Instead of going on about politics, mayhem, religion or racism, how about a little mental exercise? Xoggoth, if you’re reading this, this is right up your alley.

Most people believe in telepathy, the reading of each others thoughts, even if they’ve never experienced it for themselves. Picking up on what someone else is thinking is actually very common, we just don’t generally do more than that, like actually talk to each other, mind to mind. What we did was develop sound patterns along with face and body language to communicate with each other.

Now, suppose on some other planet, “far, far away in a distant galaxy” or whatever, verbal communication was a liability instead of an asset, that making noise of any kind was anti-survival because the predators all had really sharp hearing? The ability to communicate soundlessly at a distance might develop out of necessity in an environment like that.

It seems to me that creatures that could communicate mentally would have a huge advantage over the more powerful predators, and that they’d be more likely to become the dominant and most intelligent species. Our communication skills have certainly helped us rise to the top. Plus these creatures would have a sense of unity that mankind has never had. They wouldn’t war on each other because they’d know what each other was thinking from the start. They’d resemble a nest of ants in their social structure, most likely.

It’s possible, considering the size of planets, that groups of them could become isolated over wide distances and evolve different frequencies or brain patterns or something that might make one group opaque to the minds of the others, and then they could war with each other, but over time and with an expanding population as their technology developed, they would eventually all come to be on the same “wavelength” simply because of their close proximity to each other.

With intelligence comes self-awareness, and a sense of privacy. Seems natural that they’d develop an etiquette that allowed them to keep some part of themselves private. I think of the Japanese, all living in very close quarters with large families in tiny little apartments, and they do it with privacy etiquette, there are things that they just don’t allow themselves to see. Or walk in a crowded business district of any city and ask someone for the time. That person won’t see or hear you.

Let the technology of these people develop for a few hundred thousand years without any wars, interrupted only by weather, planetary changes, and diseases. Compare that to our technological development that only really began with the Romans but was mostly lost again in the Dark Ages. Where would we be with no wars, in 100,000 years? Where would we be in that time if we could talk mind to mind?

Now imagine that these people have been exploring our galaxy for the last 50,000 years.

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