If I were a Muslim I would keep my mouth shut about the Muslim terrorists, because I would be fully aware of the danger of saying anything against them. As a Muslim, I would know that all non-Muslims are The Infidel and my Koran and my Imam both taught me almost from birth that Infidels are like dirt to be walked on. My Imam taught me to never become close to any infidel, that I can pretend to be a friend but never truly be a friend, because only other Muslims are allowed to be my true friends.

The Imams teach us that to be Muslim is the most important thing in the world, and that Allah is the only true God. The Christians and Jews worship a different god that is not the true God. Only Allah, the God of Islam, is the true God. Allah tells us that we must do whatever is necessary to make all infidels accept and worship Allah, and depending on circumstances, we may tax them, called paying Jizyah, and proscribe them from any worship of their false god, or we can kill them.

If I were a Muslim, an average Muslim working at some average job, or maybe a profession, an accountant, nurse, doctor, construction foreman, I would prefer to continue to attend prayers at the mosque, raise my children, sleep with my wife, and not get involved in trying to force all the infidels to accept Islam. But I would always be at the mercy of the Imams and if my Imam wanted me to go blow myself up and told me that Allah would deny me Paradise and send me to fiery Hell instead if I didn’t do it, I might just do it. Because if I were a Muslim I would have been indoctrinated since birth in the authority of the Imams and the fear of Allah.

If I were a Muslim I would understand why other Muslims keep blowing themselves up and killing lots of innocent people. I’d know without asking that the Muslims who are doing this are true martyrs before Allah, who give their lives to bring everyone in the world to submit to Allah. I would understand that it is the prime directive of Islam that everyone must submit to Allah, and the only thing that really keeps me from joining the jihadists is my own laziness and fear, and love of an easy life.

If I were a Muslim whose parents and grandparents before them lived far away from Arab lands, I would practice a gentler form of Islam than those who live at the hearth of the founder of Mohammedanism, in the Arab states. But if I were an Arab Muslim, I would be taught hatred, blood-lust and murder from birth against not just infidels but any Muslim not of my sect, and by the time I was past puberty and wanting to be seen as a man, I would be willing to start killing people.

If I were any Muslim and I was told by any Imam to kill any person, and I did so, I would feel no guilt. This is because I would have obeyed my God Allah and the person I killed must have deserved it. If I were a Christian and I was told this, I would never believe it, and if I were a Jew and was told this, I would nod my head. The Jews have always known this and the Christians will never get it.

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