North Korea’s porky leader, Kim Jong Un, is standing on dangerous ground after his latest two moves. First, he had one of his generals killed on trumped up charges because he felt the man was a threat to him. This after making moves that have diminished the officers incomes. The experts who keep watch on North Korea say that there’s a chance they may just take Kim out, as they’re no doubt getting really tired of seeing their friends being executed all the time and never knowing if they’re next. Kim has executed an estimated 400 people so far.

Then there’s the latest missile launch in violation of a UN agreement, that has resulted in the US greatly increasing sanctions against North Korea and specific persons and companies in North Korea, including an embargo on luxury goods. The only people who have access to luxury goods in North Korea are Kim and those close to him.

There’s more, much more. South Korea has finally decided to request that the US install missile defense systems in their country for protection against Kim’s missiles, and this outrages China, which has warned S. Korea against doing this for decades. The reason is that it will at least partially neutralize China’s nuclear missiles, lessening their ability to threaten their neighbors, and when such systems are in place in S. Korea, other Pacific nations will follow suit starting with Australia.

In other words, Kim’s violation by firing that missile has triggered a sea change in the balance of power in the Pacific, against China. It’s their own fault, China could have and should have reined in North Korea a long time ago, as they’ve been asked to over and over again. But they thought it was advantageous to have their little pit bull dog screwing with the USA and our allies. For a time, it was, but it was short-sighted because things always change. The South Koreans can only put up with just so much from the Kim regime, and they’ve reached their limit.

So now China has to make a really fast decision, and the best one they can make is to do whatever is necessary to replace Kim’s regime with one that we can all get along with. I’d say they have maybe a couple weeks to get it done before it’s too late.

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