Black Bresident Brack Bobobama is in Paris, attacking Islamic Terrorism at a Global Warming summit. Bobobama tells us that a warming Earth is the single largest cause of Workplace Violence, which is his name for Islamic Terrorism.

One thing does seem certain, which is that industrialization and the burning of fossil fuels causes an increase of CO2 over the natural amount Earth generates. What is not certain and is unprovable is whether that’s having any effect on Earth’s climate. This is because everything that uses photosynthesis absorbs CO2, sucks out the Carbon and releases the Oxygen, and the oxygen causes more and larger growth. My own theory for the rise in atmospheric CO2 from all sources is the stark decrease in global forests combined with fossil fuel burning, and this has been caused almost entirely by human activity.

So if we really want atmospheric CO2 to decrease, then we need to replant forests wherever possible, because governments can tax us to death using the claim that they’re really not just extracting more money from us, they’re forcing us to use less fossil fuels, but that’s not true. In the first place, the mega oil companies aren’t going to allow that. As long as there’s oil to burn, we will keep burning it. As Bobobama keeps shutting down our coal-fired power plants here, our coal mines keep digging it out anyway, only now they ship it off to China where it still gets burned and the atmospheric CO2 keeps going up regardless.

Right now, in Paris, there are gathered about 30,000 diplomats and delegates from most of the nations of the world, whose purpose is to work out a mutual pact to control and reduce “planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.” From my perspective, there’d be a lot more free oxygen if they’d all just stop breathing. The real purpose of this massive gathering is to agree on how much they can tax fossil fuels, to generate more revenue. Let’s face it, the only way to stop burning so much oil, coal and gas is to either shut down most industry and take most cars off the road, or else find a different source of energy.

If we had efficient fusion energy, or could harness Zero Point Energy (ZPE), if our technology succeeded in controlling the weakest of all natural forces, which is Gravity, any one of these would do the job, yet you don’t hear a word of that anymore, what you hear is making the price of fossil energy higher and higher with the claim that as the price goes up, the use of it will go down. What that’s really about is generating more revenue. The taxes on a pack of cigarets are about 20 times what the retail price would otherwise be, but that’s not what finally got people to stop smoking. Smoking finally stopped being “cool” and became un-cool and socially unattractive. When you’re addicted, increasing the cost of your addiction doesn’t stop the craving, it just impoverishes you more. Increasing the cost of driving a car or running a factory will just impoverish us all more, and that’s the plan, Stan. The Earth will warm or cool regardless.


  1. Black Sheep says:

    If Obama’s worried about the air warming up, he needs to stop making speeches about it. All that hot air isn’t doing any good at all.