Got the cable Internet hooked up yesterday morning after 4 days without any connectivity. Then called the satellite internet company, Exede, told them to discontinue their service and got a long, bitter sounding harangue from the bitch there about how I just paid a month ahead automatically via my credit card and they weren’t going to pro-rate a farking dime back to me, and I have 30 days to return their crappy equipment or I’d be charged $300 and blah blah blah. I knew in my heart the greedy bastards weren’t going to refund me the money for the 26 days I overpaid, but their greed is a big part of why I dumped them. That and the really crappy service from day one. We didn’t have cable out here when I moved here and it was a choice of which of two high-priced satellite services we picked, and both were bad.

Within about 30 seconds of my hanging up on the nasty bitch, my email through them was disconnected. I expected that too, after listening to that whip-cracking voice, and of course there was no way I could find to save my email. So I said Screw it, worse things have happened, and deleted the whole thing. I did save the email files to a separate folder first and I’m still trying to figure out a way to open them or associate them with a new email address. But it will all come together. I did discover that the address of every email I ever sent is stored in some inner sanctum of the program, and if I start a New Message and type in one letter, all the emails that start with that letter appear in a drop-down box. So content may be lost but the basic contact info is all still there.

With Exede/ViaSat, I paid about $60 a month and got 10 gigs of in/out a month, with a download speed of around 1 meg a sec or so. I now pay cable $25 a month, get 300 gigs in/out a month and a download speed of up to 50 megs a sec. Exede has always given me problems. The service would go out on perfectly clear days and of course it always went out during really bad weather. Connectivity was variable at best, and would change from hour to hour. There’s a $95 service charge to have someone make it work again if they had to come to the house, or you could pay $5.99 a month insurance against breakdowns of their equipment that you were already being charged rent for.

So BUYER BEWARE, as far as I’m concerned, Exede/ViaSat totally SUCKS.

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