Some anti-abortionists managed to make secret videos of interviews they’d set up with people from Planned Parenthood, misrepresenting themselves as buyers of fetal tissue for research organizations. Captured on video were discussions of abortion procedures and the methods of harvesting tissue from aborted fetuses. Then these videos were made public, and the Religious Right immediately started screaming for all government support for Planned Parenthood be withdrawn. A Grand Jury has just indicted some of those anti-abortionists on several felony counts while finding no foul at all with anything Planned Parenthood did, and the Religious Rightists are screaming about it.

The Religious Right claim to be Republicans, and it’s part of the Republican Party doctrine to be against women’s right to choose to abort or not. In other words, they’re anti-abortion, claiming that the moment conception takes place from an act of copulation, that tiny fertilized cell is an actual baby, and that supposed baby has full rights of citizenship, and therefor aborting it is murder.

Related to this is that in some states, laws have been passed that anyone killing a pregnant woman’s baby during an act of criminal assault has committed murder. If the woman planned on carrying the child to term, I can see the logic in that, personally, though murder is a stretch. Manslaughter is more like it, for how does anyone know that the child wouldn’t have been stillborn? But the real point of this law is that the choice was taken away from the woman who was carrying the unborn child by it’s killer, whether deliberately or accidentally.

If we’re going to have laws dictating what is or is not a human life before it’s born, then we need to keep our various religious opinions to ourselves while crafting them. Human life is not sacred and as soon as we present it as being so, we’ve lost sight of reality. It’s a natural instinct to protect children, but children come from women, and a woman with a dead infant can have more infants. First protection under the law should go to women. Then to children. It’s logical and common sense. People who live under religious laws, live under despotic dictatorships ala Islam style, and that’s not what America is about.

3 Responses to “SPLITTING HAIRS”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Right. I

    t’s a questions of collective aknowledgment — every citizen need knowing what America is about.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    This country was founded on a very simple principle, Freedom From Oppression. Since then, our freedom has been steadily eroded by Government. Our Constitution was written from the point of view that Government is the Enemy of the people and must be restrained, but Government is unfortunately composed of people, and when those in power ignore our Constitution and just do what they want, as they have been for a very long time now, they reduce, and have reduced, our freedom to a vestige of what it once was.

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