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Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Rupert Murdoch sucks George Soros’ cock and swallows his semen. Rupert Murdoch fucks both his sons in their asses and makes them lick the shit off his penis after he’s done.

Rupert Murdoch’s mother was an Aboriginal that his father kept as a sex slave, tied to a bed, and used when he wasn’t fucking Big Red, a huge old female roo he kept chained out in the shearing pen. The whole family has been involved in incest for at least five generations.

When Rupert Murdoch isn’t fucking his sons up their asses, he’s getting paid big money by George Soros to let Soros fuck them. They like to do 3-ways, where Soros is fucking him, he’s fucking one of his sons and the son is fucking his mother.

Hey, it’s just my opinion. I don’t know that any of this is fact, in part because watching that shit would make me vomit. It’s just what I happen to think.


Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Now that some time has gone by since that freighter rammed one of our destroyers, and reports on what happened here faded very quickly from the media with no explanation whatever of how this seemingly impossible event could have occurred, I feel it’s time to offer my take on it.

First, the complete silence from the Navy, our government and all the media about this is a flaming red flag by itself. Whenever everyone totally clams up, you know it’s a big story. The thing is, that destroyer is equipped with all the latest in radar detection gear, sonar gear, and every protection and warning device that currently exists in Naval technology. Something that big coming that close would have set off automatic alarms all over the bride. Klaxons would have been roaring and clanging and red lights flashing, the noise would have been deafening. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE that they didn’t know that freighter was on a collision course UNLESS…

Unless all their electronics were rendered non-functional.

That the freighter deliberately rammed them is beyond doubt. This was a purposeful collision. So who owns the freighter? The Japanese do. It’s been called a Philippine freighter, but it’s not. It simply registered to the Philippines. Many maritime ships register to a nation that gives them the biggest tax breaks, as the Philippines do.

The cargo of that freighter and it’s destination are supposed to be public record, yet for some reason they are not.

So here’s what I think. The freighter was carrying something equivalent to EMP gear, some new technology that either made it invisible to electronic detection or that prevented electrical apparatus from functioning, and this was tested on that destroyer because of it’s many capabilities of detection. This test was carried out as a secret joint operation by the U.S. Navy and the Japanese government.

They allowed the actual collision to occur because they wanted to see if any alarm would be raised at any time, and none ever was, making this a highly successful test. As for the dead sailors and the damage to the ship, that’s considered collateral damage, especially considering the huge value of a successful test of this new cyber-weapon.

So why use a freighter? Why not just have the ship’s gear tested with everyone aware of what was going on? Set up the new technology on a ship and approach the destroyer to see if it worked? Why set up a scenario that makes it all appear to be an accident, even if a really bizarre, unlikely one? Because no doubt it had already been tested extensively and now they wanted to see what happened under real conditions and besides, people talk, and with technology like this, you wouldn’t want any of those sailors to know about it. Further, you want to test it under extreme conditions and what’s more extreme than not being able to detect a ship twice as large and a third as fast as your own on a clear night?

I do kinda worry that one of these days, with one of my little sleuthing stories, like this one, I may end up with some guys in suits at my door, at best, or a sudden dirt nap at worst. But caution, unfortunately, has never been my best suit.


Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

I watched the Clinton Cash movie earlier this evening, courtesy of and YouTube, and it’s pretty astonishing. Astonishing that those two people are running around free instead of being imprisoned for life or already executed by a firing squad. The level of corruption in our government is staggering and far greater than I’d ever imagined. If every elected official isn’t on the take, then most of them must be for this situation to exist.

We need a revolution. A military coup would be fine with me, our top generals and admirals could fill D.C. with troops and arrest all of them from the President on down, and should. My poor country.

Rome fell because of corruption from within and we look to be as corrupt now as they were before their collapse, maybe even worse. I hope I’m missing the big picture, Donald Trump surely has a more comprehensive view of our situation than I do or he wouldn’t try to become President. I hope.


Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Social networking sites attract most people who use the Internet, and in fact are the only reason many of us use the Internet at all, that and doing Google searches. We post all sorts of details about ourselves and our lives on Facebook, we tell where we work and live, post pictures of ourselves, our friends and our relatives, discuss our likes and dislikes. We reveal everything about ourselves that a person looking to steal identities for profit or invade and rob a home would want to know.

Pedophiles use Facebook and other social sites to find pubescent youngsters to engage in sex with, pimps use them to find lonely women they can turn into prostitutes, Muslims look for young women they can either groom for sex or abduct and sell as sex slaves. Right now, Israel is having to draft laws allowing them to force Facebook to delete messages inciting terrorism against Israel, since Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg refuses to set Facebook screening policy to do so. He has no problem screening out anything political he dislikes, particularly if it benefits Republicans, though. Zuckerberg has thoroughly established himself as a Liberal, and very likely a Socialist and anti-Semite, since those seem to be part of the Liberal mold.

Personally, I’m against all social media. I did join Facebook for a short while as I was advised that it’s a good Internet marketplace, and quickly learned that it’s a good place to get ripped off, instead, and did all that I could to remove my information from them. But Facebook makes that impossible in spite of Zuckerberg’s claim. He keeps all your data no matter how hard you try to quit being a Facebook member. Zuckerberg is evil, his level of greed is literally insane, and I’ve no doubt it will end up being his downfall.

Social networking sites may be attractive to people who either want to stay in contact with friends, find new friends or both, but we can do that at the corner bar, through email and at other actual, physical meeting places like social clubs, a gym, school PTA meetings, a church, community centers, there’s all sorts of ways to make real friends that you can shake hands with instead of virtual friends who may be out to rape, rob and/or kill you.

This should be fair warning to anyone who reads this that social networking sites are there to profit from your presence and give you back nothing. They don’t care about your personal safety and in fact place you in great danger. Continue to use them at your peril.


Saturday, June 4th, 2016

I think Hillary may have throat cancer. She’s been having coughing fits for months now, and her symptoms are NOT consistent with laryngitis. Plus she frequently takes throat lozenges to numb her throat.

“Most cases are short-term and can be treated at home. Symptoms that last longer than 10 days may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. You should call your doctor if you have laryngitis symptoms for longer than 10 days.”

She’s been coughing for months. Symptoms of chronic laryngitis are:
a barking cough
difficulty breathing
difficulty swallowing,
Her cough sounds like a bark but she drinks water easily to soothe her throat, and she has no apparent difficulty breathing. Neither does she evidence a fever. It is NOT laryngitis. That leaves throat cancer and if it comes out that she has throat cancer, no one will vote for her because we want healthy Presidents. Throat cancer would also explain her periodic lapses, since she must be getting radiation treatments and chemotherapy, which is very physically draining.

No doubt her doctors have it under control but that’s not the point. She has cancer, that’s the point, and she should not be running for President for that reason alone, not to mention the vast number of other good reasons.


Saturday, May 14th, 2016

You’re still here in spite of the efforts of Barack Hussein Obama, one of the most evil and viciously perverted persons on our planet.

Now listen to this wonderful music played by Melissa Venema when she was only 13 years old. She’s playing “Il Silenzio” that is played by the Dutch in concert every year to honor the American dead soldiers buried in the Netherlands who died freeing the Dutch from the Nazis. It’s based on our “Taps”, played by our Army buglers each sunset, and at the funerals of our fallen. Listen….

Why do I combine these two subjects? Because in a world grown so filled with evil, it’s little pockets of loving beauty like this that maintain a spark of hope inside me for the future of the human race. If not for such acts of kind remembrance, we would have nothing.


Thursday, March 24th, 2016

If I were a Muslim I would keep my mouth shut about the Muslim terrorists, because I would be fully aware of the danger of saying anything against them. As a Muslim, I would know that all non-Muslims are The Infidel and my Koran and my Imam both taught me almost from birth that Infidels are like dirt to be walked on. My Imam taught me to never become close to any infidel, that I can pretend to be a friend but never truly be a friend, because only other Muslims are allowed to be my true friends.

The Imams teach us that to be Muslim is the most important thing in the world, and that Allah is the only true God. The Christians and Jews worship a different god that is not the true God. Only Allah, the God of Islam, is the true God. Allah tells us that we must do whatever is necessary to make all infidels accept and worship Allah, and depending on circumstances, we may tax them, called paying Jizyah, and proscribe them from any worship of their false god, or we can kill them.

If I were a Muslim, an average Muslim working at some average job, or maybe a profession, an accountant, nurse, doctor, construction foreman, I would prefer to continue to attend prayers at the mosque, raise my children, sleep with my wife, and not get involved in trying to force all the infidels to accept Islam. But I would always be at the mercy of the Imams and if my Imam wanted me to go blow myself up and told me that Allah would deny me Paradise and send me to fiery Hell instead if I didn’t do it, I might just do it. Because if I were a Muslim I would have been indoctrinated since birth in the authority of the Imams and the fear of Allah.

If I were a Muslim I would understand why other Muslims keep blowing themselves up and killing lots of innocent people. I’d know without asking that the Muslims who are doing this are true martyrs before Allah, who give their lives to bring everyone in the world to submit to Allah. I would understand that it is the prime directive of Islam that everyone must submit to Allah, and the only thing that really keeps me from joining the jihadists is my own laziness and fear, and love of an easy life.

If I were a Muslim whose parents and grandparents before them lived far away from Arab lands, I would practice a gentler form of Islam than those who live at the hearth of the founder of Mohammedanism, in the Arab states. But if I were an Arab Muslim, I would be taught hatred, blood-lust and murder from birth against not just infidels but any Muslim not of my sect, and by the time I was past puberty and wanting to be seen as a man, I would be willing to start killing people.

If I were any Muslim and I was told by any Imam to kill any person, and I did so, I would feel no guilt. This is because I would have obeyed my God Allah and the person I killed must have deserved it. If I were a Christian and I was told this, I would never believe it, and if I were a Jew and was told this, I would nod my head. The Jews have always known this and the Christians will never get it.


Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Daylight savings time, Spring forward, Fall back, everyone in the USA set their clocks ahead one hour. By setting the clock ahead an hour, people who have to rise at 6 AM will now rise at what was 5 AM. By the time they leave home it will be getting light and it will still be light in the evening, an hour later than it was just yesterday. Then when November rolls around the clocks will be set back again, as otherwise people would be driving to work in the dark. Problem is, they’ll be driving home in the dark and I’m not so sure that’s an improvement.

But for those unfortunate souls who have to labor for their bread and gruel, Daylight Slaving Time is their lot in life. For brilliant, enterprising geniuses like myself, however, I sleep on and get up when I feel like waking, as always. Ah, the poor, oppressed proletariat, it is so sad for them. Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee. ;D


Thursday, March 10th, 2016

“Austin Lee Russell, 33, (AKA Chumlee on Pawn Stars) was taken into custody when officers serving a search warrant in a sexual assault investigation found methamphetamine, marijuana and at least one gun at his southwest Las Vegas home, police said in a statement. He was released on bond, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office told FOX411, and he has a court date set for Friday morning.”

“Pawn Stars” co-star Rick Harrison told FOX411 Thursday morning the other cast members are still trying to sort out the details of his arrest. He said that “We don’t have details yet but we are here to help Chumlee any way we can” , a statement that seems wrong and out of place to me under the circumstances, unless Rick or his son Corey have some criminal involvement of their own? Austin, “Chumlee”, isn’t a family member, just a family friend, and just a childhood friend of Corey’s at that. Austin’s been arrested for sexual assault, a felony and a heinous crime, along with felony drug and firearm possession, and they “want to help him any way” they can?

That’s not what people normally say when they find out someone close to them has been arrested for crimes like that. They say that they’re shocked, first of all. They say they find it hard to believe, or that they had a feeling something was wrong, or that they’re horrified but want to talk to their friend before coming to any conclusions.

I mean, Gold And Silver Pawn Shop is a multi-million dollar business and so is their reality show, Pawn Stars. Their first thought wasn’t to protect their business and their own reputations? They’d rather say that they’ll help this apparent criminal any way they can, aligning themselves with someone who was just arrested for multiple major felonies? What? Are you kidding? I hope he gets slapped down hard and spends a long time in prison if he’s found guilty of the crimes he’s accused of.

Personally, I’ve never liked Chumlee. His behavior disgusts me and has since the very beginning, and Corey Harrison was never far behind. Now it looks like they’re possibly two of a kind. Friends since childhood, virtually taken in as a member of the family, his behavior tolerated and even enabled, supported. I bet if the Nevada detectives are on the ball and keep digging, the ripples from this arrest will spread out farther and farther.

I enjoy watching the Pawn Stars show when it’s just Rick Harrison doing the talking, since I like both antiques and history and he gets in fascinating items with really interesting stories attached to them. Besides, he’s a gentleman. His son Corey is rude and abusive and not very informative, and Chumlee is just stupid most times, as even the Harrisons frequently point out. He’s boring and obese and always a good reason to change channels.

The show would be dramatically improved without him so I hope he’s guilty, found to be guilty, and chucked off to some nice Nevada penitentiary where he can hobnob with the Mexican prison gangs. At the same time, I hope the Harrisons are all innocent, law-abiding citizens, don’t get arrested for anything, and the show goes on.


Monday, March 7th, 2016

Tranny Moochelle's crappy idea of a school lunch

This is a photo of the crappy school lunch devised and approved of by Michael “Michelle” Obama as adequate nutrition for America’s school kids. Who the fuck made him/her/it our National Nutritionist? This looks like it was scrounged from a dumpster. Some crackers and a couple of thin lunchmeat slices, no bread, no mayo, lettuce, tomato.

One of many websites offering up the following information:

“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964. He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III, a well known cocaine dealer and union thug for Crime Lord/Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Marian Shields Robinson, a transient street prostitute who was diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1998. He was a popular high school athlete and in 1982, he accepted a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers.

After finishing a respectable rookie season with 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks, he suddenly dropped out of the school. Fellow teammates observed that Robinson could regularly be heard lamenting over how he is a “woman trapped inside a man’s body”, and on January 13th, 1983, he underwent sex reassignment surgery at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To hide the shame of his new identity, Michael left Oregon State to attend Princeton University under his new legal name, “Michelle Robinson”. Years later, he met Barry Obama Jr. a Kenyan immigrant who later became aware of “Michelle’s” true identity. They subsequently married and adopted two children.”


Friday, March 4th, 2016

Back in the days during and following the Great Depression after the stock market crash of 1929, an awful lot of men lost their jobs, became homeless, and wandered the country looking for a meal and a place to sleep. Hobos, they were called, and Kings of the Road. Many cartoons appeared in newspapers depicting them as harmless characters looking for a handout, and often showed them expressing delight over finding a cigar butt still long enough to get a few puffs off of. Singer Roger Miller had a popular song titled “King of the Road”, with the line “I smoke old stogies I have found, short but not too big around.”

After last night’s (Thursday, Mar. 3) debate and claims about Trump University, I decided to do some in-depth fact checking on the only two viable Republican candidates left, since Rubio cut his own throat last night and Kasich, while scoring some points, “just ain’t makin’ it”, as Clint Eastwood once said. What I find is that it’s true, Trump University was nothing but a scam, a rip-off, what’s called a bait-and-switch scheme where people were promised one thing but given another, and in this case the “another” was almost nothing. I don’t know the numbers but from what I can deduce, the scam netted Donald Trump at least $20 Million and probably a lot more than that. Donald Trump is a con man, a business cheat. It can’t be denied. It may also be that he’s a closet Liberal and would continue Obama’s policies. He’s looking pretty sketchy to me now.

Rafael “Edward” Cruz seems to never tell the truth. Politifact and other fact checkers find that on average, he tells the truth once every 60 statements, the other 59 or so are always lies. His wife is a Globalist, meaning that she’s fully on the side of the Open Borders people who want Mexicans to be able to freely enter the USA as if we were Mexico. If she is, then what is he? He absolutely cannot be trusted to secure our borders or do anything any different than any of the GOP Establishment traitors have been doing to us for decades.

I feel like a hobo trying to choose the best cigar butt from the ones lying in the gutter, knowing that any of them could make me sick.

I have to go with Trump, cigar butt that he is. I still think that he’ll try to make us a better country and he’s the only one that instills a measure of that confidence in me. All the others are just more Obamacrap. Maybe Dr. Carson would have been the best person for the job but he’s been pushed out and has quit the race. I am disappointed but the truth is the truth, and those who turn away from the truth just because they don’t like what they see, deserve what fate hands them.

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, all liars, every one, and while I expect now that Trump will use the Presidency to further enrich himself, I don’t think he’ll use it to Globalize America or wreck our economy even further. The others undoubtedly would, so Trump has to be my choice. Short but not too big around.


Friday, February 26th, 2016

When Rome fell at last, it was more due by far to corruption from within than it was to attack from without, and the fall of Rome marked the end of an era of expanding civilization, for as much as Roman tactics were brutal, they were effective in converting savage tribal peoples into members of a cooperating society. Roman expansion visited terrible war on many peoples but it stopped the constant wars between these little tribal states and mini-kingdoms and made them all part of something bigger.

That amazing document, our Constitution, was written by students of Roman government and Greek Philosophy, with the purpose of creating a state free of British oppression, that empowered the people. The idea was based on the Roman’s concept of citizenship. Roman citizens had special rights that non-citizens lacked, and this was expanded on to protect American citizens from transgresses by government. This is why we have the Bill of Rights, and why the rights of all citizens are so carefully spelled out and guarded in our Constitution.

Over the years the highest levels of our government have become increasingly corrupt, just as they did in Rome, and it’s been looking very much like the end of the American era is at hand.

But something has changed and now it looks like the end of the Era Of Corruption may be at hand instead. This is what has so much of Washington and the Mainstream Media in a frenzied panic. Because we finally have a strong candidate for President who seems to not only be beyond corruption but who wants to actually do the things Americans have been screaming for, for decades, to protect our country and rebuild our economy.

This may be the end of an era, all right. The end of the era of bought-out politicians who lick their masters hands and do their bidding. The suspense is killing me.


Sunday, February 21st, 2016

If I were Donald Trump right now, I’d sit down with Dr. Ben Carson and discuss the future. I’d tell him to stay in the race, because I don’t want him to look like a loser or someone who gives up too easily, and that’s because I’d ask him if he’ like to be my running mate in the election.

The proposition I’d put to him is this, for him to say nice things about me while I say nice things about him, how I think he’d make a great Vice President because we share similar ideas for making America great again. He would say that he appreciates my comments but he still thinks he’d make a great President and isn’t ready to quit yet.

This sets the stage scenery in place for Carson to become Vice President under Trump without actually making a formal announcement, makes Carson look a lot stronger than Jeb Bush, who dropped out because he knew most of the 8% voting for him would go over to Marco Rubio. This also proves that Jeb is just as much for open borders as everyone knows Rubio is.

Likewise, of the 8% voting for Carson, a significant percentage should switch to Trump after their discussions with each other are published. That would indicate that pretty much all of Carson’s voters would switch to Trump if Carson became Trump’s running mate, which would completely neutralize the boost that Rubio got from Jeb Bush’s quitting. This way Trump would maintain his lead, plus it would put him over 40% of the vote, which is a crucial psychological boundary in a 3-way race.

It needs to be pointed out that in these Republican primaries, Democrats can also vote, and many are because they want to support the false conservatives like Bush, Rubio and to some extent, Cruz. Cruz is Establishment GOP, and that means that he’s bought and paid for by special interests. The man is a snake oil peddler and can’t be trusted. So Democrats skew the vote in favor of these rats. But in the actual presidential election in November, there will be just one candidate from each party to vote for and the Dems will do their best to elect theirs. Hopefully the turnout for ours will be greater.


Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

That Judge Scalia was murdered is obvious and the reasons why that’s obvious have already been covered here. However, there’s things about his killing that bother me because they make it so obvious that he was murdered, even while making it look like a natural death.

He was found with a pillow over his face but no foul play was suspected? A Justice of the Peace, a minor official, declared a Supreme Court Justice dead of natural causes yet this person had no medical qualifications and never saw the body, and mostly, never ordered an autopsy.

Scalia’s family supposedly did not want an autopsy either, yet no one has interviewed a single member of his family and no specific quotation of anyone in his family has been published. When anyone of such importance dies, an autopsy is always performed to determine the cause of death, yet in his case there not only was no effort to do this, the opposite occurred. There was a direct and successful effort to prevent an autopsy.

This was handled in an extremely sloppy manner by all concerned, his doctor, the Justice of the Peace, the Sheriff’s Department, the resort, his family, the state of Texas and the Federal Government who should have immediately demanded an autopsy and sent in the FBI to investigate, because he died alone with no witnesses. Also the Sheriff’s Dept. should have ordered an investigation and autopsy. Instead, no one did anything.

In other words, while the murder was made to look like a natural death, the clues left behind that point to murder are arrogant in their obviousness. Why make it so obvious that this was an assassination? Why leave so much undone that should have been done? Leaving a pillow on his face suggesting he was smothered and then never having a doctor examine the body in any way whatever, not even checking his eyes and skin color for signs of smothering, is beyond incompetent. It’s more than arrogant. It’s a message.

I don’t know if it’s directed at the other Supreme Court justices, aimed at politicians in general or aimed at a specific person, but the message is plain. Someone of great importance can be killed at any time and no one will investigate the death in any way. if that person stands against Liberal Progressive goals.


Friday, February 12th, 2016

North Korea’s porky leader, Kim Jong Un, is standing on dangerous ground after his latest two moves. First, he had one of his generals killed on trumped up charges because he felt the man was a threat to him. This after making moves that have diminished the officers incomes. The experts who keep watch on North Korea say that there’s a chance they may just take Kim out, as they’re no doubt getting really tired of seeing their friends being executed all the time and never knowing if they’re next. Kim has executed an estimated 400 people so far.

Then there’s the latest missile launch in violation of a UN agreement, that has resulted in the US greatly increasing sanctions against North Korea and specific persons and companies in North Korea, including an embargo on luxury goods. The only people who have access to luxury goods in North Korea are Kim and those close to him.

There’s more, much more. South Korea has finally decided to request that the US install missile defense systems in their country for protection against Kim’s missiles, and this outrages China, which has warned S. Korea against doing this for decades. The reason is that it will at least partially neutralize China’s nuclear missiles, lessening their ability to threaten their neighbors, and when such systems are in place in S. Korea, other Pacific nations will follow suit starting with Australia.

In other words, Kim’s violation by firing that missile has triggered a sea change in the balance of power in the Pacific, against China. It’s their own fault, China could have and should have reined in North Korea a long time ago, as they’ve been asked to over and over again. But they thought it was advantageous to have their little pit bull dog screwing with the USA and our allies. For a time, it was, but it was short-sighted because things always change. The South Koreans can only put up with just so much from the Kim regime, and they’ve reached their limit.

So now China has to make a really fast decision, and the best one they can make is to do whatever is necessary to replace Kim’s regime with one that we can all get along with. I’d say they have maybe a couple weeks to get it done before it’s too late.


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Polls don’t always reflect what people are really thinking, that’s true, but when they have Trump 7 points in the lead and then a few days later the votes are cast and he’s a clear loser instead, that really shows how insincere most people actually are.

Some people, if you tell them that you’re going to rob them if they elect you but you’ll give them a cookie now to vote for you, they’ll say OKAY, and vote for you. I despair of ever seeing Americans, let alone humanity in general, showing good judgement. If I didn’t have some intelligent friends with good sense I’d be out promoting the eradication of humanity. The stupidity of people perpetually boggles my mind.


Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Instead of going on about politics, mayhem, religion or racism, how about a little mental exercise? Xoggoth, if you’re reading this, this is right up your alley.

Most people believe in telepathy, the reading of each others thoughts, even if they’ve never experienced it for themselves. Picking up on what someone else is thinking is actually very common, we just don’t generally do more than that, like actually talk to each other, mind to mind. What we did was develop sound patterns along with face and body language to communicate with each other.

Now, suppose on some other planet, “far, far away in a distant galaxy” or whatever, verbal communication was a liability instead of an asset, that making noise of any kind was anti-survival because the predators all had really sharp hearing? The ability to communicate soundlessly at a distance might develop out of necessity in an environment like that.

It seems to me that creatures that could communicate mentally would have a huge advantage over the more powerful predators, and that they’d be more likely to become the dominant and most intelligent species. Our communication skills have certainly helped us rise to the top. Plus these creatures would have a sense of unity that mankind has never had. They wouldn’t war on each other because they’d know what each other was thinking from the start. They’d resemble a nest of ants in their social structure, most likely.

It’s possible, considering the size of planets, that groups of them could become isolated over wide distances and evolve different frequencies or brain patterns or something that might make one group opaque to the minds of the others, and then they could war with each other, but over time and with an expanding population as their technology developed, they would eventually all come to be on the same “wavelength” simply because of their close proximity to each other.

With intelligence comes self-awareness, and a sense of privacy. Seems natural that they’d develop an etiquette that allowed them to keep some part of themselves private. I think of the Japanese, all living in very close quarters with large families in tiny little apartments, and they do it with privacy etiquette, there are things that they just don’t allow themselves to see. Or walk in a crowded business district of any city and ask someone for the time. That person won’t see or hear you.

Let the technology of these people develop for a few hundred thousand years without any wars, interrupted only by weather, planetary changes, and diseases. Compare that to our technological development that only really began with the Romans but was mostly lost again in the Dark Ages. Where would we be with no wars, in 100,000 years? Where would we be in that time if we could talk mind to mind?

Now imagine that these people have been exploring our galaxy for the last 50,000 years.


Saturday, January 30th, 2016

Oh crap.....

On Newsmax this morning comes the latest on Hitlery Clitnose and her Number 1 advisor, Muslim Huma Abedin: “The FBI wants both Hillary Clinton and her longtime aide Huma Abedin indicted for conducting confidential government business on the former secretary of state’s private email server, Rep. Darrell Issa tells The Washington Examiner.

“I think the FBI director would like to indict both Huma and Hillary as we speak. I think he’s in a position where he’s being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk,” Issa said, referring to FBI Director James Comey.” So now Darrel Issa’s voice has been added to Tom DeLay’s, saying that the FBI is going to indict her. I was wondering if Huma was going to be able to stay safe from this, as she had to have been deeply involved in everything that Hitlery did.

Also, “The Obama administration has confirmed for the first time that Hillary Clinton’s home server contained closely guarded government secrets…”

I wonder… do you think that maybe Huma has been asked to take the fall for this? It wouldn’t surprise me if she stepped forward right when it looked like an indictment was about to be handed down for Clitnose, and took responsibility for all those classified emails. The story might be that it was her decision to send them out on a private, unsecured server and that Hitlery didn’t know she was doing it, and Hitlery didn’t want to “tell the truth and get her friend in trouble”. Making Hitlery look noble and heroic, while Huma gets off with a slap on the wrist and a secret payoff of $millions$. Who knows? That’s the great thing about tomorrow, we always learn more.

But someone is going under the bus, and if it looks like both Hitlery and Huma are going to be smunched, then why not just Huma, right?


Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Monday has to be the best day in the week. Since I don’t have to work, I don’t have to get up early and drag myself off to some job after playing all weekend. On Monday there’s new news, instead of a repeat of everything that was news on Friday.
Monday brings new mail in my mailbox and on Monday my psychotic asshole neighbor Brian goes back to work after being home all weekend. This is a good thing for the neighborhood, as he performed his Saturday act once again, first drinking, then screaming at passers-by, and then barking and grunting unintelligibly at the top of his lungs for several hours as a finale.

Monday is the best day to go shopping, especially during flu season, because most of the shoppers have done theirs over the weekend. The least number of people in the stores is on Mondays, so you’re not battling crowds either, and there’s plenty of parking space. The close-out specials are usually put out on Mondays, too, because they’re the tag-ends of merchandise the stores hoped to clear out over the busy weekend. Mondays are good bargain days.

And of course, each succeeding Monday brings us all that much closer to the day when that pig-brained little homosexual Socialistic fanatic, Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, is no longer our President.


Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

World War 1 was started by the assassination of an obscure Austrian duke, which resulted in the various European alliances eventually declaring war on each other. In other words, it was started by a fairly minor event that got out of hand because the different hostile nations misjudged each others intentions and will.

Right now, our President Obama is on TV telling Russia, Turkey and the world that Turkey has a right to defend their airspace. Well, they do, but the Russian aircraft came down in Syria. Obama is defending Islamist Turkey. We and Turkey are members of NATO, as are France, Germany and Great Britain. France, Germany and Great Britain are busy putting together an alliance with Russia against ISIS as I type this.

Germany had the living hell beat out of them in the 1940’s by the United States, England and Russia. France and England were devastated by Germany. Germany killed millions of Russians. So. We can take it as a given that alliances between these nations are going to have at least some fragility, considering their historical relationships. Russia is not a member of NATO and Putin sneers at NATO.

Quite a mess, huh? So what would happen if the Russians knock down some Turkish aircraft and the Turks demand that their NATO allies come to their aid against Russia? Would they?

I can see Obama using this as the perfect excuse to finally put troops on the ground in Syria, claiming that they’re there to fight ISIS but actually there to fight Russians. I don’t think France would send troops to join him, they want to destroy ISIS, not fight Russia. But Cameron in England is likely to give him some support and Turkey will then also, -probably- send in troops and aircraft against Russia and Assad.

If this happened, and if I were Putin, I would invade Turkey. Considering how close together Turkey and Russia are, it would be a snap. If this happened, the waves of Muslims fleeing the area would be in the millions and they’d pour into Europe in overwhelming numbers. This would provide Obama with an excuse to bring as many Muslims as possible into the United States even as the economic crisis this created in Europe steadily worsened. Meanwhile, the war in Turkey and the Middle East would continue to widen, and as nations weakened, Putin would seize opportunities to gain further advantage and expand Russian influence…

It is just possible that the downing of that Russian fighter jet by Turkey may be the mistake that brings us into another world war. Like I said in my previous post, the suspense is killing me.