I’d love to be secretly listening to what Obama and Raul Castro say to each other when B. Hussein goes over to Cuba in March. We have that base there, Guantanamo, that we lease from the Cuban government, that both the Castros and Obama want to close. Not just the prison but the entire base.

We lease Gitmo “in perpetuity” from the Cuban government. For forever, as long as we keep paying the yearly rent of some $4000 as stipulated in the lease agreement. However, Gitmo was only supposed to be used as a refueling station for our warships, so building a prison there is probably a violation of the lease. Even so, the lease can’t be cancelled unless both parties, the U.S. and Cuba, agree to it.

So of course, Obama is going over there to try hatching some scheme with the Castro regime to close the base, so that no one here will know what’s discussed.

His “official” reason for the trip is to improve upon the utter lack of Cuban democracy, but how you make something better that doesn’t exist at all is a mystery to me. What’s much more likely is that he’s giving legitimacy to a repressive Communist dictatorship which will make things worse for the Cuban people instead of better. It’s for certain that this isn’t going to do a single thing to move Cuba toward democracy. The only way that will ever happen now is for a total collapse of the Cuban economy to occur, with the people starving in the streets and the police and soldiers abandoning their posts and marauding through the countryside for food. Total chaos and anarchy, and we would have to step in and restore order to protect our national interests, namely Guantanamo.

Obama’s up to no good on this little Cuban jaunt, and I sure would like to listen in.

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