Racism is the bestest, most popular and wonderful of all the isms. Everyone loves racism, I can tell, because all the politicians call each other racists and they all claim not to be racist and everyone says that racism is the very worst kind of ism to be, which is how I know everyone really actually loves it, because we all love the worst things and do the worst things and we all pretend that we don’t.

The black people who hate white people the most are always the first ones to call white people racist, and the brown people who hate Americans for being Americans call all Americans racist no matter what color they are. Now, is that love of racism, or what?

If we didn’t have racism, we would denounce others for being too tall or too short, or fat, or skinny, or for the way they dress or the way they talk. We used to do that a lot, in fact, before racism became so popular and stylish. So be racist and proud of it, and show it by calling everyone else racist. Don’t be left out.

2 Responses to “RACISM IS GROOVY”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    SCUM 1:

    Man says he slashed woman because she’s white