It probably started millions of years ago. We see it in primates still, the way they fear the night, how they seek high places and huddle together when the day begins to darken into night. When a prowling big cat coughs, they can tell what kind it is, lion or tiger or panther, but when all they hear is padded footsteps or some small noise on the forest or jungle floor, they don’t know what it is and their fear only increases.

This was the state of modern Man’s ancestors a long time ago, creatures with a growing intelligence and sense of curiosity that huddled in fear of the unknown in the dark. As the millennia went by and they became ever more intelligent and self-aware, they began to wonder if other things were self-aware too, like trees, and rivers. Trees are alive, rivers move. Imagination is what set humans apart from their primate relatives more than anything else, and that imagination gave a life and presence to things that before, never had any. Objects began to be considered to have spirits. Inner beings.

The first spirits must have been protective ones. Life was short, hard and dangerous, and Early Man needed all the protection he could get, so imbuing the things around him with protective auras made him feel better. He wore hides, teeth and claws from dangerous beasts he killed, to add the strength of their spirit to his own. It wasn’t long after that, that he began calling out to these spirits, and making totems of them with their pelts, skulls and claws. And so, religion was born.

Of course, it was only natural that someone in some tribe would claim to hear the spirits speak from these totems, and hear voices on the wind and coming from trees and so forth. The tribal plant-medicine experts would be the natural ones to become the witch doctors, the shamans, and eventually the priests, and as these tribal offices were passed down from father to son and mother to daughter, they grew in skill and knowledge. But even more, they gained in power and prestige. They began to stand beside the tribal chiefs in importance, dictating rules of behavior, creating laws.

Now, after the millions of years have led us to this moment, the battle is waging as it had to eventually, between evolving Man, Technological Man, who doesn’t cower in fear of things that go bump in the dark anymore, who doesn’t see spirits inside trees and rocks and only sees a bear as something to avoid when out camping, and the various priesthoods. The priesthoods grew huge, monstrous, and powerful in their control of Man and the amassing of wealth, and they aren”t giving up without a fight.

Christianity would die quietly if that were the only big religion destined to fade away, but it isn’t. There’s Islam. That’s what global terrorism is all about, the fight of Islam to survive. If the Islamists don’t achieve total domination of the world, Islam will become softer and gentler and less noticed until, like Christianity and the smaller religions, it will fade away. Judaism is fading away. There’s still less Jews in the world than there were before Hitler start exterminating them, and a good portion of those are Jews in name only, they don’t practice the faith.

Science and knowledge are destroying superstitious beliefs, religions. This battle with Islam goes much deeper, this is a fight between the forces of evolution. We evolved as superstitious beings, it’s in our DNA, but our need to feel safe in the dark has been gone for a long, long time, and the farther away it gets in time, the less we feel it. Fundamentalist Islam simply represents that fading need, and it won’t go quietly. If we don’t stomp it’s forces down hard and soon, it may take civilization with it and put us back 100,000 years in our evolution.

Humanity really is on the brink. What a great time to be alive, isn’t it? The most historic time in the entire history of Man. I wonder if I’ll live to see how it comes out.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Good News !

    “HA! a Judge saves the country. Take on this, you Kenyan anti-America piece-of-shit-in-chief. Scalia’s passing was not enough to you push your agenda. To destroy USA with the Mexican scum, you must try harder.”

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Yes, that was back in November of last year, though. It’s good news of course, just old news.