Daylight savings time, Spring forward, Fall back, everyone in the USA set their clocks ahead one hour. By setting the clock ahead an hour, people who have to rise at 6 AM will now rise at what was 5 AM. By the time they leave home it will be getting light and it will still be light in the evening, an hour later than it was just yesterday. Then when November rolls around the clocks will be set back again, as otherwise people would be driving to work in the dark. Problem is, they’ll be driving home in the dark and I’m not so sure that’s an improvement.

But for those unfortunate souls who have to labor for their bread and gruel, Daylight Slaving Time is their lot in life. For brilliant, enterprising geniuses like myself, however, I sleep on and get up when I feel like waking, as always. Ah, the poor, oppressed proletariat, it is so sad for them. Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee. ;D

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