The UK Telegraph is reporting that the United States negotiating team in Iran is actually there to aid Iran and promote their nuclear program.

A close media aide to Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian president, has sought political asylum in Switzerland after travelling to Lausanne to cover the nuclear talks between Tehran and the West. Amir Hossein Motaghi, who managed public relations for Mr Rouhani during his 2013 election campaign, was said by Iranian news agencies to have quit his job at the Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA).

He then appeared on an opposition television channel based in London to say he no longer saw any “sense” in his profession as a journalist as he could only write what he was told. “The US negotiating team are mainly there to speak on Iran’s behalf with other members of the 5+1 countries and convince them of a deal,” he said.

This man was an important person in Iran and if he says that our people are there to promote Iran’s nuclear program, I believe him.

This is surely enraging Saudi Arabia and the other OPEC nations, who have already been unhappy with Obama over Iran and feel that he’s being a traitor. He was raised as a Sunni Muslim like them, not a Shiite like the Iranians, and allowing Iran to have any sort of nuclear program is a danger to all the OPEC nations, but particularly to Saudi Arabia, which is the sworn enemy of the Rouhani regime.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    The phrase “Peace for Our Time” was spoken on 30 September 1938 by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his speech concerning the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration.

    It is primarily remembered for its ironic value, since the German occupation of the Sudetenland began the next day

    Less than a year after the agreement, following continued aggression from Hitler and his invasion of Poland, Europe was plunged into World War II.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    And that’s the same sort of agreement with the same sort of consequences that Obama is making. What was supposed to be final yesterday now won’t be final until June, and it should never be final. But you watch, it will be, and then the day will follow when Israel has no choice but to strike Iran. I just hope they get a lot of help from Saudi Arabia when it happens.