French President Hollande has just offered to join forces against ISIS with the United States AND RUSSIA. I knew he was going to side with Russia. Obama will mutter some worthless words of demurral, but Putin will welcome France with open arms. This just keeps getting better.

2 Responses to “YES! YES! I’M RIGHT!”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    I Told You So:

    Mister Black Sheep MUST be publishing his articles in Conservative Magazines such as Human Events — and join Fox News crew.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    All I do is point out the obvious. If you push a rock off a cliff over a house, nothing is easier than describing what happens next. It falls. Then it lands on the house. Then the house has to be repaired. And so forth. The problem with news media is they only report the immediate events, they don’t point out what is obviously coming next. So I do.

    I don’t think the magazines would publish my articles, I cuss too much for that But thanks for the compliment. As for the Fox news crew, I’m too honest for them, they don’t want to say that Islam is a blood and death cult, or that Obama is a homosexual Marxist living with a trans-sexual guy. I wouldn’t be on their payroll very long. 🙂