flies. Santorum, Rand Paul and Huckabee finally gave it up. Jeb Bush insists he’s in it until the end, when no one wants him except his fellow RINO elitists, and Dr. Carson will likely hang in for a good while yet. Rubio is the one who worries me, he’s no better than Hillary and may be even worse, so I’m hoping he suffers a Howard Dean moment of his own, and soon.


Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.
Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse, under her chair.

Obama, Obama, where have you been?
“I’ve been to a terrorist mosque to insult America.
Obama, Obama, what did you there?
“I defended Islam against Christians and Jews.”

Of all twenty nine of the mosques in the Washington DC area, Hussein Obama picked the one with an imam connected to terrorism. This was reported well in advance of his visit there, so there’s no mistake, no claiming that it was an oversight, this was a deliberate act with a message.

The message is the side that he takes. Instead of choosing one of the mosques where you have people who are actively involved in helping our Justice Department in ferreting out terrorism, he chose one that promotes terrorism.

And the Fairy Tale? It’s this: On Jan. 27 he went to the Israeli embassy and gave one of his little speeches, telling them that “We are all Jews; we must all fight anti-Semitism, evil.” Just don’t expect him to ever actually start doing that.


Monday, February 1st, 2016


“Anti-Trump Saudi Prince Tied to Both Rupert Murdoch And Hillary Aide (Huma Abedin)” is the headline this morning on Breitbart. “Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch is partnered in multiple media ventures with Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaweed Bin Talal, including an Arabic religious TV network with a direct tie to Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin.”

No wonder!!! Rupert Murdoch owns the biggest TV station in Turkey, something I’ve known since he bought it, but this, that he has a partner, who’s an Anti-American Saudi prince oil billionaire? That’s news. This Prince Alaweed owns the Al-Resalah TV network, and one of the members of his Supreme Advisory board for his company is Dr. Abdullah Naseef, President of World Muslim Congress and President of Forum For Social Studies. Dr. Naseef is the longtime benefactor of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s family business, the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. This links Huma Abedin directly to some of the most fervent Anti-West, Anti-American people in Saudi Arabia.

Huma Abedin isn’t just a Muslime, she’s directly involved in the effort to destroy us, she’s Hillary Clinton’s closest friend and she’s deeply involved in the running of our government. According to this from Breitbart, her only expertise is in Muslime affairs. That’s it, promoting Muslime goals, promoting Islam. No other training. And she’s Hillary Clinton’s top advisor?
Hillary Clinton, who was our Secretary of State, who stood by the side of our President and did his bidding?

“We have a strategic alliance with Rupert Murdoch for sure and I have been with him for the last 15 or 20 years,” Alwaleed said. “My backing of Rupert Murdoch is definitely unwavering.”

“The connection between Alwaleed, Murdoch, Abedin, Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia are troubling given a number of recent events. Prince Alwaleed is boasting about his role in impacting U.S. elections. As Breitbart News Network’s Aaron Klein reported, the Saudi Arabian news site Sabq claims that “Alwaweed Bin Talal caused a decline in Trump’s popularity.”

“CNN reported in 2008 that “donations to the William J. Clinton Foundation include amounts of $10 million to $25 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” “Huma Abedin was hired as a consultant to the William J. Clinton Foundation after Clinton left her role as Secretary of State.” So this promoter of Islam and hater of democracy is still being paid by the Clintons with money from Prince Alaweed.
“Abedin is also at the center of Hillary Clinton’s private email server scandal.”


Sunday, January 31st, 2016

From The Telegraph, UK, “Greece will have its borders effectively sealed off from the rest of the continent under plans to tackle the migrant crisis. The European Commission will consider plans that would see the frontier of the Schengen zone – the area which allows passport-free travel within Europe – moved north to exclude Greece. Under plans described by diplomats as a “second line of defense”, thousands of police will be deployed on the border between Greece and Macedonia, cutting off a trail used by hundreds of thousands of migrants last year.”

In Britain, David Cameron has just days left to finish his negotiations with other EU nations ahead of a proposed referendum to leave the EU. The details of the deal and the concessions within it will play a key role in determining whether Britain votes to leave the EU next week.

Currently, the migrant crisis is the issue which could prompt voters to decide whether Britain has a future in Europe.

All those Muslims swarming into Europe because of EU policies may be making the wealthy elite happy, but the rest of the people are rising up, not very effectively, but they are.

In Germany, brainless Socialist jackass Chancellor Angela Merkel tried on Saturday to calm the growing screams of critics of her open-door policy for Muslim migrants by insisting that most of them from Syria and Iraq would go home once the wars there end. This is total bullshit, and she still refuses to stop the flood of migrants or close Germany’s borders. But pressure is growing on her, and the Germans aren’t as docile as the rest of Europeans, they’ll boot her ass out if she doesn’t do something. She’s a Socialist Democrat, just like Bernie Sanders here, and just like Adolf Hitler was, too, let’s not forget. Germany needs to take a hard right, politically, and soon.

The borders are steadily becoming tighter, with more police checking papers, more migrants being turned back. These people are portrayed as refugees from conflicts but the truth is that they’re all economic migrants. They all want a job, food and shelter, but Europe has no jobs for them, all they offer is a tent and some free food. The millions of migrants are overwhelming Western Europe and creating a crisis unlike anything ever seen before. I think soon we’ll see some nations blocking them out entirely, starting with Greece, which is already bankrupt.

The EU was created to allow passport-free passage between member nations. The idea of unimpeded travel was to unite all of Western Europe into one huge economic bloc to rival the United States. That’s why the Euro was created, to compete with the Dollar. Cheap labor was welcomed in by the political elite to further enrich them in their factories. But now that the global economy is collapsing under the weight of too many people, and it’s worst in the poorest nations of Africa and the Middle East, those people have created a migration trail into Western Europe to take advantage of that wealth and liberal welfare, using the same passport-free routes that were intended just for Europeans.

This is the crisis that is about to destroy the EU, which was a bad idea from the start. Those who spoke out against it, and I was one, were right. The whole idea of taking away the individual autonomy of all those nations and making one over-all government was obviously doomed as there’s just too many cultural differences between them all for everyone to be happy with just one set of rules for all of them. Plus each nation speaks a different language.

It couldn’t work and it hasn’t worked, the problems have been never-ending. Now this.


Friday, January 29th, 2016

This is pretty disgusting. “The French foreign minister says France will recognize a Palestinian state if its efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail.”

That’s Socialists for you. They think that France has enough clout to create a state called Palestine all by themselves, and threaten to do it if Israel won’t agree to it. It’s a fact known by all parties that the so-called “two state solution” will result in the destruction of Israel, which gives a pretty good idea of how the French feel toward the Jews in their own country. Israel is a tiny nation as it is and the Muslims have all the Middle East to call their home, they don’t need Israel too. All this is about is their evil religious hatred of Jews, nothing more.


Thursday, January 28th, 2016

I watched Trumps Veteran’s charity show on streaming Internet video tonight. For putting something like that together on 24 hours notice, they did a helluva good job. Plus there was a surprise, no one was sure if they’d show up or not, but sure enough, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum showed up and each gave a short speech, mostly in praise of Donald Trump. I thought that was pretty cool, they both know that they have no chance now of being the GOP nominee so they went ahead and joined in just to support our troops instead of doing like those other fools and hanging on when it’s hopeless.

Donald Trump WILL be our next President, and even if he makes a lot of mistakes, which I doubt, he’ll still be so very much better than any president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

One thing about Trump that continues to impress me, he doesn’t use notes or a teleprompter. He has no written speech or script, he just starts talking. You know why this is important? Because when you tell the truth you never have to remember what you said!

When Obama speaks without a teleprompter, he always says things that come back to bite him, because he contradicts the lies he told earlier. He’s like Joe Biden, constantly saying too much. Obama loves the sound of his own voice and can’t seem to shut up. He’s clearly convinced that people hang on his every word. The few times I’ve wasted my time listening to him, he’s told lie after lie, while his crowd of sycophants clap and cheer. They can have it, it’s more than I can stand.

Now I’m waiting for the polls to come out on Trump, along with the report on the number of viewers of that Fox debate. Something fun to look forward to. :-)


Thursday, January 28th, 2016

The Swedes used to be Vikings, who terrorized Southern Europe centuries ago. Times have changed and now Sweden is known to be very liberal and permissive. In fact, they’ve taken in more of the migrants and refugees in relation to their population than any other country, over 160,000 last year.

Well, the Swedes are wising up. They’re deporting up to 80,000 of these people, giving the vague reason that “Their applications have been rejected.” While this is going on, the Swedes have impounded a Turkish cargo ship loaded with enough rockets, ammunition and other military-grade explosives to “wipe out the entire harbor town of Varberg together with its 30,000 inhabitants.” This ship’s scheduled ports of call included the UK, where it left to come to Sweden, and then to Netherlands, Belgium, and Montenegro, unloading some of it’s munitions at each port. For what purpose? The Turks were going to unload some in Sweden but the authorities there caught up with them first.

A lot of attention is given in the above article to the condition of this vessel, which is described as the most unsafe and unsanitary ship that “I have ever inspected”, and with it’s sailors living in filthy conditions under poverty wages. This seizure and the level of disrespect and unconcern for other’s safety gives clear proof that Turkey is no friend of Europe. Those weapons to be delivered in Sweden were no doubt meant for terrorists, and this seizure is the beginning of this story, not the end of it.

Nearby in Denmark, another generous welfare state and former land of Vikings, “Danish lawmakers voted Tuesday in favor of controversial legislation empowering authorities to seize cash and valuables from asylum seekers to help cover their expenses.” I took that quote from CNN, and they’re crapping their pants over this. “To prolong the suffering of vulnerable people who have been ripped apart from their families…” Yap yap yap. Denmark has been the adored poster child of the Far Left for having “a longstanding global reputation for tolerance and promoting liberal, social democratic values”. Yeah, and now see what that’s costing them. All those Muslimes they’ve let in are nothing but trouble, they’re all on the welfare rolls and they’re impoverishing the Danish people.

There’s nothing like poverty to wake people up. When the rich elite politicians start seeing their daughters getting raped, their property invaded, finding migrants living in their landscaping and shitting on their nice, neat lawns, as their incomes drop because of all the shoplifting from their stores, along with greatly increased security costs, and then the migrants they hired as security guards are robbing them too, that Liberalism begins to harden up just a bit.

Thing is, Sweden and Denmark became so liberal and generous for their own benefit, they became wealthy and wanted to help their poorer citizens. Their welfare programs were never intended or designed to support hordes of foreign migrants, so as the migrants poured in, the taxes went up to pay for them. Now they have some of the highest taxes in the world and we all know what harm that does to business. More taxes, less money to spend. Less spent, less sold, less employees needed, less jobs, it all spirals down and a sure sign that they’re starting to hurt is this new Danish law to take the migrants valuables to help pay for their welfare.

Well, you know what? If the migrants don’t like it, they don’t have to go there. In Sweden, the flow of migrants has dropped a lot since they enacted systematic photo ID checks on travellers on January 4. Plainly, many of those migrants have bad histories and don’t want their identities known.

Any shopkeeper will set the burglar alarm and lock the place up every night to keep from being robbed. Yet governments, politicians, will wait until after the robbers have carried off the shop building itself before doing anything at all, and first they’ll dither around for years trying to decide on a course of action. The only time they act quickly is when they’re voting on giving themselves raises and special privileges.


Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Breitbart News, at is my new Number One go-to news site, followed by NewsMax. Fox News is now down there with CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and other treasonous trash.

Fox News, for years my Main Guy when it came to honest and conservative reporting, (the two words are synonymous) has gone Liberal and there’s just no escaping the fact. They’re trashing and twisting the truth, attacking true conservatives, promoting Liberal causes, spokespersons and media, and making total vacillating asses out of themselves in the process because they’re still trying so hard to pretend they’re conservative, when they’re not.

CNN makes no bones about being totally biased. They’re Liberal Democrat-Socialists who openly lie about anything that they think will promote socialism. They hate Conservatives, constantly revile and insult Conservatives, Republicans, the Tea Party and anyone who is not openly a Socialist. Fox News is still trying to sweet-talk Conservatives and the GOP and pretending to be on their side. They need to read the stream of comments being left by the readers of their articles, no one is being fooled, people are disgusted, and the number of comments is rapidly declining. That indicates a declining readership. People are leaving Fox News in droves and going to NewsMax and Breitbart. The Drudge Report is pretty Conservative too, I just find it a bit difficult to navigate.

So if you want honest, REAL “fair and balanced” news, go to Breitbart. At least until that Commie bastard Rupert Murdoch buys it out and wrecks it.


Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

This is a Swedish feast, a smorgasbord of tasty tidbits. Better wear a napkin on your chest.

As promised, Donald Trump has indeed walked away from the Fox debate, leaving the other candidates there to yammer at each other, while he holds a charity event for wounded and disabled soldiers. Guess who wins the best publicity, Fox or Trump?

Fox News advertisers, who signed financial agreements in advance of the pending debate, are furious now with Fox for attacking Trump. The latest poll says that 83% of the expected debate viewers aren’t going to watch it now. I bet that number increases, especially since Trump’s campaign manager is hinting that some of the other candidates will drop out now as well. Good job, Fox, see what your stupidity is costing you?

The POS who violated international law and common decency by murdering a downed Russian pilot is in for it. Putin’s ordered an all-out search for him, one Alparslan Çelik, a Turk, and Russian forces are swarming all over the village he lives in. I have no doubt they’ll find him, either. Buh-bye, dickhead.

The FBI is carrying out their declared “Peaceful resolution” of the occupation of that Oregon wildlife reserve by murdering the spokesman for those people and arresting all the others they can track down, including a journalist who was reporting on events in the reserve. This all started when the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) seized a large tract of land away from the state of Oregon without cause, and the local people objected to the theft.

Another house is teetering the edge of the seaside Pacifica, CA cliffs. Rich people buy hugely expensive lots along that cliff and build hugely expensive homes on them, and then after enough rainstorms have eroded enough of the cliff, it collapses, taking the houses with it. This has almost become an annual event, like the return of the swallows to Capistrano. Oh, and no. No insurance company will ensure the homes. I wonder if they have street parties and barbecues while they watch the houses fall. I’ll take the seafood platter.

Rupert Murdoch, Liberal billionaire and owner of Fox News, advised Michael Bloomberg, Liberal billionaire, to run for President. I guess because Murdoch isn’t a US citizen and can’t do it, himself, huh? No doubt Bloomberg would make Murdoch even richer. Power in the wrong hands….

China has agreed to denounce North Korea over their latest nuclear test. Oh big woop. Thanks for the laugh.

In France, the Justice Minister resigned because of a plan to strip dual-citizenship convicted terrorists of their French citizenship. See, there’s always a little good news somewhere.

Jews are leaving France for Israel in record numbers lately and if all the Jews left, France would collapse as a nation. Yet little, if anything, is done to prevent this exodus, the best way being to keep the Muslims out of France. Their attacks on the Jews are why the Jews are leaving. The French government had better get busy, Jewish people are as much a part of France as any others.

NASA’s Opportunity explorer robot just celebrated it’s 12th anniversary of exploring Mars. Damn fine, it was only expected to last for 3 months! Elon Musk wants to built habitat on Mars, science fiction keeps turning into science fact.


Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Former New York Liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he has a $billion to spend on an independent bid for the Presidency if Bernie Sanders should win the nomination, so pray he does. Hallelujah, can I have an AMEN?
This would split the Democrat vote between Bloomberg and Sanders, assuring a landslide victory for Donald Trump, hallelujah, can I have an AMEN?
Jeb Bush has spoken up for Michael Bloomberg, saying “He’s much more liberal than I am, but he’s a good person and a great patriot.” If someone will now stand up and explain how anyone can be a Liberal and a “great patriot” at the same time, please do so. Nobody? Hallelujah, can I have an AMEN? OF COURSE Jeb Bush likes him. “More liberal”. Riiiight, Jeb. Donald Trump said of Bloomberg’s announcement: “I would love to have Michael Bloomberg run. I would love that competition.” And so would we all, Donald, hallelujah, can I have an AMEN?


Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Hunk-Ra, the great god of Doonesbury, is dead. Doonesbury was a daily political cartoon strip written by Gary Trudeau, and it ran for 44 years before he finally pulled in the shutters and locked the door. Trudeau’s strip was Liberal, and very popular for many years. But the tale has grown old and stale, and Liberal now is not what Liberal was then. The old Liberal thinking is as dead as the Doonesbury strip.

Hunk-Ra was the imaginary Egyptian pharaonic spirit “channeled” by an airheaded blonde woman named Boopsie, for those who never enjoyed the comic strip.

I shared many of the Liberal views, back then in the 70′s and 80′s when Doonesbury was at it’s peak, and I still see much of it the same way. We Liberals were against the Viet Nam war, against the Military-Industrial Establishment, against the constant stream of lies and abuse pouring out of Washington DC. We saw the corruption for what it was and we wanted to stop it however we could.

I am for women’s right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy or abort it. I am against the Religious Right, a pack of radicals and a danger to freedom and Democracy. I don’t care if politicians want to paint the words “In God We Trust” on the White House porch in pink, install 10 Commandment plaques in courthouses and say prayers before starting off meetings. If that’s what they like, that’s what freedom is all about. I don’t have to take part in their little ceremonies but a problem arises when they start making their religious beliefs into laws we all have to obey. Then I draw the line.

The Right and the Left are not what they were when Doonesbury started. Today, the Right pushes an elitist agenda for the sole benefit of increasing their own wealth at America, and Americans, expense while the Left does exactly the same but wants to kill off any reference to God anywhere, impoverish us all under a form of extreme, one-party Socialism, and create as much racial and social divisiveness as possible – and keep it that way.

Who would want to be a member of either party? I don’t, and neither does the majority of Americans, which is why the Tea Party has grown so rapidly, and why the ranks of Independents has swelled to outstrip both parties. This also explains both the sudden rise and great popularity of Donald Trump, who’s been saying it like it is, as well as all the attacks against him by “the Establishment”. He may be as big a charlatan as all the others, in the end, but merely the promise, the prospect, the hope of finally having a President who honestly wants to put us back on the right track, is enough. What other hope do we have? None of the others looks to be a valid prospect, a person of the people, a non-radical of any persuasion. Trump comes on as someone who sees what’s wrong just as the rest of us do, speaks out about it, has the tools to make things right, and promises to do so.

Obama was the worst mistake Americans ever made and Trump could be as bad or worse, but at this point we have to take the chance. We have no other choice.


Friday, January 22nd, 2016

I read this morning that some scientists are getting really worried about the development of autonomous weapons, robots, being deployed to kill humans, and want world governments to outlaw them now before it happens. Good luck on that. Chemical weapons were used in both World Wars before they were finally more or less outlawed, but they’re still in use from time to time. Biological weapons were also outlawed, and while I’ve no doubt they’ve been employed regardless, my guess is not by much. Harder to prove, anyway.

An artificial intelligence development arms race has been ongoing with the various major powers for a long time, and I’m sure that production of a robot capable of pretty refined discrimination is possible now, and so is building them to kill people on battlefields. The limiting factors would be production costs and protection of the technology. If we have them, how do we keep the Chinese from getting one off a battlefield and reverse-engineering it, and using it against us? What may keep them from ever being deployed may end up being that latter possibility, not because of some moral sense. Most likely, many billions of dollars will be spent developing some machine that can pass for human, and then it gets packed in a crate and archived.

The search goes on, though, for the Ultimate Weapon. In the 50′s, atomic bombs were seen as the ultimate weapon that could doom mankind, but we’ve had them for 70 years now and we’re still here. Now we’re looking for something more effective and less destructive, something that would overpower or disable vast numbers of people without wrecking all that valuable real estate. Germ warfare is out, it kills everyone, women and babies too, and can backfire on the users. So I’m looking for the next new and wonderful Super Zapper, perhaps a device that emits pulses that disrupt neurons and renders people unconscious, disabled or dead. Maybe one that causes massive molecular disruption in organic material such as human bodies. I bet we see them soon and I can hardly wait for the fun of watching our human race’s wonderful scientific advances in the ability to destroy each other. I just hope the damn things are equipped with effective self-destruct mechanisms.


Thursday, January 21st, 2016

George Soros, the Leftist, very Socialist billionaire who’s been promoting Obama, his destructive policies and socialism generally, says:

“As German Chancellor Angela Merkel correctly predicted, the EU is on the verge of collapse.” “Merkel correctly foresaw the potential of the migration crisis to destroy the European Union.”

WHAT A LOAD OF ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT!!! Merkel never predicted anything, or “foresaw the potential of the migration crisis to destroy the European Union.” It Is Angela Merkel who just got through letting a million of those migrants from Syria into Germany, with the result that there were German women getting raped all over the country by Syrians on New Years. Did she foresee that?

Soros is a very successful capitalist who is out to destroy democracy. Capitalism will never die, he’s a hedge fund manager with insatiable greed, and there will always be hedge funds to manage regardless of which nations become socialist dictatorships, because that’s how the world economy is built.

The TRUTH is that Merkel is also a Socialist and out to wreck democracy both in Germany and the EU. She calls herself a Democratic Socialist, exactly like our nasty old Bernie Sanders, who’s competing with Hitlery Clitnose for the Dem. nomination, and she wants Germany to become a one-party state again exactly as it was under Adolf Hitler. The purpose of this blast of bullshit by Soros is to make people think that Merkel is actually trying to protect Germany and the EU, under the old Nazi principle of “Tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough and everyone will believe it.”

George Soros is a walking hemorrhoid that needed to be excised decades ago. God I wish that old fucker would die.

As for the EU being on the verge of collapse, he’s absolutely correct, as Sylvester the Pussycat would say. Almost all those “refugees” are young men, as more and more Europeans are beginning to notice. Almost no women or children. Young MUSLIMS. With no money and bad attitudes and a total disregard for the mores and customs of the societies they’re swarming into, with their hands out for food and shelter, demands that their needs be met, no place to put them all, and don’tcha just know, THE CRIME RATE IN EUROPE IS ABOUT TO GO THROUGH THE ROOF!

Several million new Muslims being entirely supported by their host nations, with many more on the way, with the global economy foundering. Hell yes, the EU is about to collapse. It was a crappy plan to begin with, nothing more than a power play pulled off by the ruling elite in spite of the many protests of Europe’s citizens, in order to bring in masses of cheap labor and reap huge profits from them. Which put an equal number of actual citizens out of work. Anyone could have seen what would happen and many of us, including me, did. Bad days are ahead. Be warned.


Monday, January 18th, 2016

Every American ever arrested in Iran, it seems, was charged with espionage, and I honestly don’t blame the Iranians for thinking that’s why those people were there. Ever since Iran sacked our embassy there and held our diplomats hostage for 444 days, you’d have to be brain-dead not to know that Westerners are hated there, and the only reason to be there would be to spy on them. Even if you have family there and want to visit them, if you go, you’ll be seen as a spy, imprisoned and tortured. Maybe killed. Iranians just find it too hard to believe that any Westerner could have an innocent reason to enter Iran, and they have a point.

Then there’s the people kidnapped in Iraq the other day, three men with both U.S. and Iraq citizenship, who “work for a small company that is doing maintenance work for the information technology division of General Dynamics Corp, under a larger contract with the U.S. Army.” General Dynamics is an intelligence gathering outfit that provides data to the CIA. A spy company, in other words, and those guys were involved with them, though you won’t see anyone say that in the media.

ANYONE from the West or connected to the West who goes anywhere in any Islamic Mid-East country is going where he or she is not welcome and may be abducted, ransomed, tortured or beheaded or all of the above. The only Americans over there who have a reasonable excuse are our military. No one else gets any sympathy from me. Right now, wealthy European tourists are swarming around in Dubai, paying small fortunes per night to stay in the fancy new hotels and shop in the fancy, expensive new shops. The women run around half-naked on the beaches and at the swimming pools and all the Arabs smile and keep serving them drinks. Even though the women’s lack of clothing is a direct insult to Allah and the alcohol is forbidden in Islam. I should think that the hatred and contempt of the Arab Muslims for Westerners there must be palpable, and I frankly don’t understand why the Emir of Dubai spent a massive fortune building a futuristic city that caters to the Western rich. I mean, what the Hell? He doesn’t need the money and the cost of that city may never be repaid by tourism profits, and he’s a Muslim.

If I were the Emir, and I built that city as a playground for rich Westerners, I would have secret video cameras and microphones in every single hotel room including the bathrooms, and I’d be gathering information to use in conquering the West. Travel Tip: Stay away.

Israel is a Mideastern nation, of course, and the only one where I’d feel safe around the police. Not that you’d be safe from a terrorist attack there either, of course, but it would be safer than being anywhere else except perhaps Dubai, for now and that’s subjective safety, and open to change.


Friday, January 15th, 2016

Just yesterday I posted on the imminent collapse of the global economy. Well, here it comes, in spades, ace high. The Dow-Jones Industrial Average was down more than 500 points by noon East Coast time, about 40 minutes ago here on the West coast and the price of oil is below $30 a barrel and falling along with the stock market. The word in the news is that literally all stocks are dropping and there’s a rush into US government bonds, which pay out a guaranteed interest rate and can be sold for more than face value if the interest rate rises. It’s so low now that the rate certainly won’t drop, so they’re the safest current money haven.

Basically, all our national debt is in the form of bonds sold by our government, and those bonds can be sold from one person to the next. That makes them a second form of national currency, which is used by the rich and between nations. If Peru, say, owns $10 billion in our bonds, they basically are holding $10 billion US Dollars, except they also get interest on that money instead of having dollars in some bank vault gathering dust. With our national debt now heading toward $20 Trillion, that literally means there’s $20 Trillion Dollars in circulation BESIDES the $1.4 Trillion Dollars in general circulation. This is why selling bonds increases inflation even when more money isn’t actually being printed. So if our government DEFAULTED on the interest payments, holders would demand face value in dollars for the bonds from our government.

Walmart has just announced the closing of 269 stores worldwide including the closing of 154 in the US with a loss of 10,000 US jobs and another 60 stores in Brazil. A total of 16,000 jobs will be lost. This is just a start, more companies will soon follow suit and unemployment here and globally is going to soar. Of course, this will result in greatly decreased tax revenue for our government, which will will be reflected in reduced welfare programs. It’s happening, the tipping point has been reached in Obama’s efforts to make America into a Third World country, and the entire world gets to share in the poverty and suffering. Global depression is imminent and our trade deficit with China is about to end as we start up our factories here with all the willing low-wage workers and stop importing so much Chinese goods.

You can see now how fragile and vulnerable our economy actually is. For the short term I think the dollar is going to rise against foreign currencies, mainly the Chinese Yuen, which is in need of some devaluation regardless. However, when the day comes that our government’s tax income has become so low that we declare a moratorium on paying the interest on our debt, and that day will come, then you will see a huge demand to convert our bonds to cash. First, holders will demand that our government buy them back, and at first we will, but our Congress will put a stop to that to keep from bankrupting our Treasury. Then those bonds will hit the open market and be exchanged for Euros, Rubles, Rupees and Yuan and go as low as 10 cents on the Dollar or less.

Now, the smart thing to do would be for us to print up trillions of dollars and buy back those bonds. At 10 cents on the dollar we’d only need to print up $2 Trillion to buy them all, thus wiping out our National Debt, then burn the bonds. We would have tripled the amount of Dollars in actual circulation, reducing the value of what a Dollar is worth today to about 30 cents or so, and ruining the savings of a lot of Americans, but our National Debt would be gone, which would dramatically improve our credit rating, which by this time would have fallen to CCC-, right there beside Greece.

At that point, we could then start to rebuild our economy, Whether the scenario works out like that or not, we’ll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, get ready for a very rough ride.

Side Notes: With poverty comes crime, and the need of our government for increased revenues may finally move it into action against all the Latino gangs in our cities, who push drugs, commit lots of violent crime, and pay no taxes. Also with poverty will come an exodus of many Mexicans and Latin Americans back to their home countries when their jobs dry up. At least in Mexico they have families to help support them.

While Martial Law may not be declared, we can expect to see state National Guard troops taking an active role in policing our cities and shooting to kill. It wouldn’t be the first time, Kent State University comes to mind for one. Rising lawlessness will be met by a rising police and military presence.


Friday, January 8th, 2016

A police officer was shot and severely wounded by a Muslime assailant who ran up to his patrol car and shot him point blank. The officer was still able to exit the vehicle, run after his assailant and shoot him. The assailant said that he did it because of his Muslime faith. “According to him, he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran,” the Philadelphia police commissioner said.

Then the new, and Leftist Liberal Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney said the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. “It is abhorrent,” he said. “It does not represent the religion in any shape or form or any of the teachings of Islam …. it has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” This has nothing to do with my story here, I just added it to point out how incredibly idiotic Liberals are. Really, this clown should be a separate post.

Gritting my teeth and getting back to the subject, a couple of Syrian “refugees” were arrested today also on terrorist-related charges, one of them in California and one in Texas. Neither had committed any violent acts in the U.S. as yet.

Since Obama became president, he’s let in about 100,000 Middle-Eastern “refugees” and wants to let in a whole lot more, without any way of ensuring that none of them are intent on attacking us. Plainly, if they’re Muslimes, many of them will be very willing to attack us, all most of them need is a little organizing to get them going. And that seems to be The Plan that Obama has in mind.

First he reverses our progress in race relations, so that instead of all of us getting along with each other we’re once again racially divided. Then he attacks America’s police officers and supports Black Lives Matter, which is nothing more than a bunch of violent racist haters who go around attacking and killing police officers. So far, though, his Plan isn’t going so well. Black Lives Matter is getting a lot of bad press. Our media isn’t supporting that band of thugs as Obama had hoped, and their activities are already dying down. They were supposed to be a new civil rights movement but turned out to be a bunch of violent murderers.

Okay, now the “refugees”. The Paris attacks from these “refugees” has fired up our Congress and our media against the idea and both are pushing back against Obama’s efforts to bring in more of them. Meanwhile, the ones here are keeping pretty quiet. Those two who were just arrested, were picked up for communicating with terrorists, primarily.

The black riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, MO have died out and there’s been no more of them, as the police in other states where Black Lives tried to organize some violent protests were able to control the situations. American blacks will never realize how much Obama is using them as useful idiots to further his own agenda, but it doesn’t matter, as it’s a failed effort anyway.

To summarize, Obama’s support of black riots hasn’t caused any lasting unrest. Making anti-police statements has resulted in a greater public appreciation of our nation’s police, and backing Black Lives Matter has had little to no effect in creating public disturbances. Just the opposite, the attacks by them on police officers has made them look so bad that even Obama has shut up about them. Obama’s Plan has failed pretty badly so far, which is to create a lot of civil unrest and turmoil, enough to let him get away with declaring Martial Law and having Congress accept that as a necessary action. Fear, generalized public fear is needed to get people to go along with extreme measures. The Patriot Act that allowed the government to override our Constitutional rights is a good example, and people just aren’t afraid. Our media keeps telling us how afraid we are of ISIS attacks in America but that’s BS. These few, isolated incidents are quickly forgotten, and to generate the level of fear that the Socialists need to get us to give up the rest of our rights, they would need something similar to a civil war, like a race war. That’s not going to happen.

Now that we’re in the last year of his presidency, Obama’s options are narrowing. The primary goal was to create so much civil strife that Martial Law could be declared and a Democrat Socialist one-party totalitarian state could be established. The chances of achieving that goal look to be diminishing as time keeps slipping away. The secondary goal is to at least get another Democrat Socialist elected who will carry on with the effort toward a one-party state. Here’s how I think that’s going to play out:

Bernie Sanders is an avowed Socialist and damn serious about it. He’s smarter than Hillary Clinton (Hitlery to my friends) and he’d be single-minded in the effort to squash the Republican party permanently. That’s why he wants to be president, to move America fully into Socialism, and he’s fanatical about it. Hitlery, on the other hand, wants the job for the power of it. She wants to dominate, to rule, to be the Supreme Commander. With her, socialism is just a tool to provide her with power. For her, power is the goal. For Sanders, Socialism is the goal.

I think, sometime within the next couple of months, we will see Hitlery either indicted for at least one of her crimes or quitting the race under threat of indictment, or else so scandalized that Sanders poll numbers go way up over hers and she has no chance of getting the nomination. Most of the Primaries are held in Feb. and March, and we may see her start getting shot down before the end of January.

The Democrats’ agenda is very clear, they want America to be a one-party state. Hitlery would be nothing but a puppet, which many Liberals in power want, but an unwilling puppet. Bernie might also be unwilling in some ways but at least he’s a devoted Socialist. Hitlery has an increasing load of baggage, Bernie does not. Seems to me, the Democrat choice is clear.


Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is under attack by some factions among those Leftists for not being totally Politically Correct. Personally, I never trust any woman with two last names anyway, that’s like playing poker with guys named Reno Jack and Kansas City Sam, be prepared to get totally screwed. Anyway, her critics are demanding that she resign as chair-female. Or would that be Chair-ette? Yeah, I know, that’s non-PC. Bite me.

Hitlery is sinking in the polls while Bernie Sanders, blatant Socialist, is rising among the Democrats, and Democrats who matter are worried that Hitlery will lose against Donald Trump. Her latest move is to get husband Bill Clinton to go around giving speeches for her, but Bill’s political baggage is more of a liability than an asset with the general population. Getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky and then lying about it, plus all the women he’s stuck his pecker into or tried to, kinda tends to wreck Hillary’s “presidential” image. That and she’s such an ugly and plainly incompetent, lying, pursed-mouth bitch who only wants the job for the power. The Democrats are starting to see Sanders as being a lot more competent, and he may end up with the party nomination.

That will get him the white Democrat Really-Seriously-Leftist vote, but not much else. The blacks won’t bother and the women aren’t going to rush to the polls to vote for an ugly, wrinkled up old man with false teeth. Women vote for the best looking man, and either Trump or Cruz has him way beat, especially Trump because great wealth is men’s most attractive feature, among women.

For Obama to throw Hitlery under the bus and endorse Sanders, Sanders will need to rise just a bit more in the polls and express his approval and support of homosexuals and all the other LGBT freaks, and no doubt he will. So I expect Sanders to end up winning the nomination. He might not, Hitlery may get it yet, but they’ll have to cheat like never before to steal the election this time, either way.

The biggest problems that Hitlery has are Bill Clinton and Benghazi, Libya. Even Democrats can be patriotic, and about half of our military are Democrats, as are their parents. Hitlery’s totally incompetent handling of the Benghazi attack, along with all her lies about it and her responsibility for the deaths that incurred, makes her look like a very poor choice for Commander In Chief, the person who will decide where to send our young people to fight. So I expect she may not get a whole lot of votes from older Americans especially, if she does get the nomination. It keeps looking better and better for Trump and Cruz.

I don’t trust Cruz as much as I do Trump. I think they’re both total narcissists in love with themselves, the difference is that while Trump wants the power and glory just as much as anyone else, he’ll do stuff to make sure that he’s remembered as the guy who made America great again, and he’s fully capable. Cruz isn’t so motivated whether capable or not. But both those guys need to stop slamming each other and stay focused on the Democrats.


Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Saudi Arabia is where Mecca is. Mecca is the No. 1 Muslime holy site. Whoever rules over Mecca has Islam and all it’s adherents by the cojones, and the kettle’s been simmering between Sunni and Shia for centuries over Mecca as well as who was the rightful heir of Mohammad. That’s why they split and started killing each other.

ISIS is an offshoot of al Qaeda, al Qaeda is Saudi Sunni Wahabbists, the Saudi Islamic extremists, and Wahabbism is the most violent and extreme form of Islam that there is. While Iran and Iraq are fighting ISIS, they’re actually fighting the Saudis. This is why Obama does so little against ISIS, being raised a Sunni Muslime, he’s obedient to the Saudi king, who is the Protector of Mecca and the holiest man in Islam. Same reason he keeps releasing terrorists from Gitmo.

So now that the Saudis have executed a top Shiite cleric, Nimr al-Nimr, in spite of many warnings and requests for clemency by Iran, we see the Iranian people storming and burning the Saudi embassies in Iran much the same as when they stormed and looted ours. The only difference is that after trashing both places and setting some fires, they were made to leave instead of taking the diplomats and their staffs hostage as they did us.

This whole thing is a very complicated mess, and I don’t claim to understand it all. The only way anyone can is to know all the parties involved, what they’re thinking and what alliances and deals they’ve made. But I’ll try to unravel it as best I can.
The Shiite cleric was among 47 people executed by the Saudis, there were 4 Shiites and 43 al Qaedas, all but 2 of those were Saudis. They were executed because they carried out attacks within Saudi Arabia and killed hundreds of people, instead of confining their murdering to just Shiites in other countries.

The Wahabbists are the religious police and a force in itself in Saudi Arabia. Wahabbists and the Saudi king are not friends, the Wahabbists would like to take over the throne but the balance of power that exists prevents either side from quashing the other. Remember, ISIS is Wahabbists, and the Saudi government has been working out a deal with Iran and Iraq to mutually fight ISIS, because ISIS ultimately wants to take over the Saudi throne. Now, after the Saudi government has executed that Shiite cleric, the Saudi embassies in Iran have been sacked and burned and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said “The unjustly spilled blood of this oppressed martyr will no doubt soon show its effect and divine vengeance will befall Saudi politicians.” That’s a very open threat against the Saudi government and the end to any cooperation against ISIS.

ISIS is opposed by the Saudi king and probably the majority of the Saudi government, but is supported by the Wahabbists, many of whom may be in the Saudi government or controlling some members of it. With Arabs, it’s always plots and schemes within plots and schemes, and constantly shifting and changing alliances as they all try to gain advantage over each other. This is what makes the Middle East so volatile. All that wealth mixed with all that intrigue.

What’s clear is that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has thrown down the gauntlet. This is an end to the intrigue regarding them and the Saudi government and we may be about to see a new unity between all the Shiites in the region against Saudi Arabia, which would also mean a greatly increased effort to defeat ISIS. The Saudis have been ramping up their military capability steadily for years against attack by Iran, while Iran continues to build it’s military might. A war between the two would be pretty spectacular to watch.

At the same time, we are allies with Saudi Arabia under a treaty to protect them, that we made back in the 1930′s to guarantee first dibs on buying their oil, and we’ve been moving away from oil dependence. Americans are sick of seeing their kids coming back in boxes, and don’t want more Mid-East involvement. So just how much help we’d give the Saudis is questionable, my guess is that it would be only some air support and not a lot of that. No doubt we’d be trying to get the Israelis to attack Iran, with a bunch of false promises, though, instead. When or if it comes around, I hope the Israelis opt out, as sure as hell, they’ll get hit by both Lebanon and the Palestinians while they’re busy with Iran, and then we’ll see a monster mess.

2016 may prove to be one hell of a year.


Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Communists want to be the leaders, the rulers, the ones in charge of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. They control everything, food, medical care, housing, clothing, transportation, jobs, everything.

Socialists want a government that provides everything, food, medical care, housing, clothing, transportation, jobs, everything.

Communists are aggressive leaders who only care about themselves.

Socialists are lazy, blind followers who imagine that they’re helping create a better world, while they suck harder at a shrinking teat and contribute nothing because they only care about themselves.

In other words, Communists are selfish bullies who make the world support them, and Socialists are the selfish idiots who support the bullies.