Now It Begins

“An Iowa Republican has caused a stir after ending her run for state legislature, and then becoming a “senator” for a de facto shadow government known as the Republic for the United States of America.”

Randy Shannon has quit her state election bid, saying “I am one of many people so disgusted with the options out there,” she said. “But the government we have has to go.”

Back during the Vietnam war there was a bumper sticker you saw around, mostly on Volkswagens, that said “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Well, what if they gave an election and nobody ran for office?

If ever there was a sign that our government is crumbling and falling apart, Randy Shannon has given it to us. When professional politicians can no longer stomach the system as it has become, and drop out rather than become part of something they no longer believe in, our current system of governement is on the way out. Her action may be a flash in the pan, and that’s that, but it may also be the first of many to follow, too. Either way it at least sends a signal that the decay we all know is there, is starting to spread.

Our government has gangrene, and amputation is the only known effective treatment for it. This “Republic” thing claims to be able to quietly perform the surgery. I’m a skeptic, as it’s more likely this is just a voice of discontent that will have little or no effect. 

Here’s the link for the Republic for the United States website if you care to check it out. It’s pretty interesting. I had difficulty getting the website to load, it may be getting too many hits right now.

My personal expectation is that as more resistance arises to our corrupt government, the more backlash there will be and the less freedom we’ll enjoy as the government exerts more effort to stifle dissent. The system in place is so powerful now that it just seems to me that only an attack from an outside enemy has any chance of bringing it down. Call me a pessimist but any way I look at it, the America I grew up in is long gone already, and the defeat of our government by an outside power won’t restore democracy. Without that defeat, our democracy is lost anyway. This is a lose – lose deal.

3 Responses to “Now It Begins”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    “de facto” and “shadow government” are rare, cult, High Level Words!

    I never hoped I would read in a text this days…

    But, thinking better, only a good American political writer could type this High Level Words.

    Congratulations, BS.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Thanks a lot but…. that’s a quote from the article. It has quotation marks at the start and end of the quote so that credit is given to the actual author that the link connects to. I agree with you though, those are strong words, which is why I chose that specific quote from the article. I guess then, that I get a ***little*** credit. 😉

  3. There is no way that the “United States Corporation” is going to step aside. After all, the “United States Corporation” commands the military AND has IRS.

    Yep, it’s a lose-lose situation.