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Owning Minds and Hearts, and Killing Them.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Rupert Murdoch, may he die of a painful stroke, is getting closer all the time to owning all the media in the world. The Chicago-based Tribune Co. is reporting that Tribune owned Newsday has reached an “agreement in principle” to sell the Long Island based newspaper to Rupert Murdoch owned News Corp for $580 million.

New York has a little something called “media ownership issues,” which “could restrict the number of properties…Murdoch could own in the New York Area”. I certainly hope so. Enough is enough.

This wrinkled up old f**k is 77 years old and thinks he’s going to live forever. His goal in life is to control every word we see and hear on TV, radio and in print and on the Internet. Seriously. That’s what he’s after and makes no secret of it. To what egomaniacal purpose, who the Hell knows? No wonder the planet is so screwed up.

An 84 year old Jewish guy, speaking of older types, has been arrested for passing military secrets to Israel back in the 1980’s, including nuclear weaponry, the F-15 fighter jet program and the U.S. Patriot missile defense system. So now he’s going to be prosecuted.

I have a better idea. Deport him to Israel where he can live out the rest of his days as the National Hero that he is. We should have been giving Israel the info anyway and we probably did but don’t want to admit it because our military is so paranoid.

This happened in 1985, 23 years ago. There’s no statute of limitations on this? I always thought that just applied to murder. Give an old spy a break.

Hugo Chavez, the Benito Mussolini of Venezuela, is yelling about soaring food prices, calling them a “massacre” of the world’s poor that are creating a global nutritional crisis. “It is a true massacre what is happening in the world,” Chavez said in a televised speech, citing U.N. statistics about deaths caused by hunger and malnourishment.

His comments came only hours after the United Nations’ World Food Program called more expensive food a “silent tsunami” that threatens to plunge more than 100 million people on every continent into hunger. “The problem is not the production of food … it is the economic, social and political model of the world. The capitalist model is in crisis.”

Well, he’s not a stupid man even if he looks it, and even tho he’s a communist, he’s right on all counts about the food crisis and its cause. Where he goes overboard is in saying that capitalism is in crisis. Nope. Not. What’s in crisis are all those people making about a dollar a day or less who are starving as I type. About 100 million of them and more on the way as food prices continue to rise way faster than wages.

My money is on the starvation deaths of 500 million, that’s 1/2 Billion dead people in the next 3 years. Any takers? I’ll give you odds….

You’re Gonna Love This…

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

The Pentagon announced Tuesday it mistakenly shipped part of the triggering mechanism for four nuclear warheads to Taiwan a year and a half ago, and only realized the mistake last week and recovered the material “in recent days.” “BUT”, they say, “the missile nosecones contained only electrical components and had no nuclear material. ”

OH, no NUCLEAR material. No kidding? Thanks for the misdirection and spin doctoring, fellas. Nuclear warhead triggering mechanisms never had any nuclear material to begin with. The bombs are triggered with high explosives. Jeez…

How fortunate that this screwup went to one of our allies. This is very high technology stuff! WARHEAD TRIGGERS FOR MISSILES! Can you imagine the pile-up tumult of glee the Iranians would be in right now if this had been sent to them instead?

The Defense Department says they shipped four nosecones for Minuteman nuclear missiles to Taiwan in late 2006, containing batteries and electrical fuses that sense proximity to the ground and initiate the missiles’ triggering sequence. They say the actual triggers were not shipped. Of course not. The actual triggers would be shaped explosive charges that are built into the bomb itself. So if you had the bombs, then here’s 4 nice complete nosecone firing mechanisms for you, all ready to go, batteries included. Presto! Four completed nuclear bombs, ready to be dropped.

They say the missile fuses and battery systems were specifically designed for Minuteman missiles in the 1960s, are outdated and could not be used to help trigger any other weapon. I think otherwise. Outdated for our technology, perhaps, but not for those just now getting into the game. The trigger itself, by the way, is merely an electric pulse that sets off a chemical explosive, which then forces two chunks of fissionable material together into a critical mass which then goes Boom.

Remember the Air Force bomber that was flying around the United States with six nuclear-armed missiles last August? Come on, you flyboys. Wake up!