It’s against the law in the U.S. to deface coinage. People do it without thinking much about it, and most of us are unaware that it’s illegal to damage a coin, but it is. Unfortunately, there is no such law regarding paper currency. I say unfortunately because Obama wants to uglify our $20 bills by removing President Andrew Jackson’s face and replacing it with Harriet Tubman’s.

Harriet Tubman was a black woman, a slave back in the Civil War days, who escaped and went back to guide other slaves to freedom. Slavery was a very unfortunate chapter of the history of some of our states – just some, not all – and when those states tried to secede from our Union in order to continue to base their economies on slavery, the rest of the states, our national government, went to war, ended slavery and united the country. So while slavery was allowed in parts of our country during it’s early history, the fortunate side of our history is that most of us found this to be unacceptable and a huge number of Americans died to end it. Nearly all of them were White Americans.

Andrew Jackson was a great president who added Florida to the United States, among many other achievements, and while Ms. Tubman was a hero to black people, she didn’t remotely compare to President Jackson. She compares a lot more to World War heroes like Sgt. York and Audie Murphy. So why not put a war hero’s face on the $20? Have you seen a picture of Ms. Tubman? Talk about UGLY. I hope that if this actually comes to pass, that all $20’s ever handed to me after that are done so face down. This woman was hideous.

Did anyone one suggest to Brakk Obastard that maybe we should have one of the great Native Americans on that bill? Squanto? Sitting Bull? Red Cloud? Cochise? Geronimo? How about Pocahantas? There’s a lot of them who were all far more accomplished and certainly as courageous as Ms. Tubman.

This racist asshole President of ours wants to deface our money by taking off the faces of white people and replacing them with portraits of blacks. If we’re going to change the appearance so drastically of our paper money, then let’s be fair. Blacks have done more to harm this country than to help it, and it was only when they were slaves that they controlled themselves. Once they were freed, they became a constant source of crime.

It’s the Native Americans who are owed a debt by this country if any racial group is, so put a great Chief or other Native American on the $10 and put Tubman’s face on the $2 bill and leave the $20 as it is. That would be fair and equitable.


  1. x says:

    Put a picture of a black lady’s huge ass on the dollars, that would suit me.