Zippy the Pinhead was a comic book that ran for a few issues back around 1970, and featured a tall, skinny guy dressed in a clown suit, who was microcephalic, pin-headed. Mongoloid is another term for the condition. At the time it was pretty funny, but times have changed.

There’s a virus, called Zika virus, that’s spreading throughout South America like crazy and is starting to spread here, that causes this condition in the unborn. It’s carried by a mosquito, and pregnant women who are bitten by a Zika virus infected mosquito end up having pinheaded children.

The children are drooling idiots. They have shrunken brains that barely function, and they’re being born by the thousands right now, and there’s no vaccine against the disease. It doesn’t kill people, the symptoms are a lot like a bad case of the flu, but it causes Mongoloidism in babies.

The world needs to take note of what’s happening here. Zika used to be one of those extremely rare diseases. Why it’s out of control and rampant now, I don’t know, I haven’t researched it, but that’s not the point. The point is that there’s plenty of other rare diseases that can kill in a few days, and one or more of them could suddenly spread like wildfire just as Zika is doing, and kill off huge populations because there’s no vaccines for them. Those little Mongoloid babies are as good as dead, they’ll never grow up and have families of their own. The kind thing would be to suffocate them at birth.

Last year Ebola broke out in Africa and the entire world was alarmed at the speed of it’s spread. It was contained, but no one really knows why it died down, they’re just all breathing sighs of relief that it did. It seems that other diseases are making a comeback including Bubonic Plague, the Black Death that killed off most of Europe and was carried by fleas.

As the human migration continues to increase at the same time that living conditions everywhere continue to deteriorate, we’re going to see more outbreaks. There’s only so many doctors and health services, and they usually get overwhelmed during any disaster. I see no way to prepare against a contagious disease outbreak, and no one lives forever anyway. Mother Nature has it’s checks and balances and we’ve been messing with the old gal pretty hard for a long time, so whatever happens, happens. I’ve said this before, that this stuff is going to happen and the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to make an effort to maintain as good a health as possible, stay physically strong, and pay attention to the world around you. This isn’t a warning or a survival manual, this is just reporting on what’s happening.

5 Responses to “ZIPPY THE PINHEAD”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    CARACA! Even in USA???!!!

    Zika virus starts here in Brazil, here in Northeast region.

    Third Worlders must be KICKED OFF America.

    Don Trump, get Brazilians out of USA.

    The positive effect out of this disease is… more voters for Trump.

    Quack quack quack.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    The virus is spread by mosquitos. There’s a land bridge, Central America, between us, you could drive a car to the USA. Mosquitos can fly here, but more likely they come in with imports of farm produce. Plus, people who are infected there, fly here, and get bitten by mosquitos here that are then infected and then bite other people, who spread the infection when mosquitos bite them and so on.

    In areas where mosquitos aren’t a problem, there’s no spread of the virus.

  3. geeknerd says:

    mongoloid is not microcephalic; mongoloid used to be the term for Down’s syndrome, which came from Dr. Down’s racist view that the condition was an evolutionary throw-back, which caused patients to look like they were Asian; specifically Mongolian. You know, the Mongols, who nearly conquered the world, led by Genghis Khan and later by his grandson Kublai Khan…

    To stop zika BRING BACK DDT! Rachael Carson’s book “Silent Spring” has already been discredited; don’t let zika run wild the way malaria does in Africa.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    I don’t know how old you are, geeknerd, but when I was a young man, Mongoloid meant pinheads, microcephalics. The term “Downs syndrome” didn’t exist.

    Bring back DDT? YOU are seriously discredited with that statement. Bring back DDT and that will be the end of all the eagles and condors, which are at the top of the insect-consuming food chain. The stuff makes their egg shells so thin that they break right off, and the embryos never get a chance to develop. Wiping out the insects made for bigger crops for awhile until ALL THE BUGS BECAME IMMUNE TO IT. Then stronger and stronger pesticides had to be developed and now we have Malathion. Malathion was sprayed over all of Southern California back in 1986 from helicopters for the sole purpose of eradicating fruit flies that damaged apple crops. Talk about overkill. Virtually every insect was wiped out, destroying the food supply for a myriad of small creatures, and soon bats and birds were falling dead of starvation from the sky while lizards, newts, frogs and toads disappeared forever from the Southland. All small animal life in So. Calif. was wiped out. DDT would have accomplished the same result if it had been used instead.

    DDT could still serve us beneficially, but the problem, geeknerd, is that we never draw a line. Oh, it works for this? Great, then let’s use it for EVERYTHING. That’s what we do. Poisoning our way to bug freedom has consequences in Nature. We aren’t the only critters on the planet even if we act like we’re the only ones that count.

  5. bigbootay says:

    the circus is dieing, hail to the Pinhead…