World War 1 was started by the assassination of an obscure Austrian duke, which resulted in the various European alliances eventually declaring war on each other. In other words, it was started by a fairly minor event that got out of hand because the different hostile nations misjudged each others intentions and will.

Right now, our President Obama is on TV telling Russia, Turkey and the world that Turkey has a right to defend their airspace. Well, they do, but the Russian aircraft came down in Syria. Obama is defending Islamist Turkey. We and Turkey are members of NATO, as are France, Germany and Great Britain. France, Germany and Great Britain are busy putting together an alliance with Russia against ISIS as I type this.

Germany had the living hell beat out of them in the 1940’s by the United States, England and Russia. France and England were devastated by Germany. Germany killed millions of Russians. So. We can take it as a given that alliances between these nations are going to have at least some fragility, considering their historical relationships. Russia is not a member of NATO and Putin sneers at NATO.

Quite a mess, huh? So what would happen if the Russians knock down some Turkish aircraft and the Turks demand that their NATO allies come to their aid against Russia? Would they?

I can see Obama using this as the perfect excuse to finally put troops on the ground in Syria, claiming that they’re there to fight ISIS but actually there to fight Russians. I don’t think France would send troops to join him, they want to destroy ISIS, not fight Russia. But Cameron in England is likely to give him some support and Turkey will then also, -probably- send in troops and aircraft against Russia and Assad.

If this happened, and if I were Putin, I would invade Turkey. Considering how close together Turkey and Russia are, it would be a snap. If this happened, the waves of Muslims fleeing the area would be in the millions and they’d pour into Europe in overwhelming numbers. This would provide Obama with an excuse to bring as many Muslims as possible into the United States even as the economic crisis this created in Europe steadily worsened. Meanwhile, the war in Turkey and the Middle East would continue to widen, and as nations weakened, Putin would seize opportunities to gain further advantage and expand Russian influence…

It is just possible that the downing of that Russian fighter jet by Turkey may be the mistake that brings us into another world war. Like I said in my previous post, the suspense is killing me.

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