That Judge Scalia was murdered is obvious and the reasons why that’s obvious have already been covered here. However, there’s things about his killing that bother me because they make it so obvious that he was murdered, even while making it look like a natural death.

He was found with a pillow over his face but no foul play was suspected? A Justice of the Peace, a minor official, declared a Supreme Court Justice dead of natural causes yet this person had no medical qualifications and never saw the body, and mostly, never ordered an autopsy.

Scalia’s family supposedly did not want an autopsy either, yet no one has interviewed a single member of his family and no specific quotation of anyone in his family has been published. When anyone of such importance dies, an autopsy is always performed to determine the cause of death, yet in his case there not only was no effort to do this, the opposite occurred. There was a direct and successful effort to prevent an autopsy.

This was handled in an extremely sloppy manner by all concerned, his doctor, the Justice of the Peace, the Sheriff’s Department, the resort, his family, the state of Texas and the Federal Government who should have immediately demanded an autopsy and sent in the FBI to investigate, because he died alone with no witnesses. Also the Sheriff’s Dept. should have ordered an investigation and autopsy. Instead, no one did anything.

In other words, while the murder was made to look like a natural death, the clues left behind that point to murder are arrogant in their obviousness. Why make it so obvious that this was an assassination? Why leave so much undone that should have been done? Leaving a pillow on his face suggesting he was smothered and then never having a doctor examine the body in any way whatever, not even checking his eyes and skin color for signs of smothering, is beyond incompetent. It’s more than arrogant. It’s a message.

I don’t know if it’s directed at the other Supreme Court justices, aimed at politicians in general or aimed at a specific person, but the message is plain. Someone of great importance can be killed at any time and no one will investigate the death in any way. if that person stands against Liberal Progressive goals.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    This is another post of your I commented at Social Webs.


    Glenn Beck: “God Killed Scalia, so People Would Vote for Cruz”

    Talk radio host Glenn Beck says “God allowed Justice Antonin Scalia to die less than nine months before a presidential election to wake up the American people about the danger of losing their liberties.”


    Glenn Beck supporting Ted Cruz ????????!!!!!!!!!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Glenn Beck is an alcoholic, a well-known fact. He says he’s been sober for some years now and I see no indication otherwise, BUT his brain seems to have been addled by all that drinking. It does do a lot of damage and a lot of the stuff he says sounds very skewed.

    Beck has been promoting Ed Cruz, which is fine if that’s who he likes, but Cruz is an establishment politician, a liar, a cheater, and one who favors some socialist positions. Okay, so Beck is sort of Socialist. That’s fine too if that’s what he likes, but all should be aware that he is, and isn’t the Conservative he claims to be.

    However, the statement that “God killed Scalia so people would vote for Cruz” is flatly insane. There’s clearly no contact with reality in that statement. The hope that Beck would become more lucid with continued sobriety is gone, what he said this time should have him institutionalized.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    This your last comment was posted by me in the Google+ Channel Donald Trump for President 2016 — with your link — and got LIKED by 5 readers until now.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Thanks for backing me up. I appreciate it.