The Trans-human activists are demanding that government buildings, businesses and schools provide separate bathroom facilities for them to ensure their Constitutional right of privacy. It’s unknown at this time how many trans-humans there are, or how widely spread they are across our nation, since there’s so few of them. The same is true of trans-gender people, with the current rough estimate at about 1 out of every 3500 people or so. This may be too high a number but it’s been proven that the size of a minority doesn’t matter in America, only how radical and perverted it is. That’s what gets the attention, the action and the results.

Trans-humans are those who are morphing their faces and bodies into an animal shape. Feline forms are the most common, followed by snakes, robots and demons, and it’s estimated (by me, I mean, who better?) that there’s 1 trans-human in every 500,000 people. Roughly. More or less. The robot people haven’t been able to make any body modifications yet but are hopeful that our rapidly advancing technology will soon allow them to start mechanizing themselves. They also plan on petitioning the UN for a separate nation of their own and already have their national anthem picked out. It’s the theme music from Six Million Dollar Man.

I’ve been thinking of joining the trans-human robot wanna-be’s. My brain is still working pretty good but the old carcass could stand replacing. Gravity is such a drag, you know. So hopefully they’ll get the mechanizing thing figured out pretty quick, and in the meantime I guess I’ll keep on using the Men’s Room.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    theme music from Six Million Dollar Man

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Hey Ernesto, I was thinking of maybe trans-humaning into an eagle. Or maybe just being a buzzard would be cool, you know, fly around eating road kill and dodging cars. Until I could get mechanized, anyway. Sound like fun?

    “Trans-gender” has got to be the single stupidest goddam thing I ever heard of in my life.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Man, you are sooo OVER HUMAN, (smart, cultered, litterated, funny, brave) that I suspect you are a MUTANT.

    Oh, yeah, 14 hours ago, I was in a cinema theater, watching X-MEN — Apocalypse.

    The story is placed in 1983.

    Good to watch Ronnie Reagan in a huge screen — and in 3D.