Both the above companies are raking in $BILLIONS$ in profits, but call up someone representing either company and you get a person, always a woman, who has a hideous, incomprehensible Spanish or oriental accent and who talks so fast you can’t understand a god damned word.

These CHEAP BASTARDS will not hire Americans WHO SPEAK ENGLISH, nor will they train the poor peasants they hire in third-world countries to communicate over the Internet in the least expensive way possible, to have any level of competence at all. Those women don’t have a clue.

I had a bunch of sale notices on my ebay seller page, all saying the items were waiting on payment, and all the items were Buy It Now. So I knew something was wrong, and it sure was. Even though I’d updated both paypal and ebay with my new email address, some of my listings still said to have payment go to the old, dead email address which was no longer listed on my paypal account. Why that wasn’t automatically updated I don’t know, someone at ebay has their head up their ass. Some of us have hundreds of items listed, surely they can’t be expected to have to manually go through every single one and to the update one by one. Can they? That’s what I had to do. Damn glad there were only six.

After spending a full hour and a half dealing with the incompetents on paypal, and half of that time was waiting on hold “Due to the high volume today of…” that same tired old bullshit excuse for not having enough people to do the job, it was finally determined that yes, paypal had the money, the payments were actually made like I thought, and NO, no one was competent enough to put that money on my account where it belonged. All four of these useless people insisted that I provide them with the email addresses of the buyers. It is paypal that sends this information to me along with buyer’s addresses when someone buys, so I can contact them and ship to them, yet these people didn’t know that. I had to explain this to the last person I spoke with, four times and then she asked me for the email addresses again!. At that point I gave up, I knew the only way left to me was to just cancel the sales.

So I ended up cancelling all the sales and manually fixing all the problems at my end since neither ebay nor paypal was capable of doing their own job, emailing all the people to tell them what happened, and waited for them to cancel their payments and choose whether to buy the stuff again or not. So far, 4 of the 6 payments to nowhere have been taken care of, and I’m still waiting to hear from the last 2.

Ebay and paypal are both constantly changing everything, which no doubt is of great benefit to them, but it’s a constant pain in the ass to those of us who helped make these arrogant, inconsiderate assholes into the monopolies they’ve become. I guess they’re too busy enjoying all those billions of dollars to remember to give us customers a little consideration, but you know, nothing lasts forever, someday they’ll fall into ruin because of some new tech advance, and I’ll be laughing as loud as anyone.


  1. Terry Morris says:

    I totally agree. Its all about those Liberal Cocksuckers in California, Fucking the Sellers.