“Austin Lee Russell, 33, (AKA Chumlee on Pawn Stars) was taken into custody when officers serving a search warrant in a sexual assault investigation found methamphetamine, marijuana and at least one gun at his southwest Las Vegas home, police said in a statement. He was released on bond, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office told FOX411, and he has a court date set for Friday morning.”

“Pawn Stars” co-star Rick Harrison told FOX411 Thursday morning the other cast members are still trying to sort out the details of his arrest. He said that “We don’t have details yet but we are here to help Chumlee any way we can” , a statement that seems wrong and out of place to me under the circumstances, unless Rick or his son Corey have some criminal involvement of their own? Austin, “Chumlee”, isn’t a family member, just a family friend, and just a childhood friend of Corey’s at that. Austin’s been arrested for sexual assault, a felony and a heinous crime, along with felony drug and firearm possession, and they “want to help him any way” they can?

That’s not what people normally say when they find out someone close to them has been arrested for crimes like that. They say that they’re shocked, first of all. They say they find it hard to believe, or that they had a feeling something was wrong, or that they’re horrified but want to talk to their friend before coming to any conclusions.

I mean, Gold And Silver Pawn Shop is a multi-million dollar business and so is their reality show, Pawn Stars. Their first thought wasn’t to protect their business and their own reputations? They’d rather say that they’ll help this apparent criminal any way they can, aligning themselves with someone who was just arrested for multiple major felonies? What? Are you kidding? I hope he gets slapped down hard and spends a long time in prison if he’s found guilty of the crimes he’s accused of.

Personally, I’ve never liked Chumlee. His behavior disgusts me and has since the very beginning, and Corey Harrison was never far behind. Now it looks like they’re possibly two of a kind. Friends since childhood, virtually taken in as a member of the family, his behavior tolerated and even enabled, supported. I bet if the Nevada detectives are on the ball and keep digging, the ripples from this arrest will spread out farther and farther.

I enjoy watching the Pawn Stars show when it’s just Rick Harrison doing the talking, since I like both antiques and history and he gets in fascinating items with really interesting stories attached to them. Besides, he’s a gentleman. His son Corey is rude and abusive and not very informative, and Chumlee is just stupid most times, as even the Harrisons frequently point out. He’s boring and obese and always a good reason to change channels.

The show would be dramatically improved without him so I hope he’s guilty, found to be guilty, and chucked off to some nice Nevada penitentiary where he can hobnob with the Mexican prison gangs. At the same time, I hope the Harrisons are all innocent, law-abiding citizens, don’t get arrested for anything, and the show goes on.

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