The dignity and decorum of the single most respected residence in our nation was brought to a new low last night by our President, who threw a party for the people of the press, a traditional affair known as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. For moderator of the speeches to be given he chose black (of course) comedian Larry Wilmore, who proceeded to conduct what’s know as a “roast” of the more famous attendees, and spewing highly insulting jokes about those who oppose Obama.

He did give out some praise, all directed at black journalists only, and mentioned that black CNN host Don Lemon was in the crowd. Don Lemon responded by laughing and giving him the finger. How very classy a thing to do in the White House, huh?

At the end of his litany of supposedly humorous verbal attacks, he said of President Obama, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”

I will be so happy when this racist Marxist, this incredibly horrible and evil man, is long gone from our Presidential House.

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