Mexico In The News

After Obama’s Justice Department blocked the state of Georgia three times in a row in Georgia’s efforts to to check the citizenship of newly registering voters, .”Georgia has opted to sue the Justice Department. Georgia Sec. of State Brian Kemp stated: “The state of Georgia will no longer watch the Obama Justice Department play politics with our election processes and protections.”

Obama wants to block any attempts to stifle the influx of illegal aliens, who are primarily Mexicans, and this includes verifying their citizenship at the polls. Nearly all the illegals who can get away with it, vote for Obama and the Democrat Left. As long as the Justice Department (now, there’s a misnomer. Justice, my foot.) can stop states from preventing illegals from voting, they will. Talk about your corrupt Chicago politics. I wonder if America will ever recover from the huge damage already done to it by the corrupt Liberal Left of both parties.

The problem with states passing laws requiring that new voter registrants provide proof of citizenship, is that the laws require Federal approval. So when the state gets blocked their only recourse is the Federal courts.

Seemingly their only recourse. There is another way to go, a drastic one, which is to secede from the Union. The last time a bunch of states tried this, it turned into a Civil War. Most likely, if Georgia seceded, Federal troops would go marching in and take over the state capitol. The shockwave and publicity would hardly be beneficial to Obama, though, and most likely he’d back down rather than have a state actually secede because of his policies. So it is an option that is probably already being considered, just as a back-up plan.

We do live in interesting times and it’s always fun to project unlikely but at least dimly possible scenarios. You never know what will happen next.

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  1. In the next Civil War, the secessionist will be in the right side.