Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu has expressed concern that Obama will try to force a two-state solution on Israel before he leaves office. “Citing an Army Radio report on Sunday, the Times of Israel writes that Netanyahu believes Obama may make his move during his “lame duck” period between the American presidential elections and the new president’s inauguration.”

“His concerns focus on the UN, where rumors have been flying that an upcoming Security Council resolution will define the parameters of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, effectively handing the Palestinians the concessions they want from Israel without any reciprocity.” Israeli media speculation is that Kerry will push once more for negotiations and if Israel rejects it, an accord will be imposed.

This sounds like more than rumors to me. It sounds like Israeli intelligence has discovered Obama’s plans to destroy Israel.

Israel will not and cannot allow any “two state solution”. The Muslims want to take over the Israeli capitol of Jerusalem, which would allow them free access to Israel, and then there would be constant terrorist attacks against the Jews. It would spell the end of the only Jewish state in the world, which is exactly what the Muslims want. Then they could focus entirely on destroying all the Christian states.

Until now the US has vetoed all the UN efforts to declare a Palestinian state, otherwise it would already have been done. This may be about to change and if it does, and the flock of Muslims running the UN now declare a Palestinian state because Obama abstained from the vote, Israel will not comply and there will be greatly increased attacks by Hamas and Israel will have to go to war with them in a major way. One thing could prevent this, a UN veto by Putin. It depends on how messy he thinks the war could get, as Russia has major interests in the Middle East and their economy has enough trouble right now as it is.

Turkey oppresses the Kurds and has sent troops into Syria to fight Assad, so Putin has now allied with the Kurds against ISIS and Turkey. You watch, he’ll be allying with the Kurds in Turkey next. Putin’s anti-aircraft missile batteries along the border have created a no-fly zone that Turkey dares not cross and I think Putin is out to bring Turkey down as a player in the Middle East. Turkey is anti-Israel. Hezbollah, enemy of Israel, is an ally of Putin but Putin looks the other way when the Israelis bomb Hezbollah shipments of arms and rockets out of Syria. So, how much of an ally? Right now they help fight the Syrian insurgents, but afterward? Netanyahu and Putin look to be pretty friendly. Russia is Israel’s biggest supplier of oil, they coordinate militarily and in other ways. Putin wants a stable Syria and so does Netanyahu.

Bottom line, I would not be at all surprised if Vlad Putin stuck it to Hussein Obama real good if Obama tries to force that “two-state solution” down Israels throat through the UN.

You know, if there were no leaders at all anywhere in our world, we’d have peace forever. We’re being played like a board game.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

    – Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    I just posted a line told by Madeleine Albright (maybe in the 1990’s) which DO NOT mention any kind of “coertion into voting for Hillary by saying this”.

    But my REAL intention was remember this FACT:

    Hillary Clinton is supporting ISLAM — and NOT helping women.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    It is Islamists who control a large portion of the world’s oil supply, so they have great power, wealth and influence. Most people can be bought, and that’s what they do, buy people’s obedience to their bidding in order to spread their versions of Islam.

    Most politicians are licensed lawyers, and most lawyers are corrupt and only in it for the money, so politicians are easy prey for the Islamist oil barons. Hillary Clinton is just one of the many. This is mostly why Trump is my choice for President. He’s not a lawyer and he’s a billionaire through his real estate dealings, not oil, and his wealth will steadily increase because his family is doing what he does. He doesn’t need or want (I hope) Islamist oil money. So even if he’s lying sometimes, and I hope he isn’t, he’s the least likely person running for President to be bought by the Moo slimes.