People Who Suck

No spring chickens ’round here, I’ve been doing okay keeping my mind more or less young but the old bod is right in step with the number of its days. So driving 1000 miles over 2 days is kinda enervating, and then finding that my motel of choice at the end of the trip has shut down and the only one left is The Bates Hotel, pretty much, and I’m ready for something right to happen.

I’m talking about the trip I took to California to buy a new home. So. The next day after escaping the Motel From Hell without any visible parasites, I found that all the real estate offices in that little town had closed because everyone was off to some local yearly shindig, which meant I had to drive over an hour away to another town to find a motel where they changed the sheets after each customer.

Then it was back to my little town of choice the following day and finally hooking up with a realtor, a Century 21 realtor, in fact. I explained that I’d come 1000 miles, I’m visibly OLD, and I needed to find a place to buy right off. So this gal took me around to what she said were all the available listings in the area. I did notice that they were all Century 21 listings and asked her if there were any others, and she said “No”. I took her word for it. I shouldn’t have.

Anyway, I made an offer on a foreclosure property that really was the only one that fit both my budget and my needs, but today found out that the bank owning it had accepted someone else’s offer instead.

Meanwhile, having made the 2-day drive back home, I searched around on Google and found 7 more places that could have been good but 4 sold after I’d left California and 2 others were pending sale. Leaving one. She never showed me any of them and chances are good that I would have a new place now if she had. The one still unsold is the only Century 21 listing of the 7, yet she never showed me that either.

After telling her on the phone and again in an email that half a commission is better than none, and that at my age I drove 2000 miles over 4 days and spent $1800 doing it and she only showed me her own offices listings, she finally took the hint and offered a weak apology.

What do you do when people that you should be able to trust to treat you right and do you right turn out to be thoughtless, selfish, inconsiderate sons of bitches? I’ve never known an honest lawyer, and real estate salespeople come in a close second for being scumsuckers. Used car salesmen used to bear that onus but compared to real estate people, they look like shining paragons of virtue. When I realized, after driving all the way back home again, what could have been shown to me but wasn’t, I was highly pissed off.

I still am.

3 Responses to “People Who Suck”

  1. PALADIN says:

    Sounds like that crooked realtor was trying to get all she could. In reality she’s pretty stupid…a sale is a sale regardless of how much you pay. She still would have made some money , but i guess being a crooked bitch she had to make LOTS. Ever think of Montana ? Or maybe Northern Arizona ? I like that area where Oregon ,Idaho , and Nevada lines join up. It’s called Owhyhee country. Man it’s remote, be a good place if the shit ever hits the propellar.

  2. I’ve never known an honest lawyer, and real estate salespeople come in a close second for being scumsuckers.

    Some years ago, I used an excellent real-estate lawyer to look over a contract bid for my property. The deal fell through when the housing market tanked.

    Anyway, I said to my lawyer, “Real estate agents and attorneys are scum-sucking bottom feeders.”

    He laughed and replied, “Well this scum-sucking bottom feeder is on YOUR side.”

    Actually, I do know two more honest lawyers — fairly honest, anyway: my financial attorney who helped to settle my father’s estate and my former business/family attorney. The latter retired early because he couldn’t stand all the corruption amongst his fellow officers of the bar.

    IMO, real estate agents are scummier than lawyers. Real estate agents are real whores as far as I’m concerned.

    Hope that you get your home search done and find a good place, Black Sheep. But were I you, I’d be prepared to be pissed off several more times.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    LOL, yeah, no doubt you’re right. Generally I’ve had very little trouble over the years buying and selling property. That’s never really been an issue. It’s dealing with the character, or lack of it, of the realtors themselves that’s always been the problem.