No wonder some people in poor countries get so mad at us even while wanting to come here to live. Every day, all day long on our TV sets, we’re bombarded with food ads. MacDonalds, Burger King, Red Lobster Restaurants, beers, soft drinks, fried chicken, sandwiches, and if it isn’t that, it’s cars and car insurance and beauty products and drug-treatment centers for addicts, and drugs to give men erections. What a goddam bunch of hedonists we not only must seem like to the rest of the world, but which we actually are.

All that selfishness, all that excess, all that superficial, ego-tripping crap, all that fat food, all that demand to satisfy every urge and whim. All the millions and millions of dollars spent on advertising all that unneeded junk that people run out and buy because it’s the newest thing. No wonder we’ve become a nation of meth addicts, we’re all told to satisfy our desires constantly whether we can afford it or not while credit cards are handed out like after-dinner mints. Most people just can’t handle their finances, so they buy on credit and make minimum monthly payments, and then when they lose their jobs as so many millions of Americans have, all that stuff they owe money on gets repossessed.

Easy credit is a bad thing. I’ll tell you a quick little story. Last year I bid on some land parcels in an online land auction and won 3 of them for next to nothing. I’d had to post a credit card number to bid. After the auction ended, the listings were changed to add a $500 charge to each parcel, and a $300 charge if you didn’t pay for the parcel. In other words, the auction was a scam, a fraud. I called the credit card company and notified them of this scam and directed them to NOT PAY. But they said, Oh yes, we’re going to pay them and you will pay us. So I simply cut up the card, paid off the legitimate charges I’d made on it and refused to pay the $900 in phony charges.

They sent me bills for 3 months and then quit, and of course my credit rating dropped by about 150 points. So what happened next? A whole bunch of credit card offers came in, all wanting me to accept their credit cards. I guess since my credit rating dipped down so low they figured I needed more cards to bring my rating back up. It does, you know. The more credit cards you have, the higher your credit rating. With a credit system this lenient, a person without a job could easily run up $100,000 or more in credit debt before he was finally cut off.

I could rant on about this a lot more, but the point is plain, we’re really on a bad road. Our government has us $19 Trillion in debt now and we have ourselves about as deeply in personal debt. We’re all caught up in a gigantic Ponzi scheme, where we borrow from Peter to pay Paul. When Peter finally runs out of money, the whole thing will come crashing down.

4 Responses to “BLOAT CITY”

  1. x says:

    Gordon Bennet! If I only had to pay a charge like that I’d be laughing. Looking to buy a bit of land to chill out on, it’s normally between £7000 and £16000 an acre round here.

    Looked at one the other day, little strip of land, 66ft x 32ft, was £20,000. Nice place by river with mooring rights admittedly but it would only take somebody building, or a bunch of gypos camping, nearby to make the price crash. Decided not to.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Different situation. The land in question was very remote mountain desert land, very small parcels, about 25 by 50 feet if I recall, and accessible only by non-maintained dirt “roads”, if you could call them that. No water, no power, no phone or cell phone service, and steep. That’s why I got them for next to nothing, no one in their right mind would ever live there or build there. I just bid on them for a lark because I knew no one else would.

    Now, if you want to discuss bargains, I bought a fixer-upper up the street last Fall for $12,000, which is probably about 8000 BP, it’s nearly a half acre with an old single-wide house trailer with living room extension, in excellent condition and a 340 square foot add-on room built on, Plus a “mother-in-law” cottage and single-car garage in back, and a nice big concrete slab ready to finish into a patio behind the trailer. Lots of parking area, on a hillside with great mountain views, and the up-sloping land in back is all nicely terraced.

    So cheap places can still be found even here in California, tho they are getting harder and harder to find as the population continues to swell. With all the people swarming into England, I’m surprised you have any vacant land and don’t have them living by the thousands in cardboard boxes on peoples lawns by now.

  3. x says:

    One of those remote places sounds just what I want. Last place I looked at had continual noise from the main road and a nearby kids sports ground, supposed to be no right of way but there was a path covered in old bottles and crisp packets.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Lots of vacant land here in the USA yet, especially in our western states, that’s cheap. You can pick up 20 to 40 remote acres for $40,000 and up, but expect cold in the winter, heat in the summer and a long drive to the nearest town.