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Saturday, August 19th, 2017

It’s occurred to me that N. Korea may be reaching the end of it’s economic worth. There’s no chance that they have developed missiles and atomic bombs without considerable economic and technological assistance from their master, China, and even though N. Korea exports a considerable amount of coal and other materials to China that helps to offset costs, it still has to have been an economic drain on China.

Now, N. Korea has reached it’s maximum level of threat to Japan, the United States and other neighboring nations. They can’t really develop much more without a lot more income, and the new sanctions have cut off a good portion of their income, provided that the Chinese keep to the agreement.

If they don’t, there will be considerable economic sanctions against them that will do a lot of harm to their economy. The Chinese economy has slowed down as wages have increased and manufacturing has begun returning to the countries from whence it came, as a result, and because they’re engaged in a massive military expansion, harm to their economy is to be avoided if at all possible.

Some sacrifices may have to be made, and China may be willing to sacrifice N. Korea to a small extent. It’s up to Pres. Trump to ensure that they sacrifice their puppet to a much larger extent than they desire.


Thursday, August 17th, 2017

When a young tree starts growing beside a large boulder, and expands in size, it starts pushing against that boulder. If the tree can grow large enough it will eventually push the boulder over. Steady pressure does the job.

This is what China does. Steadily put pressure against it’s neighbors, pressing against them constantly, forcing them back into smaller and smaller areas, invading with little roots here and there, taking little bits of land, small pieces of area, but over a long time, until finally the neighbor is gone and it’s all China.

The nation of China is like a cancer, the metaphor holds true in every respect. China is aggressive, evil and ugly in it’s intent to dominate the Earth, and while their state of North Korea has everyone’s attention, they’re attempting to cut off a vast area of India’s territory from that nation by building a road from China into Bhutan, directly to a relatively narrow “chicken neck”, as it’s called, stretch of land that separates the Eastern part of India from the rest of that nation.

The purpose of this road building attempt is to be able to transport Chinese troops to the very edge of that “chicken neck” so that the Chinese could then cut off mainland India from it’s Eastern states and take them over. India’s responded by sending troops and it’s own earth-moving equipment to the area to block the Chinese effort, and now China is making angry noises and threats of violence in an effort to have their way. As usual.

The problem with China’s Constant Pressure method is that people aren’t boulders, and sometimes the earth can shift and the boulder can fall over onto the tree and crush it instead. What must eventually happen is that one of the nations that China is pushing against will push back violently, with guns and bombs, and once this happens, all the other nations that China has been oppressing will see their chance and they too will start responding with guns and bombs. Then China will be fighting wars on all sides, and as soon as that happens, Russia, India, the USA, the Philippines, Japan, will all take advantage of this and strike at China economically as well as militarily. It’s bound to happen. China is setting up their own destruction, but not without a lot of harm to all the rest of the world, and knowing that is the only thing that’s prevented war from breaking out so far.

We’re approaching the limit on all this because there’s another metaphor here about pressure, and that’s if you put too much of it inside a sealed object, that object will explode, and national borders are just like sealed objects.

The next big war will be caused by China and it may be a nuclear one. I don’t put anything past the Chinese in their effort to dominate. Exactly where the first retaliation against them will erupt is anyone’s guess, considering all the different places that they’re shoving their way into, but it’s going to happen if they don’t reverse course.


Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

The single biggest issue confronting the human race right now is not nuclear war. It’s not politics in any form, or some new disease or the threat of an asteroid striking the planet.

It’s the fact that Earth is being visited and has been visited by other races from other planets circling other stars, and they’ve been coming here for thousands of years that we know of, and possibly much longer than that.

The evidence, the proof, is absolutely undeniable. More and more testimony is coming to light from our astronauts who went to the Moon. They’re telling what they saw, buildings and other space craft. We have photographs released by Russian and Chinese cosmonauts showing a wide variety of installations on our Moon. We have tens of thousands of photographs of them in the sky, millions of witnesses, our jet fighters were even knocked out of the sky over Wash. DC after going after some UFOs that showed up on radar.

People don’t want to accept that alien races are here, it scares them. These are the same emotional cowards who actually believe that they have souls, that they come back to life again after death and live forever in some wonderful, forever happy paradise. If that isn’t completely stupid, nothing is, but that’s the level of fear in most of us. Reality is just too frightening.

What this is ultimately going to mean to the human race, I have no idea. Maybe they all have an agreement to keep their hands off and just watch us, but if that’s so, what about the shooting down, or however they did it, of our aircraft? What about all the documented abductions? What about them showing themselves to us so much? Some of them, at least, don’t seem to care at all whether we see their craft or not.

There’s more than one alien race here, and at least one interferes with us whenever they want to.

I can’t help thinking that they’re doing more than just watching us and taking a few samples once in a while for testing. Meanwhile, I keep seeing all the political bullshit going on, the threats and counter-threats, the blustering and missile-waving, and I just think, What the fuck is wrong with you jackasses that you can’t all get together in peace and work together? Why the constant King Of The Mountain bullshit?

And you know that those others here watching us are wondering exactly the same thing.


Monday, August 14th, 2017

My neighbor has something like 25 or so big pot plants in his back yard in violation of Calif. growing laws, which currently allow 12 plants in this county for medical purposes. Of course, he grows it for the money like everyone else and sells it to private dealers and, maybe, medical pot dispensaries. The pot dispensaries are all a bunch of crooks in my estimation, and a pack of liars as well, who will tell you your product is nearly worthless and offer you a tiny sum for all your hard work and expense.

Most all the Med. pot seller’s shops are in seedy, poor areas for two reasons, one is that the cheap bastards don’t want to pay a higher rent for a nice place, and the other is that most landlords refuse to rent to them because of the crappy clientele they attract.

IN THE MEANTIME, and for the past few years at least, that I know of, people here in my area have been buying up acreage out where the water is cheap, planning to plant huge pot crops as soon as it’s legal to do so, which it soon will be now. So while all those acres here go into marijuana production, the same will be happening to at least another million acres in California, even as 2 or 3 million people just in Los Angeles alone start growing their allowed 6 plants per person for recreational use. Many of them will be growing indoors to keep their neighbors from stealing it.

VERY SOON NOW, there will be tons and tons and tons of high grade marijuana available to pretty much anyone, anywhere in the state, AND IN THE MEANTIME, pressure is mounting to shut down the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries because Counties and the State both want to collect TAXES on the sale of pot, and the dispensaries cheat like hell on that because most of them only take cash, which they don’t have to report the way they do credit sales and bank deposits.

There’s going to be so much pot for sale that the price is going to drop down to almost nothing. It’s SUPPLY AND DEMAND that drives the price of desired consumer goods. Back when really top grade pot was selling for %4000 a pound right here in sunny California, there were constant arrests for growing it and lots of people were going to prison. The supply was low because of that, so the demand was high.

Now what happens, when the same quality pot is growing in everyone’s back yard, basement, attic, spare bedroom, closet, and being farmed all over the state?

Legalizing marijuana is great for pot smokers, but it’s the end of a way of life for the mountain Mom & Pop pot farmers, and all those people who are pouring money into pot farm futures now are going to lose their collective ass, but good.


Sunday, August 13th, 2017

A black ape eating a banana. National Geographic expedition to Africa photo.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat as everyone else stood during the playing of our National Anthem over the weekend, eating a banana, ahead of a Saturday preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, the AP reports.

It’s not that black assholes like this don’t have a right to behave like assholes this way, they do, but when they disrespect our country even while they’re making fortunes because they’re so lucky as to have been born in it, that just tends to piss the rest of us off.

I have yet to see one white person do anything like this. Illegal aliens, mostly Mexicans, frequently disrespect our Flag, but it’s always American black people, born here and raised here, who think it’s STYLISH to act like traitors and haters of America.

We’re not without means of punishing these assholes, though. We can stop going to his teams games and we can keep speaking out about this ASSHOLE until he finally get fired, or just left out and ignored by team owners when his contract expires, exactly as happened to that ASSHOLE Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand for our National Anthem.


Thursday, August 10th, 2017

A high desert is one at high elevation, way up above sea level. Like the Mohave and Colorado Deserts in California. The Mohave averages 5000 feet elevation while the Colorado is from 1000 to 10,000 feet elevation.

Desert Hot Springs is in the Colorado Desert but at only 1000 feet or so elevation. I’m very familiar with the town as my mother and grandmother and I all used to own property there. I had 2.5 acres there as well as a city lot. Too bad I didn’t keep it as that land is worth about $1 Million today. Ah well.

Anyway, Desert Hot Springs went bankrupt once in 2007 and nearly did it again in 2014, but they decided to vote on making the cultivation of marijuana legal and 70% of the population voted YES.

Well, OF COURSE THEY DID! 70% of the population is MEXICANS, ILLEGAL ALIENS. But California gave them all drivers licenses and that’s all the identification they need to vote illegally. Non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote in America, but they do in California anyway.

So now there’s huge buildings that have gone up where huge indoor crops of marijuana are being steadily harvested and millions of dollars are being invested and being made, and lots of people are expecting to get massively wealthy selling pot for $2000, $3000, $4000 a pound. You know what? I think these people are all going to lose their asses financially.

With the legalization of marijuana in California, anyone who wants to can grow it and possess it. Ever heard of Garden Clubs? Every small town has one and every city has a dozen of them, where mostly old women get together and trade rose plants and so forth. Don’t you KNOW that there’s going to be way more Pot Clubs where people trade seeds and clones and the stuff they grow with each other? With no money at all changing hands, just like the Garden Clubs?

How long do you think it will take before there’s so much top grade pot virtually everywhere that the price drops to almost ZERO?

A couple days ago I noticed a skinny little pot plant growing in my neighbors yard near their propane tank. They may not even know it’s there. It doesn’t matter. They had a big crop in their back yard last year and didn’t even bother to grow one this year, yet I know they smoke it like chimneys. Why? No doubt because all their friends have plenty to give away anyway so why bother to grow their own? See what I mean?

As many people as there are who smoke it, not everyone does, and those who do don’t smoke it like cigarets unless they’re on welfare because you can’t stay stoned and work, anymore than you can stay drunk and work. So there’s a very definite limit on how much you can sell and with everyone else growing it in their backyards, closets and balconies, why would anyone even pay for it anymore? Because here’s the funniest part. While pot “dispensaries” can still sell it, it’s illegal for private citizens to. BUT YOU CAN GIVE IT AWAY. Bango! A whole new barter system is born!

Pandora’s Pot Box has been opened and there’s no closing it now.


Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

At this point in North Korea’s new position as a nuclear power coupled with their continued bombastic threats against the United States, it appears to me that there are only two options left for dealing with that terroristic and totalitarian regime.

The first option is that China invades North Korea, dismantles the Kim regime and sets up a puppet government that will continue to be a threat to us and the rest of the world, while proclaiming that the threat posed by the Kim regime is now over with. This option is untenable.

The second option is that we bomb North Korea, and do it very soon, very possibly with nuclear weapons, dismantle the Kim regime and reunite the two Koreas. China must either agree to stand aside while this happens or at least not interfere even as they revile us for attacking their “ally”.

Here’s how this works out: We inform the Chinese that we are going to bomb and invade North Korea and take over and that if China intervenes we will attack them full force, while cutting off all trade with them. Since we are their primary trade partner and this would devastate their economy far more than it would harm us because of the huge trade disparity, they really would have no choice unless they think they could beat us in a nuclear conflict. However, it’s certain that they really don’t want to suffer that level of destruction at a time when they’re trying to dominate the East. I think they can be forced to finally give up that part of the Korean peninsula.

President Trump listens to our generals and he has some top military minds around him in the White House right now. In an NBC interview in 1999, 18 years ago, he advised that we stop North Korea immediately before the situation became exactly what it is now, and I think he’s fully prepared to follow his own advice now that he’s President and has the power to do so.


Monday, August 7th, 2017

For some reason, a lot of products advertised on television here in the States have some guy with a strong Australian accent hawking them. The idea is obviously that if Australians like it, it must be good. Usually there’s a few kangaroos hopping about in some sort of outback-ish background and a good chance the speaker is wearing a Digger hat.

The plain truth is that most Australians aren’t so smart. Most of them are rude and stupid, like the Aboriginals that have been bred into much of the population over the years, generally through rape, which was a common practice back in the good old colonialist days when the population was founded with the criminal dregs of England. The stupidest and most brutal, who were sent to Australia to get them as far away from England as possible and guarantee they’d never return. A fine legacy, right, mate?

If you go into a restaurant and some family is in there, a couple parents and a couple kids, the kids will be running and screaming all over the restaurant while the parents are clearly oblivious to their behavior. This is normal in any Australian restaurant no matter how expensive or exclusive.

Australians are generally greedy, unhelpful and unfriendly. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, it’s “Fuck you, pay up and move on. Next?”

Just thought I’d point this out.


Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Lena Dunham, television actress and violently inane and retarded Liberal jackass, has given the world a new word, “transphobic”. At least, this is the first time I’ve heard of it, from her unsubstantiated and imaginary story about overhearing two airline flight attendants dissing teenage Gender Dysphoria victims as being “gross”.

Transsexualism is a mental illness. This is established fact and it’s real name is Gender Dysphoria, meaning confusion over one’s gender. Sexual perversions generally are forms of mental illness. It’s because Liberalism is also a mental illness that the Left approves of sexual perversions and considers Gender Dysphoria to be normal.

Phobia is Latin for fear. It means fear and nothing else. Most people are disgusted by sexual perversions, and many are afraid of being attacked or molested by a sexual pervert. Normal people are afraid of having any of their children grow up to be homosexual, but they aren’t afraid of homosexuals or of their children if they do become homosexual. Calling people Phobic because they’re repelled by disgusting and perverted behavior is a tool of the Left to try to force us into accepting the unacceptable by calling us cowards if we don’t accept perversions.

We have Freedom of Speech in this country like nowhere else on Earth. Even Canada has speech limits we don’t have, and you can be imprisoned or sued, or both, in the UK and many Euro states if you say the wrong things. But not here. What our society does lack, however, are social penalties for lying.

The airline that Dunham lied about can sue her for libel and should, but that by itself will do nothing to stop dishonesty. We need some sort of national social consciousness redirection that shames us if we make up lies. Some outstanding public example that everyone becomes aware of, to reset our thinking.

I think this will have to come from our entertainment industry, from Hollywood, and the only way to make Hollywood promote the concept of personal honesty is if the public rejects everything about them that isn’t. When costly movies fall flat at the box office because of their Leftard actors or the Left Wing theme of the movie, when the profit from pushing Leftist agendas dries up, Hollywood will change or else. When perverts, liars and cheaters are constantly and publicly shamed instead of being lionized, people will change their behavior more toward the good.

This used to be the function of Christianity in our country. Atheists were social pariahs and Christians were expected to be good and do good. People who did bad things were “unChristian” and told to “repent”. But Christianity has fallen on it’s own sword of self-righteousness and bigotry. The Christian concept of Manifest Destiny, where Man has dominion over the Earth and therefor can freely slaughter all the other animals while God approves, has died in the face of reality. Too many extinctions and too much pollution killed Manifest Destiny, the backbone of Christianity, along with too much arrogance.

That’s why Hollywood and the MSM has replaced God. People want something to believe in, and if the religions are phony, like Scientology cults and protected pedophile priests, then people turn to actors and newscasters for the “truth”.

Honesty used to be highly valued in America, and it needs to be again if America is truly going to be Great Again. A nation of liars and perverts isn’t going anywhere except down.


Saturday, August 5th, 2017

“Mr. Trump is sure to see at least one issue resolved when he returns: A new air-conditioning system is set to be installed in the White House while the president is out of town.”

Why do I have a funny feeling about that? The above statement in an article about General Kelly, the new White House Chief of Staff, got my attention for some reason. Hmm.


Friday, August 4th, 2017

Last night during Pres. Trump’s rally in West Virginia, the governor of that state, Jim Justice, announced that he was leaving the Democrat Party and becoming a Republican, saying that he could no longer help his state as a Democrat.

I’m wondering if there isn’t a deeper trend here that the MSM doesn’t dare tell us about. The vast majority of Americans are NOT Socialists and certainly not Globalists. Most Americans don’t even know what Globalism is or understand much about Socialism other than that it means the government controls health care and maybe some other things.

What the majority of Americans do get is that Socialism is kind of like Communism, which they’re against, and that the Democrat Party is for Socialism. Since most of us are uninterested in politics and ignore most of what goes on, those of us who are Democrats continue to be Democrats as long as they feel comfortable with it because Democrats are Liberals. To most American Democrats, being a Liberal means caring about people and animals and practicing kindness and charity. It’s pretty simple and basic.

However, the behavior of Democrat leaders has become embarrassing for Americans generally, while the Republicans represented by Pres. Trump are doing great things to help and improve our nation and our economy. This has to be resulting in a lot of people switching their party affiliation to Republican. If enough do before the mid-term elections in 2018, we may see our Congress become overwhelmingly a Republican majority.

This would be a great thing for the Trump presidency, as we would finally have enough true Conservative votes to override all those god damned RINOs and start passing needed legislation at last.


Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Breitbart news banned me for insisting on pointing out that Milo Yiannopolis approves of sex with 13-year-old boys. Fox News blogs are completely taken over now by Soros-style Liberal trolls, while Fox prints stories that more and more, are slanted to the Left.

So now what? What’s left is the oleo, the smorgasbord of news sites on Drudge Report, where we can take a sample of everything and probably get little to no real truth there, either.

I have to conclude that all of the primary media sources are being swallowed up by Globalists with the obvious purpose of becoming one huge Big Brother Voice for the world. The Globalist’s agenda is to create a single world government that enslaves all of humanity and treats us like ants in a hive. Democracy has no place in it, freedom has no place in it, and in all honesty, I can see sense in their purpose.

The human population continues to grow and it’s already completely out of hand. No one wants to admit that, that the Earth is overrun with humans already and getting worse, even though the evidence is everywhere. All anyone has to do is look at the condition of this planet in photos taken 100 years ago and look at it today to see the massive destruction we’ve wrought, the mass extinctions of species, the enormous loss of habitat, all the creatures on Endangered lists, the vast garbage pits swirling in the ocean, the huge declines in both populations and health of all the different fish. And on, and on.

Something has to be done to contain us, since we abuse the freedom so badly that our ascendancy over all the other creatures has given us, and treat our planet like a garbage dump. Socialism isn’t the answer though. Socialism is a proven failure. As for that, Man’s ability to govern himself in any of the known ways is also a failure and the only real solution is a drastic limitation of our numbers.

A one-world government won’t work for us because we don’t know how to run one and it would collapse in corruption the same as all our other various governments do. What we desperately need is less of us.


Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Going through the channel selector on my TV remote, I hit the CNN cable news a couple times and both times it was about “Global Warming” and how Earth is in big trouble, with Al Gore yapping away on the subject.

What? No Trump and Russia collusion news? No constant harping on investigating Pres. Trump for some sort of Russian connections?

Maybe it was Putin booting out some 500-600 of our diplomats and staff that finally pushed that bullshit news story over the edge of the cliff, or maybe it was Congress passing a big sanctions bill against Russia, and Putin’s response. I don’t know, maybe it was kicking out Reince Priebus and putting in a Marine general as Chief of Staff. But when you turn on CNN and see Al Gore telling us that Global Warming is endangering all of humanity again, that same tired old shit that no one believes except the tinfoil hat wearing few, then you know that even CNN is tiring of that stupid Russia story.

After all, the bottom line is ratings. You can’t keep saying the same thing all day, every day, and expect people to keep coming back for more, and they had to find something else to get people to watch. But Al Gore and Global Warming? Really? That’s hilarious.


Friday, July 28th, 2017

Just from an outside view here, and not claiming I know anything at all about the inner workings of the White House, which I don’t, I do have to wonder about the new guy, Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House communications director. I’m beginning to understand why Sean Spicer quit so suddenly as Press Secretary. This Scaramucci’s really got a mouth on him and his recent published outburst of profanity isn’t good for the White House image. I think Sean saw what was coming and quickly got out of harms way.

It looks like Pres. Trump has given him a lot of power to start firing people, something that Reince Priebus hasn’t been doing, to get rid of the leaks, something I just learned this morning. I’ve never trusted Reince and maybe I was right not to, since it turns out that he’s been blocking Scaramucci from working there since the election. Could that be because Priebus is helping keep the leakers there to screw up Pres. Trump and he knows that Scaramucci will change all that? Scaramucci has indicated, indirectly, that he thinks so.

Meanwhile our new President is also catching hell from the friends of Jeff Sessions for complaining that Sessions isn’t doing enough. Well, he isn’t. He’s done a lot by going after the drug problem and the illegal alien gangs like MS-13, but he’s not engaging in any political prosecutions of Democrat lawbreakers. Why the hell not? That and recusing himself from this Russia fake news crap only made it possible for that to just get a lot worse, when he could have stopped it right off. So yeah, it looks like just maybe, Sessions and Priebus are both out to sabotage the Trump presidency.

This reminds me of a ball of worms. Ever see a big bunch of worms all tangled together? Makes you wonder how anything can ever get separated out.


Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, butterflies flit about, it’s a great day as I read the latest news that our Great President Donald J. Trump has announced that TRANSGENDERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SERVE IN OUR MILITARY IN ANY CAPACITY, totally reversing Black Obastards directives to turn our military into an insane mess of boy-girls and girl-boys. HOOGODDAMNFUCKINGRAH!!! Thank you, thank you, President Trump!!!

AND another fine thing is that Jeff Sessions has decided to knuckle under and do his goddam job if he doesn’t want to be disgraced by being fired.
Here’s what happened. You won’t read this in any news site, so just trust me here. Sessions, as I’ve pointed out before, is a Senate loyalist. Not a party loyalist, there’s a difference. He’s been a Senator for decades and is loyal to all those other guys a lot more than he is to us, the people. So when Pres. Trump threatened to fire him, his Senate buddies all threatened Pres. Trump with all sorts of crap if he did fire him. Pres. Trump said Go ahead, fellas, he either performs or is fired, too bad if you don’t like it, you’re not bossing me around.

So then Sessions had a choice. He could either do his damn job or get fired, because all the power of the Senate wasn’t enough to prevent that. Not with this President, and since Jeff Sessions didn’t want to bear the disgrace of being fired, he’s decided to at least do some of his job.

How much of it, and how well, we’ll see, but Pres. Trump is famous for firing people who don’t perform up to his expectations, and he has high expectations. This little drama isn’t over yet. You watch.


Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Senator Sessions seemed like a good pick to me for Attorney General, both because of his legal knowledge and experience and the fact that he’s considered a Conservative.

What I didn’t know, and Pres. Trump maybe should have been more aware of, is that Sessions is also a Senate loyalist. I think this might be why he hasn’t done anything to rid the White House of it’s leakers and hasn’t prosecuted one single person. Of course, he also recused himself from that phony Russian investigation instead of slapping it down. He not only isn’t doing any part of his assigned job, he’s actually interfering with it.

Because of his loyalty to his fellow Senate members, he’s doing what they want him to do instead of doing what he’s supposed to do. He needs to be replaced, and if he won’t resign then he should be fired.

Who hasn’t noticed that every time one of these two-faced bastards faces removal, both the Democrats and the Republicans start screaming that it would be A DISASTER, THE END OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY and blah blah blah. They’re trying to scare Pres. Trump into keeping these turds so they can continue to block his agenda and so far, Comey being a good example, it hasn’t worked.

My bet says that since Sessions has already stated his intent to stay on, that Pres. Trump will fire his ass.


Monday, July 24th, 2017

Remember, there was a collision off Japan between a freighter and a US Navy destroyer, in clear weather. A slow moving freighter and a fighting ship that has a wide variety of very advanced detection and communication equipment collided under extremely suspicious circumstances.

The Japanese have now concluded their investigation of the freighter involved and have reached NO CONCLUSION as to why this happened, and have released the ship and it’s crew. The US Navy has never offered even a hint as to how this could possibly have happened, and if they ever do, I guarantee it will be a lie.

There’s only one possible way that a monster container ship, 3 times the size of that destroyer, and the destroyer could run into each other at night, and that would be if all the electronics aboard the destroyer were disabled.

The freighter changed course that put it on a collision path with the destroyer shortly before they collided, so that was a deliberate act. The ship belongs to the Japanese even tho it’s registered under a different flag. It’s cargo manifest misrepresented the actual cargo. That’s a deliberate act.

This was a test. A test of some new technology that has an EMP effect, by our Navy. It was within the last year that a Russian jet flew over one of our Navy ships and totally disabled the electronics on that ship, so it looks like we’ve figured out how to do this ourselves now. The difference is that some of our sailors got killed in testing this, and I find that appalling.


Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Yes, it’s TRUE. I’ve been BANNED ON BREITBART’S BLOG. I’m too honest, I speak the truth about so-called trans-sexuals, homosexuals and religion, though I’m pretty sure it was my statements about that flaming queen Milo that did it.

Breitbart’s been steadily leaning Leftward in spite of appearances. They don’t print regular news stories, instead it’s all political or politically oriented, and they’ve become more Pro-Christian oriented, so my comments about unprovable religious superstitions and fat homosexual priests don’t make them happy.

Well, I’ve been saying that Breitbart news has become more and more just a Clickbait website, and it has, so it’s no loss, and the truth is that it’s as jammed up with Liberal Soros-type trolls as Fox News is. At least Fox prints actual news along with the political events of the day. Breitbart flatly does not.

Fortunately, there’s forums on the Internet like this one, Newsbleat, where people can speak their minds. The only comments I ever delete are the total bullshit ones usually left by some illegal alien claiming that “Mexican” is a race, tho I have expunged a few Muslim rants as well. It doesn’t matter what you say here or even how much you cuss, as long as you’re being honest and not pushing some lying agenda.

Freedom of Speech is practiced here and honesty matters. Say anything you like, except for what you know to be a lie. If you want to tell a pack of lies, write a book and get it published or become a politician.


Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

India has tacitly been our ally for decades. One way to tell who our government trusts the most is to see what countries our corporations outsource with, and nothing is more familiar on the telephone when we seek technical assistance on some product we bought, than that New Delhi accent.

Here’s some interesting figures: Our trade with India in 2016 was about $68 billion, with a deficit of $24 billion, meaning we bought $24 billion more from them than they did from us. This benefits India. Us, not so much.
We’re India’s Second-Largest trade partner, with China their first largest at a few $billion more.

Now look at this:
List of the largest trading partners of the United States
Rank Country/District Exports and Imports in $Billions
China — $579 billion traded with a $347 billion deficit.
Canada — $545 billion traded with a $11 billion deficit.
Mexico — $525 billion traded with a $63 billion deficit.
Japan — $196 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit.
Germany — $164 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit
E U in total, about $800 billion in trade with a $147 billion deficit.

You see how little trade India does compared to other nations? Now, what if India did as much trade with us as China does now, while China’s trade with us went down to the little bit that India’s currently doing?

Our trade with China is costing us far more than we make. We have a deficit with almost every nation, but China is far and away the worst for us and they’re our worst enemy.

So think what would happen if India became more prosperous, if we started moving our manufacturing there and taking it out of China. India is rapidly backing away from China’s aggressiveness and turning more to the United States.

Look for new trade deals with India while sanctions are increased on trade with China. This is going to happen. While Russia sits on every neighboring fence, trying to play everyone against each other, India is going to come much more over to our side.

Everyone goes where the money is. For India, that’s not China, it’s us and the EU nations. India has gained virtually nothing for it’s past cooperation with China except less belligerence, it hasn’t really profited by it. Neither has it profited from having Russia as a neighbor and in fact both of them prefer to see India stay poor and be less of a potential threat. But with China loading up Pakistan, India’s enemy, with lots of armament and helping them improve their missile capability, India has to get serious about who they team up with as China continues to become more aggressive.

We are India’s best bet, with the EU coming in second. So watch for joint military and naval exercises with them and possibly our NATO allies, and probably soon. I expect to see us selling large amounts of high technology armament to them, jet planes and missiles, soon, and oboy, will China ever howl about that. Things are heating up.

How long we continue to remain friends with Pakistan and Turkey is in doubt as well. We were allies with Italy until they joined up with Hitler’s Nazis. Things change. As for Russia, they’ve been cozying up with China quite a bit too and they need to stop playing around and take a stand one way or another or they may end up getting nuked by both sides.


Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Included in our military spending budget for 2018 is more money for more Navy ships, soldiers and aircraft, and big increases in missiles and missile technology. This is a direct reaction to China’s recent push to expand it’s own navy. China is dramatically reducing the size of it’s army, since the reality is that the only nations they could attack with it are Russia and India, and both of those nations wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate with nuclear weapons and wipe out their army in a flash and probably take a lot of China’s cities along with them.

So the Chinese are building up their long-range capabilities instead, with one goal, to attack the United States. This is why they’ve been building military bases on top of the sunken coral reefs in the China Sea, so they can attack and block all sea traffic through that area. We know it and the world knows it.

This is why President Trump is trying to win over the Russians and why the Globalists here are fighting his efforts and vilifying Russia. They want China to take over, they don’t want Russia siding with us against China, and the Russians may not be very interested in doing that anyway. But the problem for the Russians is that if they side with China, they’ll be China’s next victims after we go down, and they know it. Staying neutral ultimately isn’t an option.

Logically then, all the anti-Russia noise, from the Republican side at least, is just diversionary while we work together to plan our mutual defense. Meanwhile the Russians continue the usual “provocations” of flying aircraft and sailing naval vessels near our territory, and we keep doing likewise with them, to keep up the appearance that we’re not allied against China. I don’t know if that’s actually keeping the Chinese guessing or not, but it’s worth the try.

I know how this is going to go, though. We’re not going to have a choice, we have to attack North Korea before they launch a nuke at us, so then China can “defend it’s ally” and attack us in a way that we can match, exceed or ignore. This is why Pres. Trump is trying so hard to force China to stop. North Korea is a slave state of China, it’s actions are China’s actions and it’s attack on us will be an attack on us by China. The whole world knows this.

But the Chinese refuse to stop, they want war with us because they want to conquer us. If China can take down the United States, they can then go on to take over and enslave the world, or at least that’s their plan. We’re either going to have to forcefully shut down North Korea, or we’re going to have to directly confront China, and time is rapidly running out.

Even if Russia and India do come in on our side, it won’t be in a hurry. They’re going to sit and watch, and see how we do, first, before they consider getting involved, and will only help us if it becomes clear that we need help. Personally I doubt if any nation will side with us until they also feel threatened by China, with the possible exception of Australia and maybe not even them.

The world needs to wake up in a hurry though. The Islamist efforts to take over are going to seem like mosquito attacks once the Chinese start moving in.