The state of North Carolina recently passed legislation blocking counties and cities from making laws that protect homosexual and transgender people from discrimination. The purpose is to protect the religious liberty of businesses, like bakeries that refuse to bake LGBT wedding cakes on religious grounds. They did this in an emergency session of the state congress after the city of Charlotte passed a measure protecting gay (meaning Homosexual), lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from being discriminated against by businesses.

“This is a kind of backdoor religious freedom restoration act — allowing businesses the right to refuse to serve customers based on the owner’s religious beliefs.”

Well, the Sexual Deviant crowd is mightily upset about this, and especially in San Francisco.
“San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said in a statement Friday he doesn’t want any city workers to travel to North Carolina unless necessary in wake of its legislation which blocks anti-discrimination for gay, lesbian and transgender people.”

The ornamental… Oh hell, excuse me. I meant Oriental mayor of Than Franthithco (you have to say it with a lisp for full effect) thinks that he has the authority to ban city employees from traveling to North Carolina. Umm, NO, he can’t tell anyone not to go anywhere, sorry, very Unconstitutional and any effort to enforce that little brain fart would be Unlawful Imprisonment and could land his fairy ass in prison.

I’m sure what he really thinks he’s doing is putting an economic sanction on the state of North Carolina. Like, By God, this will hurt them when all those millions of San Franciscans stop spending billions of dollars there. Yeah, uh huh, sure. You know, this is just more proof that sexual perversion is a mental illness.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    “The ornamental… Oh hell, excuse me.”

    hahaha I love that.