Venezuela is experiencing an apocalypse. In just two years their poverty rate has gone from a very high 25% to an astronomical 75%. The food stores are empty, as are the drug stores. There’s no food and no medicine to be bought, and people are eating their pets now.

The value of their money has decreased to only a fifth of what it was in just this past year, and is expected to decrease to a fifteenth by next year. Their money is worthless to other nations for trade, so they can’t import food and medicine. They’ve been going through a severe drought, so they haven’t been able to grow enough food to feed themselves, either. They’re starving and it’s going to get drastically worse, extremely fast.

Venezuela sits on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world, yet they still use water power for electricity, and because of the drought there’s a shortage of power and blackouts. Because oil prices are low, money to run the country and pay government wages is scarce. Meanwhile, unemployment is rapidly increasing.

This is what Socialism brings to the people who embrace it, and it does it every single time. There’s not one single case anywhere, ever, that socialism was successful in making peoples lives better and their nation stronger. It’s always had the opposite result. Look at England, where Socialism has resulted in high prices for virtually everything, and high taxes to support their welfare state. Socialism creates welfare states, which then collapse under steadily increasing tax burdens if inflation and unwanted immigration don’t do it first. Socialist states usually become dictatorships, as Venezuela has done, and now it’s Venezuela’s turn to collapse under Socialism.

After the panicked migrations to neighboring nations, after the civil war ends, the riots die out, there’s no discernible form of government left and the famine and disease have left Venezuela nearly uninhabited, watch Russia and China compete to take over the country. I give it about a year.


  1. xoggoth says:

    Socialism almost makes Islam look rational, at least you can’t actually prove the latter is wrong. Socialism, on the other hand, is disproved over and over again, it fails every time, poor economic performance, lack of any democracy and corruption are the inevitable consequences. You only have to understand a little about human nature to see why.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Islam TOO is disproved over and over again, it fails every time, poor economic performance

  3. Black Sheep says:

    I’m with Ernesto on this one. You certainly CAN prove Islam is wrong. Look at the horrors committed in the name of that bloody cult every day, look at the dictatorships under it, the poverty and misery and squalor and filth and disease and brutality against women and children and each other and everyone else, the terrorism………….

    The list is endless.

  4. x says:

    I agree with you both. It cannot be coincidence that Muslim nations are such poor performers compared to other nations, compare India vs Pakistan/Bangledesh, Arab countries vs Europe, Somalia/Sudan etc vs Nigeria/Ghana etc. I think the restricted thinking on human behaviour affects other areas of the brain and supresses creativity. And the barbarity speaks for itself.

    That isn’t actually what I meant. I was saying you could not actually disprove 100% all the bollux about Allah talking to the loony prophet anymore than you actually prove there are no fairies. Maybe an almighty god, creator of all things, does tell us which hand we should wipe our arses with!

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Ah, okiedokie. I wondered, the fleeting thought that maybe you meant proving doctrine flashed past my brain cells but it stopped at the gross wrongness of Islam and stuck there.

    It’s true that none of you can prove that actually do visit a Power-Spirit world where I pre-ordain the future of all mankind for the next several millennia, even tho I swear it’s a fact. Well, the next time I fly over the Dome of the Rock and I do it on global TV, then you’ll wish you’d paid more attention, mumble rant gibber.