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Is A Food Riot Coming To YOUR Neighborhood?

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

About 20,000 workers rioted over high food prices and low wages on Saturday close to the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, police said, amid spreading global unrest over soaring grocery costs.

Food riots seem to be happening around the world on a near-daily basis lately. U.N. peacekeepers fired rubber bullets and tear gas at an angry mob that tried to storm the National Palace in the Hatian capital, Port-au-Prince today. Riots began in Haiti last Wednesday and five people have already been killed in the violence.

Food Riots in Egypt

The UN secretary general has warned that millions of people are at risk of starvation as global food stocks have fallen to their lowest levels for decades. The most acute effects have been seen in Egypt, where thousands of people have resorted to violence due to the unavailability of basic food products such as bread, rice, sugar and cooking oil, and rising food prices. At least 10 people have died over the past two weeks, in riots that erupted at government subsidised bakeries.

Besides Haiti and Egypt, there’s been food riots in 8 African nations, mostly along the western coast, as well as in Mexico, Milan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Yemen, and the food shortage is just beginning. The poorer nations suffer starvation first and so the riots also start there first, but the food shortage is steadily becoming more widespread.

I’ve posted on this before and I’ll be posting on it again before it’s all done. The world is heading into global famine, and with famine comes war, disease and death. Those of you who live in affluent countries, thank your lucky stars but keep your powder dry, because if this situation isn’t reversed soon, global famine alone is enough to spark a global war. Starvation and plagues go together. Always have and this time will be no different.

Now is a good time to kill off those mice and rats that you’ve been putting off doing. Fleas…..