Two days ago a large group of billionaires and other Republican Establishment types gathered at Sea Island, Georgia to conspire on ways to sabotage Donald Trump’s election campaign. I wondered when we would start to see the results of their scheming and tonight we have seen at least one of their ideas put into practice. Tonight there was a huge rally for Donald Trump in Chicago, and right about the time he was getting ready to speak, thousands of professional protesters arrived who threatened violence, stormed the arena and utterly disrupted the rally. Read this latest on Breitbart.

Rather than see people get hurt, Mr. Trump canceled the rally. The many thousands of people who’d come to hear him, some who’d waited for up to 7 hours outside to get in, ended up going home, their Freedom of Speech rights overrun by a socialist mob. There were apparently a lot of Mexicans in the crowd, as there were a lot of Mexican flags being waved, and word is that Move On.Org had a big part in this. Move supports Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, who obviously doesn’t support Free Speech for anyone except his own supporters, since he hasn’t had a single word to say against this anti-American behavior.

I know the mood of those of us who aren’t welfare-sucking Mexicans and gang-banging black youth, and that mood is outrage. What Move On.Org and the GOP henchmen have done is to inspire us to get even more behind Donald Trump. Assaults on our Freedoms are not going to make us vote for Hillary or Bernie, what the Hell are those people thinking?

I think I know what the plan was. They hoped it would turn into another violent riot like that mess in Ferguson, MO, that protesters would get killed, and the blame would be laid at the feet of Donald Trump. Instead, they were left with a horde of ugly, violent protesters trying to confront an even larger horde of peaceful Trump supporters and it was all on television for the world to see what was going on. By cancelling and walking away, Donald Trump did the right thing once again, he defused the situation and let the Move On.Org people show their true nature. In fact, he probably knew this was coming in advance and had already made preparations to leave quickly if it did.

There will be more attacks, more efforts to make the Trump campaign look evil, and I bet that the next one will be to plant saboteurs posing as Trump supporters inside his rallies, and have them attack and possibly kill some protesters. Again, I think Trump will be ahead of the game and prepared for this. One thing is for sure, this crap has only just started, and it’s going to get worse.

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