Back in the days during and following the Great Depression after the stock market crash of 1929, an awful lot of men lost their jobs, became homeless, and wandered the country looking for a meal and a place to sleep. Hobos, they were called, and Kings of the Road. Many cartoons appeared in newspapers depicting them as harmless characters looking for a handout, and often showed them expressing delight over finding a cigar butt still long enough to get a few puffs off of. Singer Roger Miller had a popular song titled “King of the Road”, with the line “I smoke old stogies I have found, short but not too big around.”

After last night’s (Thursday, Mar. 3) debate and claims about Trump University, I decided to do some in-depth fact checking on the only two viable Republican candidates left, since Rubio cut his own throat last night and Kasich, while scoring some points, “just ain’t makin’ it”, as Clint Eastwood once said. What I find is that it’s true, Trump University was nothing but a scam, a rip-off, what’s called a bait-and-switch scheme where people were promised one thing but given another, and in this case the “another” was almost nothing. I don’t know the numbers but from what I can deduce, the scam netted Donald Trump at least $20 Million and probably a lot more than that. Donald Trump is a con man, a business cheat. It can’t be denied. It may also be that he’s a closet Liberal and would continue Obama’s policies. He’s looking pretty sketchy to me now.

Rafael “Edward” Cruz seems to never tell the truth. Politifact and other fact checkers find that on average, he tells the truth once every 60 statements, the other 59 or so are always lies. His wife is a Globalist, meaning that she’s fully on the side of the Open Borders people who want Mexicans to be able to freely enter the USA as if we were Mexico. If she is, then what is he? He absolutely cannot be trusted to secure our borders or do anything any different than any of the GOP Establishment traitors have been doing to us for decades.

I feel like a hobo trying to choose the best cigar butt from the ones lying in the gutter, knowing that any of them could make me sick.

I have to go with Trump, cigar butt that he is. I still think that he’ll try to make us a better country and he’s the only one that instills a measure of that confidence in me. All the others are just more Obamacrap. Maybe Dr. Carson would have been the best person for the job but he’s been pushed out and has quit the race. I am disappointed but the truth is the truth, and those who turn away from the truth just because they don’t like what they see, deserve what fate hands them.

Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, all liars, every one, and while I expect now that Trump will use the Presidency to further enrich himself, I don’t think he’ll use it to Globalize America or wreck our economy even further. The others undoubtedly would, so Trump has to be my choice. Short but not too big around.

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    • Black Sheep says:

      Nice collection. I really like the one that says Obama is the worst thing to happen to America since white people. Lot of truth in that.