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Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Hillary Clinton is literally walking lately as if she had a dry corncob stuffed up her asshole. I’m not saying that to be mean or spiteful, I’m saying that to be as descriptive as possible of really odd, deliberate way she’s walking now. Another thing is the way her body shape has changed. It may be that she’s wearing clothes that cover every inch of her to hide an emerging deformity, which is a growing stomach bulge that’s off-center to the right.

A bulge like that is caused by an expanding spleen. Enlargement of the spleen is caused by a whole variety of different problems and ailments, all bad and all serious.

Her spleen is enlarging, she exhibits early Parkinson’s Disease, she’s emotionally unstable, she’s gaining weight, showing physical weakness and sometimes inability to stand, needs help climbing a few stairs, is taking dangerous drugs long term. Doctors who’ve observed her on TV can’t say for certain what’s wrong with her but they have identified some drugs being hand-carried by the agents protecting her, and they generally conclude that she has a fatal condition and maybe more than one condition. She’s sometimes confused and often uses bad judgement, and is disconnected from the results of her actions. So she has mental problems as well as physical ones.

Any medical report on her health that is released by anyone in our government is bound to be a pack of lies. No doctor tells the truth about a Presidential candidate or President unless that person has died. Then they say “The President is dead” but never tell the true reason why.

Hillary is what they call in New York a “sick ticket”, people who vote for her might as well vote for a rotting corpse. The result will be the same.


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Carl Rove, increasingly obese former advisor to and Deputy Chief of Staff of G. W. Bush, past President and permanent asshole, is on Fox News telling the world that Donald Trump should never never never have called Hitlary Clinton a bigot because it just isn’t done and now everyone is going to be focused on that instead of the crimes of her and Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation and so forth.

Then some other fat nobody came on and said pretty much the same thing, that Trump made a huge mistake and needs to get his act together because now everyone is talking about him calling her a bigot instead of talking about the corrupt Clinton foundation.

So then we look at all the various media websites and guess what? No one is even mentioning him calling her a bigot. And you know why? Because they don’t want to, because she is one and they all know it. They don’t want to talk about that, they don’t want anyone even looking at that, but Fox News saw an opportunity to get Fat Slob Rove to attack Trump.

Pretty stupid of Fox, when anyone who’s been paying attention knows by now and has known for a long time, that Rove is a RINO Establishment Porker. Listening to him is like listening to Mitt Romney, it’s all crap and lies.

Trump’s thinly veiled remark suggesting that she should be assassinated was really dumb, but he seems to have figured that out and even though he’s still saying things that outrage some people, he’s not suggesting that anyone violate any laws anymore.

As far as calling Hitlary a bigot, he happens to be right, and personally I think it was a brilliant move. The MSM won’t touch it so far, except for “fair and balanced” (my ass) Fox News, who showed him saying that during a rally before trying to make him look bad for doing so. They show his speeches to prove that they’re still Conservative, but it falls flat.

I keep thinking of that Chinese Curse, “May you live in interesting times.”


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

It’s the only answer, Hillary Clinton must be a cyborg, part human, part machine. That’s why she wears only clothing that covers her from high up on her neck all the way down to the tops of her shoes, because all the rest is metal and plastic. It also explains the weird faces she keeps making, the laughing fits, the head nodding and nodding and nodding. Her programming is causing conflicts. But no wonder, it’s such new technology they don’t have all the bugs out yet, and the life support systems to just keep her head and hands working without rotting must be constantly needing repair.

I just hope she doesn’t start leaking oil and other fluids during a speech, people could slip in it and fall and injure themselves. I mean, you can’t explain away someone all covered in Hillary goo by saying her diaper broke.


Thursday, August 25th, 2016

All the various media keeps telling us that Hillary Clinton “is only 1 point ahead of Donald Trump now” or “surged to 4 points ahead of Trump” so that Trump had to fight his way back to being only 1 point behind again. The polls have been wildly inconsistent, with polls taken over the telephone giving much different results from those conducted online, and just when one poll shows Trump ahead, others suddenly come out that say he’s way behind.

Some online polls actually have Donald Trump at about an 80% lead, which may be as skewed as the ones that have Hillary leading by a few percentage points. None of the polls are to be trusted no matter how “scientific”, “reliable” or “respected” the poll taking company is, considering all the Liberal corruption we’ve seen and the heavy Liberal media bias.

What the public needs to look at instead is the rally attendance by the two main candidates. Hillary typically draws crowds in the hundreds while Donald draws crowds in the thousands and tens of thousands. When Hillary speaks, the cameras pan the crowd if it looks like a lot of people. When Trump speaks, he has to tell the cameras to pan the crowds, which are always huge, because otherwise the news people there won’t do it. They don’t want us to see that Trump draws huge crowds.

The reason for all this misdirection is obvious, if the American public can be convinced that the race is really close, then it will be easy to cheat on the vote count and declare Hillary the winner. The truth is that it looks like a landslide victory for Trump in the coming election, and it’s going to take massive voter fraud to change that, which could create a lot of public outcry if we aren’t tricked into believing the race was close to begin with.


Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Watching the crowds as the different games went on, one thing stands out as being really different from the way people over here behave. They all seem to be comfortable with each other’s presence. Black people, white people, racially mixed people of all skin tones all together in the stadiums, and nobody glaring at anyone else that I could see.

Over here the whites, blacks, browns and yellows tend to separate off into groups at sporting events if they can. We have real racial hatred over here and a lot of it, that I just didn’t see in Brazil. They had slavery there too in their past history, and slaughters, and no doubt there’s a hierarchy of racial preferences among them since everyone has at least some personal preference of some sort, but I didn’t see any sign of outright racial hostility.

There’s a lot of third-world type crap that goes on in Brazil, but there’s a lot that goes on everywhere anymore. With all the illegal aliens who’ve swarmed in, along with all the Muslime refugees brought in and all the Negro slums created by political oppression, most of our big cities have ghettos that look like third-world messes to me. Brazil has it over us in their lack of racial hostility. We have it over Brazil in the way we govern.

Our pride as a nation has always been that we’re a nation of laws, and not a nation of men. This means that everyone is equally protected under the law and equally prosecuted for breaking the law, but that’s no longer true. Too many people of wealth and power are getting away literally with murder and treason, and this is destroying our very foundation. Why be honest if our leaders are all crooks? Why not follow their example instead? After all, they are the leaders. This is what made Mexico the ruinous mess that it is, with drug wars and mass killings and nobody safe anywhere. This is the problem growing in Brazil, with armed youth gangs and even the police, robbing the tourists at gunpoint. Just like in Mexico.

I think the only thing that would fix Mexico is total depopulation, but Brazil has a lot more going for it. A good government that enforced the laws and supported an honest police force could make Brazil the next great Democracy.


Saturday, August 20th, 2016

First I want to congratulate Brazil on winning the gold in Men’s Soccer against Germany. Hell of a game.

I’m really struck by the beautiful show that the Brazilian government put on. They did a magnificent job of creating arenas, decorations, athletic venues, it’s all been incredibly colorful and for the most part, very well done.

Holding one of our swimmers for ransom rather than admit that there’s a problem with unpaid police was pretty bad, the obvious bribing of boxing match judges who gave fights to Russian losers instead of the men who clearly won, that was pretty bad too, and these things show the true condition of the Brazilian government.

They spent $billions to put on this wonderful show, but never seem to spend anything to clean up the slums, improve the welfare of the people or ensure that the police are paid well and promptly. Just the opposite is true, and they chose the most lawless city in Brazil to host the Olympics. There wasn’t a better, safer, and certainly cleaner place? What a combination of ability and corruption! What a display of technical capability and moral ineptitude. Talk about contrasts.

I hope that all the money spent on this benefits all Brazilians and not just the contractors and laborers who created it all, including the inevitable graft that was paid out to politicians to get the contracts to build it and the Olympic Committee bribes to host it in Brazil.

The Brazilian people need a big boost, too many have been desperately poor for too long. We share the same problem, corruption and graft in government, it hurts us all and destroys democracy.


Friday, August 19th, 2016

In Brazil, the police are often not paid for months, and people need to eat so it’s no wonder that they’re known for robbing people themselves, and worse crimes.

The Brazilian authorities are outraged over two Americans who they say vandalized a toilet and then claimed that they were robbed at gunpoint.

It happens that security cameras recorded a security guard pointing a pistol at them and demanding money for some supposed vandalism. Demanding money at gunpoint is ARMED ROBBERY, and a far more serious crime than doing minor damage to a bathroom while drunk.

Only one of the two American swimmers is still in Brazil and is being told that being robbed at gunpoint was merely “reparations” for doing supposed damage, but that he should be sent to prison because he made up the story about being robbed. When it’s on video that he was robbed.

The Brazilians are outraged because they spent a fortune on the Olympic games and then this story comes out about a robbery of Olympic athletes, that makes them look bad. IT SHOULD MAKE THEM LOOK BAD AND IT DOES. By turning this into such a huge issue while trying to save face, what they’ve really done is caused people to go be tourists somewhere else. They’ve soiled their own image. This could have been left quietly alone instead of dumping all the blame on a couple of drunk athletes. Now the whole world is hearing about Brazilian police corruption.

I have not seen a single bit of evidence yet of any vandalism damage whatever. No proof has been offered, only claims from the people who took the money at gunpoint. Our people need to tell their people to fuck off and let our guy come home. That’s it and that’s it.

The corrupt Brazilian assholes agreed to release our swimmer. They’ll give him his passport back just as soon as he gives $10,800 IN RANSOM to their favorite charity. Meanwhile he’s issued a forced apology for his “behavior” without naming a single thing he supposedly did wrong, and still saying outright that A GUN WAS STUCK IN HIS FACE AND MONEY TAKEN FROM HIM.

I’m really disappointed in Brazil. I thought they were a better class of people over there but this crap is what Mexicans do.


Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet

The state of Wyoming has declared that it owns the air and is taxing wind generators a dollar for every megawatt produced and they’re taxing the wind farms out of business. Someone needs to sue the state for wind damage, winds cause a lot of damage and Wyoming should be held liable if they own the wind like they say.

Way back when World War One started, the State of Calif. passed an “emergency” 1.5% sales tax that was to end when the war did. So when the war did end they increased the tax to 2.5%. Then more, and more, and then cities added their own tax to the state sales tax so that now in some California cities, the Sales Tax is over 9%. Add that to California’s Income Tax and it looks like this: If you make $40,000 a year, pretty much an average city wage anymore, you will pay 11.4% of that in taxes, or $4560. If you spent a fourth of that, or $10,000 on taxable goods, your taxes are $5460 total.

The Federal IRS Income Tax will take out 25%, or $10,000 PLUS $5156 for a total of $15,156. Now add in the California taxes of $5460 for a grand total of $20,616, OVER HALF of the income for someone of just average wages, leaving the poor bastard with just $19,384 to live on and he’s one of the lucky ones because at least he has a job, and it’s not at minimum wage.


Saturday, August 13th, 2016

The imam of a New York City mosque and his associate were gunned down Saturday as they walked home from afternoon prayers, by a single unknown male assailant “with a large handgun” who then ran off.

This is clearly a case of self-defense.


Friday, August 12th, 2016

Turkey and Russia have just announced that they’re normalizing their relations with each other. Things had gone from bad to worse between them when Turkey deliberately shot down a Russian warplane that was no threat to them. In retaliation, Russians stopped being tourists in Turkey. This is a big deal, most of Turkey’s tourism income came from Russians, and it was a lot of income.

Turkey is hurting financially not just from the cutoff of tourist money, but also from feeding and housing about 2.3 million refugees Erdogan took in from Syria. He took those people in to use them as a threat against the European Union because he wants the EU to make Turkey a member. The people running the EU don’t want Turkey, so he threatened to let the 2.3 million Muslim refugees just pour into Southern Europe if they didn’t start the admission process.

It apparently has finally sunk in to Erdogan that Turkey will never be allowed into the EU, or he would never have decided to side with Russia. This means he’s also sided against NATO, and that means a lot of things.

It means that the gas pipeline through Turkey from Russia will get built, profiting both countries. It means there’s a new urgency to get our bombs and people out of Incirlik, Turkey. It means that Turkey is going to back off from it’s hostile behavior toward Israel, this latter being because Israel and Russia have a lot going on between them that both sides want to maintain. Of course, Turkey is going full-on Islamist, so we’ll see how long they keep the peace with the Jews. Personally I don’t expect much.

The thing is, Turkey has been an ally of the West for a very long time, and with the switch to an Islamist state, this alliance is sinking fast. I think it’s drawing it’s last breath. Our “war on ISIS” is a sham, our strikes in Syria are really designed to convince us here in the USA that Obama’s doing something real. The Russians, however, keep complaining that we’re targeting Syrian military instead of ISIS or the other anti-Assad forces. Now that Turkey and Russia have joined forces against ISIS, we won’t be hearing about any more Russian warplanes shot down by Turkish warplanes. Instead we may start hearing about American warplanes being shot down by the Russians and Turks.

It’s just possible that Israel may join in the fight against ISIS in spite of having Turkey on their same side. I doubt it but thought the idea is worth mentioning. Another thing worth mentioning is that we shouldn’t be too surprised if a tactical nuke goes off in Syria before much longer.


Friday, August 12th, 2016

Excerpted From the Air Force Times:
Erdogan accused Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command, of “siding with coup plotters,” a charge Votel denied. This is a threat, and it should be taken as a threat. Erdogan is threatening us and our military personnel.

“We certainly condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the attempted coup,” James said. “We’re beyond that now. Many thousands of people have been arrested and we, of course, defer to the government of Turkey as to who needs to be arrested, who needs to be punished for this action. Incirlik is a key location, Turkey overall is a very important ally.”

There is another reason that Incirlik is so crucial.

Reports suggest the air base houses roughly 50 B61 hydrogen bombs, said Hans M. Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists. The missile-borne tactical weapons are capable of destroying battlefield formation units at a much faster rate of speed than conventional weapons.

SO THEN… these are TACTICAL NUKES, not designed to wipe out entire cities, and create a 50-mile wide circle of death, but little nukes that will create a circle of death a few miles wide. Isn’t that nice, does anyone think that one of these dropped on Paris or London wouldn’t kill millions of people and still effectively destroy those cities?

Erdogan is threatening to let millions of refugees swarm into Southern Europe unless the E.U. gives the Turks free entry without requiring visas. This would be disastrous to Europe in every conceivable way. It’s an extremely ugly threat. In response, Bulgaria is working rapidly to complete a 12 foot high wall along their border with Turkey, and they’re maintaining a large number of armed guards along it.

Our military desperately wants to keep our air base in Incirlik, Turkey, but Erdogan is plainly going to make this harder and harder for us to do. He’s already trying to hold us up for ransom, as there’s a Muslim cleric in the U.S. that he wants dead, and is demanding that we ship the guy back to Turkey for him. He cut off power to the air base for weeks to try to force us to do this. Now there’s the fact of those bombs. You know damn well he wants those bombs and he’s going to keep trying harder and increasing pressure and demands in an effort to get them.

Eventually we’ll have no choice but to abandon Incirlik, and the sooner we do so, the better for the safety of those bombs and the world.

These bombs are activated by altitude, air pressure in other words, and logically their detonators would be removable, and kept separate from the bombs. If an attack were made on our base there, hopefully the detonators would be immediately destroyed, but would they? What if Erdogan got hold of them?

At this point diplomacy is all that’s keeping Erdogan’s hands off those bombs, and with him, diplomacy is wielded with a sword. We need to get those bombs the hell out of there now, and if not the bombs, at least take the detonators to a safe place. This is a world war waiting to happen.


Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Today Paul Nehlen lost in a landslide defeat, something like 20% to Paul Ryan’s 80%, as the people of Wisconsin chose a lying globalist traitor who’s wholly on the side of the Socialists over someone who, like Donald Trump, wants honesty in government again.

This was an extremely important election not just for Wisconsin but the entire nation, as it would have removed Ryan from his position of power as Speaker of the House. Now he’ll continue to stifle any and all efforts to stop the flood of illegal immigration, and continue to support efforts to give away our jobs to foreign nations.

Meanwhile, also today, Donald Trump made an incredibly stupid remark that pretty much shocked everybody including me. He said: “Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The meaning of this was instantly clear to me and everyone else who heard it. The “Second Amendment people” are the ones with guns and he was suggesting they shoot her if she becomes President. His people immediately said he was talking about voting but no one believes that.

You can’t do that. You can’t advocate the assassination of a President. That was incredibly stupid and especially for such a brilliant man. Is he deliberately trying to lose the election? Is he that thoughtless in making offhand remarks? For a long time it seemed like all his controversial comments were deliberate, designed to provoke his political enemies or create more publicity for himself. But not this one. No one thinks that of this one, and this one was extreme.

So I’m done. Anyone who’s really paying attention knows that Hillary Clinton is a total walking disaster and should never be allowed even near the White House, let alone the resident of it, and we need a nominee who inspires in us a feeling of confidence and strength in their ability to lead our nation.

That would not be someone who advocates shooting their rival, if they lose.


Sunday, August 7th, 2016

It was a mystery to me why millions upon millions of people all over the world flocked to the variety of social networking sites that all seemed to crop up about the same time, and I’m finally getting the picture here. I doubt that those millions knew themselves why they were so attracted to it, especially since I haven’t heard this little revelation of mine expressed anywhere else.

You’re reading it here first.

Social Networking websites are the New Main Stream Media. A new acronym is hereby born: The NMSM.

Literally ALL the cable news networks, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, all of them slant, twist, distort and spin the news, tell outright lies, omit news they don’t want to reveal, and they all push a Socialist, Globalist agenda. People have gotten just plain sick and tired of that crap!

So now where do they go to find stuff out? To Facebook, Twitter, the NMSM.

Like political polls. Every one is biased to some degree. Huffington Post actually has Clinton up at about 80% to Trump 20%, which is so far wrong it’s beyond stupid. But check Facebook and Twitter and you find that Trump has about 80% more followers than Clinton, and 80% more Likes. That’s where the truth is, because the people who use those sites are of all political persuasions.

I read that Twitter is having problems and their stock is going down, but if they die off, another will quickly take their place. What’s more likely to die off if they don’t change their lying ways are the cable news companies. People do have their limits.


Friday, August 5th, 2016

Polling companies that used to produce valid and reliable political polls are now skewing the “results” deliberately to favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and this has been proven to be fact.
Even Fox News, now known as Faux News (False News) holds round-table sessions after Trump speeches in which they attack every detail of his speeches, but they don’t do that with Hillary Clinton speeches. They’re giving Hillary more air time and more favorable air time, just as all the other media are doing.

I don’t see how Trump can overcome this. Most people believe what they hear, and if virtually all the Main Stream Media are reporting actual lies, negative and false stories about Donald Trump, how is he to have even a chance to win the election?

Then there’s voter fraud. Where ballots are counted by machines, votes for Trump can be discarded and votes for Clinton can be multiplied, the conditions are set by the machine operators, and no one can prove that there was cheating because this system is literally built into the machines on purpose, with countermeasures that prevent detection.

Polling stations run by Democrats can and do count false votes, votes from non-citizens, fictitious votes, ballots cast by dead people and so on. In the last Presidential election, some districts not only reported that there was not one single Republican vote cast, but also that there were more votes cast in favor of Obama than there were actual registered voters in the districts, these obviously false votes were counted anyway and no investigations were ever undertaken.

I think that Trump will get a majority vote regardless of all the lies and cheating but that the vote count will say that Hillary won. The Globalists have packed our government, and not just ours but most of Europe’s.

I’ve never seen government corruption so exposed before. If nothing else, Donald Trump has sure blown the lid off the Globalist Machine.


Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

I’ve donated several times to the Republican election campaign of Paul Nehlen, running for Senator in Wisconsin. This may not make much sense at first, since I live in California, but the thing is, Senator Paul Ryan is the person Paul Nehlen is running against, Paul Ryan is actually a Socialist and Globalist who got elected on lies. He pretended to be a Conservative, and his RINO Republican cronies in Washington make him Speaker of the House.

This is a very important post, as it’s the Speaker who decides what bills, what legislation, will be voted on and possibly sent on to the Senate. Ryan will only promote bills that further the Democrat’s Socialistic and Globalist agendas, and it’s a certain fact that if he stays in office he’ll do all that he can to keep a President Trump from accomplishing anything.

So Ryan has to go, and all concerned Americans need to get behind Paul Nehlen and get him elected in place of Ryan as Wisconsin Senator.

This will not make Nehlen the Speaker, it just gets rid of Ryan, and the RINOs will do their best to put another person just like Ryan in place as Speaker. This may prove difficult, since politicians don’t want to be voted out of office, and if Ryan can be defeated in spite of all their corrupt tricks to steal the election, and they will try, then they may find a more acceptable compromise to elect as Speaker.

This is only one battle in the effort to right our ship of state once again, but it matters a great deal. Defeating Ryan will affect our coming Presidential election hugely, and could actually make the difference in getting Donald Trump elected.

The Wisconsin Primary is on August 9th, only 6 days away from today.
Donations to Paul Nehlen’s campaign can be made at


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Obama is going to give an estimated 50 to 90 nuclear weapons, called Gravity bombs because they’re dropped from aircraft rather than mounted on a missile, to Recep Erdogan, the Islamist dictator of Turkey. I’m sure of this, for a very simple reason.

Erdogan engineered a false coup as an excuse to purge Turkey of the last holdouts for secular democracy, and now that he’s gotten rid of nearly 90,000 police officers, school teachers, military personnel, judges and politicians, his control of Turkey is almost complete. This is a purge on an unprecedented scale and has assured that Turkey will never now be allowed membership in the European Union, something that Erdogan’s been trying to accomplish for years.

Quick points: You don’t have military coups while the person you wish to overthrow is away somewhere safe. First you must grab that leader, then you proceed with the coup, always. Erdogan was in a safe place and the coup was sloppily done, badly coordinated and understaffed. It was a fraud.
Next, with no chance now of EU membership, being a member of NATO has become a burden, and there’s no point in maintaining the facade of being Pro-West any longer. Last, Erdogan has been openly supporting ISIS.

The United States maintains a base inside the Incirlik Air base outside of the city of Tarsus. The base is Turkey’s, we just have a portion to use for our air raids into Syria. Some general somewhere in the Pentagon decided it would be a good idea to stash a bunch of nuclear weapons there in case we wanted to drop some on someone, say, maybe, the Russians? Those bombs are still there in spite of the base now being surrounded by 7000 Turkish police armed with heavy weapons. The only intelligent thing to do is to load them on a cargo plane and get them out of Turkey as fast as possible, yet this hasn’t happened.

There can be only one reason why this hasn’t happened.

I don’t know enough to predict what Russia and Iran will do, or India and China, when the Turkish forces move in and take our nukes but if I were the Russians I’d be looking at ways to cause a ground-level nuclear explosion there of about the size of just one of those many bombs. Oops, those clumsy Turks, they must have dropped one or something.

A LITTLE LATER… What I’d do if I were Putin, who must be watching this very closely, would be to tell Obama flat out that if he lets Erdogan get hold of those nukes, Russia will respond immediately and violently. If he was going to, then he already has, Obama has told Erdogan, and now we’re waiting for Erdogan to blink.


Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Yep, that’s me, Black Sheep, baaa. I thought to catch some Sunday noon news on the TV and it was Hillary Clinton spouting lies and platitudes. Shut it off in disgust.
It seems to me that anyone watching her and listening to her would see immediately that she doesn’t mean a word of what she says. Insincerity is the most obvious thing in the world, it stands out like a searchlight in the blackness of night, and yet so many people seem completely incapable of even noticing that she’s making it up, that it’s all a pack of lies.

When you look at her past actions, her incredibly cavalier handling of our national security by using a personal, unsafe email system to send and receive secret information shows that she has extremely poor judgement and a disregard for the laws that govern her behavior. Yet so many people think she’s wonderful.

The election twice of Barack Obama is a testament to the stupidity of the general population, and in this I have to agree with the Socialist elite, most Americans aren’t mentally capable of governing themselves. Where I disagree with them is their idea of how the governing should be done.

This coming election will tell if any appreciable number of Americans have woken up at last to the direness of their situation, or if they elect the hideous bleached blonde harridan to be our next Liar In Chief. My hope is that they have and my expectation is that they’re all just as moronic as they’ve always been.


Saturday, July 30th, 2016

There is a lot to be said for Globalism, depending on your point of view. It’s a plain fact that there’s other planets not far off galactically speaking, with other advanced, self-aware beings, and they’ve been coming around here for an extremely long time. It’s illogical, to quote Dr. Spock, (Leonard Nimoy, not the baby doctor) to assume that we’re alone in our galaxy, and there’s too much evidence to the contrary anyway. What is logical to assume is that any race of creatures that’s capable of interstellar travel has united as a single race and nation. We’re probably thousands of years away from social unity yet and we may never get there.

The Globalism effort being made right now is nothing less than a world-domination plot, One Ring To Rule Us All kind of deal, and it’s as evil as Sauron in that trilogy. Globalism is a plot to enslave humanity.

It may be that such a calamity must be our lot first if we’re to evolve into a unified social order. In fact I see no other *logical* way to get there. When you leave humans on their own, they get along fine once a pecking order of authority is established but that ends as soon as they make contact with another group of humans. The larger the groups, the bigger the battles to establish the supremacy of one group. This is our history and it’s how we still are. Iraq was a great example of this. As long as Saddam Hussein and his sons maintained their brutal power structure, Iraq was a stable nation. Until we came along and wrecked it all, of course. Now everyone there is fighting everyone else there.

A Globalist dictatorship may actually be the only way to save not just us but our planet. The whole point of dictatorships is to have power over the people. Once you rule everybody, wealth becomes meaningless. You can have anything you want without having to work for it. So it would make sense to start controlling the assets of the planet and put a stop to the efforts of those who despoil it in seeking wealth. Only the rulers are allowed to have wealth, everyone else has to obey the rulers. Why mine gold when all the world’s gold stores are already yours?

A time would come when the rulers would start reducing the population. After all, they want things nice for themselves, and too many people just messes everything up.

Are any of the other planetary civilizations benevolent? It seems so, since none of them have gotten rid of us and taken over. They’ve all had plenty of time to do it. More likely they’ve reached an agreement between them to mostly leave us alone. Mostly. Not entirely, there’s abduction stories in the Bible, even, but if at least one race is hostile, apparently the rest keep it in check.

We must be fascinating to watch, and alarming to a degree. If I were them, I wouldn’t want us developing interstellar travel for a very long time yet.


Friday, July 29th, 2016

The Talking Heads did a song saying that “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens”. If that’s true, then America is Heaven. Nothing is happening here. All over the world, at least in countries that aren’t engaged in wars or piracy, there’s new construction going on, with high rise buildings popping up the way mushrooms do, almost overnight, along with plenty of other new buildings, streets, bridges and so on. You’d never know there was a global recession going on when you look at all the new infrastructure creation.

Except for here. For a nation that’s been the economic leader of the world for over 100 years, things have gotten awfully quiet.

The sporadic attacks by ISIS and Al Qaeda amount to nothing compared to the death rate from traffic accidents, diseases, insect bites, animal attacks or any one of a variety of things that daily kill off a bunch of us. About 350 Americans die each year from falling in the bathtub, more than have died so far in France this year from terrorism. We give as much attention to the latest disease threat, like Ebola or Zika, as we do to terrorist attacks and we do a lot more about the diseases than we do the terrorists. Fighting disease is profitable, it’s a business. Fighting terrorists is all expense, so I guess that answers that.

Terrorism is way overblown and gets way too much publicity. The best way to deal with terrorists is to very quietly go bomb them into oblivion and not say a word about it.

America is like a Super-Sized slurpy, a big drink cup filled with crushed ice and flavored syrup, with lots of straws stuck in it that are being sucked on by lots of people like Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and George Soros, all billionaires and all of whom support the goal of making America a Socialist dictatorship. You don’t get to be a mega billionaire by being nice, you do it by screwing everyone you can out of every dime you can.
Donald Trump is also a billionaire who I’m sure has impoverished a lot of people as well. But he doesn’t seem to be a Socialist so there’s that.

America still has a lot of ice in the cup but we’re running really low on syrup, and there’s only two ways to get more syrup. One is to tax us more, and the other is to sell off our assets, both of which the Socialists have been busy doing for quite awhile now, and now the cup sides are starting to cave in.

The only safe people in America, if not now, then soon, are the poor people. You can’t take much from those who don’t have much. Americans with money and good paying jobs who want The American Dream with a jazzy home in a nice neighborhood are the ones who need to fear, for The Taxman is on his evil way to relieve them of their prosperity. The goal of Socialism is to eliminate the Middle Class entirely, and have only an Upper Class and a Lower Class, and they’re doing pretty good at bringing this about. Increasing inflation while keeping wages the same does wonders to achieve this.

Americans are leaving suburbia and moving more and more into cities and the reason should be obvious to most, it’s because it costs a lot more to live in the suburbs and the country, and there’s fewer jobs there. As the suburbian’s incomes decrease and they continue to move to cities, there’s less work for those who stay. Individual homes are disappearing in the cities and being replaced with tall apartment buildings to house all the new people.

But I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like living in a small community. We get about 3 really hot weeks here in the summer but the rest of the time it’s very livable and there’s very little traffic here too. When I moved here 4 years ago, there was a lot of summer traffic with people going to the lake and lots of campers, but each year since it’s gotten less and this year there’s pretty much none. More businesses have closed but a new one opened, Family Dollar, sells stuff cheap like Walmart and is doing a great business. You want a job here? That’s funny. The biggest industry in this mountain valley is growing pot, I bet.

Right now, THIS is Heaven, nothing happens here in this isolated mountain desert town. I know it won’t stay that way, poverty is deepening here, too, that slurpy suck reaches all of us, and I may have to do a few things to fortify my home more than it is now. Burglary becomes a common form of self-employment in bad times.

For now, the world is just an interesting thing to watch. I just hope it doesn’t get too interesting.


Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Did I just hear a faint brrrrrrip noise? Do I detect the odor of an open sewer? Can that be a faint whiff of a Russian fart?

Erik Snowden is still in Russia, the guy who published thousands of hacked communications between diplomats and other U.S. government officials. He has thousands more that weren’t published but you can rest assured that the Russians got every single last one in exchange for giving him sanctuary and keeping him safe from American prisons.

Now we have Wikileaks publishing hacked emails proving that the Democratic nomination for President was rigged in favor of Hillary and against Sanders.

Espionage experts in the field of Internet security say that it’s a certainty that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks to release, and that the Russians most likely hacked all of Hillary’s emails too.

It seems that Vlad Putin really doesn’t like the Clintons very much, and very likely favored Bernie Sanders instead, which is why they released those DNC emails to Wikileaks to publish. On the other hand, Putin does seem to like Donald Trump, and when it comes to which person he’d rather deal with, who knows? That might be Trump. It looks that way, otherwise why show the world that Sanders was cheated? That makes Hillary look pretty bad.

There’s a chance that the Russians are going to expel some bad gas soon, in the form of released Hillary Clinton emails. I believe that they hold the future of our next president in their hands, and if so, I have no doubt whatever that they’re making a deal with Donald Trump right now, and I think I know what they want, too. Either a free hand in Turkey without our intervention or a backing off of NATO. Or maybe both.

The Russians hate NATO, it’s poised as a constant threat to their security and has been used primarily to force economic concessions from them instead of being simply a watchdog and guardian of the member states, as it was originally meant to be. Donald Trump has been speaking out against NATO members not paying their fair share, and this must be delighting Vlad Putin. You, the reader, can see where this is leading, and if the Russians do have really incriminating evidence against Hillary, they may end up blowing a monster vodka and borscht fart all over her campaign. The hitch in this is that by releasing any of Hillary’s emails, the Russians will be revealing that they know all the secret stuff she sent, too, but they also must know that the CIA would consider that a given in any case, and may consider it worth doing it to get NATO off their backs.

Now, wouldn’t that be fun to watch? I doubt that she’d be prosecuted by Obama’s racist Attorney General bitch, but she would surely go down in flames on Election Day.