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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

I do not understand, with all the countries that now have nuclear weapons and all the others who are developing them, why no one has used one yet. I mean, not even a dirty bomb, one that just spreads lethal radioactive dust instead of causing a nuclear blast.

Pakistan has had The Bomb for a couple decades now, I think, and has sold the technology to other Arab nations. Very possibly they sold a few actual nukes as well, and let’s face it, the Pakis are crazy. So are the people they sold the technology to. Iran and North Korea are run by truly insane tyrants, N.Korea has nukes now and the Iranians either already have them or soon will in spite of that moronic treaty that we all know they aren’t abiding by.

Let’s see, there’s also the USA, Russia, China, India, France, England, South Africa, Syria, Israel and very likely Japan. At least 12, and possibly 13 nations have atomic bombs, and as time passes, the number continues to grow.

If nukes were the only Mega Killers, the situation would be bad enough, but they aren’t. There’s a wide variety of extremely deadly diseases that could be released on populations that would be far worse for humanity than a nuclear war, the only thing preventing that type of holocaust is that the home population, or some of them, would have to be inoculated against it. But other methods are available that aren’t as globally threatening, like poison gas. Nerve gasses have been around a long time that are so potent they can kill everything that breathes within truly huge areas. It wouldn’t take much to wipe out the entire state of New York, for example.

Science marches on, we now have EMP bombs, and just a few, strategically placed, could disable every electrical device in the entire United States, or Russia, or China, or India. No cars would run, no power plants, no phones or Internet. Everything would stop and the countries so affected would collapse as millions died of starvation. It would be total anarchy.

So with all these capabilities to harm each other, and all the truly mad despots who have the means to use them, why is it that years keep going by and no one does? This is the greatest mystery going and I don’t understand it.


Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

A shell game is a betting game where someone sets up a chair and a card table, maybe on a busy sidewalk somewhere, and has 3 walnut shell halves and a dried pea. The idea is to guess which shell the pea is under after the game operator stops rapidly changing positions of the shells, and a good operator moves them so quickly that the bettors are easily confused. He adds to this confusion by keeping up a rapid non-sensical monologue.

I’ve been watching the Operator of another Shell Game, and while I’m pretty sure I still have my eye on the right shell, everyone reporting in the news seems to have totally lost track of it.

The shell I’m talking about is the one that the phony Sarin gas attack and our missile response is under. The last word on that was when Syrian President Bashar Assad was insisting that the attack was faked and no one was hurt or killed at all. He would know, and suddenly everyone looked away because that wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

That’s the shell the pea is under, but no one’s looking at that anymore, all their attention has been diverted to the North Korea shell. They were watching the Russia Collaboration/Trump Tower Wiretapping shell for awhile but now everyone is sure that the pea is under the N. Korea one.

Meanwhile, the Operator, Pres. Trump, is ready to collect the bets from all those suckers as he’s about to stop shifting the shells around and let them choose the wrong one, secure in the knowledge that now everyone believes the Sarin gas attack and missile response story is true, his trick won’t be exposed, and he can move on to the next Shell Game play.


Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are saying NO to the EU dictator’s demand that they take in tens of thousand of Muslim immigrants from the other EU nations. There are penalties for this refusal, in terms of millions of dollars in fines, but the EU leadership is showing reluctance to push the issue to that point because of all the steadily rising anti-EU sentiment.

These 3 are all Eastern European nations, and I can see good reason why they and other Eastern European nations in the EU might be tempted to organize their own European Union, an Eastern European Union or EEU. It makes good sense. They can take back their nationality and culture before it’s destroyed by the EU Globalists, retain their national identities but still form a powerful economic bloc, and political as well if they want that, and not be forced to take in a bunch of Africans and others that they don’t want, who won’t assimilate.

There’s a number of Eastern European nations not in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.

That’s a pretty good bunch, not counting a very unlikely Russia. More than enough to form a powerful counter to the EU. Now suppose that some of them do, along with Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary? It could happen, it would revolutionize the world, and you heard it here first.


Friday, April 14th, 2017

Bread crumbs are good for many things, making a paste to dip fish or chicken in before frying, feeding to birds, making turkey stuffing, and for tossing to China in exchange for the ones they’ve been throwing to us for years.

U.S. exports to China were only $116 billion while imports from China were $463 billion in 2016, a deficit to our economy last year of $347 billion. Dollars. A third of a Trillion dollars. Why? Because the Chinese have been refusing to buy many of our products that would sell well there.

Now that Pres. Trump is pressuring the Chinese to open up their markets, by threatening to apply tariffs and cut imports from them, they’ve thrown us a couple more crumbs. One is that they’ve ended their embargo on our beef, and are allowing more American access to financial sector investments, to avoid a trade war between itself and the U.S. But these are crumbs. Max dollar potential of a renewed beef trade is $7 billion. $340 billion yet to go to reach parity.

Meanwhile, we can be sure that the Chinese President hasn’t forgotten that Pres. Trump ordered that missile strike in Syria right after he and Trump had an after-dinner dessert, and now the news is out that Trump’s given free rein to our generals to act without consulting him first. Quite frankly, that must scare the hell out of anyone who has reason to fear an attack from us.

Top that off with a major naval strike force of ours now sitting off the North Korean coast and an open statement that if the North Koreans attempt to set off another nuclear test, we will strike pre-emptively to stop it, if the Chinese don’t act first to do so.

The Chinese pretend that they can’t control N. Korea, which is a total lie. They created N. Korea, and they use it to harass us. So Pres. Trump has made it clear, our generals and admirals will act independently to end the Kim regime. There shall be a change, and China better either step up or step back because our continued imbalance of trade, vastly in their favor, will end if they don’t.

A fake gas attack as an excuse for a missile attack ordered right after dinner with the Chinese president, followed by sending an attack fleet to North Korea and the dropping of the worlds largest conventional bomb without Presidential approval and then an open threat to deal with N. Korea ourselves… Big crumbs. Really big crumbs, and an easy trail to follow.


Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Why “happy”? I just keep thinking of how those poor, skinny N. Koreans have to keep smiling all the time so they don’t get sent to prison labor camps. Happy happy, keep smiling.

The thought keeps coming back to me, over the past few days, I wake up in the morning with it running around in my head, that what I would do is send one of those smart ICBMs of ours, one that has a TV transmitter in it that shows where it’s going and has a remote guidance system like a drone, and loaded with a low-yield nuke, over to the North Korean nuclear test site and detonate it at ground level. In the early morning hours while it’s still pitch black outside.

Who’s to say that it wasn’t an accident, all the fault of N. Korea? A test gone wrong. Lots of their nuke and missile tests go wrong.

We did (Trump and company), in fact, conduct a phony Sarin gas attack as an excuse to launch a massive yet extremely ineffective missile attack that didn’t kill anyone because everyone concerned was told in advance to get out of the way, an attack that only wrecked a few buildings and some obsolete, junked MIGs, and did it as a matter of political expediency.

If we can do all that to make a few points, we can fake a nuclear accident in N. Korea.


Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Just as the Syrian missile bombardment was really a message to a lot of people, rather than a serious attack, so is the latest action in Afghanistan.

We just dropped a 10.5 ton, that is, a 21,000 pound bomb, on an ISIS enclave in Afghanistan. This is the largest non-nuclear bomb there is in our arsenal, this is the first time it’s ever been used, and this did a lot more than just kill off some terrorists.

Our battle fleet is still steaming toward North Korea, and the Chinese still have done little to curb their pet dog, as Kim Jong Un prepares to conduct yet another underground nuclear test.

This is another message to both China and North Korea to knock off the crap, the fun and games are over with. Obama has left the building. Trump is sending loud messages so there’s no mistaking the meaning.

Syrian pres. Bashar Assad swears there was no Sarin gas attack at all, and there are no dead people including any children, and I think we can take his word on that. “Mr Assad said he gave “no order to make any attack” and claimed “even if we had (chemical weapons) we wouldn’t use them.” He added that videos showing children dying from the attack were “propaganda” designed to prompt the retaliatory US missile strike two days later. Mr Assad told AFP TV: “It’s not clear whether it happened or not, how can you verify a video? There are a lot of fake videos now. We don’t know whether those dead children were killed in Khan Sheikhoun. Were they dead at all?”

There’s so very many Red Flags here. Where are the bodies? Why were people handling those “victims” without any gas protection? On and on. I said from the start that this is a fraud whose purpose was to justify a staged missile strike that did little damage. As for those supposedly killed in the strike, again, no bodies. A picture of someone laying down with their eyes closed is not a body.


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

I’m going to be stuck on this subject for awhile yet unless something radical happens out there. Because seemingly little things are starting to pile up that don’t prove I’m right, but are good indicators that I may be. Read the previous two articles if you haven’t yet, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

For instance, two items in today’s news are that 3 Russian “nuclear-capable” bombers flew “near” Japan. They remained in international air space, but this appears or is meant to appear as a threatening reminder to us, via our ally Japan, of Russian military might.

Yet at the same time, Vladimir Putin was spending 2 hours in conference with U.S. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, discussing Syria and who knows what else. This is the REAL story, because right up until this meeting, Putin had said there would be no meeting, in retaliation for the Missile Strike. So of course I see the Japan fly-by as propaganda, just a ploy to make it seem like Putin is mad at us, to cover up what I suspect is the truth, that we and Russia are working together toward a common goal.

Why do this? Why maintain the appearance of enmity, why issue statements on both sides that would only serve to drive us farther apart right when Pres. Trump is calling for and is eager to have Russian cooperation in Syria? Does that make any sense to do that? Does that sound like the behavior of two very calm and calculating geniuses?

I have an answer that fits. Syrian president Assad needs to be kept off guard and so does Iran, for this to work out the way Putin wants it to. As long as it looks like the US and Russia are becoming steadily less friendly, Assad will feel secure. If he really thought that Putin was preparing to eliminate him, he’d order all his troops to turn against the Russians, and the Iranians might also do so.

There’s always another shoe waiting to drop in this saga. History is a centipede.

The tempo is rising now as well on talk of Syrian regime change. I said before that I think Trump and Putin are working out the removal of Syrian president Assad, and I still do, and I’d like to remind my millions of readers that those 6 MIGs that were destroyed in the missile attack belonged to Syria, not Russia. Furthermore, they were worn out early models, they were junk, and were being scrapped for parts. Food for thought.


Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Maybe I just see things from a different perspective than other people, but while everyone else just sucks up whatever the news stories are, I don’t. Lots of times, things don’t sound right, there’s too many unanswered questions, or there’s just other possibilities that are just as likely but that no one is discussing.

Then there’s the continuation, the flow of events. One thing follows another and while the connections between them seem obvious to me, no one else even notices. Or if they do, they don’t say so.

I’m not into conspiracy theories necessarily, most of them are crackpot ideas, like the one that says our landings on the Moon were all hoaxes, or that terrorists really didn’t crash a plane into the Pentagon. These things did happen, there’s tons of proof they did and none that they didn’t.

Anyway, here’s my latest. “U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an ultimatum to Russia on Tuesday: Side with the U.S. and likeminded countries on Syria” – or stay with Iran, Hezbollah and Assad. That’s an ultimatum? What the hell? That’s no ultimatum, that’s an invitation! To join forces with the United States! It’s an open invitation, made to sound like a demand to stop supporting a dictator.

See, this kind of stuff is why I said that the gas attack and missile strike were staged, and THIS is what they set the stage FOR. The joining of forces of Russia and the United States as the result of a confrontation between us. Why? Read on.

Russia is suffering tons of terrorist attacks from all those Syrian “migrants” and “asylum seekers”, and they want this crap to stop maybe more than anyone else does. The attacks just aren’t being reported on the MSM but you can find the statistics online easily. Russia would really like to control Syria, that’s why they’re there. Besides the expansion of influence and military logistics, Syria has warm water ports that Russia lacks.

Everyone wants to rule the world. The EU Globalist cabal, the Shiite Muslims, the Sunni Muslims, the Chinese, the Russians. The only ones who don’t seem to are the United States and India and I could be wrong about both. But right now, the biggest threats to both Russia and the United States are the Islamists and China.

The Globalists have been stopped for now, with the result that you can expect to see nations start re-aligning with new allies very soon. The Chinese desperately want to maintain their fat economy as their grip on global manufacturing lessens, and are becoming more aggressive in response.

Nations survive that look to the future. Russia is going to need powerful allies in the future to fend off a China-India alliance and the Islamists, and what better ally than a United States led by Donald Trump? Russia can control Iran because they’re Iran’s sole supplier of arms and weapons systems as well as the builders of their nuclear power plants, and we all want Iran pacified.

If we become strategic partners with Russia, and we need to, then my crazy theory that the gas attack and missile attack were staged will be proven correct. Of course, no one will ever say so. And if we don’t then I’m probably mistaken. We’ll see.

Latest word, this morning, is that Putin is also saying that the gas attack was staged. This may be an indication that the deal Trump offered isn’t acceptable. Wait and see….


Sunday, April 9th, 2017

The MSM is now claiming that the missile strike “destroyed air bases and fighter aircraft”. Bases, as in more than one.

NO. Only one base was hit and it was NOT destroyed. It suffered some damage. There was a group of 6 MIGs parked out on open ground that were not touched, along with a variety of other military aircraft in various hangars, none of which were harmed. ONLY the 6 MIGs that were down for repairs were blown up and it’s a good bet they were being junked for their parts.

So here’s how I see it. We’ve been after China for many years to curb the North Koreans. During the Korean War in the 1950’s it was CHINA that we were fighting, it was their aircraft, that they purchased from Russia, their soldiers who were training the Koreans, and Chinese rifles, Chinese mortars, all Chinese.

Okay, so Trump invites the president of China to come and visit. Shortly before his arrival, a very small Sarin gas attack is staged in Syria. Trump waits until he and the president of China are having dinner together to launch the missile strike as a response to this supposed gas attack. A supposedly massive attack in response for a supposedly small gas attack.

So now China has gotten the message. Even though this was staged, China is warned. Fix this problem before we have to fix it ourselves, because we will, and this time Russia will be cooperating with us instead of with you.

*** Just for giggles, I want to point out that right after the fake gas attack, various news media showed the Syrian first responders, health workers, attending to the “dead people” and handling them without gloves on and in most cases without any sort of gas mask. Sarin gas lingers in clothing and many of them should have died or at least become very sick. None did, and later, the MSM began showing old stock footage of people in heavy protective gear and indicated that these were the Syrians dealing with dead gas victims. They were not.

I’m still just guessing at what the Russians got in exchange for their part in this massive bit of chicanery, but it must be something really good, and I do mean REALLY good. My guess is already posted in my previous article, but the truth is that we’re going to have to just wait and see what the Russians do next, or us, to know for sure.

What’s now clear is that we’re already engaged cooperatively with Russia in the Middle East, and that all the rhetoric, recriminations and accusations are just for show. There’s a lot of heavy pressure against Pres. Trump to not become engaged with the Russians, and for them and us to openly show this level of military cooperation would create a real shitstorm politically. So they’re doing it covertly instead.

My god, the Chinese must be soiling their underwear over this. Too funny.


Friday, April 7th, 2017

I was finally able to find some pictures on the Internet that claim to be of Trump’s missile attack on that Syrian air base. One pile of wreckage that’s recognizable as a jet airplane is shown twice and claimed to be two different jet planes instead of the same one. Other pictures show unharmed jets parked in unharmed concrete hangars, and none of the pictures are posted on American news sites so far. This is pretty strange when you consider that our news sources normally have both the first pictures and the most of them.

So while it does look like some damage did occur, I’m still in doubt about the extent of the claims. NYTimes says “The American missiles destroyed a warehouse of material and technical property, a training building, a canteen, six MIG-23 aircraft in repair hangars, and a radar station, according to the Russian military.”
6 MIGs needing repairs. Oh? Junk airplanes? That’s it? Very strange.

Even though the Russians were given advance notice of the incoming missile attack, their anti-missile defense systems were not deployed. They were kept shut down, and our missiles had to pass directly over them. A Free Pass. That’s also pretty strange.

The Russians have responded, if you can call it that, by saying they’re going to upgrade their missile defense, and they’re sending one of their warships over to Syria in response, a “frigate” that’s basically a destroyer that also carries a small helicopter or two. This is a very low-key type of military response.

There’s a lot of angry-sounding rhetoric from Russia about the missile strike, but not all that angry and definitely not very threatening, and no one is recalling any ambassadors or shutting down any phone lines.

Everything about the “Sarin gas attack” looks phony and staged. Now everything about this missile attack looks phony and staged.

Look. Russia wants to take over Syria and always has. If the Russians ousted Assad and installed a “temporary” government, the Syrian people and the Iranians would all be fighting them instead of each other and it would be Afghanistan all over again. So their goal has been to make Assad their puppet instead.

The phony Sarin gas attack followed by our almost phony missile attack has set the stage for a whole new approach. America has entered the war in Syria against ISIS and declared Assad to also be the enemy. We are aiding and abetting the Russians in their quest to take over Syria, in exchange for their help in destroying ISIS and shutting down Iran. ART OF THE DEAL.

If they want Syria they have to give us Iran. We both benefit by destroying ISIS. Russia gets a warm water port, something they don’t have now. Russian seaports often freeze up in winter. So happy Russians. We get to stomp Iran without interference from Russia, and with the aid and assistance of Israel, Saudi Arabia and some others.

And in the end, the United States and Russia will enjoy a better relationship even if we still will never trust each other very much.


Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday that “steps are underway” on an international coalition to pressure Syrian President Bashar Assad from power, according to Fox News.

“International coalition”? What that means is the USA and the Tongan Islands, or perhaps the Dominican Republic. Maybe Haiti? There’s no international coalition, that’s utter crap. There’s only one way on God’s Green Earth that Assad will be removed from power outside of his death, and that’s if Putin decides to give him the boot. That’s the only way.

So if there’s really an effort to push Assad out, then Trump is trying to make a deal with Putin, to give him something of ours in exchanged for dumping Assad. And as for the claim that Assad used Sarin gas on some people, there was NO GAS ATTACK. That whole thing is a scam, it was all staged. How do I know? Because the so-called Health Workers were handling the “bodies” without any hand or mouth protection, which would have put them in mortal danger if an actual gas attack had really happened. Sarin gas lingers in clothing and on skin, this is well-known. This was staged.

So what’s really happening over there? Probably nothing. This all looks like total misdirection, to me. That’s what stage magicians do, they get people looking one way while they’re doing something else, someplace else. Like creating a new diversion to get the Liberal Media focused onto. If successful, this drains power away from the MSM, because their only power now happens when they’re attacking Pres. Trump and his allies. There’s nothing like a good war scare to get everyone’s attention.

our Prez has caused a bevy of missiles to be launched at the Syrian airbase that this supposed gas attack was supposedly carried out from. Everyone who might have been hurt was notified in advance and there were no deaths or injuries. No damage to any aircraft or buildings has been reported. BUT our Head RINOs, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are goddam THRILLED that Trump did this because all the Dems and RINO traitors want war with Russia. Rex Tillerson is even saying that Putin wasn’t given advance notice of the attack even though everyone else including the janitor was told about it, so if true (it’s not, it’s bullshit) then that means that Putin must be really PISSED OFF right now, oboy oboy and maybe he wants to go to war, oboy oboy. You can see why the Democrats are all suddenly falling in love with Donald Trump now, right? Because they are, the bunch of warmongering lunatics.

What a play, Donald J., honest to god, you are a master at this stuff. What he’s doing seems plain as day to me, but when you have the kind of obsessive mindsets that the Liberal Socialists have, they’re suckers for this kind of trick. This is so funny to watch, and fun, too.


Monday, April 3rd, 2017

All during those eight long Obama years, we were constantly told by that worthless bastard and everyone working for him that his administration was open and honest. “Transparent”, they kept telling us, even as every fucking thing they told us was actually a complete lie.

Obama’s string of Press Secretaries, Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest, were absolute liars and spin doctors. They couldn’t open their mouths without lying. In fact, that’s how you could tell if they were lying. If their lips were moving. They’re traitors to their nation and should be shot dead. They didn’t just lie to the American People, they promoted hateful doctrines that both led to and covered up the deaths of innocent Americans and did great harm to our economy, and thus the very health and well-being, of the American People.

Anyone who listened to these worthless heaps of dog vomit spew their lies, and who listens now to President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is immediately struck by the total lack of spin. At no time do we hear anyone in the Trump administration trying to talk around a subject or make something bad sound good. These people say it like it is, and when they don’t want to discuss something, they say so. They don’t issue platitudes or false statements, they say “No, we won’t discuss that”. Usually for security reasons, sometimes for political reasons, sometimes because it’s information they don’t want the wrong people getting hold of. But THEY DON’T LIE AND THEY DON’T SPIN.

This must be pretty difficult for those Washington D.C. politicians to get a handle on. Journalists, too, must be in shock over being told the truth instead of them constantly having to unravel the lies and see past the spin. Secrecy has become so much a part of the way of life in our nations capitol that everything has become a secret, and everything is lied about, and now all of a sudden the new administration isn’t following any of the old ways and guidelines for conducting business. Suddenly everything is really as it seems to be instead of being anything but what it appears.

What a shock this must be to all those two-faced, career politicians, especially the Democrat Machine that stole the last two elections with all their dead voters and non-citizen voters, their hacked voting machines, all those counties that voted not just 100% for Democrats but counted more votes than they had registered voters, all those people paid to vote many times instead of just once as they’re supposed to by law, all those votes by Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and god knows how many other non-existent people.

President Trump probably isn’t the most honest person there is, but his stated goal for America is honestly stated and he’s honestly pursuing it, to set us aright, to rebuild what Fucking Obastard and the Bush Family have torn down, to rebuild our Military, our Infrastructure, our Manufacturing, to reverse our huge Imbalance of Trade and to put us all back to work again making good wages.

Here and there, community by community, across our land, people are being freed of the yoke of regulations imposed on them by President Cocksucker and his Asshole Horde, and are finding Hope again. It’s like waking up and not hearing the bombs anymore, looking out and seeing the smoke gone, flowers growing everywhere and finally realizing that the war is over and good times are returning at last.

We cope with honesty by rejoicing in it. This must be that Second Coming of Christ that I’ve been hearing about for so many years, but if it isn’t, that’s alright. It’s more than good enough.


Friday, March 31st, 2017

Another nation is descending into Nazi totalitarianism. Yesterday I posted about Turkey and today the story concerns Venezuela. “Venezuela took its strongest step yet toward one-man rule under the leftist President Nicolás Maduro as his loyalists on the Supreme Court seized power from the National Assembly in a ruling late Wednesday night.

The ruling effectively dissolved the elected legislature, which is led by Mr. Maduro’s opponents, and allows the court to write laws itself, experts said.”

Starvation in Venezuela has been steadily increasing as the government becomes more and more corrupt. Initially, Pres. Maduro was elected as a Socialist, just as Adolf Hitler was. A Democratic Socialist. But once in office he began doing things to increase his power and authority, and now has become the dictator of Venezuela. There’s no more talk of democracy.

Many Venezuelans have been forced to eat their family pets to stave off death from starvation. Venezuela is turning into another North Korea, and it’s fortunate that they are such a poor nation without military resources in the light of that. South America doesn’t need a nuclear-armed Fascist dictatorship.

All my life I’ve watched these dictatorships rise up and get knocked down, and the dictators always come to bad ends. It’s not always the poorer, third-world nations that do this but it usually is, and the result is the same every time, starvation, disease, suffering and death.


Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

The Japanese are getting pretty antsy over North Korea’s developing nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and you can’t blame them considering that the North Koreans just fired four unarmed test missiles that ended up coming down in Japanese waters. So now the Japs are preparing to change their constitution to allow them to increase their military armament as well as launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea.

This is the perfect move in that area, actually. If they do change their constitution, N. Korea will be put on immediate notice that they’d better back off or be hammered, and the Chinese really will have nothing to say about it. If they attack Japan, we’ll come to the defense of Japan and attack them, which would be a worst-case scenario for China. At the same time, the North Koreans would have no excuse to attack South Korea for what Japan is doing. The North Koreans have had short range missiles by the thousands aimed at South Korean cities for decades, and if they launched an attack on S. Korea, our forces there would immediately counter-attack. So either way, it’s checkmate for the North.

Considering the endless provocations of the North Koreans toward Japan, the US and S. Korea, I fully expect to see this end up with the Japanese bombing hell out of North Korea. There’s also one other little detail that you never hear about anymore, which is that Japan owns the most Plutonium of any nation in the world. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia sold off their huge stockpiles and Japan bought nearly all of it. I have no doubt that those sneaky Japs have developed atomic bombs and are prepared now to nuke the living hell out of not just North Korea, but also China.

Let’s not forget that while the Koreans all hate the Japs for their terrible past war crimes, so do the Chinese for the same reason, and there will never be peace between these four (both North and South Koreas) nations until either China or Japan is laid low by the other.


Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

One story in today’s news is that Pres. Trump wants to do something about the opioid addiction in the US, create more treatment programs, go after the dealers and importers of heroin and so forth. This is good, but this is really long-range stuff, this is a hugely expensive project that is not funded and would be ongoing for many years. We have many things that need to be done NOW.

There are a thousand things that I expected him to have already done that haven’t been touched at all, things that he and his team had many months to prepare for, to set up Executive Orders for, to issue commands on, and have done none of it.

For instance, getting rid of CAIR, the Islamic “Council of American Islamic Relations” that has known terrorist connections, prosecuting and deporting them. Removing Islamic instruction classes from our school curriculums, taking women back OFF of Navy warships, where they never did belong. He was going to get rid of the corruption in the Veterans Administration, but nothing’s been done.

He’s been advised about hundreds of government employees who are doing things to sabotage our government and hasn’t fired them, and he needs to.
He needs to get our nuclear weapons out of Turkey. He needs to close down our mini-air base inside Incirlik, Turkey. He needs to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He needs to stop calling our worst enemy, Saudi Arabia, our ally, and shut off the spigot of American money for Saudi oil.

There’s a limit to what even the US President can do, certainly, but for all the great things Trump has already done, there’s many more that he should have, and could have, already done. He needs to move faster.


Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Human life is sacred but only if you’re not born yet. The Pro-Lifers believe that only unborn human life is sacred and that abortions are “the work of Satan”. Once you’re born, however, all bets are off and you’re on your own. No more being sacred.

We believe that we are capable of self-governing and having freedom at the same time, when governing is the taking away of freedoms.

We believe that people own their homes. No one owns their home except kings and dictators because they’re the only ones who don’t have to pay taxes on their homes every year to the kings and dictators. What people do is pay to use a place once and call that “ownership”, and then pay again every year to keep it from being taken away again.

We believe in supernatural beings, spirits, heavens and paradises. People believe that there’s magical places where we go when we’re dead. To do this, we come back to life after death. A Great Being lives there that we worship, who created us. This time we live forever and never get bored of it or suffer anything.

In Islam, men only believe that when they die killing or trying to kill anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do, they will come back to life in a paradise where they are given 72 pretty virgin girls and 27 pretty virgin boys, to have sex with forever.

Globalism. Globalists believe that all humanity must be united under a single dictatorship. The German Nazis believed this too, and had the same goal of ruling the world. Globalists are Nazis in the truest sense and it’s easy to see where they acquired their philosophy from.

Believing. Believing is crazy. Believing is not knowing anything about something and creating a false knowledge of it rather than finding out the truth.

Santa Claus. Parents teach their children to believe in a mythical fat man in a red suit who brings them presents once a year, and set their little minds up for other, greater lies to accept as truth, later on. Teaching children to believe instead of to know, is crazy, but people are crazy. We still accept the existence of things that don’t exist and never did, because believing is so very much easier to do than learning. This is the core of human insanity and we will never be able to live with each other peacefully until we stop believing.


Monday, March 27th, 2017

Barry Soetoro or whatever his real name is, nearly succeeded in turning Egypt into an Islamist state ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. It was the people themselves who rallied against this corruption, stormed the halls of government, arrested the Islamist president and took back their country.

Barry tried to stop them, he went so far as to withdraw all our Foreign Aid and military spending support, to the point that the Russians happily stepped in and offered their aid and support in place of ours.

But in the end, the Egyptians held off and waited it out, and now that we have a real American President again, they’re coming back to the old friendship we had before. Egypt borders with Israel, and cooperates with Israel in preventing the flow of weapons and war goods out of Egypt and into the hands of terrorists.

Latest Egypt news is that their president el-Sissi is meeting with Pres. Donald Trump and World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder in the White House, the first week of April to discuss “things of a strategic nature”. Such things would include the Hamas problem, joint US-Egyptian-Israeli military cooperation and I’m sure, a strengthening of alliances and mutual support between our nations.

It’s only because we elected Donald Trump that this is now happening and I’m very much looking forward to the return of other nations to democracy and common sense as Islamism continues to be pushed back.


Friday, March 24th, 2017

Listening to House Speaker Paul Ryan explain why his supposed replacement for Obamacare bill has failed miserably to gain enough votes to pass, and to those who tried to say it was Trump who lost, reminded me of a fight I had in Boot Camp in the Navy.

The other guy was my size, only he was a bully and so were his friends, and he kept on messing with me until finally I punched him in the eye and caused his brow to bleed pretty good. His bully friends were all angry with me and demanded the two of us go into a locked room and fight to the end. I agreed, in we went, the door was locked, and I beat the living crap out of him, only we were both lightweights and couldn’t really do much damage to each other. Finally after about an hour of fighting, he asked to quit, and asked if he could go out the door first.

Considering what he looked like, I really didn’t care, and let him. His friends outside immediately declared him the winner because he came out first, so I offered to go back in with him and do it again, and they shut up. I didn’t need to point out that his head and face were knotted up like a sack full of golf balls, while I didn’t have a mark on me.

Donald Trump maintained the position that he was doing his best to get any sort of repeal of Obamacare passed, because it would have been better than nothing, but that all he could do was try to help, and this is true.

Paul Ryan kept insisting that his crappy bill that no one liked was going to pass, and now the real loser is the one everyone is looking at, instead.

I’ve been expecting an outcome very much like this one. While many Conservatives were worried that Pres. Trump was being misled and fooled by Ryan, I wasn’t. I think that what really happened here is that Trump led Ryan right down the Primrose Path to his destruction. Ryan is anti-Trump and everyone knows it, he’s a RINO Globalist and everyone knows that too, and he needs to be removed as Speaker so we can start getting bills put forward that aren’t more Socialist crap.

Now, there’s a lot of talk by important Republicans of replacing him as Speaker. Who won this fight? President Donald Trump, absolutely, because he beat the crap out of Ryan and came out of it without a mark on him.


Friday, March 17th, 2017

“A federal District Court judge in Maryland is considering whether he should order President Donald Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year.”

Twice now, activist, Liberal Federal Court judges have overruled Pres. Trumps executive orders regarding immigration in direct violation of our Constitution. Now we have another one who thinks he has the right to order our President around and tell him how to do his job, again in direct violation of our Constitution.

A Constitutional crisis can result in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. A constitutional crisis can lead to government paralysis, collapse, or civil war. “It means that one branch of government has gone off the rails, that it’s acting in ways inconsistent with the text of the Constitution or well-established constitutional conventions.”

In our present situation, it’s the Federal Judiciary that’s acting in a manner inconsistent with the text of our Constitution. We have judges, who are given lifetime appointments and can only be removed through impeachment by Congress, who are acting to prevent our elected President from carrying out his duty to protect the citizens of the United States. This looks unlikely to stop, and it can only lead to a direct conflict between the President and the Federal Courts.

This judicial activism appears to be preparing to push things to the greatest limit possible and is close to it now, and we may be about to see a clash of armed forces fighting for control of our government. This may well be the plan, with the Liberals/Globalists believing that they have the greater power and will win in the event of an armed conflict. This is getting very serious, very fast.

There’s a considerable variety of armed forces in this country, from state guards to the National Guard, many police forces, private militias, the different arms of our military, armed groups like the NSA, FBI, CIA and others, not to mention the many millions of armed American citizens. A civil war would tear our nation to pieces and that looks more and more to be the plan the Globalists have in mind for us. One way or another, they want very much to destroy America as a global power, and since they failed at getting Hillary elected and reducing us economically, then wrecking us through civil war would accomplish the same goal.

Declaring Martial Law may become necessary. This is getting ugly.


Thursday, March 16th, 2017

I don’t understand why so many people are still in authority in our government who are working against President Trump and who he could fire simply by saying so. There’s James Comey, who absolutely needs to go and should have been sent packing the day Trump took office. There are people in the State Department, for gods sakes, who not only work against him constantly but keep leaking vital information that harms him and our nation, and they can all be fired, no problem.

Why hasn’t he fired far more people than he has, and when is he going to start doing it, or is he, at all? My feeling of frustration over this is growing and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Come on, President Donald Trump, CLEAN THEM OUT and be done with it.