What fun this is, I couldn’t help it, I set the Beatles “For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” on loop play for background music while I type. Our Presidential election has never been more entertaining, not ever!
During past such elections, the nominating process of both parties has always been a bit rough, with accusations, snide asides, innuendos, every hopeful had their personal histories exposed and laid bare, and sometimes a real scandal would not just end the effort for the nomination but the political career itself. John Edwards, a former U.S. Senator, comes to mind right off for his sex affair and felony prosecutions. He avoided prison but his run for the Presidency was over.

We normally have regular politicians who vie with each other within their parties for the nomination, Governors, Senators, Representatives and this time’s been no different with one remarkable exception, Donald Trump. Out of a starting field of 17 hopefuls, he’s risen quickly to the top, followed by a Cuban-Canadian Senator and a Governor. Trump is a business tycoon and TV entertainer with a massive ego and a genius I.Q., who’s so totally politically INCORRECT that he says what we all know is the truth instead of the garbage spin lies we’ve been getting fed for years. With the result that everyone who’s sick and tired of what’s been happening to our country is galvanized in his support, and that’s the majority of us.

This man has exposed the corruption in our government so well and plainly that the rats are running for cover in all directions. The truth has set our politics on fire, we finally actually not only have someone who is honest and tells it like it is, but has the experience, knowledge and ability to set things right again and the Establishment, the political elite, are out to get him, to cheat him, steal votes, steal representatives, lie about him. The media’s bias has been so obvious that it’s almost comic, they’ve virtually created caricatures of themselves. What a circus.

The Cuban-Canadian may yet be found to be ineligible to be President, not a “Natural Born Citizen”, and he’s exposed himself as a liar and cheat. On a personal level, he gives me the creeps and I’m not alone in that. This guy has an ugly mind.

Meanwhile the Democrat Party, which has become as corrupt in it’s own way as the Republicans, has as its two vying candidates for their nomination a crazy looking, wild eyed and wild haired Marxist, Bernie Sanders, and a heartless, evil, power mad criminal, Hillary Clinton of “What difference does it make now?” fame when talking about our dead Benghazi ambassador. Hillary of the very illegal emails. Hillary whose husband masturbated Monica Lewinsky with a cigar while she gave him a blow job. That Hillary. Millions of Americans are nuts about her, love her, vote for her. Are we a circus or what?

The suspense just keeps growing. Will Trump gain enough delegates to win the nomination? Will the GOP Elitists block Trump from the nomination? Would he run as a third party candidate? Will Evil Cruz manage to steal more of Trumps delegates? Who will pull the next dirty trick and what will it be? Does Trump have some bombshells to drop on Ted Cruz? Who, where, what, when? Will they perform without a net? Will all the famous clowns be there? How many elephants will they have and will the lion tamer put on a show?

And “Lastly through a hogshead of real fire”. Carnivale.

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