Everything is politics and the higher the office, the more power, prestige and money in it, the stronger and louder the competition for it gets. The candidates dress up like peacocks and make promises that even God couldn’t keep, they insult each other and when they can’t find something bad to attack the other one with, they make up lies and accuse each other of past sins and present derelictions.

Generally you only have one person running for the office of dogcatcher, but there’ll be two running for Justice of the Peace, three for Sheriff, and four for Mayor, and by voting time for Governor comes along, there’s a half-dozen who’ve fought their way onto the ballot and are running around all over the place kissing babies and shaking hands.

Running for high office is expensive, what with all the lawn signs to be made, all the lamp post posters to be printed, the television and radio ads, the hordes of volunteers calling every number in the phone book to annoy people with their messages about why their candidate is the best choice. The money comes from rich donors who expect special favors if their candidate wins, which is why most rich donors donate pretty much equally to all the candidates, and cover their bets that way. Then whoever wins doesn’t matter, they’re still owed favors.

This is a fact of life so entrenched now in politics that regardless of who wins what office, they all work for the same people anyway. This makes votes pretty worthless. Our politicians have become so corrupt and careless now that most people have finally figured out what’s going on, and have finally become angry enough to do something about it. And at this point, who enters the Presidential race but Donald Trump, a man who has so much money he can’t be bought, who is so good at manipulating a media that’s openly against him that he hasn’t spent even ten percent of what any other candidate has spent to promote his candidacy, yet is leading in all the polls.

He looks like America’s Shining Knight on a white horse, he promises to make right all the wrongs committed by our present and past Presidents and Congressmen, put Americans back to work, rebuild our military, reinvigorate our economy and seal our borders at last.

I’ve still got my fingers crossed and they may stay that way until he actually starts doing some of those things, but even if this is all smoke and mirrors, the man is saying what we’ve all been wanting to hear, you have to give him that. That alone deserves our votes, the offering of such hope has value in itself, so if in the end it should all be lies, I won’t feel cheated. After all, no one else is offering anything believable at all except Dr. Carson, and his chances are nil.

4 Responses to “POLITICS, POLITICS”

  1. Black Sheep says:

    You do get around the Internet, makes me wonder how you find time to work for a living. 🙂

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    THAT’S MY WORK, man!

    “…and I am the best on what I do…”