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She Shrieked As The Massive Door Slowly Creaked Open…

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Looms. A popular word in horror and crime novels. Disaster looms, the specter of death looms. So today, our coming presidential election looms.

Yes it does. It truly looms. It will either be McCain or Obama, the Religious Right or the religious Far Left, which very likely will prove to be an open embrace of either Fundamentalist Christianity in government or of Fundamentalist Islam, the kind the terrorists practice.

America, the nation that prides itself on the separation of church and state, has never actually practiced what it preaches. Pull a coin out of your pocket or purse and read it. What does it say? It says “In God we trust”. Look at our laws, all demanding the separation of church and state, except for abortion, which has always been a religious issue and is still today our most hotly contested one. If McCain wants to believe that a new human life is formed “at the moment of conception”, as he stated, with the same full rights as an adult human, that’s a religious belief that has zero factual validity. Pushing religious laws onto us will not make America a better place.

Obama is well known as the single most Far Left Liberal in Congress. He has Muslim family, his father was a Fundamentalist Muslim, along with his brother and other family members in Kenya. He has declared that if he becomes our president he wants to convene a meeting of all the worlds Muslim leaders. What in the Hell for? To plan the instituting of Muslim religious law in America? That would be the most logical answer and the most likely.

Both of these men are strongly religious in their own way. Obama claims to be Christian, yet he attended a black, racist, anti-American, Afro-centric church, hardy the Christian ethic, for 20 years, that was run by a supposedly former Muslim.

All my life, growing up in America, our country considered itself to be a Christian nation. This began changing in the 1960s as atheists won Supreme Court rulings that enforced the separation of church and state, and today we no longer really consider ourselves to be a completely Christian nation. Various influences hostile to democracy have been using our laws regarding religion to attack us from within, such as the ACLU, founded by a Communist and now taken over by Islamists, that have forced the removal of religious icons of various kinds, primarily Christian, from public sites.

The plain truth is that it is the basic tenets of Protestant Christianity which are most conducive to maintaining Democracy, more than any other faith, and by breaking down the observance of Christianity in our society, the enemies of America open the way for the breaking down of our societys morals. One of our greatest strengths, Religious Freedom, is also one of our greatest weaknesses.

Politicians like to tout their religious credentials and the Republican Party has gone far afield in pushing it’s religious agenda, so it’s to be expected that the Democrats would go far in the opposite direction as a counter.

We had some candidates, starting out in this race, who were far more centrist than either of the two we’ve ended up with. Electing either of these men is going to guarantee continuing party extremism on both sides but considering all options, McCain is the best choice of the two. He at least has good in his heart and no one, in all the mud slinging so far, has ever accused him of telling a single lie. That says a lot.

Obama has evil in his heart and proves it by the endless stream of lies he tells, from his “Christian” mother and grandmother, who were actually outspoken atheists, to his convicted criminal and terrorist friends, to his cocaine addiction and alcoholism. This is a bad man.

Our election day looms.