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Don’t Support Our Enemies!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Boycott the Chinese Olympics

The Chinese have murdered over 1 million innocent Tibetans, destroyed most of their places of worship, and are still doing their worst to stomp the Tibetan culture into non-existence. The idea of Chinese happiness is for everyone in the world to do exactly what a few fat, evil little old men tell them.

The Chinese have been murdering people by the tens of millions ever since the Peoples Republic of China came into being, and they’re not slowing down. The Chinese excel in repression, forcing any citizen who dares to complain into forced labor slavery. A prison sentence in China doesn’t mean you sit in a cell. It means you are worked hard and fed little, and many of the products from China that we’re consuming were made by slaves. People locked up in prison factories for wanting freedom.

It’s an acute embarrassment to America that our uncaring president, George Bush, supports the Chinese Olympics, when Germany, France, Amnesty International, (who have helped Free American Prisoners,) and many politicians and world leaders have spoken out against the Chinese hosting of the Olympics.

British athletes are now told they must sign away their Free Speech rights if they want to join the games in China, by agreeing to a “No Criticism” contract promising not to speak out about China’s appalling human rights record – or face being banned from travelling to Beijing.

Dead Cats Rolling
1000’s of pet cats are being killed off by the Chinese government to “clean up” Beijings streets before the Olympics. Crammed into cages too small to turn around in, the Chinese authorities show their usual compassion toward pets and their owners, as the cats are rolled off to their deaths.

Power and arrogance go together, and arrogance kills compassion. If we have enough compassion to care about the treatment of our meat animals, then we have enough to care about us, too. The human race has been practicing slavery for far too long and those of us who honestly believe in freedom have to stand up and say so. It’s simple enough, just don’t help them. Don’t buy any cutsie little Olympic buttons or toys or other Made in China crap. Speak out against them even if it’s just to your neighbors and the local store clerks.

Avoid food and toys and clothes made in China. Read the label. Buy made in Cuba stuff, those poor people can use the money. Made in the Philippines, made in Denmark. Especially Made in Denmark, they’re getting boycotted by the muslims over cartoons!

We Americans have a huge hammer, and it’s called Buying Power. With our Buying Power we can bring nations to their knees, even a nation like China. It’s our Buying Power that brought them all their prosperity. Now they think they own us and shower us with their arrogance.

Let’s teach them a little lesson in humility. It’s past time we did so.

Speaking of America’s enemies, look what the Islamists in California are doing.

Subverting The Power Of The State

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

In the Chinese capital, an activist who wrote an open letter urging “human rights, not the Olympics” was sentenced to the maximum five years in prison on a charge of subverting the power of the state.

Chinese lawyer, Yang Chunlin, an advocate for land rights, was sentenced yesterday to five years in prison and then given shocks with electric batons during a scuffle between his family and the police, according to the AP story. The crime? Subversion of state power. Yang, a 54 year-old former factory worker, had gathered more than 10,000 signatures for an open letter entitled “We want human rights, not the Olympics.” Most of the signatures came from farmers demanding redress for land taken from them by officials for development. According to the report, property disputes and illegal land grabs have accelerated as China’s industrial economy expands.

Freedom of speech is supposed to be guaranteed in China. By whom? By some form of a constitution or a Chinese bill of rights? This is what happens when constitutions become regarded by a nations leaders as “Just a Goddamned piece of paper”, which is what our president called our Constitution. Now look at China and understand why what Bush said was so very wrong and so very dangerous to all Americans. Don’t scoff. It’s that attitude that is now wreaking havoc in China.

“Subverting the power of the state.” Is that Total Dictatorship, or what? Boycott the Olympics and stop buying Chinese filthy, polluted and poison-laden shoddy, slave-labor goods that are making fortunes for Wal-Mart and wrecking our economy by wiping out our own manufacturing.

It’s not that hard. Yes, you will probably have to either shop harder, shop at the Salvation Army store and thrift shops or maybe just not buy a few things you don’t really need anyway. You don’t have to turn your whole life upside down, just pick one thing that you were going to get at Wal-Mart and either don’t buy it or get it from a thrift store. That’s all. Just one item off your list each time you shop. It will matter.

Or you can just go on with your selfish piggy habits while your country, your income and your level of existence collapses around your feet. Baa.