Black screaming racists with banner.

These are some of the racist rabble roused up and ready to riot. Brought to you by the letter R.

The Black Lives racists are the black equivalent of the white KKK of the past, only more so by far. The leaders of this band of worthless scum are the same people selling crack to black children who then go out and kill other black children, as Bill Clinton recently pointed out. All these low-IQ, smelly, unwashed pukes are succeeding in doing is making themselves hated by a hell of a lot of people, a lot more people than they have on their side. Their biggest mistake isn’t screaming profanities at political rallies to stifle the freedom of speech of others, even though pissing off politicians is poor planning. No, their biggest mistake is attacking and killing police officers.

The blacks screamed like hell over being profiled by police, for being frequently stopped and questioned often just because they were black and in a bad neighborhood, or so they complained. But now? Now the police are really alert and awake and watchful, and there’s sure to be more dead blacks than ever, shot in self-defense.

What these Black Lives predators want is for all blacks in prisons and jails to be freed regardless of their crimes. They want white people to cower in fear of them, to submit to them the same way Muslims submit to subjugation. No wonder so many blacks have adopted Islam. Evil is attracted to evil.

The more they push their Black Lives agenda, the less that black lives will matter to the rest of us. Blacks aren’t the only ones with guns, the rest of us are pretty well armed too, and we’ll back up our police any time it becomes necessary. What the Black Lives people are really doing is endangering themselves and all other blacks. I think they want a race war, personally, and I think Barack Obama has a lot to do with the increasing racial tension happening now.

People get so caught up in their emotions over events that they often don’t look past them to the causes. Obama has openly abetted this Black Lives mess, and he must have a purpose in doing so.

7 Responses to “BLACK LIVES WHAT?”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    “The leaders of Black Lives Matter are the same people selling crack to black children who then go out and kill other black children.”

    Bill Clinton recently pointed out THIS???!!!

    Billy Black himself told that truth against his beloved black crowd??!!

    “The First Black President” turned his back to the black?!


    2016 brings the end of many things and ideas…

  2. Black Sheep says:

    There it is, Ernesto. I do not lie, even Bill Clinton spoke out against these sub-humans. Of course, I now read that he’s back-pedaling, starting to pander to the worthless fuckheads, but at least it came out of his mouth.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Perfect, man. I know you never lie. I just get shocked by Billy Blowjob. He surprised all of us. Thank you for the link.

  4. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    FEMALE Rapper calls for to promote the gang-rape of Sarah Palin

    …gang-rape by ‘burliest’ black men.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, I read several articles about her insane ravings. Sarah Palin is suing her for her insults and threats. You know, the media should never report the things scum like this say, verbatim. They give the worst, trashiest and most undeserving people a lot of free publicity that just encourages them to act even more poorly.

    There was a time when people who made threats like hers got arrested. Such threats are a crime.