There’s a series of photos on CNN (yes, I do actually check out CNN from time to time, it’s always good to know what the enemy is doing) that show what life is supposedly like in N. Korea. Of course, none of the poverty and misery, the labor camps and mass imprisonment and the poor living conditions of most N. Koreans is shown.

What CNN presents to us is propaganda, a picture of success, of a prosperous people with beautiful buildings and nice homes, instead of the reality. But one thing stands out that can’t be prevented from standing out, which is that of all the thousands of adults and children shown in these pictures, not one of them is even slightly overweight. Every single person is either skinny or slender.

These people are so totally controlled that all housing is owned by the government. Living space is free and assigned and if you want to move, you have to find someone who will trade places with you and then get the move approved by some local official.

In a photo of the N. Korea Science and Technology Center, people are at computers connected to the Internet, according to the caption. But no mention is made to explain why everyone in the photo is wearing very heavy clothing. Obviously, this “Sciences and Technology Center” is totally unheated and it’s COLD.

No food, no heat. No wonder tens of thousands of them die every winter. These people all live on a thin edge, with their survival depending entirely on the whim of one fat man, Kim Jong Un and their own strict adherence to whatever is politically correct.

Becoming even slightly overweight is seen as an act of treason against the state. It’s a sign that the person is taking more than their fair share of food and people who look too prosperous are sent to forced labor camps as a means of terrorizing everyone else into consuming as little as possible. The purpose of this, of course, is to make sure that what little there is, is spread around evenly.

This is why Kim Jong Un is the only fat man in all of North Korea. It shows that he is the Number One top man, the only one who can get away with being fat, the one no one can punish for eating too much. Now you know.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    CNN is increasely ROTTEN even worse every year…

    No credibility.

    That’s a shot on its own head.

    MSM is almost all liar, but CNN makes NYT looks a lot better…