If I were Donald Trump right now, I’d sit down with Dr. Ben Carson and discuss the future. I’d tell him to stay in the race, because I don’t want him to look like a loser or someone who gives up too easily, and that’s because I’d ask him if he’ like to be my running mate in the election.

The proposition I’d put to him is this, for him to say nice things about me while I say nice things about him, how I think he’d make a great Vice President because we share similar ideas for making America great again. He would say that he appreciates my comments but he still thinks he’d make a great President and isn’t ready to quit yet.

This sets the stage scenery in place for Carson to become Vice President under Trump without actually making a formal announcement, makes Carson look a lot stronger than Jeb Bush, who dropped out because he knew most of the 8% voting for him would go over to Marco Rubio. This also proves that Jeb is just as much for open borders as everyone knows Rubio is.

Likewise, of the 8% voting for Carson, a significant percentage should switch to Trump after their discussions with each other are published. That would indicate that pretty much all of Carson’s voters would switch to Trump if Carson became Trump’s running mate, which would completely neutralize the boost that Rubio got from Jeb Bush’s quitting. This way Trump would maintain his lead, plus it would put him over 40% of the vote, which is a crucial psychological boundary in a 3-way race.

It needs to be pointed out that in these Republican primaries, Democrats can also vote, and many are because they want to support the false conservatives like Bush, Rubio and to some extent, Cruz. Cruz is Establishment GOP, and that means that he’s bought and paid for by special interests. The man is a snake oil peddler and can’t be trusted. So Democrats skew the vote in favor of these rats. But in the actual presidential election in November, there will be just one candidate from each party to vote for and the Dems will do their best to elect theirs. Hopefully the turnout for ours will be greater.