The Case For Peaceful Religions

I want to say at the start that I’m not a fan of organized religion. I think hypocrisy runs high among self-anointed “righteous”, primarily those who believe just because they’re told to and especially for those who claim to be the “voice of God” and rant and rave to the believers.

I am against religion because of the hypocrisy of it as well as all the superstition.

Even so, I much prefer to live in a strongly religious world full of devout believers who go to church or the synagogue every Sabbath and practice at least some of the values they’re taught, whether they do so out of true love and devotion or because Hell scares the Hell out of them, than live in a world without this sort of religion.

The more I see our government attack religious freedom and rip out the crosses and Stars of David and Christmas creches and even the word Christmas from public places, the more I see all that replaced with graffiti, gang violence and general squalor.

Whether I personally like it or not, the vast majority of us need religion to keep us in line at least a little bit. A religion that’s practiced by a community majority creates pressure to conform on those who’d rather not conform. Religious communities have lower crime, are cleaner, and are much better places to live than communities where religion is ignored.

Religions generally have been doing most of the damage they’ve suffered in the past decades to themselves. The Catholic church’s problems started with its inflexibility. The church was able to somewhat control the sex lives of believers right up until The Pill came along, but when social sexual mores began to change, the church couldn’t adapt and still hasn’t. The “rythm method” died when The Pill was born. The continuing priest/pedophile scandals have compounded the damage, which has also negatively affected other faiths.  The Buddhists may be the only ones unaffected by it.

The other Christian faiths are mostly in the Protestant category, I think even Mormonism could be included in that, and as a group they’ve declined in popularity as sexual freedom expanded into other “freedoms” such as drug use, and the messages of chastity and conformity became less and less popular. So has the fight over Creationism versus Evolution. Creationism is just plain stupid and most people have no trouble seeing that, and when a church insists that it’s members espouse something that is patently false, the members drift away.

Then there’s all the scandals with evangelical church preachers and TV ministers, embezzling money and getting caught with mistresses or homosexual lovers, mostly. David Koresh of the Branch Davidians who was sleeping with all the young girls, Warren Jeffs and the older men of that Mormon sect, driving all the young men away so they could have ten young wives apiece.  On and on, religion being used to control people for purposes that are often evil. No wonder religion is dying.

When I was a boy I used to attend the local church with my mother and grandmother. Sunday School was not exactly fun, it was over-controlled and not very interesting. Then there were the evening sermons which were directed at the adults, and which were even more boring. 

I suspect this was pretty much the same for most of us as kids across America, we were all pretty irreverent but held in check by the majority adult consensus that all that stuff was actually true, and even though I don’t hold with religion, I honestly wish that America was still that way, that we were all still a bunch of self-righteous, unquestioning believers who went to church on Sunday.

People need controls and religion is the gentlest way of controlling us that I know of. Governments use vile prisons and vile punishments to deal with those that religions can’t control, and between the two, it worked out about as well as you can expect for creatures who still haven’t evolved away from serial violence being considered a norm, yet. But without the control of religion, things are steadily getting a whole lot worse.

9 Responses to “The Case For Peaceful Religions”

  1. x says:

    Don’t agree with that one Mr S.

    In the early half of the last century crime and religious belief both declined in Europe. The Japanese seem to have a pretty low crime society but surveys show low levels of religious belief. What they do have is a culturally cohesive and rather traditional society with established views, an effective police system and a fairly harsh justice system.

    The increase in lawlessness in recent decades is more to do with liberal lefty crap like mass immigration and multi cultural ideas that weeken our sense of identity with our nation and our society, lack of discipline in schools, easy welfare and daft views about rights without responsibilites in my view.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    The cultures of England and Japan don’t remotely resemble ours. If they were alike, you’d have a valid point. You would have had to have lived through the times that I have in my country to really get the feel of what I’m saying.

  3. PALADIN says:

    The thing that going to church taught me was there is a right and wrong, and i am under authority of someone mightier than me. It taught me that i must live a certain way, there are boundaries and there is people and laws i must respect. Today young people know nothing of these things , thats why the country and culture is sick. They’ve not been taught anything,, let alone having parents or i should say A PARENT who teaches them right and wrong and that they are accountable.

  4. What Paladin said.

    I can’t say anything more profound than that.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    AOW: Money laundering by the Pope. LOL. Obama shrinks from nothing.

  6. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    “I am against religion because of the hypocrisy of it as well as all the superstition.”

    ME TOO.

  7. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Here in Brazil, a devil muslim teenager KILLED 11 KIDS in a school — almost all of them were girls.

    Because that, even our Socialist President Dima Rousseff cried during her adress in a public ceremony:

    That’s why, different all the former Brazilian Presidents, and being a woman, President Dima HATES MUSLIMS.

  8. Black Sheep says:

    You notice I didn’t include Islam as a religion, let alone a PEACEFUL religion. The form of control that Islam provides is a source of constant violence, just the opposite of most all true religions. I don’t count Islam as a true religion.