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“SEEK” a meeting with Iranian diplomats? Seek?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

“U.S. officials signaled Wednesday that they would seek a rare one-on-one meeting with Iranian diplomats” over Irans nuke program.

What’s this “seek” shit? We don’t “seek” meetings with terrorist nations diplomats. We don’t beg to have a meeting with these assholes. We TELL them, come to this place at this time. We don’t ask.

We ask our partners, or at least supposed partners, in democratic freedom, for meetings, and they ask us, or should. We’re the worlds number one power, and while we shouldn’t shove that down others throats and act like tyrants, we should never beg anything of nutjob outfits like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, et al.

Obama has steadily shied away from any commitment to use military force if sanctions failed. There will be no further sanctions of any importance and the world knows it. The Chinese and Russians, who want Irans oil, will continue business as usual and the world knows that too. There will be no endorsement of meaningful sanctions whatever, from the Russians or the Chinese.

Obama knows this, so why does he keep rattling that useless baby toy? A better way to ask this is, why does he keep playing along with the Iranians? This is exactly what George Bush did, and GWB is fully in bed with the Saudis. Oil only mixes with oil.

The answer is obvious, the Arab Muslims want Israel wiped off the map, as the Muslims want to dominate the entire Middle East and the Jews and Arabs have been enemies since long before Mohammad was born to create his horrible religion of hatred. The Arab Muslims collaborated with Hitler during WWII to help exterminate Jews and they’re not done yet. Obama comes from Arab Muslim family stock. Which way do you suppose he leans on this?

While the Saudis are afraid of Iran, they want Israel destroyed more. The Unites States protects the Saudis by treaty in exchange for our guarantees of getting their oil. We don’t have any treaty with Iran, so when the inevitable war, forced by Iran, blows up in Israels face, Iran’s oil will be disrupted but the Saudi oil will flow on, and what do you think the Saudis will do to their oil prices when Irans oil isn’t available? Save your money, kids, you’re gonna need those extra bucks at the pump.

Obama clearly doesn’t think ahead. This should be obvious from his constant use of a teleprompter when he speaks. He does not have an original mind or a grasp of chess fundamentals, and by that I mean that he can’t forsee the outcome of his actions. When he became president it was with the massive assistance of many organizations including all the Liberal media, yet he clearly sees his win as a personal accomplishment due to his own supposedly wonderful persona and capabilities. He has no humility, and he has no sense of shame.

The result of all his shortcomings coupled with his huge ego is that he’s suffering failure after failure. The most recent is the crashing defeat of his “Public Option” amendment to the Health bill which would have likely resulted in the collapse of private insurance companies and many public hospitals, and Socialized Medicine taking over, a nightmare scenario.

The only success Obama has had so far was to scare us into letting his massive free money bill get rushed through so that our government under him could take over our major corporations and lending institutions and Socialize them. Now that we’ve seen what he’s actually done, we want no more part of what he wants.

Still, he’s going to succeed through failure, one more time.

Iran will continue to work toward making Atomic Bombs. War will start.

Not Such A Tough Choice, After All

Monday, September 15th, 2008

The latest attack ad by Obamas crew says that John McCain is too old and out of touch to be our president because he can’t use a computer.

It is true that he cannot use a computer.

He can’t because he can’t even raise his arms high enough to comb his hair, because of the injuries he received as a result of his war wounds and years of being tortured at the hands of the Vietnamese.

He can type and does when it’s necessary, but doing so is painful and repetitive exercise involving his arms is painful, and he avoids it when he can. Naturally.

Obama, who approved that message, knows full well the reason why McCain never learned to use a computer, but he’d rather lie about it if it can make John McCain look bad. It’s simply not possible, with all the vetting and research that both parties do on each others people, that Hussein doesn’t know this.

The only person this makes look bad is Barack Hussein Liar Obama. Not that he needed more help. This is the man who equivocated all over the carpet when he was asked if he would try to conquer evil if he were president by pastor Rick Warren, in their now-famous TV interview, and ultimately stated that evil can never be defeated. That’s not the view I want my president to have. John McCain was far more direct and straightforward in all his answers, including his one to this question, when he stated that yes, we can and must defeat it.

Of course there will always be evil in the world. This is exactly why the fight against it must always continue. Evil can be defeated. Certainly. More will arise. Certainly. Then that must be defeated. If we just say, “Oh well, it’s a losing battle”, and give up, our civilization will revert to chaos.

The primary source of evil in the world today is Islamic terrorism, designed to spread the blood and death worshipping cult of Islam, and it is being spread, right here in America, by Saudi financed mosques. McCain is out to fight it. Obama wants to sit down and talk with it and work together with it and he said so right out in his interview with Bill O’Reilly.

You have a choice to make on Election Day. Remember that evil speaks with a facile and oily tongue and ask yourself which of the two candidates that most describes.

She Shrieked As The Massive Door Slowly Creaked Open…

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Looms. A popular word in horror and crime novels. Disaster looms, the specter of death looms. So today, our coming presidential election looms.

Yes it does. It truly looms. It will either be McCain or Obama, the Religious Right or the religious Far Left, which very likely will prove to be an open embrace of either Fundamentalist Christianity in government or of Fundamentalist Islam, the kind the terrorists practice.

America, the nation that prides itself on the separation of church and state, has never actually practiced what it preaches. Pull a coin out of your pocket or purse and read it. What does it say? It says “In God we trust”. Look at our laws, all demanding the separation of church and state, except for abortion, which has always been a religious issue and is still today our most hotly contested one. If McCain wants to believe that a new human life is formed “at the moment of conception”, as he stated, with the same full rights as an adult human, that’s a religious belief that has zero factual validity. Pushing religious laws onto us will not make America a better place.

Obama is well known as the single most Far Left Liberal in Congress. He has Muslim family, his father was a Fundamentalist Muslim, along with his brother and other family members in Kenya. He has declared that if he becomes our president he wants to convene a meeting of all the worlds Muslim leaders. What in the Hell for? To plan the instituting of Muslim religious law in America? That would be the most logical answer and the most likely.

Both of these men are strongly religious in their own way. Obama claims to be Christian, yet he attended a black, racist, anti-American, Afro-centric church, hardy the Christian ethic, for 20 years, that was run by a supposedly former Muslim.

All my life, growing up in America, our country considered itself to be a Christian nation. This began changing in the 1960s as atheists won Supreme Court rulings that enforced the separation of church and state, and today we no longer really consider ourselves to be a completely Christian nation. Various influences hostile to democracy have been using our laws regarding religion to attack us from within, such as the ACLU, founded by a Communist and now taken over by Islamists, that have forced the removal of religious icons of various kinds, primarily Christian, from public sites.

The plain truth is that it is the basic tenets of Protestant Christianity which are most conducive to maintaining Democracy, more than any other faith, and by breaking down the observance of Christianity in our society, the enemies of America open the way for the breaking down of our societys morals. One of our greatest strengths, Religious Freedom, is also one of our greatest weaknesses.

Politicians like to tout their religious credentials and the Republican Party has gone far afield in pushing it’s religious agenda, so it’s to be expected that the Democrats would go far in the opposite direction as a counter.

We had some candidates, starting out in this race, who were far more centrist than either of the two we’ve ended up with. Electing either of these men is going to guarantee continuing party extremism on both sides but considering all options, McCain is the best choice of the two. He at least has good in his heart and no one, in all the mud slinging so far, has ever accused him of telling a single lie. That says a lot.

Obama has evil in his heart and proves it by the endless stream of lies he tells, from his “Christian” mother and grandmother, who were actually outspoken atheists, to his convicted criminal and terrorist friends, to his cocaine addiction and alcoholism. This is a bad man.

Our election day looms.

American Politics – Like a trip to the zoo.

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

With our media constantly shoving Hussein up our butts, constantly denigrating Hillary Clinton, constantly telling us who to vote for, it’s no surprise that Hussein has the majority of delegates. This is further proof that fully one-half of Liberals have no brains, since it was about half of them who voted for the Muslim liar. So now we face the possibility of a Muslim liar and his America-hating, White-hating, outspokenly racist elitist pig of a wife becoming the next residents of the White House and having all that power in the most powerful nation on Earth.

It didn’t matter to half of all Democrats that this man has sat and listened for 20 years to sermons preaching hatred of America, hatred of Jews, hatred of Whites, allegiance to Africa, Black Values and a fondness for the Nation of Islam, and then said he never heard any of it.

It doesn’t matter to these blithering morons that his father, now dead, was a Fundamentalist Muslim, that his brother is a Fundamentalist Muslim and that his cousin, the infamous Raila Odinga, was recently responsible for the slaughter of over 1000 Kenyan Christians and the burning of their churches, wants to overthrow the Kenyan democracy and install Islamic Sharia law with it’s beheadings and amputations.

It doesn’t matter to these blind sheep that Obama went to Kenya and CAMPAIGNED for Raila Odinga in his bid to take over the government of Kenya.

It doesn’t matter to these Lefty La-La’s that Hussein has terrorists, criminals and racist preachers for his close friends. To them, it only matters that he’s black.

It certainly doesn’t matter to the media of this nation, who are pushing him into office for their own dark purposes.

Hillary Clinton, and you watch, is going to take this all the way to the convention. She’s not done trying for the nomination, and even tho our lying media says Hussein is the Dem. nominee, he is not. Not yet. He has to be voted in at the Dem. national convention to become the nominee, and who knows what may happen between now and then. Maybe he’ll be indicted as a co-conspirator with one of his crime buddies. Maybe he’ll be found out as having contributed to a terrorist organization. Anything could happen to yank him out of his silk suit and put him into a nice orange cotton jumpsuit.

I can easily see this thin-skinned Muslim liar becoming so over-confident that he commits a gaffe so huge that it ends things for him, like the Dean Scream that put an abrupt end to Howard Deans presidential ambitions or Ted Kennedy’s manslaughter of Mary Jo Kopechne.

I don’t endorse any of them, including McCain and Clinton. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying to all you who jumped on the Obama bandwagon, look at how easily you’ve been led, look at how easily you’ve been seduced. You have been told to ignore all the evil in this mans life and you did exactly that.


A Gift For Hillary and John

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

It should be obvious to everyone in the country now who the real racists are. When a preacher who preaches Afrocentrism and hatred of America is cheered by blacks both in all-black churches and by blacks on TV, we see who they are.

when a black candidate for president is voted for by 90% of black people simply because of his skin color, we see who they are.

This same candidate was getting fully half of the votes of those of us who are white, oriental and Hispanic. That’s been changing with the changing view. More and more this man is emerging as a black persons candidate and his claim that he will be a “uniter” is getting lost in that black view.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain couldn’t have asked for a better campaign gift than the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. This man just can’t keep his mouth shut. He’s glorying in having been Obama’s friend and pastor for the last 20 years and is blatting on non-stop and showing the world the trash he’s been stuffing into Barack Hussein Obama’s brain for twenty full years.

Wright is a selfish and vindictive man. Ever since he was literally kept in the basement when Obama announced his candidacy instead of giving an opening prayer as originally planned, and then has been denied repeatedly by his former pupil, Wright has been seeking revenge, and getting it. His speeches have been worse than unrepentant, they’ve been insulting, not just to Obama (“He’s a politician. He says what he has to say to get elected.” “This isn’t about me, this is an attack on the black church.”) to defending anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as “one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century”, to mocking Pres. Kennedy’s accent. Anything that white people might consider an icon or hold dear in some way, this man attacks, and now he has Obama in his gunsights.

Jeremiah Wright is trying to control Barack Obama. He’s trying to dominate him with shame, vilify him before the black community, force him to come back into the fold, to openly espouse the Black Power, Black Supremism, Afro-Centrist, Anti-American Fascistic doctrine that he’s been packing down Obama’s throat for 20 years, and of course if Obama does this, that will be the death of any chance at the Presidency. Yet until he does, Wright is going to keep right on glorying in the limelight, taking the media spotlight away from Obama and making Barack look very, very bad in the process. This is the depth of this mans racism and hatred. Take a good look at Barack Hussein Obama’s long-term teacher.

Obama’s radical muslim family, his muslim upbringing, his muslim-associated minister, all rolls off the public like rain off oilskin, but his lack of patriotism and his racism are the growing motes now caught in the eyes of the Public. Every time we hear Wright screaming “God Damn America”, each time we’re reminded that Obama won’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance or wear that little flag pin, every time we see him surrounded by other blacks, we the Public grow a little wiser.

If half the black people who vote for him aren’t racist, then the other half are. Considering that only 10% of them voted for Hillary, yet nearly all Hispanics voted for Hillary, the math is simple. 45% of all blacks, at least, are anti-white.

I heard Wright say that we’re all immigrants except the Indians. Excuse me? The Indians were also immigrants at one time. I’m not an immigrant. All of my long-dead relatives were but I was born here! Wright spouts that “immigrant” crap to justify his claim that all blacks are actually Africans and only owe allegiance to that continent. God Damn America. God Damn whites, who are the enslavers of black people.

Well, God Damn you, Wright, you couldn’t be more Wrong. None of my ancestors was a slave or a slave owner and who gives a damn if they were? That has nothing to do with us today except its use as fuel to be dredged up over and over by scum like Wright to keep fanning the flames of racial hatred and keep him in nice suits. Wright is a two-bit carny barker who sells racist hatred to black people, and the black people suck it up and blame all their problems on “the whites” instead of making something of their lives.

It isn’t white or brown or yellow people who are keeping the black people down. It’s the black people. Because they buy into being “different” (“We use a different tone scale”, “we think on the right side of our brains”, we’re different. We’re different”) No, you’re not. That 5-note tone scale is AFRICAN, not GENETIC. Everybody thinks on both sides of their brains, one side is logical, the other is creative. You don’t have a patent on that. Wake up!

Wright preaches that blacks are different from everyone else and the blacks suck it up. Hitler taught that Germans were “different” from the rest of humanity and the Germans sucked it up. Wright is just another tinhorn Fascist preaching the same lying garbage that we hear from the Islamists, only this lying tinhorn claims to be a Christian. You show me a Christian who says God Damn America or God Damn – any – country and I’ll show you a false Christian.

This is Obamas religious teacher. Obama says “Oh no, we’re just friends, I don’t go along with all that he says.” Really? You were a muslim until he “converted” you! He’s a lying, hate-filled, supposedly “former” muslim, and a racist, and you hung out with this man for TWENTY YEARS and didn’t soak up his philosophy? A man who reminded you greatly of your own Islamist father?

What you are is slowly becoming clear to even the densest of us. You’re just another lying racist and you’re not what America needs. You deny your teacher and you deny the teachings that you’ve believed in and followed for 20 years in order to gain a power in this country that you have no right to have. That’s your 20 pieces of silver, you Judas.

Don’t Support Our Enemies!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Boycott the Chinese Olympics

The Chinese have murdered over 1 million innocent Tibetans, destroyed most of their places of worship, and are still doing their worst to stomp the Tibetan culture into non-existence. The idea of Chinese happiness is for everyone in the world to do exactly what a few fat, evil little old men tell them.

The Chinese have been murdering people by the tens of millions ever since the Peoples Republic of China came into being, and they’re not slowing down. The Chinese excel in repression, forcing any citizen who dares to complain into forced labor slavery. A prison sentence in China doesn’t mean you sit in a cell. It means you are worked hard and fed little, and many of the products from China that we’re consuming were made by slaves. People locked up in prison factories for wanting freedom.

It’s an acute embarrassment to America that our uncaring president, George Bush, supports the Chinese Olympics, when Germany, France, Amnesty International, (who have helped Free American Prisoners,) and many politicians and world leaders have spoken out against the Chinese hosting of the Olympics.

British athletes are now told they must sign away their Free Speech rights if they want to join the games in China, by agreeing to a “No Criticism” contract promising not to speak out about China’s appalling human rights record – or face being banned from travelling to Beijing.

Dead Cats Rolling
1000’s of pet cats are being killed off by the Chinese government to “clean up” Beijings streets before the Olympics. Crammed into cages too small to turn around in, the Chinese authorities show their usual compassion toward pets and their owners, as the cats are rolled off to their deaths.

Power and arrogance go together, and arrogance kills compassion. If we have enough compassion to care about the treatment of our meat animals, then we have enough to care about us, too. The human race has been practicing slavery for far too long and those of us who honestly believe in freedom have to stand up and say so. It’s simple enough, just don’t help them. Don’t buy any cutsie little Olympic buttons or toys or other Made in China crap. Speak out against them even if it’s just to your neighbors and the local store clerks.

Avoid food and toys and clothes made in China. Read the label. Buy made in Cuba stuff, those poor people can use the money. Made in the Philippines, made in Denmark. Especially Made in Denmark, they’re getting boycotted by the muslims over cartoons!

We Americans have a huge hammer, and it’s called Buying Power. With our Buying Power we can bring nations to their knees, even a nation like China. It’s our Buying Power that brought them all their prosperity. Now they think they own us and shower us with their arrogance.

Let’s teach them a little lesson in humility. It’s past time we did so.

Speaking of America’s enemies, look what the Islamists in California are doing.