In a major setback to Obama’s ongoing program to impoverish America, our Supreme Court has ruled that his Environmental Protection Agency, which is nothing more than a political tool, cannot impose the very restrictive rules that it set against our coal industry.

The EPA had ruled that coal-fired power plants must eliminate certain toxic emissions, causing a huge financial burden of compliance that it threatened to shut down many of our power plants along with much of our coal mining industry. The Supreme Court has ruled that the “EPA must consider cost — including cost of compliance — before deciding whether regulation is appropriate and necessary,”

Obama claims that he’s just trying to clean up our air, but that’s a lie. Shutting down power plants and coal mining increases our monthly energy bills A LOT, at the same time that many thousands of workers become unemployed, causing entire towns to shut down for lack of business. His attack on coal is a ruthless attack on our entire economy. The steel industry needs coal, as well, driving up the cost of steel production and sending more of those jobs overseas to other economies while increasing the cost of all sorts of hard good, anything that uses steel.

The reality is that China alone burns 48% of all the coal mined in the world, while we use about 14% and mine it ourselves. Plus we have vastly cleaner power plants than China and other nations, so our contribution to air pollution is much less than that 14%. PLUS our coal-fired power plants generate 44% of our electric power! Imagine shutting off half of our electricity, what that would do to our economy, to our monthly power bills. They would triple or quadruple because the cost of bringing new alternative power sources online would be added to all our power bills. Yes, coal pollutes. So do cars, cows and pigs, volcanoes and dust storms, sewers, septic tanks, landfills, ships, everyone’s military, and every person on Earth. And our lives keep getting longer. There it is.

No, coal is not the mainstay of America, but it is vital to our economic health, which is exactly why that black faggot Communist asshole wants to shut it down.

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